Traces (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 There's a big old nostalgia trip under way.
NEIL: We don't know how Marie was killed.
They never established a cause of death.
But there's something, or someone, that Drew and Izzy aren't talking about.
DI McKinven's been given the go-ahead to reopen the investigation.
But while Kathy's working on your mum's case, you can't be employed by SIFA.
We hope to find further evidence.
The first dig was amateur.
How far do these go back? Don't want nosy bastards poking about in our paperwork.
Something about me threatens him.
I strongly believe he knew my mum.
What is your problem with my dad? I don't want it.
I'm not having it.
And I don't want you! Well, I don't want you! Did you see Phil at Tall Ships? He was visiting his wife.
He wasn't with me.
Drew's a greedy wee bastard who wouldn't let her out of his clutches.
You're causing a lot of trouble.
We both know it can be very painful raking up the past.
Baby, you understand me now? Sometimes you see that I'm mad Don't you know that no-one alive can always be an angel? When everything goes wrong You feel so bad Oh, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh, lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.
How can I help? I'm looking for Emma Hedges.
Just a moment.
I'm looking for Emma Hedges.
She doesn't work here any more.
How come? That's not something I can share.
Is she still in Dundee? I don't know.
Well, is she back in Manchester? Sorry, I don't know who you are.
Daniel MacAfee.
I'm Professor Gordon.
Could you possibly tell me where she is? No.
I need to get in touch with her.
Look, I know her, right? Her aunt's called Julie.
Julie has insomnia.
The GC-MS machine's called Bobby.
You're all obsessed with cake.
If you've tried to contact Emma, which I presume you have, and she hasn't responded, she doesn't want to be contacted by you.
All right.
I actually really liked him.
Me too.
NEIL: We've reopened the investigation into the murder of Marie Monroe.
We have some new leads to pursue and the investigation is progressing.
I'm hopeful we'll be in a position to finally bring to justice the perpetrator of this awful crime and be able to give Marie's family some peace of mind.
The police are ready to do a raid.
They think they've found a clandestine drug lab.
If it is, they want me to go.
I'm taking you with me.
Seriously? Of course.
It'd be great training.
Emma would love all this.
I know.
How are you, Dan? Me? I'm OK.
What's up? Why do you need me to turn the house upside down? I told you, it's to do with the court case.
Anything with Secrets nightclub on it? Yeah.
It'll be summer 2008.
Aren't you curious? I'd be curious.
About what? Where I think your father might have been the night DI McKinven was asking about.
Well, it sounds like you want to tell me.
He'd have been with a woman.
When you had cancer? Yeah.
Or when I didn't.
How come you didn't kick him out? Well, if you remember, I did.
It just took me ten years to do it.
I take it you're not interested in Secrets before it was Secrets? Why? There's one here for Tempo Tyres, which is what Secrets used to be.
Can I take all this away with me? Is there something you don't want me to see? No, I just want to file it properly.
The first investigation didn't record anything about the spoil heap, so we can't say whose spoil heap we've found.
Ah, the person that dumped the body, or the people that dug it up.
Well, that's a blow.
Yeah, but this isn't.
We thought we were at the base of the grave, because it's compacted, but it's like a false floor.
There's a pocket of undisturbed soil below it.
It looks like the first dig didn't go deep enough.
So, you're getting to the soil the first investigation never searched? That's the plan.
Where'd you get this? The garage at Mum's.
It's the invoice for the supplies when we did the refurb at Secrets.
I can see what it is, son.
Plasterboard, cheaper than half-inch, which is standard.
Half-inch board skimmed with plaster gives you a half-hour fire rating.
This one doesn't.
I know that now.
And I didn't know that then.
Check out these doors.
These would have burnt in no time.
I mean, it makes me sick when I see what an idiot I was.
Try not to be too hard on yourself.
Well, it's pretty disgraceful.
But you must have thought this stuff was fit for purpose, too? You signed off on it, Dad.
Of course I did.
I was a director.
You sign things in your sleep.
And you checked the work.
And do you think you pointed out to me how you left a gaping void above the false ceilings? Or do you think you just wanted to impress me with how you'd come in on budget and done it on time? Of course I wanted to impress you.
You keep saying that, for the purposes of the court, we did nothing wrong.
I want to know, for the purposes of you and me, if you really think we did nothing wrong.
I think you did a crappy piece of work, and I was too busy to notice.
Cos you'd never do a crappy piece of work.
Look, when Shuggie turned his tyre place into Secrets, he did it by the book.
He'd got everything signed off with an unfinished area.
Then he got us in to do the refurb, after the fact, on the cheap.
Did Shuggie know we used poor-quality materials in those rooms? Of course he did.
No doubt about it.
What else have you got up your sleeve? Were you unfaithful to Mum when she had cancer? Is that what this is about? It's one of the things.
You need to make your mind up what we're talking about here.
Cos if you're just out to have a go at me in general, you can get to fuck.
In fact, it's the same thing.
Which is what? You getting away with it.
You talk to me about getting away with it? You're the fucking little prince of getting away with it.
You never had the builder's eye.
Not got it in you.
Your job comes from me.
Your car comes from me.
Your apartment comes from me.
You're a spoilt wee bastard with no talent.
I'm smarter than you are, Daniel.
So, if you're going to take me on, the thing to remember is I'll win.
I wouldn't bank on it, Dad.
Clasp your hands behind your back so you're not tempted to touch anything.
Just look.
LOUISE: God, they're all there.
Every single one.
I wish Emma was here to see this.
This is the original grave.
You can see by the marks it was dug with a pickaxe and a spade.
Someone did a good job.
11? 12? A rib.
Come on, Marie.
Oh, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You can't see it? No.
It's a boot print.
Let's check shoe sizes.
Vincent, Izzy, Drew, Phil, Jimmy.
TAPPING AND SHAKING Kathy, come here.
Hello, little hyoid bone.
They never had a cause of death.
Maybe now we do.
CLATTERING PHONE RINGS Hello? SKYE: Emma, sorry, I need to speak to you.
My mum's terrible.
She's stable now, but the doctors have told her to get her affairs in order.
I'm phoning you to eat humble pie.
She wants to talk to the two of us together.
She says she needs to make her peace.
Will you come? So, is Daniel MacAfee your boyfriend? Not any more.
I nearly died when that bastard told me about the two of you.
He thinks I set you up.
Which bastard? Phil MacAfee.
How'd you know Phil MacAfee? Who's Phil MacAfee? Daniel's dad.
Did he know my mum? Yes.
Your mum was cheating on Jimmy with Drew.
Phil was cheating on his wife with me.
Well, we all liked to party.
Emma, this is news to me.
IZZY SIGHS How much do you remember about Tall Ships? I remember us dancing.
I remember Mum in her pink dress.
Pink dress.
That's right.
And I remember wanting to stay with Mum and being annoyed I had to go home with Jimmy.
I remember wanting you to stay so we could go on the teacups.
We went on those teacups after you'd gone.
Marie thought she'd had too much to drink, so she said she'd meet us after.
And she never did.
She texted me - she was going home.
And the next day, Jimmy reported her missing, and we all got jumpy.
Why? We didn't want anyone else finding out what we were up to, and we knew it was nothing to do with Marie going missing.
So, we dropped each other like stones.
Was Phil at Tall Ships? No.
He was with his wife.
You should have told someone that he knew my mum 18 years ago.
I should.
After they found your mum's body, I went really wrong.
How do you mean? I started using heroin.
Skye was taken away from me for a while.
Mum you've been a brilliant mum.
I haven't been addicted to anything in over ten years.
But, see, the stigma, it never goes.
You will be judged.
You will not be trusted.
What about my dad? Drew did what Phil told him.
He dropped me like a stone.
I had no-one.
So I never said what I should have said.
Phil MacAfee knew who did it.
I used to bother Phil for money sometimes when I was in a bad way.
He called me the sheep tick.
I was on a loop about Marie once, and he says to me, "If you don't shut up about Marie, "you'll end up cut up just like she was.
" He says, "I know the guy who did it, and he will do the same to you, too.
" Phil MacAfee kept me scared for 18 years, and now he's threatening you two.
Did he kill my mum? All I can tell you is when when Marie went missing and we were all getting jumpy about the police, it was Phil who insisted the three of us drop each other.
It was Phil who insisted we destroy the phones.
What phones? Phil got them for us.
One for each of us.
Then, if we wanted fixing between each other, we used those phones.
When she went missing Phil said, "Get rid of the naughty phones," cos that's what we called them.
What happened to them? I melted mine in the microwave.
Drew threw his off the rig.
Did you keep your naughty phone? STAMMERS: Get in.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about cheap phones Phil MacAfee bought you, Izzy and my mum so you could get up to stuff.
I Look at your face.
You know what I'm talking about! OK, OK, I do, but I don't have it.
I think I've seen it.
I think it's in that suitcase in there.
It's not.
Emma, leave it.
Get off me! Leave it alone! DREW GRUNTS Phil told Izzy he knew who killed Mum.
Izzy never said as much to me.
How could she, when you dropped her like a stone? Phil told her he knew who did it, and that the same thing would happen to her if she didn't shut up, so she shut up.
Do you know what Izzy's been through? Well, you left her to it, because a man you barely knew told you to.
Why did you keep it? It's a perfectly good phone.
You're a liar, Dad.
And you should've stuck by Izzy.
Even if Phil did know who killed Marie, even if, that phone won't prove it.
It'll just prove that four people were feckless, which we were, and took drugs, which we did.
It'll prove the link between the four of you, and that's a start.
You've got to take this to DI McKinven.
I don't even know what's on there.
No clue where the charger is.
Look, Phil MacAfee always had cash, so he funded me.
I bought drugs and I sold them on.
Can I just tell you something? My girlfriend's having a baby.
I'd like to be around.
I'll take that into consideration.
Thank you.
What was the relationship between Marie and Phil MacAfee? What? I didn't even think there was one.
There was no sign.
Mind you, there wouldn't have been - they wouldn't have wanted Izzy to know.
Did you ever hear Phil say he knew who killed Marie? Never.
Why'd you keep the phone? Don't know.
Phil rang me, "Ditch the phone.
"Chuck it in the sea.
" Were you suspicious? No.
Phil was visiting his wife, Izzy had Skye, I was on the rig, Jimmy had the kids.
We knew it wasn't any of us.
How'd you know Phil was visiting his wife? Because he texted Izzy on her, you know, her, you know, one of them.
Why did you keep yours? I don't like being told what to do.
Well, when Maybe some part of me I didn't listen to knew I was being played.
Pretty bad, when you think about it.
When we first spoke, you mentioned that Marie had trouble reaching orgasm.
That there was a trick to it.
What was the trick? Bit to the left.
Take it slow.
Was she into rough sex at all? No.
God, no.
The opposite.
How's it going? Fine.
That looks like a nice coffee.
You were asked to keep away from me, darling.
It was the other way around, actually.
Sorry to interrupt your coffee.
I just wanted to ask you something, if that's OK.
Is that OK? Sure.
Did you kill my mum? HE SIGHS I don't care what the police say.
I think you did.
You're not well.
I'm fine.
She's not well.
See you later.
I want my name left off the indictment for culpable homicide.
I'm prepared to give evidence against my father to do it.
What's your evidence? Well, I can prove how he ran the business.
I can show I did the same, just imitated him, basically.
But I can prove how, since I've been running it on my own and learned from different people, that I've got better.
Much better.
This is the invoice for the materials we used at Secrets.
This is a fake one my dad cooked up.
Lied about the materials we used to bump up the profit.
Shuggie Brook thought he had fire doors.
My dad conned him.
This shows intent to deceive.
Does your dad know you've got this? No.
Do you want me to pass this to the prosecutors? What would happen? Your father will be the only accused, and you will be a witness against him.
This is going to be a huge problem for him.
I wouldn't like to be defending him.
Do you want to think about it? No.
Pass 'em to the prosecutors.
KATHY: These are Marie Monroe's exhumed remains from the cemetery.
Several bones are missing.
And here are the bones we recovered from the dump site.
This is how she was dismembered.
The striation pattern on the edges of the cut bone indicate a saw was used.
The nick marks are knife cuts.
The flesh was cut with a knife.
The bone - with a saw.
Imagine doing it.
You already had the trauma of killing someone.
Now you've gotta get rid of a body.
Maybe rigor mortis set in.
You don't know it'll go away again, so you cut 'em up.
It's traumatic.
It's a double trauma.
The hyoid bone.
When you squeeze someone by the neck, the greater horns can displace inwards and break.
This was still wet and bendy when it broke.
So, it happened before she was dead.
There she is.
PHONE BUZZES Hello? I've nearly rung you so many times.
So, Janine said, "The principal wants to see you," and I thought, "Oh, what now?" So, I trotted along, and the principal says, "Do you know you've been nominated for a police commendation "for tracing the supply of killer drugs back to the factory? "I suppose I'd better stump up and give you your own lab.
" - No.
- Yeah.
Photos from the scene have been sent to the international drug investigation database, and this is all the result of you spotting that unknown, so check you.
Must be hard with your mum's investigation going on.
Yeah, it has been hard.
Feeling kept out of things.
Daniel MacAfee came into SIFA.
What did he say? He said he needed to get in touch with you.
SUPERINTENDENT: Look, it's clear there's been sterling work on retrieving and reassembling these remains.
The hyoid bone was a significant find.
Thank you.
But you haven't linked anyone to these remains or productions.
You've got a size ten boot print.
Three of the people you're looking at are size ten.
I'm size ten.
Not one DNA match out of your five persons of interest.
Nothing gained from your positional with Vincent Keir.
Nothing solid on Jimmy Levin.
And you still haven't spoken to MacAfee.
As I said, boss, I don't want him to know we're interested in him.
We are! Circumstantial evidence coming out of your ears, but nothing that would stand up in court.
And to add insult to injury, your statement to the press effectively guaranteed tying the whole thing up by the end of the week.
Sorry I'm late.
It's fine.
Do you want to get a coffee? No.
Do you want to walk? Yeah.
What did you want? I wanted to ask you about my father.
What about him? What you think he did.
So you can tell him? I'm not speaking to him.
I don't know if I can trust you.
I'm not my dad.
I can see him now.
I'm not my dad.
We're not going to be possible if I tell you.
I know that.
But we're not very possible now, are we? No, but we were.
I know.
We were.
We really were.
I've never felt Me neither.
I'm ready.
Your dad and Izzy had a thing.
2001? Yeah.
Your dad and Izzy and my mum and Drew all hung out together.
DI McKinven's got proof.
Was my dad at Tall Ships? He told Izzy that he was with your mum.
He wasn't.
Hey, he's right.
Eh He's a fucking bastard for doing it in front of everybody, but we haven't got the evidence.
All that work and hope and the money.
"Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye.
" Do you think that's true? I think I think it's true.
PHONE RINGS Excuse me.
Daniel? What can I do for you? My dad did work on Secrets when it was a tyre place.
Bought bags of cement and six bollards, fitted them in the car park.
August 14th, 2001.
Two days after Tall Ships.
I don't know what any of it means.
All right.
I appreciate you letting me know, but would you be willing to put that down in statement form? Yeah.
DRILLING Philip MacAfee, I'm arresting you under Section One of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 for the abduction and murder of Marie Monroe in 2001.
You've got the wrong guy, pal.
Were you at the Tall Ships Festival at Dundee City Quay, Sunday, August 12th, 2001? No comment.
Did you arrange to meet Marie Monroe there, or anywhere else, that evening? No comment.
Your wife's diary states that you weren't with her and that your son Daniel was staying with his grandmother.
Could you tell us where you were? SOLICITOR CLEARS THROA I made it clear my client would be giving a "no comment" interview.
I remember.
Drew Cubbin gave this phone to us.
Do you recognise this phone? It's 18 years old.
It's a pay-as-you-go.
Our Digital Investigation Unit was able to retrieve data from it.
Texts from you to Drew Cubbin.
From Izzy Alessi to Drew Cubbin.
From Marie Monroe to Drew Cubbin.
Making arrangements.
Arrangements to meet.
Arrangements to buy drugs.
Would you like to say anything about that? They were able to retrieve a few voicemail messages, too.
BEEP MARIE: Oh, hi, darling.
Can you meet me at Izzy's tomorrow at two? We won't have long.
Izzy can fetch the girls from school, but I'll need to get them back over at four cos Phil's going over, and he'll want Iz to himself.
Hey! Ring me, you bastard.
I'm bored.
And lonely.
And horny.
MARIE LAUGHS BEEP Do you recognise that voice? It's Marie Monroe.
Drew Cubbin confirms that he and Marie would sometimes meet for sex at Izzy's.
We retrieved the headboard from a bed that Izzy had at the time.
Do you recognise that bed? Traces of semen on it match your DNA profile.
How do you explain that? Do you recognise these, Mr MacAfee? These boots were recovered from the Secrets car park in Lochee, under one of the bollards you installed, August 14th, 2001.
Those dark stains are blood.
The blood matches the DNA profile of Marie Monroe.
We were also able to extract a DNA profile from inside the boots.
It matches yours.
A boot print in the soil at the dump site is a match with the sole of these boots.
Can you explain why your boot has Marie Monroe's blood on it and left a print where her remains were dumped? We know Marie was wearing a pink dress on the day she went missing.
Do you remember that dress at all? Marie's movements are unknown after she left Izzy Alessi at Tall Ships at 8.
We believe she may have met someone and been driven somewhere, as no-one saw her walking home, which is what she told Izzy she was going to do.
Do you have any idea where Marie Monroe might have been that night? Or what she might have been doing? Or who she might have been doing it with? You don't treat Izzy right.
Cut it out.
Marie's remains were recovered three months after she was last seen alive.
We can't be precise about the circumstances surrounding her death.
But we do know some things.
Her hyoid bone was broken.
The break is consistent with Marie having been throttled.
We're thinking this is the most likely cause of death.
After she was killed, her body was dismembered.
Whoever did it cut through the flesh of her legs and arms with a knife.
Cut through the bones with a saw.
It's clear from the direction of the cuts Marie's body was on its front when they did that.
Perhaps they didn't want to look at her face when they did it, so they rolled her over.
Do you have any opinion about that? PHONE RINGS Hello? It's Neil.
Can you talk? Yeah.
Phil MacAfee's been charged.
We charged him with murder, abduction, assault, dismemberment, concealment of a body, attempt to pervert the course of justice.
We've thrown the book at him.
He is one of the most cold and calculated bastards I've ever dealt with.
Are you there? Yeah.
I just need to let it sink in.
I'll call you back.
OK, all right.
Well, who needs a confession when you've got forensic evidence as brilliant as that? Yes! Sorry we're late.
The Super wanted to buy us a drink.
Right, come on.
Well, what is everybody having? Trina's buying.
Oh! I have to get back to my dogs.
But you wanna join us? You wanna come get drunk in the country? Oh, sounds fun.
What do you reckon, boss? Ah, thanks for asking, Kathy, but I'll get drunk in town.
Trina, you get drunk wherever you like, of course.
I'll get drunk with you, boss.
Thank you, though.
Have you spoken to Emma? Yeah.
We're going to drop in on her just now.
The reason I'm not coming back to Kathy's is I would say something foolish.
I would love that.
I missed you.
We are gathered here to celebrate the life of Marie Monroe.
DANIEL ON VOICEMAIL: Emma, I've decided not to come.
It meant a lot you wanted me there, but I doubt the others will feel the same.
I'm leaving Dundee.
My flat's up for sale.
I want to give wherever I get to the Nardonis and the Kumars.
I'm so sorry I won't see you before I go.