Tour de France: Unchained (2023) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[Pidcock] Come on, Chestnut, do poo-poos.
[both laughing]
[woman] You gonna hold the poo bag?
Why do I have to hold it?
I love it here. It's so peaceful.
I think, like, Alpe d'Huez last year,
with all the fans,
that's when it really changed.
[loud cheering]
[Pidcock] Alpe d'Huez was career-changing.
I was the first rider going up the most
famous climb in the Tour de France.
Those crowds, I don't think you can
experience that in any other sport.
That video went crazy, no?
[intense music playing]
Acceleration of Tom Pidcock
[Pidcock] People think that
I'm the best descender in the peloton.
Uh, yeah, I quite enjoy that, really.
I've won world title
in cross and mountain bike,
and the Olympics.
They're the kind of three big goals.
So I think, yeah
I wanna win the Tour de France.
Now that you're known,
and there's so many eyes on you,
that puts pressure, I think.
Probably a bit.
But, in reality,
it's only my opinion that matters.
Everyone else's is irrelevant.
I'm here to win.
I'm not here to come second.
What's the point in that?
Go do something else.
[man] All right, Steve?
- [on screen] Morning, Steve.
- Morning.
All right, folks. You know, ultimately,
I think we've got to make the decision,
who is the GC guy?
[Chennaoui] Team INEOS have been
spoilt for leaders in the past.
But right now,
they only have young talent.
In an ideal world, you'd have
one guy who's tried, tested, proven. Bam.
He's gonna get you on the podium,
or he's gonna win the race for you.
But this year, we've had a lot
of sickness and injuries to key riders.
It means that it's more challenging
to make a decision on who to back.
[Ellingworth] There's obviously Tom.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
He's quite a long way off
where we want him to be.
But I don't think there's anybody else.
[Stannard] It is what it is.
[dramatic percussive tone playing]
[dramatic rhythmic music playing]
[commentator] Here comes the lead group.
Pidcock is in this group. He's doing well.
His dream is to win
the Tour de France one day.
He's never hidden his ambitions.
They're accelerating
[music continues]
[commentator] Is Pidcock in trouble?
Keep fighting all the way to the top.
[commentator] The elastic is stretching.
It's going to snap.
Oh, fucking hell.
[muffled crowd cheering]
[Chainel] After nearly a week of racing,
Tom is only 13th place in the GC.
To make matters worse,
the team hasn't yet won a stage.
And so this is their
worst performance in a long time.
[reporter] So we're
nearly at 25% of this Tour.
How is it going for you?
[chuckling] A quarter of
Don't tell me
we're a quarter of the way through.
[Pidcock] Last year in the Tour,
I was a support rider.
This year, I'm riding GC.
Every day you have to focus,
fight for time,
fight to be in the front.
So mentally and physically,
it's harder than last year.
- All right, Tom?
- Yeah.
- Each day, I'm getting better.
- Yeah.
Like my performance today
was actually pretty decent.
It was good, mate. Yeah.
[Cummings] Success for other teams
might be second, third,
but for us, it's not enough.
[intense music playing]
[music fades]
When you think about where he's at
Not ideal.
Sometimes I think,
"Is he really ready for leading the GC?"
Not saying at all that he can't do it.
I think he's really motivated for it,
but it's actually doing it [chuckles]
[Cummings] Tom came to the Tour
with big expectations.
But he's currently far away from what
he had hoped and what we had hoped.
[tense music playing]
[commentator] The Australian,
Jai Hindley, wears the yellow jersey.
This will spice up the Tour de France.
[man] Shit is getting real, huh?
[Hindley] Shit is getting very real.
- [Denk] Hey.
- [Hindley] Hey.
[Denk] Don't forget to enjoy today, yeah?
[riders laugh]
[fan chanting] Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
[crowd] Oi, Oi, Oi!
- [fans] Aussie!
- [crowd] Oi!
- [fans] Aussie!
- [crowd] Oi!
- Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
- [crowd] Oi, Oi, Oi!
[crowd cheering]
[tense music playing]
[Cummings] Are you ready, guys?
Objective, same as yesterday.
We try to move up on GC.
It's going to be a theme.
Obviously, Hindley took the jersey.
So there's the Bora team.
So have a look because it's a strong team.
Look for UAE and Jumbo, they're the only
two teams that will control the race.
Uh, so the race situation now.
Tom's up to 13th.
And Carlos is up to 9th.
In the final,
we have to deliver Tom and Carlos.
[Chennaoui] All the talk
has been of Tom Pidcock.
He's proven himself at the Tour de France.
He's taken a stage here already.
Carlos Rodriguez is
something of an unknown.
Certainly at this level
of professional racing.
He's never ridden a Tour de France before.
We don't know
if it's going to rain or not.
If it's going to be a hard fight or not.
But, yeah,
we'll be prepared for everything, though.
He's not going to be a marked rider
in the way that others are.
And that's going to be
a huge advantage for him.
[gentle synth music playing]
[commentator] And they're off.
The sixth stage of the Tour de France.
Tom Pidcock is in this group.
[crowd cheering]
He's not had an impressive start
to the Tour this year.
Perhaps more was expected of him.
[Cummings] Of course, you're optimistic
and you're hopeful he can do it.
At the same time you're realistic.
You don't really know.
[commentator] There's another rider
in this team who could give
INEOS Grenadiers a podium finish.
It is the Spaniard, Carlos Rodriguez,
who is having
an incredible start to the Tour.
Harder or
I am Carlos Rodriguez.
And I'm a rider with INEOS Grenadiers.
[interviewer] Perfect.
[Rodriguez] You have to
sacrifice a lot to get in shape,
to make sure you're
in the best possible form for the Tour.
Since I was a kid, I've always dreamed
of one day racing the Tour de France.
Truth is, I'm very grateful to the team
for giving me that opportunity.
Here? You think?
There's a cafe.
The thing with Carlos is
he's such a nice guy.
[Rodriguez] Thank you.
He's not a big voice,
but put him on the bike,
he's a different beast.
Riding in the Tour
is gonna be really great.
Even though I don't have
the experience you guys have.
Riding like you ride,
you won't have a problem.
It'll be great.
[tense music playing]
[commentator] INEOS Grenadiers
take the lead on the yellow jersey group.
Two minutes, 40 seconds behind
the leaders in this year's Tour de France.
Come on, guys. Now full gas.
Attack of Carlos Rodriguez.
Tom Pidcock is being distanced.
[in Spanish] Come on, Carlitos.
[in English] Today we make the difference.
[commentator] Victory for Tadej Pogačar.
Behind is the fight for
third place in the general classification.
Carlos Rodriguez, Simon Yates,
and Jai Hindley.
Rodriguez may be the trump card.
[music intensifies]
Carlos Rodriguez edges closer to
Jai Hindley in the general classification.
Hindley down to third place.
Rodriguez goes up to fifth.
- [man] Good Carlos, eh?
- Yeah.
- Ah. Carlos for me is
- He's getting there.
- He's the man.
- Class? Yeah.
[terse music playing]
[reporter] All right to ask
a couple questions, Tom?
Not today, mate.
I almost
well, believed I could follow Tadej
and Jonas for a moment, but
they seem to be on another level. So
So far, I am happy.
Thanks, man.
So far it's been good, so
Hopefully, it keeps going like this.
Carlos, what do you make
of his ride today?
Yeah, brilliant, yeah. Really promising.
[Ellingworth] Carlos, with his character,
he just takes everything in his stride.
He's just very, very steady.
You know, you can't ask for any more.
At this moment in time,
Tom's going through a really hard phase.
It's going to be a real challenge for him.
[Ellingworth] What's the plan
for Tom and for Carlos?
How are we going to play this?
We've just got to decide
what's best for the team.
[Cummings] At the moment, Carlos,
he's still ahead of Tom on the GC.
It was something we weren't expecting.
[Ellingworth] I was just wondering
whether for Tom, give him the opportunity
'cause if he's got the legs
You don't know,
do you, what the ceiling is.
But on paper, Carlos is more consistent.
There's less variability. Um
And he's a minute ahead on GC.
- He's not a natural team leader, you know?
- [Cummings] But on the bike, he's killer.
[Ellingworth] Yeah. He's letting his legs
do the talking, isn't he?
[Cummings] So, um,
Tom might have to sacrifice himself.
[Ellingworth] Okay.
[Cummings] I'll catch up with him.
If you've had
some experiences of the Tour,
you know what they're going through.
You know how hard it is.
But we have a chance
of getting someone on the podium.
So you just back your best horse.
It's pretty brutal, but that's the sport.
How was your day, Tom?
- It was all right, yeah.
- Yeah?
You and Carlos are both in the fight
for the podium, which is real.
You are behind him on GC.
The GC guys around you,
if they're dropped
It's you and Carlos,
what do you think you should do?
[Pidcock] Well, I guess the logical thing
is that I ride for Carlos.
But I'm not riding on a flat bit,
and killing myself, and getting dropped.
Because there's a long way to Paris still.
And so far, I've only got better, so
[Cummings] So, I think
we have to commit to Carlos.
- [Pidcock] The Silent Assassin.
- Silent Exactly.
Do you agree?
[Pidcock] I'm not sure
I'm not sure about I'm not sure
to be honest.
What are you not sure about?
[Pidcock] Can you turn
the cameras off, please?
[man] Yeah.
[Cummings] Reluctant
is probably a good word.
He's a winner. He wants to win.
He's come from mountain bike
and cyclo-cross,
and they're individual events.
But yeah, we have to
have a team-first approach.
[tense rhythmic music playing]
[commentator] It's Bastille Day.
Look at that crowd.
There is an incredible
atmosphere on the roads today.
[Adag] Okay, so we keep our eyes,
of course, on our main competitors, INEOS.
Okay? Jai, anything?
[Hindley] Like, fuck INEOS,
you know what I mean?
They always want to ride in front.
We're third on GC, we can ride in front.
- Okay, let's get things done here.
- [riders] Yeah.
It's pretty savage out there. [chuckles]
So if you want to beat them,
you have to be mentally on your game.
[Adag] Teams like INEOS,
they have unlimited resources.
We're a small team, but actually,
sometimes the facts do not even matter.
For them, it's for the podium.
For us, it's for the podium.
So we fight the same fight.
[Cummings] So the objective,
move up on the GC.
Carlitos is a minute 42 off Hindley.
So we've all got to be ruthless.
Be a killer. Be a motherfucker.
Also, it's possible a break
will go to the finish line today.
So Kwiatko, a dream scenario is
you can win the stage in the final climb.
Then Tom, you have to commit to Carlos.
Okay? We spoke about it yesterday.
Look after him.
Good luck, guys.
That's it.
[Pidcock] The team's decision comes first.
Maybe it's not in your best interest,
but it's in the team's best interest,
and that's quite difficult for me.
In theory, are you a candidate
for third place on the podium?
Well, I'm pleased
with how things are going
and how the team are supporting me,
but there's a lot of the Tour left.
Yeah, the GC battle is fully
entertaining me, challenging me.
Today has got a lot of opportunities.
So we'll have to wait
and see what we can do.
- Is Dave Brailsford coming?
- Yeah.
Dave Brailsford is the manager
of team INEOS Grenadiers.
And he's had winning Tours with
Bradley Wiggins,
Chris Froome, and Geraint Thomas.
Woo! Woo!
To see him here in person
is an enormous pressure
for all of his staff.
Good luck, man.
[indistinct chatter]
[Brailsford] Kwiatko, great to see you.
- You think he's looking forward to it?
- He is. I tell you.
- Is he?
- Yeah.
Let's hope it goes well.
[Ellingworth] At the end of the day,
we're in the business of winning.
And when you're not winning,
it gets a bit tough, yeah.
See you later!
[Ellingworth] When I look back
over the last ten years,
this has been the worst start
to the Tour we've ever had.
So, a lot of questions
happening at the minute.
[muffled cheering]
[commentator] Jonas Vingegaard
still wears the yellow jersey.
Jai Hindley is holding onto third place
in the general classification.
INEOS Grenadiers may not win this Tour,
but they have Rodriguez
in fourth and Pidcock in eighth.
[crowd cheering]
Let's take a look at today's stage.
There is only one challenge,
the hors catégorie Grand Colombier.
Let's fucking go!
Today's stage,
it's a fucking big opportunity.
You're not professional bike riders,
you're professional bike racers.
You know what to fucking do.
[commentator] And they're off.
[intense music playing]
[Cummings] Ideally, you'd have a couple
of stage wins in the pocket by now,
but we don't.
[commentator] Quite a few riders trying
to break away, right from the start.
You want that pressure.
It puts you on the edge.
A group has broken away, including
Kwiatkowski of INEOS Grenadiers.
Very good, Kwiatko. Good job, mate.
[Cummings] Kwiatko, he's a support rider.
But the team
needs to be fighting to win stages.
Kwiatko, you just try
to do the minimum. Sit on the back.
[commentator] UAE Team Emirates
and Bora-Hansgrohe lead the peloton,
two minutes behind the breakaway.
Jai, just watch out for GC contenders.
Remember, guys.
Keep following the big groups.
INEOS Grenadiers right behind,
supporting Carlos Rodriguez.
The team gave me a lot of freedom
so I could get the best result.
The goal was obviously
to get on the podium.
Tom, help put Carlos
in a good position for this climb.
At this point, I was just
kind of thinking about myself
and about exploring my own limits.
[music becomes intense]
[crowd cheering]
The breakaway approaches
the Grand Colombier.
Kwiatkowski is flying.
This is INEOS Grenadiers'
opportunity to win a stage.
We're crossing
some spectacular scenery today.
The road snaking through the mountains,
absolutely magnificent.
[crowd cheering]
Massive attack of Kwiatowski. What a move!
Come on, Kwiatko! You can do this!
In terms of the Tour de France,
we have to always be in the fight to win.
So if you get the opportunity
to win stages, you take it.
Kwiatkowski through the crowd.
What an atmosphere.
You'd think this was Alpe d'Huez.
[Cummings] Eight hundred metres.
Come on, Kwiatko. Enjoy it, mate.
And it's a win for Michał Kwiatkowski,
giving INEOS Grenadiers their
first victory in this Tour de France.
[Cummings] Yeah!
- Kwio got it!
- [laughing]
- Yeah! Come on!
- Whoo!
[commentator] This is going to feel great
for the INEOS Grenadiers team.
For Kwiatko to win will be
a massive morale boost for the team.
However, it doesn't
really alleviate the stress.
They do not deliver
on the big budget investment
with one stage win.
It's still all about
the general classification,
and that hasn't yet changed.
Come on, Carlos. Come on, Tom. Together.
[commentator] Pidcock looks around
to check the damage.
[Pidcock] I was pretty happy with myself.
A lot of people went pop,
and I was still going forward.
All the favourites are there in a line.
Pidcock is there.
Hindley is there. Rodriguez is there.
[crowd cheering
And here it comes!
Attack of Pogačar! He's going for it.
Pidcock tries to close the gap.
Is that Tom or Carlos?
That's Tom, innit?
Tom, wait with Carlos.
Can you wait with Carlos, please?
[Pidcock] I knew that this group
was gonna race to the top.
At that point, you go
to the top as fast as you can.
Tom Pidcock. Jai Hindley
is behind him and then Rodriguez.
It's a bitter blow for Carlos Rodriguez.
If you don't have a good team around you
then it will be really hard
to achieve the results that you want.
[commentator] Tadej Pogačar
crosses the finish line.
And now it's Vingegaard.
He's really limited the damage.
That's Tom.
[commentator] Tom Pidcock,
who had a great climb.
Then Jai Hindley, solidly holding onto
third place in the general classification.
Where's Carlos, then?
And Carlos Rodriguez
who has lost time today.
For fuck's sake.
At the end of Stage 13,
Vingegaard is in yellow.
The gap between Hindley in third,
and Rodriguez is almost two minutes.
- Good job.
- Well done, Charlie.
How much time did I lose?
I don't know if you did, really. Go chill.
Tom should've waited for Carlos,
but he decided to abandon his teammate.
And 'cause of this decision,
Carlos lost some time,
jeopardising the rest of the team.
Tom, you can use
a lot of adjectives to describe him
[reporter] You're within
about 40 seconds of 4th place now.
I know it's your teammate in 4th place,
but are you thinking
about sort of even podium now?
Yeah, definitely.
I think it was, um, pretty positive today.
Yeah, getting more
and more comfortable in the mountains.
[reporter] Cheers, Tom.
There's times where,
yeah, if you don't agree with it,
then you make that decision
that you're gonna do your own thing.
He always likes to be in front,
fighting for that victory.
If you want to be the best,
then you have to beat everyone else,
and that always includes
the other riders in your team.
[Cummings] Yes, things changed
a little bit on the GC.
We just need to reflect
on what's happened today,
and analyse the situation,
and look ahead to tomorrow.
[Cummings] How was your day?
I think tomorrow's climbs are
better for me.
[Cummings] It's better
for your characteristics.
- Hopefully.
- Then you're gonna snap them one by one.
Okay, good. We'll move on to Tom.
So today, what happened
on the final climb?
Yeah, I just kinda
wanted to just do it by myself.
- You know?
- Yeah.
[Cummings] Tom,
he likes to do things different.
He's obsessed with winning. He's a winner.
You need to have that ruthless streak.
It's just how we, as a team, manage that.
Managing their egos
and personalities is part of the job.
[Cummings] And for tomorrow?
I attack down Ramaz,
then full gas up Joux Plane,
down the other side.
[Ellingworth] With a character like Tom,
you can sit them down
and tell them, "This is the path."
But you're not gonna change him.
So you've just gotta
work with him in a different way.
But, quite often,
the legs will do the talking.
[dramatic music playing]
[commentator] It's the 15th of July
and the fight for third place continues.
For now, Jai Hindley
is defending third place on the podium.
Can anyone leapfrog him?
[Adag] I think Pidcock
might attack into the downhill.
Who knows?
Certainly Pidcock and Rodriguez
are two guys who might take some risks
to put us under pressure.
So, for sure, protect Jai there.
Yeah, I think today could be
one of the hardest days of the Tour. So
Yeah. I really need
you guys today, basically.
[Hindley] Actually, I was a bit sick.
So, not really ideal.
Hopefully, it doesn't let me down.
[tense rhythmic music playing]
Okay. Carlos and Tom, you need to be
really alive and in good position,
because we have to fight
to get on this podium.
Tom has it in his mind that
he'd like to try to attack on a downhill.
Tom, if you've got legs,
you can do what you want.
Guys, when you're a kid,
this is what it's about.
The Tour de France, it's your dream.
Don't let it pass by.
You've got fucking one week.
Right. Let's go.
[chain clicking]
Today is quite
a big opportunity for a lot of us.
If I'm there in the lead group at the end,
it's also a good finish
for me to try and win.
[man] So shall I change the tyres?
- No, no, thanks.
- Okay. Good luck, Carlos.
I've really looked forward to this stage.
I felt I had the legs to be in front.
[Cummings] They both want to win,
but it's really up to them
and how they execute in the race.
That will define the strategy.
[announcer in French]
Four, three, two, one!
And they're off!
[commentator in English]
Five climbs today.
The route is very difficult
with 4,000 metres of climbing.
It's really going to hurt,
especially after a day like yesterday.
[crowd cheering]
Can Tom Pidcock win today's stage?
[Pidcock] I was feeling super good.
I thought, you know,
if I can get up there at the front,
I know I can win the stage.
Um, but I need to get there.
[commentator] For now,
Hindley's holding onto his position
amongst the favourites.
He's third in the general classification
with a two-minute lead
on Carlos Rodriguez.
Jumbo-Visma take the lead.
They're going to ride
and defend the yellow jersey.
You're ready for Pogačar, Jonas. Come on!
A win today's a step closer. Come on
You just keep your head in the game.
And here is the INEOS Grenadiers team.
Tom Pidcock is there, on the wheel.
[Pidcock] I was wasting energy, actually.
And I think I went a bit too far.
And I was like, "I'm suffering a bit."
[crowd cheering]
[cow bells ringing]
Tom Pidcock is in difficulty.
Coming up in the two rear positions
of the yellow jersey group,
Guillaume Martin and Tom Pidcock.
- Tom's dropped.
- [man] Not yet.
Last position.
Come on, Tom.
Another tough moment for Pidcock.
I was really, really suffering.
We weren't going super hard.
I was like,
"Oh, this is not going to be good."
[Cummings] Do your rhythm, mate.
You can come back.
It's just a bad moment. Come on.
[Pidcock] It's just a mental challenge.
You're just waiting, waiting
until it it slows down a little bit.
[Cummings] You've closed
ten seconds already, Tom.
You've closed ten seconds.
Come on, mate. You can come back.
[melancholy music playing]
[commentator] Tom Pidcock
may have to let go of his ambitions
for general cla ssification.
I just sat up and was like,
took a deep breath, like [exhales]
"Okay. Tour de France is finished."
[suspenseful synth music playing]
Carlos Rodriguez is taking the place
of leader at INEOS Grenadiers.
He's the only INEOS rider in this group.
Come on, Carlitos. You're so strong today.
I kept on going,
just kept on pedalling as fast as I could
to stay ahead of Hindley.
I was sort of just, like,
holding on, holding on
[Adag] Good job, Jai, good job.
Keep on fighting. It does get easier.
And then we profit
from sitting in the wheel.
[crowd cheering]
[music continues]
[Piquet on radio] Jai Hindley
is distanced. Hindley is distanced.
[Hindley] I mean, when you're 100% fit
and healthy at the Tour, it's hard.
But if you're sick
Yeah. [sighs] Really tough.
[horn blowing]
Pogačar and Vingegaard in the lead.
It's a war of nerves
between the two champions.
Rodriguez is now 44 seconds behind.
He catches up to Adam Yates.
When things are getting more serious,
well, you become another person.
You try to get it all out,
all that anger that you have inside,
all of your strength.
[commentator] Will Pogačar attack?
There it is. He's off. Pogačar attacks!
Oh! He's held up by the motorbikes.
What are they doing there?
The fuck was that?
The motorbikes in the way stopped him.
- This is crazy.
- Motherfuckers.
That's fucking bullshit, isn't it?
Look at this duel. It's stalemate.
[Cummings] The front two.
They're slowing down.
Now, we make the difference, Carlitos.
[Rodriguez] They're so focused
on outsmarting each other
I realised that it was possible
to catch them.
[commentator] Okay. Here we go.
Carlos Rodriguez is back.
And then what you gotta do is exploit it.
And Carlos Rodriguez isn't holding back.
Attack of Rodriguez.
On the back of Kwiatko's win yesterday,
the INEOS Grenadiers are on fire.
[Ellingworth] Come on, Carlos!
[Piquet] Rodriguez is
five kilometres from the finish.
Come on, Carlitos! Come on, mate. Come on.
[tense music playing]
Ten seconds, come on, now, come on.
You just give it more! Come on!
You can see a bit
of Tom Pidcock in Carlos Rodriguez
as he descends Joux Plane.
Pidcock is absolutely flying.
Rodriguez is descending
like a man possessed.
- Come on, mate!
- Come on, Carlos!
I knew I could win the stage.
It was mine.
So I gave it absolutely everything I had.
Vamos, Carlitos! Vamos! Go, go, go, go!
[commentator] Carlos Rodriguez
heading toward his first stage victory.
- [Ellingworth vocalises]
- Go! Go! Go! Go!
[music building]
Rodriguez is still four seconds ahead.
- [Brailsford] Come on, Carlos! Come on!
- Venga! Come on, Carlitos!
Come on. Come on. Go, go, go.
[commentator] Carlos Rodriguez wins
for the first time
on the roads of the Tour de France.
[all] Yeah!
[all yelling happily]
[yelling, whooping]
[commentator] Pogačar takes second place
Jonas Vingegaard right behind.
And for INEOS Grenadiers,
Carlos Rodriguez takes third place
in the general classification.
The INEOS team took a while to decide,
but this time the situation is clear.
Carlos Rodriguez is the INEOS Grenadiers
leader in this Tour de France.
[music fades]
- That was amazing, wasn't it?
- That was fucking amazing.
Fucking, he went over the top.
He was like, "Fuck me."
The GC's better. I think Carlos is third.
One second ahead of Hindley.
It's incredible, really, to win ahead of
Pogačar and Vingegaard
in that way was class.
[Rodriguez] Tadej and Jonas
are on a different level to everyone else.
And this race gave me confidence
and I realised that I'm up there too,
that I can compete
with the greatest riders in the Tour.
You're one of the big boys now.
[commentator] Tom Pidcock
crosses the finish line.
He's lost almost nine minutes today.
Carlos had an amazing race!
- Carlos won!
- Carlos won?
- Yes!
- You didn't know?
I took my radio out!
[Stannard] Attacked Pogačar
and Vingegaard over the top.
- Fucking done them on the descent.
- [laughs]
[Stannard] All the way to the finish.
They said Carlos won. I was like
When I don't have success that I..
I dream of
I just want to kind of be by myself a bit.
Let it process.
Sulk for a little bit.
I think this this year,
it just wasn't
it just wasn't happening.
It just didn't click.
I spread myself too thin
trying to win a stage,
and commit to the GC.
I was targeting everything,
but came away with nothing.
There's a few people who want to
just to do a little interview with you.
I know you don't want to,
but I would do it if I was you.
I think it'll do you some good.
It's a shame, really.
I was full of confidence this morning.
Imagining doing this epic attack
off the top of the Joux Plane.
Then I just didn't really have it in me.
- [reporter] Nice one, Tom.
- Cheers.
[fan] Well done, Tom. Good lad!
[scattered applause]
[Ellingworth] The Grand Tours,
you've got to play the long game.
With 21 days of racing,
you'll have some ups and downs.
This is all part of the learning for Tom.
It took Geraint ten years
of riding the Tour de France
before he won the Tour.
You know, sometimes,
that can be a problem when, uh,
these young guys are really ambitious.
You know, I learned a lot this year,
but that doesn't satisfy me.
You know, it kind of felt like
a waste of two weeks to me.
[announcer] Carlos Rodriguez
[announcer continues indistinctly]
[crowd cheering]
[interviewer] Are you pleased with
team performance so far?
[Cummings] Two stage wins
and third on the podium is fantastic.
We just need to
make sure Carlos stays there.
You okay, mate? Well done. Well done.
But no. We don't really want to be third.
We want to win the race,
and that's what this team's been built on.
So there's still
some work to do. [chuckles]
[dramatic music playing]
[commentator] Tadej Pogačar,
second in the general classification,
is just ten seconds
behind Jonas Vingegaard.
And let's not forget
that when Pogačar attacked,
he was blocked by the motorbikes.
It was too many motos.
Motos behind, motos in front.
Everywhere, motos.
[Pogačar] Yeah, I was pretty angry.
Because of that motos, I killed the legs.
It ruined my opportunity
to take the yellow jersey there.
That was already my plan B.
I don't have plan C.
What now?
[dramatic percussive tone]
The time trial is called
the race of truth.
[Vingegaard] I really want to beat Tadej.
Vingegaard and Pogačar,
separated by seconds.
Everything has to be 100%.
I wasn't where I wanted to be, physically.
And Patrick talked to the press.
They all have to justify their salary.
I get flashbacks of the crash.
[Pinot] I've been
at this level for 14 years,
so I wanna end my career at the top.
[commentator] Can he win today's stage?
Fuck's sake, my balls hurt.
Well, we weren't very good.
[tense rhythmic music playing]
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