Traces (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 4

1 Hey Kitty, where are you? Hurry up! [OMINOUS MUSIC .]
Back door.
And then we had to line up in the playground, like a fire drill.
- Whose bag was it? - Second year.
Somebody saw it, screamed "bomb" and that was it.
Day was over.
NEIL: Anthony and Valerie Gemmell, in accordance with the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2000 Section 41, I'm arresting you on the suspicion of causing explosions and endangering life.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence [DARK MUSIC OVERLAPS.]
Just a siren.
Unexploded bomb located in a bin outside Power it Out boxing gym.
The barrier's stuck.
What's going on? - Mum? - It's alright, chick.
I can't talk, Neil.
Where are you? On campus.
Trying to get out.
- Sarah - Kitty's in the car.
There's an unexploded bomb.
Alleyway off Flintock Street.
- Mum? - Are you out? It's, it's all blocked.
- Fuck sake! - Have you seen it? - Have you seen the device? - No.
Report's come in of a big margarine tub in a bin outside the boxing gym.
Witnesses say there's a whitish grey smoke.
- Any smell? - Yes.
Hydrogen peroxide.
If there's smoke, it might have failed but - Where are you? - We've just picked up our two letter-writers over in Tayport.
So, unless they have an accomplice, I don't think they'd have had time to plant it.
- Have they got phones on 'em? - What? Have you got their phones? - Why? - It's too risky.
They, they could ring the bomb, Neil.
I'll call you back.
I've got his This is DCI McKinven.
Pull over! Get her phone! Hey! Where's the phone? [TENSE MUSIC BUILDING.]
Sarah, we got both phones.
- We're out.
- Jesus Christ.
Baby, you understand me now If sometimes you see that I'm mad Don't you know that no one alive can always be an angel When everything goes wrong, you see some bad Oh, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood Right.
I've got it.
SO-15 are on board.
So we've got to get every diary.
Every photograph.
Every shopping list.
Let's see if they wrote the letters.
Then we grill them, are there any more bombs out there? I'll get the coffees in.
It's gonna be a long night.
FEMALE VOICE ON TV: With Dundee residents living in fear Police have made two arrests in Tayport.
Meanwhile, another device has been found in an alleyway near Tayside University.
The device, which has now been safely deactivated by the bomb squad, failed to detonate and will be taken to a specialist laboratory - for further investigation.
- Is that you? - Yep.
- Unconfirmed eye witness reports described whitish-grey smoke Coming from the green council-owned bin outside city gym, "Power It Out".
The four storey building was packed with members but all were evacuated to safety, - with no casualties.
Investigations are continuing into the incident and disruption to the road network Thank you.
Why are you so tiny? Can't you be a violin teacher or somebody who works at the garden centre? I'd really love that.
- I think we'd all love that.
Apart from Mum.
Sorry everyone.
Just don't go in tomorrow.
Stay on the couch with me and Dad can stay home and we can all watch TV and eat crisps all day.
Absolutely not.
No! Don't answer it.
- Hey.
- Bad time? Mum! No sorry.
I'm being wrestled by a 15 year old.
You alright? Yeah.
All fine.
Are you alright, more to the point? - Yeah.
We're fine.
- Get off the phone.
- Sounds like it.
- Get off.
- Talk tomorrow? - Sure.
We're getting it tested, but I can see the writing indentation.
'White ethnocite' is as clear as day on the first blank page.
We found it in the Gemmill's flat.
Any other chemicals? Bomb-making gear? Nothing obvious.
Something interesting.
No broadband at their flat.
- What? - No computer, no laptop.
Azra says, there's no email address buried in the dark web.
They're completely analogue.
So if they are controlling an accomplice, a delivery rider maybe, how are they doing it? And there's one more thing.
No family photographs.
Don't waste too much time on the letters.
We need to know about the bombs.
Good evening Mrs Gemmell.
Mrs Gemmell? Excuse me? Could you turn back around, please Mrs Gemmell? - What was your role in this, Mrs Gemmell? - Boss.
- Am I glad to see you! - Gavin.
- Where are we? - Here.
SAFI: Mrs Gemmell? She won't even look at him.
I'm obliged to inform you, this interview is being observed by Detective Superintendent Gavin Blair and Detective Chief Superintendent Tom McBride of SO-15.
SO-15? Counter terrorism to you.
Big guns.
Mr Gemmell.
Are there any more bombs out there? [SIGHS.]
NEIL: Who's been helping you plant these bombs? How did you know how to make these devices? Okay We received two anonymous letters claiming to have been written by the people responsible for planning and executing the two Dundee explosions.
As you know, there was a match with your DNA on one of the letters, bringing us to your address.
What can you tell us about those letters? Okay, let's see then.
I'm gonna read out a passage from the first letter.
I'd like you to write down what I say.
This is a manifesto of race.
One race.
The Dundee we know and love will be cleaner, - - more potent, - - more white.
MALE VOICE ON TV: Despite yesterday's arrests, police are asking people to remain vigilant.
More witness reports of white smoke and a strong smell of You've got me thinking now.
Are Mia and Lily going in today? No.
Mum, it'll probably be fine.
'Probably' doesn't quite work for me.
You're staying at home today.
You look terrible.
I got three hours sleep.
Well, if you can call it sleep.
Three hours lying down, feeling sick to my stomach.
Who are they? Vile, vitriolic racists that suck all air from a room.
- Is that the unexploded bomb? - Yup.
I don't need to walk in with you.
- Good field trip? - Productive.
- Jean the Dean's looking for you.
- Oh, good.
Kathy here? Not yet.
She probably needed the sleep.
Pia cancelled her trip.
Kathy's just broken, not surprisingly.
It all happened while we were away.
You should have seen her.
So, we just need to be really careful with her today.
I bought chocolates.
- There she is.
- Jean.
I cast my eye over the time allocation survey - and had a question.
- Of course.
Santorini? A talk? Oh, the Forensic Science Symposium? You were on the podium for, what, an hour? Trip was six days.
Day to get there.
Day to get back.
Conference was four days.
My talk was on day two.
So who paid for you to be squirrelled away in a white, clifftop hotel for four days? It was money earned through case work.
A budget that SIFA can draw from.
It didn't come from your pot.
You see? I'm getting to know what you do and how you do it.
See you later for bubbles at the fundraiser! [♫.]
Prof Finn McGuinness.
Forensic Explosives Laboratory for Professor Sarah Gordon.
Of course.
Welcome! Here's your card.
And you'll need the code for the keypad.
Down the corridor.
First door on the left.
Thank you.
- I'm so glad they sent you.
- Want to see a bomb? - Sure thing.
In your letter you mention the making and planting of the bomb that exploded at the St Barnabus church hall.
You say it was your wife who planted it.
We've been through this.
Tell me again.
How did she get to the church hall? I did it with help, of course.
Our soldiers are everywhere.
Together, we will sing our song to the masses, the masses will listen.
We, the leaders of this army, are incubating a force that has already inspired so much.
What you got on IT? There is no IT for these two.
No email address.
No messaging apps on their phones.
So, how are they instructing this army of theirs, eh? They're lying about her planting the bomb, so someone must have planted it for them.
That's what I thought.
But then we got an ANPR on Anthony and Valerie's vehicle near the church hall but it's an hour and 45 minutes after the bomb went off.
Nothing before.
So, what were they doing there at 8:45 in the evening? After the explosion? You and your wife mention 'an army'? Will they continue with your work? While you're both in custody? Of course.
Are there bombs planted now? Who helped you make this? It's a partly-detonated bucket device.
A third bomb in the campaign.
You've told us you're not working alone.
DNA samples gone to the lab? Yep.
And the CT scans are ready.
KATHY: Okay.
The first head we recovered from the loch.
No sign of fracture.
Or trauma.
Young adult.
And our second, wrapped head.
- On first glance? - Male.
Major trauma.
Two impacts.
Blow to the front and then a blow to the back.
Blunt force or sharp? - Blunt.
- Good.
Which came first? How can anyone know that? Puppe's Law.
First blow.
The skull fractures.
So, trace the fracture lines coming from the centre point of trauma.
Then, second blow.
The skull fractures, but no fracture lines will cross the path of the first.
Hence we can usually tell, which came first.
- Wow! - Next one.
FINN: This was meant to cause a lot of damage.
Someone's stepped up their game.
Big time.
Louise, could you get this phone component off to the lab for DNA and fingerprint enhancement? And ask DCI McKinven to come here.
Of course.
Louise? Wasn't there a piece of gaffa tape found near the first bomb? I'll go find a picture of it.
KATHY: Now let's see what these two can tell us.
Let's look at this head first.
No body found.
Two injury sites confirmed.
Decapitation has occurred.
Marks on the bone consistent with those left by a cutting tool.
Compared to this skull, where we see no cutting marks, therefore in this case, natural disarticulation has occurred.
Head was found near the body.
Confirmed as male.
But younger.
We've got some fusion on his femur.
He was still growing.
I'd say roughly aged between 16 and 22.
- So, came apart in the water? - Yes.
The differential decomposition between the wrapped head and everything else indicates that these bones and skull, all belong together This body naturally disarticulated because it was in water for so long.
Given this was freshwater, not salt, I'd put PMI at five to 12 months.
Now the wrapped head is something completely different.
The wrapping has provided near perfect protection from predation.
There's something else here.
A snake cut clean in half.
Can't be many of those around.
Fancy taking my place on the SO-15 and FEL advisory meet this year? Oh my God, you will never live that down.
My hands were so sweaty, I couldn't press the power point clicker.
I'll go.
I'm Finn.
From the Forensic Explosives Laboratory at Porton Down.
DCI McKinven.
- Sorry, we're just - Neil, Finn, Finn, Neil.
It's a bucket bomb.
Home-made device, similar to that used in the failed Parsons Green attack.
A combination of flour and hydrogen peroxide is the fuel, creating this dough-like mixture.
TATP is then placed in a tube and thrust in to the dough.
Plus a vibrating phone component and battery, which means the device can be called up from a standard phone.
The vibration in the phone triggers the detonation.
Which makes it possible for the bomber to leave the scene and detonate from afar.
So why didn't it go off? TATP.
The detonator.
It burnt rather than exploded.
It's an unstable chemical.
A lot can go wrong.
TATP has been used in many attacks in recent years.
Including in devices linked to Islamic extremism.
- This isn't Islamic extremism.
- Sure? Can you rule it out? We can provide a tentative identification of peroxide brands.
Sales of hydrogen peroxide can trigger red flags and vendors have to report odd purchasing patterns.
One other thing.
I'm, I'm not a phone expert but to me this looks like a Nokia.
Cheap, available, anonymous, no apps, no camera.
We could maybe get a serial number off this and ID the phone.
Well, I can get Azra to help me with that.
A pocket full of rocks.
That's your extra weight.
Not just waterlogged.
Check the other pocket.
Full of 'em.
Okay, we've got a match on the DNA database for the wrapped head.
A decapitated male body with a snake tattoo was found 11 months ago, on a beach - near Pendower Lighthouse in Cornwall.
- Wow! They're sending through the CT scan of the body.
Well, then.
It's well-preserved.
Frozen perhaps.
- What about our other remains? - Nothing yet.
How do you know him? - Phil? - Finn? Known him for years.
We've worked on research projects together.
Him being here makes it possible for me to stay on the case.
I know.
I'm glad you're safe.
Kitty heard your voice.
She said it sounded wobbly.
Wobbly's right.
I'm okay.
We are in broad daylight.
I'm not playing games with you.
No games.
Where are you? I've got something on Dundeats Riders.
Just looking at the new bomb.
I need you back here.
You're gonna love this.
Impressive, Azra.
- Sorry, everyone.
- Finally.
Were you locked up in a high security lab? Right.
We have results.
Three food delivery companies operating in Dundee.
Dundeats, Chowcart and Deliverdish.
Four hundred and fifty delivery riders in total.
I've obtained names and usernames for all riders from the delivery companies.
From there I searched and recovered images for all riders you didn't interview.
Usual social media routes, but some were from university blogs, some from Signal, Spotify profile pictures, uh, MyFitnessPal, Amazon Wishlist, whatever.
Everyone's got a photograph online, even when they think they don't.
Now, you will notice that some of the riders are a green dot.
Well, they work for all three companies.
Some are a blue dot.
And they work for two companies.
But 31 riders, the red dots, they just work for one company.
Interestingly, those who only work for only one company, only work for Dundeats.
No one just works for Chowcart or Deliverdish? Precisely.
Here go on.
You can click it.
Now it could be random.
But, I thought, why would that be? Who are these riders? What is it about Dundeats? We've met some of these guys.
So go back to them.
Where are they? Who are they? Are the Gemmells controlling them? Azra.
This is incredible.
Of the 31 riders, I've marked 17 with an L.
All the Ls were logged on on the nights of the bombings.
The bomber wouldn't log on.
That'd be the dumbest thing he could do.
Or the cleverest.
Or they were just working? Some work all hours.
Or maybe they're just loyal.
They like working for Dundeats.
Or maybe Dundeats is the oldest company and has the most lax security.
All delivery companies, nationally, are in the process of upgrading their security protocol.
Now, some systems have improved, but there are those riders who signed up before those systems were in place.
So in a new company, you can't get away with subbing - for instance.
- Subbing? It's when a rider loans out their log-in details.
The named rider might not be the actual rider.
So how do we know if any of these Dundeats riders are who they say there are? - We don't.
- So, all this MAN: Sorry to interrupt.
Just got back from the school where Valerie Gemmell used to teach.
Only she's not known there as Mrs Gemmell.
She's known as Mrs Callanach.
Kept her ex-husband's name.
Continuity with the kids.
- Mrs what? - Callanach.
Can I I've just seen a Callanach.
Come on.
Is that her son? He's doing their dirty work for them.
There's your digital link.
No wonder she denied having a kid if she's protecting her own son.
Bring him in.
Does the name Rory Callanach mean anything to you? No comment.
Why did you deny the existence of your son, Mrs Gemmell? No comment.
Is it because your son, Rory Callanach is the technological brain of your little outfit? Allowing you and your husband to be completely analogue? No comment.
They haven't got the balls to do this.
- Admirable.
- What? Well, you protect them.
They protect you.
I wouldn't protect him.
- Why not? - He's a racist dick.
- And you're not? A racist? - No.
I'm not a racist.
So, maybe it was Anthony's idea? Oh, he'd love the glory.
Considers himself to be an old school fascist.
'A gentleman' from a previous time.
She has, for reasons nobody understands, taken on his poison.
When was the last time you saw your mum? I don't know.
Summer before last? Her birthday, I think.
I had a row with Anthony.
It all kicked off.
That was it.
Rory, we're searching your flat.
You're quite techy.
We've already picked up all sorts.
Two laptops.
Hard drives.
Your mother and step father don't even own a computer.
You think that's where I come in? It's a convenient estrangement.
My mother doesn't want to know me, Detective.
Why would she? She knows her husband makes my skin crawl.
We have a CCTV image of a Dundeats delivery rider close to two of the bomb sites.
- It wasn't me.
- You were logged on all three nights.
I was just doing my job.
Delivering fried chicken to a bloke in a static caravan out at Kilmany.
Five nights on the trot.
I was there every night.
He was a big tipper.
I'm no bomber, Detective.
I work for a living.
That's it.
I mean, it's harsh.
There's no care.
No loyalty.
It's lonely.
No real connection with anyone.
But it does the job.
It pays the rent.
His alibi checks out.
He was out at Kilmany every night.
Rory Callanach wasn't anywhere near the bomb sites.
And there's nothing on his laptops to suggest any contact between Valerie and Anthony in recent months.
Last phone call to Valerie was on her birthday, 19 months ago.
He's telling the truth.
The Dundeats thing, it's a coincidence.
He was horrified.
To have any of this levelled at him.
There's nothing at his flat.
No bomb-making gear.
No bleach.
Hydrogen Peroxide.
Does that rule him out of making the bomb? I can't confirm that.
What can you tell us? Only that the device is more sophisticated, but there are parts that didn't seem to work, which suggests some lack of knowledge by the bomb maker.
If it had worked, it would have caused loss of life.
But, I can't tell you who did or didn't make them.
Charge them and get on with finding the real bombers.
You, Anthony Gemmell Valerie Gemmell, whilst acting together in a racially aggravating manner, which caused or was intended to cause alarm and distress to the general public are charged with wasting police time.
We dropped the ball focussing on those two.
We had to see that through.
- They weren't nothing.
- Aye, I know.
I didn't mean I know.
I know.
I look at my baby and feel this quiet dread.
This nausea.
Of what kind of hate's gonna come her way.
But you're right.
Our bomber has had two days with no-one on their back.
And they'll have been busy, I promise you.
Never really noticed them before.
But now, everywhere I look, there they are.
It's uncanny.
It's some life, isn't it? "No care.
No loyalty.
No real connection with anybody".
So, Cornish police are coming up to collect the tattooed head.
Nothing more for us there.
But we've got DNA back on the other parts.
Confirmed that they belong together, but no ID flagged on the DNA database.
So, no one's missed this guy.
At all.
Never reported.
- Wow.
- Happens.
KATHY: We'll need to send the CT of the skull and mandible off for a facial reconstruction.
Someone must know this guy I hope.
LOUISE: Do they match? Looks like they might, yes.
It's good in theory.
But it's more of the same.
The lab weren't able to recover any fingerprints or DNA.
And I'm getting nothing at my end.
Whoever made this bomb was clean as a whistle.
Send this off to the lab.
If he tied this knot himself, there may be hair in here.
We can do some isotopic analysis on his toe nails.
Find out what he ate, drank.
Where he lived for the last six months of his life.
No shoe size marked, but we've measured size 11 feet.
There's a small surgical scar on the front of his left foot.
See? It's a bit of a long shot, but we could try medical records.
We'll deal with the rest of the body in the morning.
Much as I would prefer to hang out with this guy, rather than stand around with a bunch of suits and a chocolate fountain.
- Come on.
You might have a good time.
- That's doubtful.
Uniform just a found a rucksack.
Near the loch.
A few personal effects in there.
We're hoping for an ID.
I'll put a call out after Erika mentioned a bag.
I knew it.
Where is she? Kathy? Don't make me go out there.
It's full of veneer.
What are you wearing? It's a fundraiser.
Excuse me? Sorry, I didn't mean Oh, you didn't mean, "a better outfit would help deliver the library funding deficit?" You know what I meant.
Why are you so cross? Pia's not coming over.
What? She cancelled.
Changed her mind.
Met someone.
Oh God, I'm sorry.
That's so disappointing.
- Don't be sorry.
- I am.
I'd heard you needed some TLC.
- Janine picked something up from Erika.
- What? Janine was very discreet.
I promise.
Erika told Janine? Erika wants to be privy to all your bells and whistles.
Of course she does.
She's, she's a PhD student.
She thinks you're superhuman.
Bigger question is, why are you discussing your love life with Erika on a field trip? [PAT THE MIKE.]
You have got to be kidding me.
Beaming live via our School of Science Media Hub I welcome you all here this evening to our universe of scientific brilliance.
Where we cater for thunderbolts and lightning strikes every day of the week.
We're here to thank you, our generous sponsors, for getting us to a place where we're only 17,000 pounds away from commencing work on our state of the art, School of Science library.
A world class facility, feeding the brilliant young scientific minds, and giving them the space and nourishment they need to flourish.
And we don't stop there.
I'm also proud to announce tonight, my vision for a new undergraduate course in Forensic Science.
Funded by you, under the stewardship of Professor Kathy Torrance and Director of SIFA, Professor Sarah Gordon, a scientist able to sprinkle her pixie dust on everything she touches.
So here she is, to say a few words about our shared vision and the work that SIFA do.
Professor Sarah Gordon.
- Did you approve that? - Nope.
Good evening.
Thank you, Jean, for your kind words.
Since her arrival, Jean has been a champion of our work here at SIFA.
She's already proved herself to be someone who can set her own strategy, as well as having an understanding that we're not easy, us academics.
Like a duck to water.
Thank you, Jean.
- You alright? - Mm-hmm.
Come in, sit.
No, no.
I'll leave you to it.
Come on, grab a glass.
It's a good bottle.
I'm alright.
- It was great day.
- Aye.
You did well.
Did you look at me, and think there she is, I'm married to her? I did.
What did Super say? Hmm, I think they're all a bit in love.
I need to work.
SARAH: And now I have pleasure of introducing my colleague and one of the world's leading Forensic Anthropologists, Professor Kathy Torrance.
Good evening.
Space looks good.
Especially the fairy lights.
Must be the pixie dust.
Wow, Jean.
I love that you think we're fighting the thunderbolts and lightning strikes, day in day out.
But I may need to clear something up there.
As a scientist, those thunderbolts, they do come.
But every 30 years.
So what do we do in the mean time? Well It's pretty uneventful.
Spark-free zone.
We focus on chemical and biological analysis.
We find out what evidence means.
We look for ways to read "data", interpret results, write our report and sometimes present and communicate our evidence in court.
It's a little dry.
A little slow.
But it is fantastic.
So, there really is no pixie dust.
Just wanted to clear that up.
And the library is going to be amazing, so thanks for your money.
Good night.
What was that? MALE VOICE ON TV: With the failure of this latest device, has the Dundee bomber been driven underground? Will the bombers ineptitude lead to an arrest? Police are calling on members of the public to come forward with any information [OMINOUS ELECTRO MUSIC.]
Is that an apology? Sarah, Jean stood up there and misrepresented what we do.
It wasn't the time or the place to correct her.
Couldn't let it go.
Well, I guess, that's where you and I differ.
She doesn't know anything about science! Don't you find that bewildering? The Dean of the School of Science? You don't like her.
And last night was a chance to play that out.
You undermined her in front of the sponsors! It was deeply unprofessional.
- Are you? - Yes! I kind of believe you.
I'll fully believe you when you apologise to Jean as well.
I tried already.
She's off sick.
Too many bubbles.
You made her sick.
- [BEEP.]
- - Hey.
- Hey.
For you.
Product design threw this together.
This little pincer bit is for removing tissue, without disturbing the pigs.
Just what we've been waiting for.
- Kathy? - Yeah? - You okay? - Yeah.
Loved your speech last night.
You are in no position to discuss anything you may have seen or heard or understood to be true while we were away.
No position.
Do you hear me? Never do it again.
I'm coming for you, Holly.
So, you are our mystery body.
Hello Euan.
What? Do you recognise him? No.
Nineteen, six foot two, size eleven feet, white male.
We got all that right.
Sorry, but One of the bodies in the loch.
School of Science.
He went to this university.
His name was Euan Macmillan.
What? A student? Looks like he filled his pockets full of rocks, tied his feet together and jumped into a fast-moving mountain river.
There'll be a fatal accident enquiry.
Do we know anything about him? Why? Why did he kill himself or why did nobody report him missing? According to Charlie, Euan told his Mum, he was heading off grid for a few months.
He said he needed a break from his course and was taking a sabbatical from university.
She said he'd travelled before.
He took off sometimes.
He just liked to break from the noise.
The technology.
He was that kind of kid.
So, she didn't report him missing.
But what did he tell the university? Because this place didn't report him missing either.
He's a seven.
Jumped up, pumped up brainless dick.
Whore! Whore! Whore! Whore! Whore! [CELLPHONE BEEPING.]
Okay, you bastards.
Here I come.
Where are you Holly? There you are.
Time to meet your handsome date.
Special delivery.
DELIVERY MAN: Oh, no, no, no.
That's not my guy, that's just an ugly piece of shit I'd never let inside my panties.
Don't worry bitch, you're such a dog.
I wouldn't even rape you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Give us a few minutes, man, this order's only just come in.
No problem.
I'll lock my bike.
Don't leave your box here.
Stick it over there.
Have fun on your date, Holly.
Guys you've got about two minutes left of being pretty.
Enjoy! Bye bye.

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