Tour de France: Unchained (2023) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

[interviewer] So, um, Pello, you were
at the Tour de Suisse this year.
I just wondered
if you could tell me about that.
Yeah. Yeah.
[melancholy music playing]
In the Tour de Suisse,
everything was going well.
[helicopter blades whirring]
[commentator 1]
Yes, it's a difficult descent.
It's fast, it's technical,
with a lot of hairpin bends.
[motor roaring]
[commentator 2] At 100 kph,
they only have Lycra as protection.
It's crazy.
And that's when it occurred.
The thing we all dread.
[intense music playing]
[man] You may have heard
about the accident that took place
at the end of stage five.
[melancholy music playing]
[man] The Bahrain Victorious team
is extremely sad to report
that Gino Mäder has died.
He was 26 years old.
[indistinct chatter]
I don't really want to
to say anything about it,
'cause I shiver
at the merest thought of it.
For us riders, it's the worst thing
that could happen to us out there.
We know we take risks,
because riding's dangerous.
But you you really have to
take the odd risk for
for the chance to get a victory.
In the end,
when you're actually in that moment,
it's only after that you think, uh
"Shit, that was stupid."
Or, "Shit, that was close."
It's the kind of moment
that you realise that
you're you're nothing on this Earth.
We're nothing.
Especially in the saddle.
[Bilbao] All of us in the team,
we all agreed that now we have a reason,
a real purpose
to do something great in the Tour.
[quietly intense music playing]
[music fades]
[music resumes]
I'm Pello Bilbao
and I ride for Bahrain Victorious.
It was a tremendous blow to everyone.
After the Tour de Suisse,
we had very little time,
and in a few days
we had to to change our mindset.
We went through hard times after
what happened, uh, in the Tour de Suisse.
I felt as if
it brought us all closer together,
and more determined than ever.
We all think about Gino.
Before the race, after the race
We were really looking
how to become stronger,
mentally especially.
Then, if there is
going to be some possibility
to race for Gino.
[pulsing intense music playing]
[Chainel] I have no idea how they managed
to get the team back up and running.
But I'm sure that they
they must think about it every morning
and that has to be
really tough, psychologically.
For some riders
that can be a driving force,
but for others,
it could be a real liability.
[dramatic percussive tone]
[Chennaoui] The Puy de Dôme
is an historic, legendary climb.
It is brutal.
We're almost halfway through
the Tour de France.
Teams without a stage win
are going to be desperate to try
to take their chance.
[encouraging cheers]
Bahrain Victorious hasn't
delivered a stage win this year.
They said that they want to ride for Gino,
they want to honour him.
For that reason, a stage win
will matter here more than ever before.
[indistinct chatter]
[Štangelj] Strategy.
We would like
that we are in the break, no?
Uh with the climbers.
This is the best-case scenario.
Matej, your focus is more on Pello.
[Mohorič] The pressure starts to build up
to win a stage in the tour.
You realise that there are
not that many chances left.
We have this goal on Stage 9
to go in the break.
I would really like that Pello joins.
So we need to give him help.
[Bilbao] I knew that it was
the kind of route that suited me.
I'm the one with the best chance.
We know it's gonna be
really very difficult,
but that's why
I've assembled a strong team.
Pello is very motivated.
Of course, there are other teams
fighting to get the stage win.
[music accelerates]
- It's the return of the Puy de Dôme.
- Okay.
And in fact, none of the riders
in the peloton has ever climbed it.
And even team directors
and management don't really know it.
Well, I must be one of the last,
'cause we haven't gone up it
since, er, '88. I think that was it.
[Jurdie] It's one of
the Tour de France's legendary stages,
and I do hope that the AG2R Citroën,
well, can really get a result.
If you get dropped in the first five Ks,
it's not a good sign.
No, no!
[O'Connor] As a team leader,
I'm under quite a lot of responsibility,
but from a personal performance
point of view, so far it's been average.
[Jurdie] We all expected
better results from Ben.
After this first challenging week,
Ben, uh, fell behind,
and that's no good. It's a problem,
A matter of concern.
The situation now is simple, boys.
It's gonna be a battle.
Every rider for himself.
So it's gonna be tough out there.
The top 20 in the general classification
will jostle for position.
I really want to compete in this stage
and climb back up
the general classification.
I'm feeling, like, semi-confident, um
Telling myself, you know, "It will turn.
It will turn. It will turn."
Holding onto that hope
of coming back into the GC.
[Jurdie] Ben and Felix, communicate
with each other up to the last 5K
and then it's every man for himself
and you just keep pedalling
like your life's at stake.
Hi, I'm Felix Gall,
rider for AG2R Citroën team.
My task for this Tour de France
is to support Ben in the mountains.
I'm not feeling too much pressure.
I don't have the stress of a leader.
Okay, guys, this is Stage 9.
It's a good sign, so listen up.
Won Stage 9 the last two years.
- He knows the story.
- [chuckling]
- Hey!
- [laughing]
Signs of destiny. You know I'm right.
- Okay.
- [O'Connor] True.
Now go give it your all.
[tense rhythmic music playing]
[shutter clicking]
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] Jonas Vingegaard,
not very smiley this morning.
He's already really focused on his race.
[man on radio] Hello. Stage 9 of
the Tour de France starts in five minutes.
Please get ready.
Pilots at the front of the race.
[Mohorič] The start is important.
I need to focus and help our climbers.
[Bilbao] Today, I have to try
to be in the breakaway.
[announcer] And they're off!
[commentator] Everybody anticipates
that this mountain
could blow this race to pieces.
Stage 9 is mental at the end
and for the final breakaway,
you gotta put a climber into that group.
Pello Bilbao, an excellent climber,
is Bahrain's top choice.
[announcer yelling indistinctly]
[music intensifies]
Fourteen riders there
in the group in the lead.
[commentator] In this front group,
Matej Mohorič, riding
for Bahrain Victorious.
[Mohorič] When we realised this is
the day's breakaway and I'm in it,
it was not ideal.
We would prefer Pello to be in.
It's a mountaintop finish
so it's not usually my thing.
[in Italian] If you could
swap this one for?
[Bilbao in English]
I wasn't in a great position
and I missed that opportunity,
so I just
I stayed right there in the peloton.
[crowd cheering]
[in Italian] A difficult day for Matej.
Nobody will leave him alone.
He's really got to try and make
the difference by being really strong.
[in English] Matej,
he's always bringing, uh
surprises for us.
Many times, we try to guide him,
and somehow, many times, he is guiding us.
[commentator] Big attack.
Mohorič flying his way off the front.
[dramatic music playing]
[Mohorič] I knew
I was going well, physically.
When the adrenaline pops in,
your body starts to work differently,
and I was determined
to give it my best shot.
Throw it. Throw it.
[commentator] There's Neilson Powless
in the best climber jersey,
with Matej Mohorič.
[on radio] Keep on going, Neilson.
With Mohorič there and you there,
we are gonna gain time. Very good.
[commentator] 35 kilometres from glory.
Puy de Dôme beckons.
[crowd cheering on TV]
- [man] Puy de Dôme is tough.
- Yeah. It's a wall.
It's true.
[wind whistling]
The Puy de Dôme
over the last four kilometres
has an average 12% gradient.
Imagine that.
Over a distance of 100 metres,
you go up for 12 metres,
equivalent to four storeys.
There are no bends,
and you're circling the Puy de Dôme,
and that's really complex.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] What's going to be
really strange now,
it's going to go
completely and utterly silent.
[music and cheering fades]
[birds chirping]
[Mohorič] There was no fans
on the side of the road. Pure silence.
And you could really focus on your effort.
Come on, Matej. Come on, Matej.
[tense music resumes]
[horns honking]
The general classification riders
are now 14 minutes behind the lead rider.
Just behind the yellow jersey group,
we can see Pello Bilbao
of Bahrain Victorious
with Felix Gall of AG2R Citroën.
Felix, listen. Wait for Ben, okay?
Felix. Felix, wait for Ben. Yeah?
[commentator] Ben O'Connor cracks.
Ben O'Connor is distanced.
[O'Connor] Fuck! Fuck! Fuck it!
Fucking Ben, I swear
It's annoying.
So annoying when he does that.
[O'Connor] I started to drop there
and lose contact
when the pace started to really kick up.
It was hard to stay always super positive.
Keep going, Ben.
Now, that's it. You can do it, go on.
Felix is gonna get ahead of Ben in the GC.
[commentator 1] 2,800 metres to the top.
And Matej Mohorič is there.
[Mohorič] Under normal circumstances,
I would consider myself
having very little chance
against some of the climbers.
But because of what happened to Gino
Gino was a climber.
I felt a fire inside me.
A will, a determination to make
a huge effort in the last climb.
[commentator 2] Let's not forget that
Bahrain Victorious lost one of their own
just three weeks ago.
And a victory for Matej Mohorič
would mean a lot to the team.
[dramatic music playing]
Come on, Matej. Come on.
[commentator 1] Mohorič looks around
and realises that another rider is coming.
Pay attention on Woods,
coming from behind. Allez, Matej.
Fucking Woods.
It was always gonna be
a pure climber winning it.
Um, not someone like me.
[commentator] Matej Mohorič
takes third place
at the summit of the Puy de Dôme.
He tried everything, all in vain,
and still no victory
for Bahrain Victorious.
[emotional music playing]
[in Italian] It's the same.
Second, third, or fourth, it's not a win.
[Mohorič in English]
I narrowly missed on the stage win.
We came so agonisingly close.
You start to feel disappointed
that we didn't manage to win a stage.
But I was still proud of
of my performance.
I would never have
been able to do this if, uh
Yeah. Under normal circumstances.
[commentator 2] Gall and Bilbao
reach the summit of the Puy de Dôme.
[Gall] Today was a really hard day.
I felt pretty bad for Ben.
Fuck, Ben.
He wants to talk.
Go on, Ben. go on. Come on, go. Yeah, go.
[O'Connor] What's the point?
Go on. Go, you're not finished yet.
Go on. It's important.
[O'Connor] The GC is finished.
I'm not trying. I'm not doing it any more.
Come on, Ben, concentrate.
[static on radio]
[commentator 2]
Ben O'Connor loses eight minutes
and drops seven places
in the general classification,
holding 18th place.
Well done, Felix. Well done.
- It was a great climb.
- Yeah!
You're eighth now.
That's good. Careful on the descent.
He must be so confused.
First they say, "Wait."
Then they say, "Well done."
You're not wrong.
[whistles] You. Get changed.
Go get changed.
[O'Connor] No, I'm not
fucking getting changed.
Oh, fuck.
He's irritating.
Negative, negative, huh? Not the sign of
He just needs to chill out.
- Uh
- To relax.
This is a bad sign.
I mean it's it's not good.
Even when going all out,
he finds time to grab the mic
and go, "Shit, fuck, shit, fuck."
I don't know why he does it!
No mic, he should just be pedalling.
I mean, he can scream out loud,
but not in the mic, y'know? It's useless.
He has a setback, he questions everything
He gets carried away, and then,
well, he's just ruled by his emotions.
He's gonna say, "Why did you tell me
to keep climbing when it's not worth it?"
Yeah, I know, but that's how it is.
Shit. Come on! That's cycling.
You don't slack, believe me.
We have to make him
hear what we're saying. You know?
I mean, we're in charge
and the sponsors pay.
The sponsors won't pay for a rider
who gives up like that, I'm telling you.
[O'Connor] I just couldn't
Just couldn't get there.
It wasn't anything like
I should be performing,
and how I've performed in the past.
[emotional music playing]
I'm not the best,
but I haven't been a nothing rider.
Sometimes I have done
some really great things.
[Jurdie] After this difficult stage,
our ambitions for Ben
in the general classification
went out the window.
So, naturally, this is
a time for us all to reflect,
the whole staff, so that we can
continue the Tour together as a team.
Felix had a great climb
up the Puy de Dôme. He has strong legs.
[Jurdie] Wow! Felix!
We're now thinking
the role of leader, well, for the GC,
from tomorrow, will go to Felix.
Today went really well.
You had a great day.
It's now about being
in a good position in the peloton.
You're now the leader of the team,
so it's not being in
the back half of the peloton,
because of the break, if it splits.
That's where Ben's been good.
He's always in that front 10-15 guys,
and now you must do that.
[Gall] I'm not sure if I'm good enough.
If you are the leader, that means that
you have your teammates working for you,
and that you are the one. Um
Yeah, who actually have to
You have to do a good job then.
Um, you have to finish off the work.
Okay. Now focus, yeah? Okay, Felix?
You rest up. Okay, Felix?
You're our new leader now.
[church bells tolling]
We all agree that
it's not the result we wanted
and it's really disappointing
for the team.
And we've got no choice now
but to change things around a bit.
And, of course, the person right now
who's in the best position
of placing well in the GC is Felix.
So at least now,
you have somebody who can at least
take that responsibility a bit.
And you can be like,
"Okay, Felix does that. It's fine."
[melancholy music playing]
[Jurdie] Of course, he, uh, understands.
I'm not saying this
with a smile on my face, but for Ben
In terms of the GC, well, it's gone.
All right.
- See you on the bus.
- See you on the bus.
[O'Connor] I lost
a lot of time on Stage 9.
I very clearly knew I wasn't good enough
to win against the GC boys.
I understood their point of view.
It was already done, you know.
You, uh, can't turn time back.
[birds chirping]
[in Italian] We messed it up at the start
and Pello didn't get
the result that we wanted.
But we had our goals, though,
and we've really gone for it.
But sadly we haven't got there.
We can't give up. We have to keep trying.
If Pello joins the breakaway,
that might work. If they let him
[in English] Well done, little one.
Well done.
- Coo-coo. Hiya!
- [girl] Hello.
- [woman] Who's there?
- Hey.
- [girl] Daddy.
- Hello, darling.
[Bilbao] The last stage
didn't go as expected.
I was thinking about Gino
and couldn't give my best.
It was really hard to conquer my emotions,
to keep them under control,
so it was really hard for me.
[woman] She drew a picture of you.
I put it on the fridge.
After Gino's death, I said,
"Phew. I'm not sure
I can compete in the Tour this year."
[gulls squawking]
[melancholy music playing]
[Bilbao] I had to go home.
Not to forget about it,
but to try to be more positive, let's say.
Spending time with
my wife and daughter at home
helped me a lot.
It's so hard to forget that moment,
and you close your eyes
and say you gotta continue,
but it's really hard.
Well, I think coming home
will help you recharge a bit.
I mean, with Martina, you're so busy.
So where's Marti going then?
Hey? Mummy's gonna be just here.
[Bilbao] Look at the rocks there.
It's true that since Martina was born,
I see things differently.
[Calcedo] Our family's forever.
And, yes, your job is very important,
but it's only a job.
[Bilbao] Yeah, it is.
Well, it's not
the easiest job out there, but in the end,
an opportunity like this,
it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
I don't think you can
pass on a chance like this.
[Calcedo] No, I guess you're right.
We needed to turn
this situation around completely, y'know?
Turn the pain into motivation somehow,
to do something so special.
And we haven't won that stage yet
and dedicated it to, er, Gino.
[dramatic music playing]
Stage ten is a classic
breakaway kind of stage.
Aggressive from the off.
So now is a perfect chance
for a strong breakaway
to try to take that stage win.
Half of the peloton are really tired.
So, from the start,
we would like to go, of course,
but it's not easy to go
in the fucking breakaway.
You saw how much we spend and invest.
[Mohorič] The plan for Stage 9
didn't work out, but for Stage 10,
we really focused on a similar plan
to what we had in Stage 9.
Hopefully, this time,
putting a climber in the breakaway.
- Okay, boys, get ready.
- Okay, let's go.
Thank you.
[Bilbao] In the last stage, I missed
the opportunity to get in the breakaway.
So perhaps there's a way
to get in there in Stage 10.
[Mohorič] Normally, you're the last one.
Ah, well, today,
I'm gonna put the pressure on.
[Jurdie] The goal is simple. Yeah?
to go for the win. And for that,
you have to be in the breakaway.
They're not going
to hand victory to us, guys.
We have to go out there and take it.
It goes without saying
this is gonna hurt a lot.
It's gonna be so painful,
but we've got what it takes
to have no regrets at the finish line.
We can win this stage today,
so let's do it.
Stage 10, uh, is all about,
you know, trying to redeem myself
pretty much, and going for the win.
[soft tense music playing]
[Gall] For me, personally,
I will try to ride with the GC riders.
And I have to somehow
get into the top ten GC spot.
Ben can go for stages now,
have a bit of free role.
[commentator] A lot of ice was ordered
in the paddocks today
so that everyone can stay cool
for as long as possible.
Today can be a breakaway,
you never know in the Tour.
But it's a very hard stage.
Narrow roads, twisted roads, but also
the temperatures that are really high.
[commentator] Look at the temperature,
44 degrees at the finish line in Issoire.
[reporter] So, what's your trick
for coping in all this heat?
Those ice cubes worked a treat.
They feel great.
Gonna be really hot out there,
37 degrees today.
It'll be good
to spice things up a bit, won't it?
[commentator] Five climbs
are on the schedule for today.
This is a very tough stage.
It'll be up and down all day.
There's not a single metre of flat road.
[indistinct announcing]
[commentator] And they're off.
This stage has begun.
Today, for 80% of the peloton,
it's now or never.
An attack. An attack from Wout van Aert.
[Mohorič] On Stage 10,
the start was incredibly hard.
[commentator] Another attack.
[Mohorič] We were
furiously attacking each other
for more than two hours.
[commentator] Seven riders are out front,
and among them is Pello Bilbao.
[Bilbao] Setting up the breakaway
took so long
and everyone was completely on edge,
and this gave me
the opportunity to go for it.
[crowd applauding]
[Štangelj in Italian on radio]
Most important thing is to win the stage.
And gain as much time as we can.
[Florencio] Yes, I think so.
He can't do anything alone.
But when he goes for it,
we try to win the stage.
[commentator 1 in English]
And Ben O'Connor counterattacks.
[intense music playing]
[Piquet on radio] O'Connor's
left the chasing group.
- Oh
- He's getting closer on his own.
I thought it was curtains. Oof.
[Piquet] Pedalling furiously.
[commentator 1] Ben keeps up the pressure.
He tries to reach the front group.
[O'Connor] I always
dreamed to be a leader,
and I know that's what I am at heart.
that's not possible.
So what's the next thing I can do?
Go for breakaways.
So I tried to go full gas.
[commentator 1] Ben O'Connor
has been struggling
since the beginning of the Tour,
but now, it seems like
he's found his legs again.
And Ben O'Connor is there
and he has caught up with the front group.
[fans] Bravo!
[O'Connor] I managed
to get into into the breakaway.
And I was just thinking,
"That's my one chance to win a stage."
[commentator 1] The peloton
is just two minutes and 30 seconds
from the front group.
Anything could happen.
The Austrian, Felix Gall, well positioned
in the heart of the yellow jersey group.
Come on, Felix,
stay focused, hold your position.
Stay with him, yeah?
Come on, guys, you got this.
[helicopter blades whirring]
[commentator 1] Pello Bilbao
contributing to the group effort
and pulling for long stretches.
Pello, don't be too generous.
Everyone needs to do it.
Just think about the stage.
[Bilbao] The peloton
was constantly threatening us.
It wasn't leaving us much margin.
We had 90 seconds, maybe two minutes.
[crowd yelling encouragement]
Bilbao is solid, I'm telling you.
That guy is solid, y'know?
[slow dramatic music playing]
[commentator 1] Pello Bilbao without doubt
driven by the memory of Gino Mäder.
[commentator 2] Almost at the top
of the final climb of the day.
[spectator] Allez!
Here's the descent. And you really
have to have the balls to take it on.
You're the fastest in this group. Come on!
[commentator 2] As they go over the crest.
[music intensifies]
Look at the speed. These riders know
that this is a massive opportunity.
They need to commit and commit fully.
[Bilbao] We decided to take over
at full speed, without restraint.
We were going to give it everything.
[dramatic music swells]
[O'Connor] We're taking
the bull by the horns,
not being scared or worried,
and just feeling like
you're racing a bike.
And you take a chance and you try to win.
Pello, don't stop now, don't stop now.
[commentator 2] Six riders
with a chance of winning Stage 10.
[crowd cheering]
So then, chaps, what do you reckon, then?
Will he give it a shot?
If they slack off, attack from the rear.
Attack from the rear if they slack off.
Attack from the rear.
[commentator 2] Ben O'Connor attacks.
The Australian tries to get clear.
[O'Connor] When you're in the breakaway,
you're chasing the victory.
That rush that you have
is what sets you on fire.
[commentator 2] Ben O'Connor
has used the only little bit of road
that's to his advantage,
the uphill section.
Immediately onto his wheel, Pello Bilbao.
Here goes Zimmermann,
fires down the right-hand side.
Oh, fuck!
[commentator 2] And Bilbao hunts him down
inside the last kilometre.
Come on.
[commentator 2]
O'Connor is hunting them down.
[intense music playing]
Pello Bilbao looks at Zimmermann.
Ben O'Connor isn't giving up.
[Piquet over radio]
O'Connor closes the gap.
Come on, Ben. Come on, Ben. Come on.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 2] O'Connor should hit them
right now and go for the finish line.
Go, Ben. Go, go, go, Ben.
[music builds]
[commentator 2]
Pello Bilbao opens up the sprint.
Okay, go!
- Go! Go on, Pello!
- Go on, lad! Come on now!
[yelling triumphantly]
[Bilbao] I had a special motivation.
- [yelling]
- Let's go!
When you think
you don't have any more strength,
it gives you a final push.
[commentator 2] Pello Bilbao
wins for Bahrain Victorious!
[all] Yeah!
- [yelling]
- Whoo!
That's it!
Pello wins the stage!
- Whoo!
- Woo-hoo!
One special day in my life for sure.
[joyously yelling]
It's a hard job we are doing.
But these moments repay everything.
[crowd cheering]
[Bilbao]I think my roar of triumph
travelled all the way home
and you could hear it there.
[man on radio] Amazing!
Well done, mate.
For Gino, this one, yeah?
[emotional music playing]
[Mohorič] That brought
so many emotions out for us.
Not just because
we actually realised our ambition
and win a stage to honour Gino,
but also because it was Pello who won.
Pello and Gino were
really close to each other.
That put it more behind us. You know?
Like, we were still angry
that he was not with us,
but we realised that we need to accept
that fate and carry on with our lives.
I hope he he is proud,
um, watching us from from the sky.
[O'Connor] Gino had a tonne of talent.
I don't know if I can fully understand
what it's like for the teammates.
Bilbao deserved that win
more than than all of us.
You know, chapeau to him.
[indistinct faint announcing on PA]
[reporter] What a stage!
[reporter] Pello Bilbao, you've just
won a stage on the Tour de France.
What a day! What a day for you,
what a day for the team.
Uh, it was hard
to prepare the last two weeks.
But, uh, yeah,
staying with the family at home,
and staying with my kid, Martina,
yeah, she helped me a lot
to just, uh, keep calm, be positive, and
And put all my positive energy
to try to do something nice in the Tour.
I crossed the line and I just
put out all the anger I had inside,
and remembering
the reason for this victory.
A special one.
For Gino.
[crowd cheering]
[melancholy music playing]
[cheering fades]
[music swells]
[music fades]
[dramatic music playing]
Pain is temporary, giving up is forever.
You have to finish off the work.
[commentator] Can Mohorič overtake?
Races are won or lost by millimetres.
[interviewer] Do you think he's doping?
[commentator] Jonas Vingegaard
delivers a breathtaking performance today.
This is huge. He's smashed the Tour.
He's smashed everyone.
I find it hard to believe
there's doping like in the '90s.
[Madiot] Cheaters exist.
People were completely wrong.
[intense rhythmic music playing]
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