Traces (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 I am scared Dundee might be really full-on for you.
That's my mum and dad.
They used to meet up at Izzy's to have sex.
Marie went missing at a festival.
Three months later, she was dug up.
What if my mum was murdered on that bed? Well, let's get that headboard, then, and let's be primed to reopen the case.
You know that fire scene Prof Gordon was working on? Was it called Secrets? I was the foreman, and people have died.
What's the worst-case scenario? Well, it's culpable homicide, so Jail.
Your dad's looking out for himself, no-one else.
Professor Gordon wrote the fire report.
Have you seen it? The semen on the headboard belongs to five different men.
I'll explore Scotland and I will come back.
Hello, Emma, lovely to meet you.
I'm so sorry about your mother.
I don't want to talk about it.
I need to explain myself and set you straight.
No! No, get away from me! Emma! Baby, you understand me now? Sometimes you see that I'm mad Don't you know that no-one alive can always be an angel? When everything goes wrong You feel so bad Oh, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh, lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.
Emma, just hold on! EMMA YELPS Hold on! EMMA GASPS DOOR BEEPS EMMA: Argh! Help! You're OK.
No! You're OK, you're going to be fine.
Hang on a sec while I just take your weight.
Hang on just a sec.
OK, I've I've got you.
Are you OK to let go? I need you to let go.
Was she trying to jump?! She just flipped.
What do you mean "flipped"? After three.
One, two, three.
Argh! OK, OK.
DANIEL: Let me in! I live upstairs, I think Daniel! Emma! You OK? Yeah.
What happened? Hey? Emma.
No! Get him away from me! I'm so sorry.
There's been a terrible misunderstanding.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! What happened? Is it OK if I come in? No! What's going on here? Nothing.
We just need to talk.
No! Emma, will you come up, and the three of us can try to sort this out? No, I don't want to be anywhere near him.
Let's just go talk about it.
Do you feel safe with these guys? No! We should follow them to the police station.
As soon as they get there and give an account, we'll be getting a call anyway.
Best to go in, clear this up, make sure she's OK.
Why were you here? I was bringing you some wine.
I just don't understand what happened.
Me neither.
She just freaked.
But why? What did you do? I just said I was sorry she lost her mum that way.
I went over the balcony because I thought he wanted to harm me.
It gave her a hell of a fright when I walked in, cos she was expecting Daniel.
Basically, from that moment, she was on edge.
SNIFFLES: Erm He was quizzing me about how I met Daniel.
A week.
I've known her for a week.
He was asking about my mum, but He was fishing.
Everything I did seemed to alarm her.
His behaviour was threatening.
And I felt very threatened by him.
No, I've never known my dad to threaten someone.
You don't climb over a balcony if you don't feel threatened.
Emma wouldn't lie.
I just wanted to calm her down.
My dad's adamant there was a misunderstanding.
Hi, Emma, OK? Yeah.
What's happening? We've charged Phil MacAfee.
With what? We've charged him with a Section 38, which is basically breach of the peace.
What will happen to him? He'll be released later tonight, once we've processed him.
I didn't want him charged.
Well, he has been charged.
We take the state of fear you were in seriously.
We've told Phil MacAfee to stay away from you.
Where's Phil now? Being fingerprinted.
SHE SIGHS Right, well, you can go home now.
Would you feel safe going home with Daniel? Yeah.
You will tell DI McKinven that I've not got a phone, won't you? DOOR BUZZES Look, I didn't know they'd charge him.
What did you think was going to happen when you went off to the police station to say you didn't feel safe? I didn't.
What, you didn't think? Or you didn't feel safe? Neither.
Why the hell did you go over the balcony? I just I had to get away from your dad, and I lost it.
Was it because he mentioned how your mum died? Yeah.
My dad's got enough going on, Emma.
He's looking at culpable homicide, thanks to me, and he needs this like a hole in the head.
I know! The trainee pathologist who worked on Marie Monroe didn't know what she was doing.
Her report is full of basic ignorance.
She talks about femurs - the plural is femora.
And she talks about "bones of the hand" - they have names.
So what would you do differently? Are we talking about the contaminated dump site or are we talking about Marie Monroe's grave? You know I'm a forensic archaeologist as well as a forensic anthropologist, right? I do.
I was talking about both.
The dump site - I would dig wider, dig deeper.
They didn't identify a spoil heap.
A person digs a hole.
They stand here.
They dig all the earth out.
They bury the body.
They put all the earth back, only not all of it will go back because of the body.
The spoil heap is higher than the ground.
It might have evidence in it.
You might get a footprint.
Now? It's possible.
It's down there, compacted.
It's going nowhere.
I don't think they even dug down to the bottom of the dump site.
So, yes, I would dig deeper and wider, layer by layer.
Are these missing bones still down there? And what about clothing? They assume her clothes were natural fibres and disintegrated.
Shoes wouldn't disintegrate.
The metal hooks from a bra wouldn't.
Maybe she was naked.
What was she wearing when she was last seen? A pink dress.
It could still be somewhere.
What about the remains they eventually buried at her funeral? I'd want to exhume them.
I'd want a really good look at those bones.
You don't have to do that.
Didn't know what else to do.
Everything's weird.
I feel stupid.
I should've gone back to my room.
Well, you're here now.
You OK? Aye.
The cop said what tipped it was your neighbour saying how terrified Emma was.
What's going to happen? They don't expect a prosecution.
Thank God.
It's a very minor charge.
Cops reckon it'll all come to nothing.
That's great.
How's Emma? Mortified.
I lost the plot tonight.
You know what I'm learning? What? Strange things happen with you.
Do you mind? I mind about you.
Do you think you could sleep? I don't know.
We should try.
I don't know how things went so wrong between you.
My dad's a great guy, Emma.
ECHOING: Hello, Emma.
Hello, Emma.
THUNDER CRACKS Lovely to meet you.
Hello, Phil.
SHE INHALES SHARPLY KATHY: When they dug up Marie Monroe's remains in 2001, they recorded a sycamore tree.
This one.
Eh, that could have come down in a storm.
Could've suffered disease.
And if these shrubs have turned into those trees The grouping works.
I think the sycamore tree used to be here and that puts the original dump site roughly here.
Well, it works with the GPS coordinates.
OK, we'll test the soil and pinpoint the exact spot.
PHONE RINGS Pia, where are you? Well, can you not go up Ben Nevis and come back here? Because I need you professionally and otherwise.
SHE RIPS UP PAPER Hello there.
Hello, Mrs Muir.
What happened to you? Long story.
Do you need Professor Gordon? No, I need Detective Inspector McKinven, but I dropped my phone.
I don't know how to get hold of him.
I met him here last time.
I was hoping maybe that I could Let's open up shop and give him a ring.
I'm going to tell you a secret.
I hate cake.
I can eat a wheel of Brie, but I hate cake.
I refused to have anything to do with the baking rota to start with, and then I thought SHE SHUDDERS "You're going to lose your job here, Janine.
" So now I make ghastly scones once a quarter.
Do you want one? No, thank you.
You're no fool.
So, how are you getting on with the MOOC? Good after a weird start.
Yeah, I gathered as much.
You know I thought it was my mum? Yeah.
How? Well, I sit here all day and I catch things in my tentacles without even trying.
It takes great strength of character to survive that kind of loss.
Sometimes I feel strong.
Other times I just think, "Why haven't I got a mum?" Indeed.
Come on.
The first time I met Phil, he looked at my face and he had this look like Shock.
Like he recognised me.
And I didn't understand it, but now I get it.
He didn't recognise me, he recognised my mum.
And he covered it.
He knew my mum! Maybe he recognised your mum from photos in the papers at the time.
No! It's familiar recognition.
I'm learning about it in the MOOC, and I'm convinced of it.
And it explains what Phil was up to last night, when he came round to Daniel's.
Yeah, look, I read their statements from last night, and it's perplexing.
So, when you said to me, "What Phil was up to last night" He was testing me.
He wanted to know how I came to meet Daniel.
Well, I want to know that, too.
We bumped into each other.
This is what Phil was like.
He didn't believe that it was random.
He thought I'd engineered it.
Me and Daniel just met, got chatting and he gave me his number.
Why are you sceptical? You work with Sarah.
Sarah was part of the investigation into a fire the MacAfees are implicated in.
I didn't know that when I met Daniel.
Maybe Daniel did.
What I want to talk about is my mum and Phil MacAfee and Look, people want you to feel how they're feeling, to be in the same state as them.
The classic one's the bully.
The bully feels small, so he makes someone else feel small.
I felt threatened by Phil last night because I threaten him.
Something about me, or something he thinks I know about him, threatens him.
That's what happened.
I strongly believe he knew my mum.
I need proof.
I'll do my best to establish if there is any.
Don't share your hunch with anyone.
And don't go asking questions.
I mean it.
It could put the investigation at risk.
It could put you at risk.
Whoever killed your mum is out there.
Where are you staying? Daniel's.
SIGHS: No, I'd advise you not to.
Would you consider leaving Dundee for a while? No.
Well, call me, any time.
And if you don't want to talk to me, talk to Sarah.
She's a good woman.
That's what she said about you.
"Talk to Neil.
He's a good man.
" Well KNOCK ON DOOR If you need me, I'm here.
DOOR CLOSES Emma's going out with the guy that refurbished Secrets.
You're kidding! That's not even the half of it! Listen, Sarah, I need to make a phone call.
I need to make it now.
Can we talk later? Maybe we should meet up.
Good idea.
I'll text you.
I need you to drop what you're doing.
Do me a favour.
Uniform took some DNA last night.
Go get it.
MacAfee, Phil.
Why didn't you tell me? I didn't know Daniel had anything to do with the fire you were working on until the day you went to talk to the fiscal.
It was only that day I found out it was called Secrets.
My work has to stand up in court.
I don't know what you did! I didn't see your report! All I did was bike into town and buy you a toaster.
You watched us burn it.
Yeah, and I didn't know what the significance was.
Look, I still don't.
I haven't compromised anything.
Please don't tell me what you have or haven't compromised.
That is not for you to judge.
The minute you made that connection, you should have let me know.
When did you hook up with Daniel MacAfee? A week ago.
AFTER the fire at Secrets? Very convenient for him.
How did you meet? We met in the street.
I lost my bag and he helped me find it.
MOCKING: Really? Yes! Don't you dare lose your temper with me.
I have given you every chance to talk to me, I've made a point of checking in with you, so it's hard for me to believe that you didn't withhold for a reason.
Me seeing Daniel doesn't affect my work here.
I need to think it through.
When you check in with me, you don't really want to know.
I beg your pardon? When you ask me how I am, as soon as I say I'm fine, you change the subject.
Because you say you're fine! You work for me.
I employ you.
There are parameters.
What you expect should be realistic and within those parameters.
You asked me to watch you burn that toaster! Catch-up meeting? No.
Let's reschedule that.
Can you declutter our area this morning? It's bad enough sharing a lab without our own bit being as messy as everyone else's.
DOOR CLOSES We can't get our hands on that DNA because it's custody DNA, taken because MacAfee was in custody for a recordable crime.
By the book.
We could try and fast-track it as a custody sample.
No, I think we can do better.
Go back, and don't let that post go.
Run! I'll ask the Super to get us permission.
One new phone.
It's charged.
What? I've put three numbers in it - Professor Gordon, Detective Inspector McKinven and me.
Thank you.
Why's Professor Gordon angry with you? It's complicated.
And then she said, "You asked me to watch the toaster burn.
" Did you? Yeah.
She's a smartass, but she's right.
She had no way of knowing what's in your report, and you pack away evidence when you leave the lab.
So what did you tell her you plan to do about it? I didn't.
I wanted to talk to you.
And I wanted a bit of status.
God! Emma Hedges - she's like a magnet! Stuff happens to her.
You going to share those? Phil MacAfee's DNA has gone to the lab.
Vincent Keir's gone AWOL.
We know there was a scene.
Marie, Drew, Izzy Izzy's the key.
Sex was in the mix.
Drugs were in the mix.
And there's something - or someone - that Drew and Izzy aren't talking about.
Today, we find out that Emma Hedges is mixed up with the MacAfees.
She suspects Phil MacAfee knew Marie.
So who knows? When Jimmy was telling us about Marie dancing at Tall Ships, he wanted us to picture a bunch of lairy guys perving on her.
But all it made me think is what a seriously jealous guy Jimmy is.
Me too.
He's a creep! He was basically saying, because of what she was wearing, she had it coming.
I'll tell you what I want to know - are the MacAfees playing Emma? Daniel, what do you think happened last night between Emma and your father? Good question.
I think I think it was like the perfect storm of a personality clash, you know? See, my dad can be full-on, if you're not used to it.
And he expects to win people over, is the other thing, cos Cos he always does.
So you've got that, and then you've got Emma, who's sensitive and brainy but there's a vulnerability there.
You haven't known her for long.
No, but I'm very fond of her.
So my dad came in - that's given her a shock.
She's shrunk back.
He's pushed forward, just Pushed forward? As in? No, not as in physically.
Just kept on chatting and joking, you know, wanting to bring her round.
To see the situation his way.
I can see how that would seem to Emma.
The more he's persisted, the more she's retreated.
And he's waded in, pushed the big button, and she's lost it.
What's the big button? The fact her mum was murdered.
The fact it's still unsolved.
You and your father were charged with culpable homicide with regards to the fire at Secrets nightclub.
When did you discover that Emma worked for the woman that wrote the report on Secrets? Day after we were charged.
How's Emma today? I think she's OK.
Highly strung.
Would that be fair? Maybe.
The officer she's been talking to just came by.
From last night? No, the guy she's been dealing with to do with her mum - you know, stuff that's just came up.
You told your solicitor you won't plead guilty to the culpable homicide, same as me? Yeah.
Great job.
How far do these go back? Seven years.
What did the police say when you couldn't produce the paperwork for the Secrets job? They just had to accept it.
I explained we junked a lot of stuff when you moved into the new place.
Why? I don't want nosy bastards poking about in our paperwork.
HE LAUGHS Phil MacAfee's DNA's on the headboard! Wow! The guys from the lab just told me - his semen's all over it.
We know Marie Monroe had sex in that bed, too.
It puts MacAfee with Marie! Not necessarily at the same time.
But neither Drew or Izzy have ever mentioned a Phil MacAfee.
Why? Who do we speak to first? Let me tell you about the birds and the bees.
See, when a man ejaculates, he shoots a load of his spermatozoa from his boaby.
And if his pal's not there to catch it it will paint the furniture.
Tell us about Phil MacAfee.
He was a guy I had a thing with - ancient history.
I was his bit on the side.
Did he know Marie? Not really.
You know someone, or you don't.
Well, their paths might have crossed from time to time.
I don't remember.
Do you know Vincent Keir? Now, there's a name I hate to hear.
Why? IZZY EXHALES He was evil.
A drug dealer.
Sell you anything, find you anywhere, that was him.
I haven't seen him for years.
Did you see him at Tall Ships? No.
Did you see Phil later that night? No.
You remember that? I remember the night I never saw my best friend after, aye! I couldn't see Phil that night cos he was visiting his wife.
I-I'm really sorry that I was rude to you.
I completely get why you're angry at me.
I won't misjudge things like that again.
If you do, you're out.
That's the last thing that I want.
You need to respect what we do here.
OK, back to the work.
Thank you.
Louise, the police are going to be dropping off a very small sample of drugs from a recent seizure, which they'd like us to analyse.
Is it the drugs that killed those girls? I can't discuss a live case.
Is this about the other night? What other night, Mrs MacAfee? The balcony incident? You're aware of that? Daniel gave me his account of it.
I filled in the blanks - mentally, not to Daniel.
You'll have to help me out.
He'll have made a move on her.
Who? Phil will have made a move on that girl, Emma.
What makes you say that? Being his wife for 16 years.
Not a good experience? Not for me.
Why was that? When I loved him I thought he was persuasive.
When I didn't, I thought he was a bulldozer.
What sort of a bulldozer? A bedroom one.
And he was rough.
Should've left him sooner.
We're here to ask you about a particular day in 2001, Mrs MacAfee.
Sunday, the 12th of August.
I was recovering from a mastectomy in hospital.
I'd just turned 35.
I can see why you'd remember.
Do you remember if Phil visited you that day? No but I can easily check.
Have you ever nearly died? No.
I kept a diary.
I had a bedside party for my birthday on the Saturday.
On Sunday, the 12th, I've written, "No visitors today.
Party wiped me out.
" The letter P shows when Phil visited.
There's no P.
He wasn't with me.
What does "D to G" stand for? Daniel to Granny's.
Would you let me hang onto this, Mrs MacAfee? Hi.
Well, I don't think she's a corporate spy any more, do you? CHUCKLES: No! She refuses to leave Dundee.
I just wish I could get her away from the MacAfees.
Why? Something's not right there.
In what way? Well, I don't quite know yet.
But she's smitten with Daniel, right enough.
Is she? I thought, "OK, Emma's young.
"She's fallen for this older guy.
"Maybe he's having a bit of fun with her.
" But when I went to talk to Daniel, he was exactly the same.
Really? It's like they met, and kaboom.
It's like a drug.
Exactly! It's like they've taken the same drug.
I just think it's interesting that, a few days ago, you're like, "I'm going to take responsibility.
"People died in that fire.
I feel terrible for the families.
" And then you talk to your dad - and suddenly you're like, "The system's wrong.
I'm not going to plead guilty to anything.
" You don't mean "interesting", so don't say it.
OK, what do I mean? You tell me.
I mean shit.
I mean, I think it's really shit that your dad talked you out of doing the right thing.
Oh, shut up! What is the right thing? Do you want me to go to jail? Of course not! Look, don't turn this back on me! Your dad talked you out of it, and you let him! I took his advice, OK? We discussed it, and I took his advice.
Well, you shouldn't take advice from him.
Why? Eh? Why shouldn't I take advice from him? Because you're nicer than him.
You know it and you just won't admit it.
What is your problem with my dad? What's his crime? Look, you can't just stand there, creating an atmosphere and picking a fight.
You need to come out with it.
I can't have this conversation.
Oh, right.
Happy to knock everything over but not prepared to explain.
You said, "I hope I don't bring you down.
" I'm starting to think that's what you'd like to do.
It isn't.
I think you like everything a bit fucked up.
I think you need it.
Bullshit! I don't.
I don't need it! I don't want it.
I'm not having it.
And I don't want you! Well, I don't want you! DOOR CLOSES I want to get stoned.
My pal Tam and me have got a sort of allotment up by his place.
That's where I grow.
You grew this? Mmm.
We hate skunk.
We were pining for the simple pleasure of our youths - grass! DREW CHUCKLES It's really nice.
You can have a baggie any time.
LAUGHS: Thank you.
Don't take pills or powders, Emma, and don't buy anything off the dark web.
Known provenance - way to go.
What happened to your face? Shh! Why do you not have anyone else to get stoned with tonight? Shh! Your mum loved to smoke.
Did she? HE CHUCKLES Loved her Charlie, too.
Quite the hedonist.
We all were.
Who's "we"? Me, Izzy, your mum.
How did she keep it from Jimmy? Just a separate compartment.
Mum must have had other friends apart from just you and Izzy.
We were the three monkeys.
HE CHUCKLES So why don't you see Izzy any more? You think a terrible shared experience will bring people closer.
Does the opposite.
Your reactions are out of sync.
You remind each other of pain.
Emma I need to tell you something.
Shona and me are going to have a baby.
SHE LAUGHS What's so funny? Life.
HE SIGHS These are the ones that I was telling you about - from a recent seizure.
Run your tests.
I'll check in with you later.
It's not just me.
You think that these are the pills that killed those girls, don't you? Well, I wouldn't want Professor Gordon to catch me saying so, but Yes, I do.
NEIL: There may be a drugs link between Marie Monroe and Vincent Keir, but he's disappeared.
What's the story with MacAfee? He doesn't crop up on the original files, but he's connected, via Izzy.
And he had the means - an enclosed yard and a van.
And he wasn't where he says he was on August 12th, 2001.
We could do a positional interview, but I don't want him to know we're interested in him, not before we have stronger evidence.
That's why we have to go back to the dump site.
The first dig was amateur.
SOCOs did the digging.
This time, Dr Salvador and I will be the only ones who do the dig, because we're qualified.
We know where to start, because of changes in the soil.
Previously disturbed soil is looser than undisturbed soil, which is compacted.
You can see the difference.
You can feel it.
We'll do the whole dig in one day.
We hope to find further evidence - missing bones, clothing possibly.
Her pink dress was never found.
How do we keep the press at bay? We do it under cover of a tent.
Folk'll stop at nothing - they'll be sending drones over.
Controlling the scene is vital.
Kathy's right.
We need to be super competent this time round.
And we need to be sensitive to the fact that we're reopening a wound - there are living relatives.
There's been a lot of pain.
So let's do this well.
And successfully.
This is costly.
It'll get a lot of attention.
I'd like it to be the right kind.
All the results for these latest pills conform with the results of the 18, with the PMMA mixed in.
It's the same impurity profiles, suggesting the same recipe for MDMA, a cold production recipe.
Great stuff.
I'll pass that on to the police investigation.
You think these pills are being made in Dundee? I don't know, but the supply seems to be affecting just Dundee so far.
I reckon they are, and I bet it's only a small operation if the pills aren't leaving Dundee.
Do you think we'll meet the police partners at some point? That would be really fascinating.
DI McKinven's been given the go-ahead to reopen the investigation into your mother's murder - officially.
Are you OK? I'm going to be working with DI McKinven.
We're planning to re-dig the site on Law Hill, where her remains were found.
And we're planning to exhume her grave.
That's great.
It is.
But while Kathy's working on your mum's case, I'm afraid you can't be employed by SIFA.
Why? I don't even work with Professor Torrance.
Can't I just continue with you? No, because we're all connected.
Can you imagine it in court? Some sharky defence lawyer going to town about conflict of interest at SIFA and the jury doubting my evidence? I love it here.
I know.
I know you do, but Kathy's right.
You know DI McKinven thinks it might be best for you to just take yourself out of Dundee for a while.
VOICEMAIL: Hi, you've reached Daniel's phone.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
Emma! SHE LAUGHS Oh, God! Oh, I've missed you! What are you doing here? I've come to take you home.
I'm not coming home.
Yes, you are.
DI McKinven phoned me yesterday and he t- You can't just take me home.
I'm not seven years old.
If I want to go home, I'll take myself home.
But I don't want to, so I'm not going to.
And it's not up to you, or DI McKinven, or anyone else.
I'm not ready to come home.
I'm just trying to protect you.
Well, you've got to stop, Julie.
This comes from love.
I know, but it just pushes me away.
Hell of a long way to come for a slap in the face.
I'm just trying to be honest.
I don't want to hurt you.
But it It is hurtful.
Shall we go for something to eat? So, er, DI McKinven tells me you're in a new relationship.
I didn't realise.
I'm not.
Not any more.
It's over.
So, here you'll be in Dundee, on your own.
No boyfriend, and no job now, you're telling me? Only while Professor Torrance is working with DI McKinven.
Aren't you at all tempted to come back, just for a while? No.
I need to be here with Mum.
Emma Do you know if she knew a guy called Phil MacAfee? Ah, I don't know.
I don't think so.
Sorry, what were you about to say? I was about to say that I know you're not seven years old, and I've never been surer of that than seeing you here so self-possessed.
And I agree that it is time for me But I am never going to let go of you, so don't get your hopes up.
But loosen my hold a bit.
You needed to hold on tight.
I'm so lucky that you did.
Well, I feel lucky, too.
Hey, do you want to squish up in bed with me tonight? I won't snore.
SHE LAUGHS Thanks, but I'm going to get the train home tonight.
You sure? Yeah.
There's one at ten to.
And you're on your feet now.
You know, you're good.
Why are we called Hedges? I was Hedges when I married, so Yeah, but why are we still called it? I don't know.
I mean You should be Julie Monroe, I should be Emma Monroe.
That's what we were born as.
Shall we do it? Yeah.
IZZY GASPS Hello, Izzy.
How are you doing? VOICE TREMBLES: OK.
You look good.
Skye looks good.
I've seen her in her pharmacy once or twice.
I knew she wouldn't remember me, so I didn't say hello.
And I've seen Emma, of course.
How? Cos she's going out with my son.
As you very well know.
You are joking! No.
Listen you may not know this, but there's a big old nostalgia trip under way - the summer of 2001.
I just wanted to give you the heads-up, cos, well, you and me, we both know it can be very painful raking up the past.
Am I right? WHISPERS: Aye.