Traces (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 That's my mum and dad.
They used to meet at Izzy's to have sex.
We had a pump from time to time for old time's sake.
Drew's a greedy wee bastard who wouldn't let her out of his clutches.
Marie went missing at a festival.
Three months later, she was dug up.
Now I'm asking you to drop this.
Marie got into a row with Jimmy because she was drunk.
This unknown here keeps cropping up.
I keep seeing the same peak.
Sarah Gordon at SiFA flagged up issues with the building.
We're looking at MacAfee Construction.
Prosecuting the company for corporate homicide.
Be very careful about what you say.
You're poking around in something someone's wanting to hide.
What if my mum was murdered on that bed? Skye said she'd ask Izzy about it, next thing she's pulling a knife on us.
Baby, you understand me now? If sometimes you see that I'm mad Don'tcha know that no-one alive can always be an angel? When everything goes wrong, you see some bad Oh, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh, Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.
When you look at someone you don't know, you take in all their features at once in a general kind of way.
But then there's this other kind of recognition, familiar recognition, where you know a face so well you can see all of its irregularities.
What you trying to say? So, you would recognise that person, even if they were much fatter or thinner or grow a massive beard, because you know that face.
Well, I'm not going to grow a massive beard.
Or get much fatter or thinner and I don't have any irregularities, right? So you can just think about that.
I hope I did the right thing telling DI McKinven.
You did.
Marie Monroe might have been murdered on that bed.
Did Emma say whereabouts she saw it? In the box room.
Well, let's get that headboard then.
And let's be primed to reopen the case if needs be.
fo Keep it local.
You hang onto it.
I'll tell the review team what you're up to.
Thank you.
Oh, and Neil, the major investigation team has gone.
Where? Glasgow.
Two shootings.
HE SCOFFS They never said goodbye.
I just found something in the original files.
When Jimmy first reported Marie's missing, he said they had a slight disagreement at the Tall Ships Festival, but Julie made it sound a lot more serious.
We'll ask him about that when he comes in.
Let's see what Izzy has to say about that bed.
How do I know you'll be back? Because I will.
I'll explore Scotland and I will come back.
I have to come back to get my hat.
You may go.
I've just had a call from the police asking if we'll analyse the pills font color="w As part of the study? Well, they know there's a supply of very toxic drugs in Dundee just now, and we have the means to test them, so we'll see.
Keep me posted.
Right, what are we looking at? Emma's unknown crops up in 18 of the 35 police seized drug samples we've analysed so far.
And I think the unknown molecule might be PMMA.
Do you know what PMMA is? Louise was just telling me, it's similar to MDMA but much stronger and more toxic.
Aye, it can kill you.
It can make your body overheat, it can cause organ failures.
Lethal stuff.
OK, let's make up our own standard of pure PMMA and see if your molecule conforms with that.
So, I heard from Neil there's been some developments.
Are you doing OK? Yeah.
I mean, I was pretty spooked by how much he set in motion after I first spoke to him.
But I rang him last night and I think it was right to hand it over.
Are you getting all the emotional support you need? What, here? No, sorry, I didn't mean here so much as from friends? Yeah.
Yeah, I am, definitely.
Don't be spooked by Neil.
He's a good man.
We'd like your permission to retrieve the headboard from you It's not in my box room.
We've reason to believe it is.
I know what's in my box room, thank you.
Izzy, I can apply for a search warrant, I will get one.
It might take longer than you agreeing for us to take it, but in the end the result will be the same.
We will get it.
I refuse.
Why? Because it's got nothing to do with anything.
So what's the problem? That wee lassie, Emma, who I cared for, who I trusted, has insinuated herself back into my daughter and me's life because she means to make a murderer out of me.
It's not enough that I'm dying.
I have to be a murderer as well.
Oh, I can't deal with this.
I can't deal with Oh.
There's something up with my medication.
The thing is, Izzy, we're looking at an unsolved murder, 18 years ago.
Physical evidence is very hard to get.
And here is something from that time.
You were the last person to see Marie alive.
She was going home.
She texted me, "I'm going home.
" I know.
I've seen your phone records.
She wasn't murdered on that bed.
Then why are you so reluctant for us to get a hold of it? We did loads of coke on that bed.
Who's we? Me, Marie, Drew.
Is that what you're worried about? Aye.
There's no way I'm going to do you 18 years after the fact font color="yel Are you serious? Trina.
Back me up here.
Possession of drugs? No way.
Is Izzy faking it? Do you mean how bad her illness really is? Aye.
Well, she loves to tell us she's dying, but she looks all right Oh, I'll see what I can find out.
Can you see her killing Marie? We don't know how Marie was killed.
They never established a cause of death.
But, you know, it's not so hard to kill someone.
Dismembering and burying a body, that's hard.
Whoever did it had the wherewithal.
You need privacy and you need physical and mental strength.
Or you need someone to help you.
Then that would mean two people who've kept a huge secret 18 drug samples containing PMMA.
And all those 18 drugs samples are MDMA.
Right, so PMMA has been added to MDMA in the making of these pills.
Why? To give 'em a better buzz, so they sell more.
This is my clandestine lab.
Production, the MDMA itself is made.
Filtering, drying, mixing, pressing.
Does this all happen in one place? They use separate places, so if they're raided, they don't lose t Smart.
There are five different recipes for making MDMA, so the key to understanding more is to extract their impurities.
That tells us the recipe, which tells us the method of production.
Which would help the police find the people that made them.
It would help them know the kind of factory they're looking for.
Handy surface for cocaine maybe.
Give us a sneak preview with the old UV, then.
Well, that's a good start.
Get the guys in the lab to swab it for everything.
Semen, obviously.
See what they can find.
MOBILE RINGS And ask them very nicely to be speedy.
Hello, Emma.
I was just wondering if you got a hold of the bed from Izzy's? Yes.
What tests will you do on it? You know I can't tell you that.
Bye, Emma.
We should be set to do an GCMS run of these overnight to extract their font color="y Bobby's ready.
Can you trace a pill by the logo? No, because lots of different factories use the same logos.
Well, what if there's a flaw on the thing that prints the logo, so there's a flaw on the logo? Can you trace a pill like that? That's ballistic profiling.
Some people set store by it, I don't.
Why? I don't think it's scientific enough.
We need to dive inside the tablets to see what we're dealing with.
Appearances deceive.
Look at this lot.
They all look different, but they all contain the same compounds.
They all look like ecstasy tablets, but they all have PMMA mixed in as well.
That's why they're so dangerous.
I know you don't want to talk to me, but we have to meet up.
It's urgent.
Don't do any pills.
There's some really bad ones in Dundee just now.
I'll do exactly what I want.
Right? I don't need any advice from you.
I want us to stay friends.
The police came and took the bed.
I know.
I'm sorry.
The whole street was out gawping.
I didn't tell them that you threatened me with a knife.
SHE SCOFFS Are you wanting a thank you now? I had to tell them about the bed cos it might be evidence.
My mum's my hero.
I know her inside out.
There's no way she had anything to do with your mum's murder.
No way.
So how can we stay friends when you think that she did? I'm trying to get to the facts.
Skye, you and me are innocent in this, we were children.
Please can we not fall out? Fuck off.
I mean it, we're done.
Thanks for taking me on as a client.
Will the trial be in the same court me and my dad appeared on petition? No, culpable homicide is automatically High Court.
What's the maximum sentence? Well, it's unlimited, but I can't imagine you're looking at more than font color Jesus.
If you're prosecuted.
If I am is it definitely jail? Almost certainly.
But that's a long way off.
And I'll be seeing the fiscal in the morning and I'll remind him just how young you were when that building work took place.
Will I tell you what I did? No, no, thank you.
All I need to know is what the Crown case is against you.
And I'll do everything I can to get you out of this.
No, no, look.
I don't want to get out of this.
I want to face my responsibilities.
Michelle was 19.
Bashir was 22.
She was saving to go to uni, he was training to be a teacher.
Now they're both dead because of that fire.
Those families are never, ever going to get over it.
My dad, I mean, he set this company up from nothing, and entrusted it to me.
I don't want to drag him down, I want to protect his reputation, so, no, I don't want to get out of this.
You may change your mind.
No, I won't.
I'll do everything I can to sort this in a way that sits comfortably with you.
We can take some of the responsibility and limit some of the damage.
Can't I just plead guilty now? The Crown'll most likely refuse until they know what your dad is doing.
Can I contact the families? Absolutely not.
And if they contact you, stonewall them, because anything you say can be passed along to the prosecution.
And don't discuss this with your dad.
All you need to do is try not to worry.
Because if you're going to be worrying about it, you'll be worrying a long time.
Solicitor wouldn't let me tell her what I did.
She just wants to consider the evidence.
We were booked to build a bathroom next week.
Guy rang this morning, said he'd found another builder.
Must have read it in the paper that we were charged.
Did you see it? No.
DI McKinven took the bed from Izzy's.
That's good.
Listen, I found something out a couple of days ago and I didn't tell you in case it freaked you out, but it should do the opposite.
Professor Gordon wrote the fire report on Secrets nightclub.
Your boss? Yeah.
And she doesn't care what people think.
She only deals in facts, so I can guarantee that that report will be balanced and factual.
But from what you've said, whatever you did or didn't do when you refurbished that building, that's just one part of it.
Honestly, you couldn't have a better person write that report.
Have you seen it? No.
Can't tell you anything about it except that it'll be fair? Thanks for coming in at short notice, Jimmy.
There's something we'd like you to clarify.
When we spoke to Julie, she said you and Marie argued at the Tall Ships.
We did.
In the statement you gave, when you first reported Marie missing, you didn't state it as strongly.
Why? I didn't want people thinking we were brawling in the street.
If you're wondering was I trying to protect myself from suspicion .
I probably was.
But don't worry, plenty of suspicion came my way.
But why do you think that was? Because it's always the husband.
Would you tell us about the row? We'd been building up to it.
I didn't much want to go to Tall Ships.
I wanted to see the ships, but I .
I don't like crowds.
Anyway, we got there and it was really full-on, you know, sen Marie was in her element.
We hooked up with Izzy.
And after a couple of hours, I said to Marie, "Come on, we've done this.
"Kids are tired, let's go home.
" She said, "They can stay with me.
"They haven't got school tomorrow.
"This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
Lighten up, go home.
" I said I wasn't going to leave the kids with a drunken mother.
Did the kids hear all this? No.
Well, how drunk was Marie? Was she unsteady on her feet? No, she was just, you know .
What are you thinking? She had a new dress.
It was very becoming, the way it fitted her.
It showed off her shape.
There was some pretty rough-looking men in that crowd.
Stripped to the waist, swigging from the bottle, tongues hanging out.
Watching Marie dancing.
Kind of men who think women are only good for one thing.
Eyes were on her.
That's what goes round in my head .
whose eyes were on her? Daniel MacAfee.
My daughter's dead, thanks to you.
Her son is dead, thanks to you.
Have you anything to say for yourself? I hope they lock you up and throw away the key.
Julie told us she heard a rumour Drew smuggled drugs onto the rigs.
I spoke to the oil company, the party line is that they' never had a problem with drugs on the rigs.
The unofficial story is that in the '80s and '90s, they did.
It was dealt with and there's never been a problem since.
Apart from a blip in 2002.
A few workers were believed to be in cahoots with security in smuggling in coke.
Nothing proven, five men left.
Drew Cubbin was one of them.
He's not worked on the rig since.
You got the names of the other four? Of course.
And one of them caught my eye, Vincent Keir.
Did an SID check on him.
He was charged with a violent rape, but when it got to the High Court, the verdict was not proven.
Was he on the rigs when Marie went missing? No, he was at Tall Shi Well, let's get him in.
And Drew.
Maybe Drew and Vincent were in on it together.
Once you've scattered your items, establish a base line by fixing your long measuring tape into the ground.
Let's call this Point A.
This should be where zero is on the tape.
Run the tape through the middle of the scattered evidence and fix it at the other end.
The terminal end is Point B.
What's this? It's a crime scene.
It's part of the MOOC.
I'm sorry darling, it's just a bit much coming home to a crime scene.
Oh, my God, I, I didn't think, I'm so sorry.
It's quarter to, I'm going to get changed.
Are you going to ge Yeah, yeah.
We're meeting my dad there.
We picked you up for possession of drugs on Sunday, the 12th of Aug at the Tall Ships Festival.
You were released for report two hours later.
Why the trip down memory lane? Can you remember where you went next, Vincent? Oh, aye, straight back to the festival.
How come? Best party this town's ever seen.
Ships coming up the Tay, with sailors pouring off of 'em and drugs pouring off of 'em, and lassies pouring on 'em.
Everyone was steaming.
There was fights with the lassies going off with the sailors, folk falling in the water.
It was wild.
You'd have loved it.
You worked with Drew Cubbin on the rigs.
Aye, we were roommates.
You and Drew and three others were suspected of smuggling drugs off HE CHUCKLES Now, just so you know, nothing you say about that can be used against you cos you've not been cautioned at common low.
Not much to say, hen.
You pile a load of men in the middle of the sea with no drink and no women, they will find a way to have fun.
Nothing was proven.
Nothing was proven.
I really don't know why we're talking about it.
What did you do after they let you go from the rig? I went travelling round Europe.
Any particular reason? No.
You and Vincent Keir were roommates.
Did Vincent know Marie? No.
I mean, he would have met her.
Yeah, because you and Vince were friends.
We shared a room .
years ago.
Did you know Vincent was at the Tall Ships the day Marie went mi No.
Where's this going? What sort of a relationship did you have with Vincent? Volatile.
Where is this going? Why was it volatile? Because that's the only type of relationship Vincent can do.
He's all bear hugs until he loses his temper.
Then things turn nasty.
You know, you'd look OK if you cracked a smile, wouldn't you? Did you see Marie at Tall Ships? No.
Now, she was a lassie who knew how to smile.
Awful what happened to her, God rest her soul, but, no, I didn't see her.
Do you know Izzy Alessi? Izzy Alessi.
Friend of Drew's, friend of Marie's.
She was at Tall Ships too.
Name maybe rings a bell, but no.
Can you remember where you were that evening? No.
Did Drew know you were at Tall Ships? font color="yello Am I in the frame for killing Marie, is that what's going on here? Hey, stop writing in your book, pal.
It's Drew you need to talk to.
You need to ask him why he was sniffing around Marie years after she was married to another guy.
You need to ask him why he left Dundee as soon as he could, but not too soon as to look suspicious.
And if he sent you after me, it's an act of desperation and if you two had a brain between you, you'd see it.
SHOUTS: I said stop writing.
Are you listening to me, pal? Daniel.
You all right, Da? Good to see you.
Hello, Emma.
Hello, Phil.
Drink? Aye, let's get a bottle.
So what do you actually do all day? Well, I do exactly the same thing over and over so it doesn't sound very Try me.
I put samples into a GCMS, which is a machine used to separate mixtures of chemicals.
And what does GCMS stand for? Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry.
LAUGHTER And how does that work? Imagine a long pipe lined with treacle.
That's the column inside the GCMS.
And imagine a load of balls being sent down the pipe.
OK? And the balls are the molecules of different sizes.
The balls travel down the sticky pipe and become separated by size.
And what sticks first - the big balls or the little balls? Come on, Emma, we're banking on you for sanity here.
The little balls stick the longest.
The big balls come out first.
I'm having that on my grave.
HE LAUGHS It's a pretty incredible machine.
Tell him what you're analysing.
Street drugs.
Seized by the police.
And what's your line on drugs, do you partake? You certain have done and probably still do.
This is an interesting angle for Emma to have, you know, the science of it.
Sorry, Emma, don't feel you have to tell me.
No, no, I will.
Well, it's definitely made me more aware.
Definitely made you more aware.
So, where in England are you from? I'm actually from Dundee.
Are you? Moved away when I was seven.
Why? It's OK.
I lost my mum.
Hell of a thing she went through.
Still going through.
Coming back to Dundee's thrown a lot of stuff up, stuff she's just finding out.
They never convicted anyone.
What was her mother's name? Marie Monroe.
How did you two meet? I met her at Paradox.
Eyes across the dance floor.
LAUGHTER It was nine o'clock in the morning.
She left her bag behind.
What were you doing there at nine o'clock in the morning? I went to check the work we'd done.
See if there were issues similar to the Secrets refurb that needed sorting out, which I've done.
I'm so sorry.
I've really let you down.
We agreed.
No work tonight.
So what, you saw this damsel in distress looking about for her bag? Nah, she was outside.
She come up and ask me for help her get in.
There's a fish tank in the ladies.
Daniel? Daniel.
What is it? Nothing.
What do you want? Company.
Come here.
Come here.
I'm here.
I'm all yours.
I love you.
WHISPERS: I love you too.
I dreamt I dug you up.
You keep visiting me.
I am fighting for you, Mum.
I am.
Emma rang me yesterday, asking if I'd found a certain piece And we had it in our hands.
She's determined.
And impulsive.
Yeah, well, it could get her into trouble.
That's why we need to look out for her.
We can be her secret parents.
Where's her swimming kit? She left it on the bus.
Can you come to parents' night? Mm, no.
Where we going on holiday? Rome.
Anyway, sounds like you're making progress with Marie Monroe.
Well .
I just want to find out the truth, same as Emma.
LAWYER: I went to see the fiscal this morning.
Right? Your father's solicitor saw him yesterday, he got there first.
Is that a problem? Well, it can be a bit of your game of poker.
How do you mean? You said you wanted to protect your father.
/font You didn't want to drag him down.
That's right.
Daniel, your dad doesn't want to plead guilty/fon even though he was the company director at the point of investig He wants his name left off the indictment.
Well, he must have his reasons for wanting to do that.
Oh, he does.
He's putting the blame on you.
He's not out to protect you.
He's trying his luck.
You don't know him and you're pitting us against each other.
We need to change our strategy.
You were naive and inept, but you shouldn't be prosecuted for culp hom.
One thing we can try and do is keep your name off the indictment.
How? If you give evidence against your father.
No way.
I know it's hard.
It's not hard.
It's insane.
You're standing there telling me my dad's fitting me up.
He's looking out for himself.
No-one else.
Not even you.
She's suggesting you're washing your hands of the whole Secrets thing and, well, screwing me over, basically, and I just want to come Ask me if I'm screwing you over? No.
No, I just want to.
Ask me.
Dad, are you screwing me over? Uh, no.
Did you push to get your name left off the indictment? Yes.
And so, should you? What's your solicitor called again? Clare.
Clare should be telling you the same thing.
It's fine having these noble feelings, but the Court's a different place.
It's not about justice.
It's about making sure someone takes the blame.
If you're the guy who says, "These two deaths are something to do with me," it'll be everything to do with you.
They are something to do with me.
Shuggie Brock is to blame for this, and he's dead.
That's why they're coming after us.
We're the scapegoats.
We did nothing wrong.
Come on, Dad, we Did we kill Ian? Did we start a fire? Did we lock two people in a room next to the fire? No.
No, knew Shuggie Brock knew he was to blame and he jumped off a bridge.
That's justice done right there.
That's how you see it? That's how it is.
OK, well, I can't say I did nothing, and I want to make amends.
You'll be eaten alive.
Making amends is saying you were wrong.
We're tied in this together.
If you were wrong, I was wrong.
You feel bad about the families, I get it, but you've got a family too.
I don't want to go to jail, son.
I don't want you to go to jail.
Do you want to go to jail? No.
Then stop nailing yourself to the cross.
Come here.
I love you.
I love you too, Da.
I've got your back.
For the purposes of the Court, we did nothing wrong, both of us.
No grey areas, OK? OK.
Uh-huh, on Izzy's bedside tables the lab found traces of coke, Right.
The semen on the headboard belongs to five different men.
/ One of them repeatedly.
But there's a DNA match for just one of them.
And it's the guy we already knew slept with Marie in her bed.
Not a trace of blood.
What have you got? Still trying to dig up stuff on Vincent and Dr I spoke to Izzy's doctor.
She's as ill as she says she is.
It's chronic bronchitis.
You get exacerbations, flare ups, which damage your lungs.
It's progressive and hers is progressing fast, and that's all I've got for now.
No, the biggest pain in the arse is that they didn't find Marie's font color="whit Could have been kept somewhere before it was dumped? Her murderer had a load of time to tidy up.
Oh, I love this.
We went old-school.
This shows all the impurities associated with all five recipes.
And that's all of our 18 samples and whatever impurities showed up in them.
And each acetate shows one distinct impurity family.
So, no good.
Same with three others.
This one That's your family of impurities.
What's the recipe? According to the database, it's the recipe used for the cold production.
Oh, that's great.
Why? Well, I've only ever seen drugs coming out of Europe made that way and it changes what the police are looking for.
Cold production uses freezers, there's very little smell so a factory could easily go undetected.
The police aren't looking for freezers, so this is really important information.
I can't wait to tell them.
This is very exciting, well done.
Oh, hello.
Oh, that's quite a turn around.
We'll fight it all the way.
I, I thought you might be Ah.
You want to keep your liberty.
That's normal.
I take it you've spoken to your da? Aye.
And I'm really glad I did.
Oh, and she's been spoken to.
Whoa, whoa, I didn't want her spoken to.
I just thought I should tell you.
You did right to tell me, Daniel.
We need to keep things civilised.
She'll not be accosting you again.
I'll be in touch.
I want to ask you something.
You do the MOOC right? Yes.
Is your user name Emma Bunny? Yeah.
Thought that, was you? You ask really good questions.
Thank you.
I love the MOOC.
I had a crime scene all over the floor last night.
That's great.
I genuinely didn't expect to see you.
I was just near the campus and curious to see where you work.
Can I give you a life somewhere? No, I'm all right, thanks.
Jump in a minute, I'd like a word.
Jump in.
Have you seen your father lately? No.
I wonder what other secrets he's been hiding from us about Marie.
You've been cavalier with people.
You're causing a lot of trouble.
And I take my hat off to you.
I do.
The man who killed Marie is still out there.
I want to know who he is.
And I want him to pay for it .
as much as you do.
So if I can help in any way with what you're doing, you let me know.
Don't give up.
Don't worry, I won't.
Nice hat.
Never seen you wear a hat.
Emma seems fine to me, I, we had a talk and she was chipper.
I just worry I'm not giving her as much support as she'd like.
Just be her boss, that's all you have to do.
She's totally over her mother's murder being in the MOOC, so you should forget about it too.
Her mother's murder wasn't in the MOOC.
It almost was.
Janine, you didn't hear any of this, right? Any of what? MUFFLED MUSIC PLAYS VIA HEADPHONES The rule of the soil site is just to take ecological samples to characterise the immediate and surrounding environment.
You gave me a fright.
I thought no-one was in.
I'm sorry, darling, I didn't see Daniel's car parked outside, so I assumed no-one was in.
I'm so sorry.
No, you're fine.
/fon I just came to drop this off for him.
Primitivo and Bardolino.
He loves his Italian red and he needs a bit of cheering up.
I didn't know you had a key.
I didn't know you'd moved in.
So, what do you think of the place? Yeah, it's great.
I love it.
I'm parched.
I like it cold.
WATER RUNS Ice Cold In Alex, do you know that film? No.
It's an oldie.
Boy wonder needs to fit a new washer on this tap.
That's a builder's cliche.
You're building the Taj Mahal for other people and your own doors are hanging off their hinges.
Daniel was telling me how you met.
Very romantic.
Not really, I mean Not the setting.
You asking him for help and him finding your bag and .
him finding your bag and you asking him out.
He asked me out.
I got that wrong.
No, I did ask him for help and he did find my bag, but then he gave me his card.
His business card? Very suave.
And so you looked at his card and thought, "That's my man.
" No, I chucked it in the bin, actually.
I thought you rang him? Yeah, I did.
Oh, but how did you have his number? Oh, because I fished the card out again.
Sorry, I'm annoying you.
No, you're not.
It's just like it's an exam or something.
Sorry, darling, I didn't mean to annoy you, it's just I always like hearing how people met, you know? The circumstances and the coincidences.
I met Daniel's mother at school.
Have you met Daniel's mother? No.
I'm sure you will.
We grew apart, unfortunately, but Daniel has a good relationship with her.
You want to ring someone? No.
I thought you were reaching for your phone.
Well, I should get going.
I'm so sorry about your mother.
That you lost her in that way.
I remember it being in the news.
I don't want to talk about it.
There's no need to take that tone.
Well, you're making me fee I apologise.
And I'd like you to leave.
Oh, just hang on a minute.
I'd like you to leave! font co I'd like you to leave! Will you calm down and listen?! I will leave, I want to, and I will.
As soon as we sort this out, cos you're going over the top here and I need to explain myself and set you straight.
No, no, no, get away from me.
Help! Emma, come away from there.