Traces (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 5

Help! Baby, you understand me now If sometimes you see that I'm mad Don't you know that no one alive can always be an angel When everything goes wrong, you see some bad Oh, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood "MALE" VOICE ON TV: Police believe the Dundee bomber has struck again, leaving three people dead and 22 injured, four critically.
This is eyewitness footage from inside Mezcal bar.
A busy venue in the city centre, particularly popular with young people.
Police are still trying to identify the so-called running man, described by witnesses as having left the bar shortly before the blast.
Pressure is mounting on the police to bring an end to the campaign of terror for which they are yet to establish a motive.
This isn't the kind of bomb you need to run away from.
It was detonated with a timer, almost certainly a phone.
The bomber could've walked out of the bar, calm as you like.
Why would you run and draw attention to yourself? So what have you got so far? We found this bit of phone casing with wires soldered to it.
Part of the explosive train? We're thinking, why else would that wire be there? We've amassed quite a collection of wires, haven't we? These will help us reconstruct and show you how the device worked.
We think the device used the same methodology as the church hall bomb, only it's bigger.
FINN: And packed with shrapnel.
Ball bearings, tacks and so far we've retrieved 92? FINN: Ninety-four.
Three-inch nails.
And that's not including the nails embedded in the victims.
Even if you don't manage to kill anyone, you know these are gonna pierce and tear skin, disfigure someone for life.
It fits with the iterative development of these bombs, so far.
And they're getting bolder, nastier.
They made a dud last time.
Partly detonated bomb outside the gym.
Overreached themselves, maybe.
So now they're reverting to what they know.
How to make a pipe bomb.
Only, they've elevated it.
They've made another pipe bomb and they've made it bigger.
I can tell you how based on scientific facts.
But I can't speculate as to why.
Lots of folk haven't come in today because of the bomb.
The Dean has.
This is your five-minute warning.
Okay, thank you.
Can I show you something? Sure.
This was done by a facial reconstruction team working from a CT scan of a skull and jawbone.
Is this the head that got driven back to Cornwall? No, this is the other head.
And here is the real boy.
- Wow! This is poor Euan McMillan.
- Yeah.
Did you ever see him around? I may have passed him in the sea of young faces, but no.
The first I heard of him is in the paper.
Is this how they identified him? No, the police found his ID near the lock and contacted his parents.
- And they identified his remains? - No.
Euan's remains weren't something you'd want a parent to see.
The family gave the police a toothbrush of Euan's and they got a DNA match that way.
This just arrived today, too late.
He lied to his family.
He'd told them he'd arranged with the university to take a year out of his studies - And he hadn't? - No, he dropped out.
He told his parents he was camping in Spain, off grid.
He was less than two hours from home.
Was he depressed? Well, judging from how it looks like he died, I'd say he was a deeply unhappy boy.
The CCTV at the entrance was destroyed.
But the witnesses near the entrance were the worst hurt.
We can't get to them.
That's why it's such a shit show.
Tracing running man? Not tracing him, aye.
Understanding these devices is fantastic.
We're desperate for any evidence that physically identifies the bomber.
How are ya? Bit crazy.
Me too.
Come on, Safi.
I'm sorry if the way I expressed myself at this showcase seemed Graceless? Direct.
I was warned about academics.
- Were you? - Yes.
"Watch out for academics.
They're resistant to change and they don't like being managed.
" I don't like being micro-managed or hearing something I didn't agree to do being announced in public.
I had to throw the donors a bone.
Students want to study forensic science because it has profile but there's not as much work out there as people think.
Now, the undergraduate course we run at the moment, the scale of it, the modules, the teacher-student ratio, is designed to teach real science to a high standard so the people who graduate are qualified to go into all kinds of science, not just forensic science.
That's students first, right there.
Quality of teaching, not quantity.
That's not a profitable view.
I'm not resistant to change.
I'm resistant to ideas I don't think will work.
You're resistant to my ideas.
Is there a bit of intellectual snobbery going on here? No.
I may not write academic papers but I do know how to run a business and I do know about people.
You're such a brilliant woman and such an asset, I'd absolutely hate for us to fall out.
I've just been reading about you and McMillan.
Were you involved in recovering his body or have I got that wrong? I was.
The news reports don't explain the circumstances.
No, well there'll be a fatal accident enquiry.
So, it was an accident? I don't discuss case work with anyone.
Oh, come on! I'm not anyone.
I'm the Dean of the School of Science! Euan McMillan was a Physics graduate here.
It concerns me.
Just because it happened before my time, doesn't mean I don't take a compassionate interest.
I can't help you.
And he didn't graduate.
He withdrew.
Dropped out.
You're not a team player, are you? Depends on the team.
Two more witnesses in hospital are ready to talk to us.
What's the story with the food-delivery riders? - Do we have order numbers yet? - No.
- Neil.
- Oh.
Hi, Kathy.
How're you holding up? You know Wish we'd got a bit further ahead than we are.
- Sure.
- I'm sorry, Kathy, got to go.
She wanted to find out from me if Euan McMillan committed suicide? - You didn't tell her.
- No! Because it would be unethical or because you don't like her? I don't need to like her.
If I needed to like everyone, I'd kill myself.
This isn't about not liking her.
I don't trust her! No I actively suspect her.
- Of what? - I don't know yet, but I know I'm right.
She's putting on an act.
She's faking something.
Okay, well, try not to demonise her.
I'm having a beer with Euan's Advisor of Studies tonight.
I have questions.
- Can I tell you what I would do? - Be discreet? I know.
Before I talked to his Advisor of Studies, I would start with the President of the Students' Union.
He knows the temperature of the University.
Then I'd go to Polly, who runs the shop.
She knows everything.
I would gather as many stories as you can, then, cross triangulate, find the real story.
This is what the cake and charm is really about, right? Allegiances.
You're a political strategist disguised as a school girl.
I just try and understand the politics of what happens between people.
Has Neil lost weight? He looks Well, the pressure he's under No, totally.
That's what I was thinking.
We're under siege.
No one thinks we're capable.
Well, Sarah, you are.
- Kathy, Erika's looking for you.
- Thanks.
Hey, Janine.
Do you agree with me that Sarah is not as innocent as she looks? Wholeheartedly.
You called? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to complete the report this week.
How come? Because I also have to prepare the demonstrations for six classes and write up the total body scores for this week's data and When can you have it done by? Um, Monday, maybe? Tuesday, possibly.
We can skip the variables.
Just get it in as soon as you can.
The other devices didn't use parcel tape.
Finn, look.
This stuff's so thin and sticky, it's a nightmare to handle.
So, I'm wondering, could John roll a section of it with gloves on? Or might you ditch them in frustration? And leave a fingerprint.
Erika? I'm looking for Professor Torrance.
Do you know where she is? Nope.
You don't look like a very happy bunny.
Oh, just tired.
Forgive me for not knowing this, I came from business, you see.
But, is this study also your PhD? Yes, studying decomposition in water.
But that's the study? Actually, no.
The whole study is Comparing Decomposition on Land and in Water in Scotland.
I see, and that is authored by That will be co-authored by Professor Torrance and me.
But the water research is yours.
I was very interested to see the talk Professor Torrance gave in Santorini.
Have you seen it? - No.
- I think you'll find it interesting, too.
You in particular.
I'll send you a link.
Black pill.
You and Sarah brought it to us weeks ago.
We parked it.
This just appeared on our twitter account.
SO15 want a meeting, now! Well, black pill is a term used by INCEL or Involuntary Celibate Community.
It's a sub-culture.
An online community, mostly.
American, mostly.
Black pill is short-hand for the state of hopelessness of being a man who is denied sex because of the way he looks, basically.
Can you trace a GIF? - No.
No, there is no metadata on a GIF file.
We've put in a communication data request for logs of IP addresses which visited the site when the GIF was posted.
So this is maybe posted by running man himself or someone, the bomber, taunting us by combining the black pill with running man.
- Any trace of a black pill with this bomb? - No.
- Any sign of a hashtag four? - No.
Professor Gordon did discover a fingerprint on this latest device.
That's with our lab, fast tracked.
So sorry.
Thank you for all your work, Professor Gordon.
You're very welcome.
You're not gonna be needed anymore.
Oh, right.
As in All the productions and evidence will be returned to Porton Down.
Thanks again.
We'll come and get your case file.
Would this afternoon suit you? Yeah.
What a terrible way to do that.
- Honest to God - Neil! Sarah's fanta Her work is fantastic! That's not in question.
The decision was made by the Lord Advocate.
Things have escalated.
He wants this bomb work out of a University lab and into a government lab.
All of us are subject to the directions of the Lord Advocate, however loyal we may feel to trusted colleagues.
Where's the link behind these bombs? Bomb number one.
Pilates class.
Pilates is for women.
We still don't know that bomb wasn't aimed at Father Incuzi.
And we may never.
But say it wasn't.
I think it wasn't.
Pilates class is for "women.
" - There were three men in that class.
- I know.
Bomb number two.
Nail bar.
Nail bars are for women.
One of the victims was a man.
Bomb number three that didn't go off.
Boxing club, gym, whatever.
For guys who get the women.
Mezcal bar, for women and guys who are getting it on and getting it sexually.
Well, that's maybe the logic.
Are INCELs classified as terrorist threats? No.
Not in the States, either.
Even though people are killed there in INCEL-motivated attacks.
- Bomb attacks? - No, guns, usually.
Sometimes, a vehicle uses a weapon.
How big is the INCEL community? By the reckon of it, 10,000 in the UK.
Thousands more worldwide.
Just guy's blowing off steam, really.
Then, there's a smaller, extreme faction.
But they intermingle.
So, following your line, Neil, who do we need to protect most urgently? Who's the next target? If you hate sexually active women and you want to hurt them and you hate sexually active men and you want to hurt them, that's most of the population.
That's why folk are scared.
I mean, now that the gamers are out of the picture there's no pattern for folk to follow.
Everybody's just thinking, "It could be me next.
" It could.
Is it for a special occasion? Yeah.
I'm still a bit Aye.
Of course, you are.
On you go.
Who were you with, Jack? A lassie called Gina.
Gina who? No clue.
First time I'd met her.
So, it's just you and Gina.
Thought I was with a girl called Suzy before that, but disaster.
We get short with each other after 20 minutes, and I hooked up with Gina.
This is on your phone? This is all - a dating app - Aye.
Did you see anything unusual before the explosion? There was a guy.
He ran past us like a bat out of hell.
Can you describe him? No.
No, not really.
Hmm White shirt? Aye.
Excuse me, excuse me.
You forgot your bag.
- Oh, thank you.
- What a numpty.
You're lucky it's me.
My manager would have called the bomb squad.
Did you know? They called me after you left.
Great, and that's the first you heard of it.
That's Ian.
Ian Duffy.
Is he okay? Where is he? We don't know where he is.
- Did he not make it? - Make it? Where? Reykjavik.
Studies on decomposition in water in the past have separated fresh water from salt water.
In Dundee's River Tay we have not salt water or fresh water, but briny, tidal water.
It's provided unique conditions for my study.
It's provided unique conditions for my study.
I don't think so.
Ian Duffy ran out of Mezcal bar to catch a flight to Reykjavik for a stag do where he steeped himself in vodka ever since.
So he says.
Well, get him back and interview him.
We're liaising with Interpol and we're looking at anything that might link Duffy to black pill or INCEL thinking.
Any progress with the IP address? The IP address that visited the site when the GIF was posted is in New York City.
It's a VPN company.
So, it could be anywhere.
Someone's hiding behind it.
We've got our hands on the food order numbers that all three food delivery companies, not just DundEats, picked up from Mezcal on the night.
We can trace them back to each delivery rider's phone.
And food order number 2442 was the last one in before the bomb went off.
The fingerprint Professor Gordon identified on the Mezcal bomb is a beauty according to the lab.
But no possible candidates were found on the database.
So, I talked to the Student Union President.
He says the Physics department has a tough culture, which doesn't work for everyone and sensitive students struggle.
I talked to Polly in the shop.
She knew you and she used the word "sensitive" about him.
She said he used to come in often and then she heard he withdrew.
It's like I'm you.
- I wouldn't recommend it.
- Why? What's up? SO15 pulled the bomb work back to Porton.
It happens.
It's normal.
- You just have to let it go.
- Yeah.
Come on, Sarah, it's not personal.
I'm in love with Sarah Gordon.
I knew it.
You wouldn't have it but I knew it.
You should have seen yourself today, Neil, when she got the push.
You looked like you wanted to just run after her and scoop her up on your white horse.
Couldn't even hide it.
I was sitting in front of you.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to say and I don't know what to do.
- You pack a bag is what you do.
- Please, Azra, I want to talk.
You pack a bag and you get out.
- Azra.
- You grow a pair of balls is what you do.
Don't ask me what to do.
Be a man, you stupid man.
Get out! - I want to talk.
- I don't! I want you out! AZRA: Have you shagged her yet? No.
What a loser.
Shall I come pick you up? - What? - What good will that do? See if you get a cab.
I know what you've done, Sarah.
What have I done? You've looked in the kitchen diary and not in the phone diary.
I'm coming home tomorrow.
You never forgave me, did you? My darling, I tried.
Should have had the guts to leave me back then.
I thought we could weather it.
Been over for years.
Well, I don't agree with that.
But, no.
We never got back to where we were.
You can't judge me now.
You know what it feels like to fall in love with someone and cause pain.
Doesn't make me a bad person that I did that.
I never judged that.
What got me was that you hid it from me as long as you did.
And that I found out about it the way that I did.
We'll both be happier.
Can you meet me for a drink? No.
No, no problem.
Can you come over? Yes.
Are you at sea farm or I'm at home.
Okay, uh Sure.
Well You'll have to tell me where you live.
Hey! Hey! You think that's funny? Eh? There's bombs going off all over the city, people are scared to leave their houses.
There's nothing funny about it.
You understand? - Are you friendly with your neighbours? - Why? I just went over the top with a kid who was throwing fireworks.
Oh, good for you.
Come in.
I didn't realise how wound up I was.
Who are they for? For you, being treated atrociously today.
How lovely.
If you like the smell of petrol.
I do.
So, that's absolutely perfect.
Fiscal said it was political, basically.
Sending everything back to Porton Down.
It's no reflection on your work at all.
They're panicking, basically.
I say that like I'm not.
God knows I'm panicking, too.
Of course you are.
It's terrifying knowing the next bomb could go off any minute.
That's why I hate being stood down.
Not because they did it in such a shitty way, but because it means there's nothing I can do.
It wasn't shitty.
It was brutal.
You know who I feel really let down by is Finn.
When I got back to the lab, he was already packing up the productions, but he pretended he hadn't known before I did.
He's such a shitty liar.
- Where's your family? - Away.
You'll take the high road, and I'll take the low road, And I'll be in Scotland before ye, Where me and my true love, we'll never shag again On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.
That was a good one, his first term.
But I had no concerns about him.
And then, by the end of his first year his, his grades were slipping.
And then by the second year, he was failing.
I mean, students don't just fail for no reason, right? You know, just fail for the hell of it.
Anyway Euan, he He stopped coming in to talk to me.
But you know, whenever I'd run into him, he seemed very despondent.
So I flagged it to the Vice Dean of Teaching and Learning.
I said I've got concerns about Euan McMillan.
I'm worried about his mental state.
This was email or face-to-face? Face-to-face.
Nothing happened.
And so I did put in an email.
Three, in fact.
By the time I escalated things, it was too late.
Euan had dropped out.
And once they withdraw, there's frustratingly little you can do to help.
Next I heard about him was in the papers this week.
God, I should have done more.
We all should.
How did you escalate things? Well, I wrote to the dean.
I should feel bad, but I don't.
I feel clear.
I feel wonderful.
I feel wonderful, too.
How come you smell so good? You smell like you've burned petrol.
Come on, talk sense, woman.
It's not possible for a person - to smell better than petrol.
I am so hungry.
Are you? I think I want a drink as well.
Where do you stand on cheese? Sarah.
Azra knows I'm in love with you.
How? I told her.
- Why? - It's the truth.
But Oh, God.
What did she say? That she knew.
And that I should go.
Oh, Neil.
- What will you do? - Well I've left.
I want to be with you.
I want to spend my life with you.
Azra said herself, we've been finished for years.
You need to slow down.
You're scaring me.
- She thinks we'll be happy.
- Azra thinks we'll be happier? No, she thinks When did you and Azra have this heart-to-heart where the two of you decided that you should spend your life with me? - Tonight, but that's not - Why didn't you tell me before? - I just told you now.
- Before we I never would have I'm not leaving Campbell, let's just get that straight.
This wasn't about forever.
- This was just - What? An experiment? You're getting your rocks off for one night only - and I'm the guinea pig? - No.
You asked me to your empty house! Oh, don't you dare! Come on.
And that's fine.
But what's not fine is me wanting more.
That's messed up! You're not the one that got used here, Sarah.
I did.
That is rubbish! You had me under false pretences.
I thought this was two people in the moment having some joy for once! But you had to take over.
You had to commandeer it.
You've ruined it.
I wish it never happened.
Ian Duffy is being flown home from Reykjavik.
The Chief Super wants the anxiety about him laid to rest.
Can you be back here in an hour to interview? - [DING!.]
- Yes, boss.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Second floor.
- Azra.
- Hi.
- Going down.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Doors closing.
Order 2442.
We got through to the guy who corresponds with the login details, expecting we'd have to trace who he subbed it to.
He sold it.
He sold his DundEat's login for 200 quid online.
Who'd he sell it to? We don't know that yet, obviously.
Where are you staying? My sister's.
First floor.
Going down.
Take your time, Holly.
I was waiting for a guy called Elliott.
I was fairly near the door, so I'd know him from his photo when he came in.
His photo on the dating app? Uh-huh.
I was starting to think he'd bolted.
And that pissed me off.
'Cause he was the one that was keen.
And I thought, I'll give this a chance for five more minutes.
And then How was he keen, this guy? I was fine texting, but he pushed me.
We made a date, but he wanted sooner.
Said he couldn't wait.
And who suggested the Mezcal? He did.
Holly, could you show me his photo? Mmm.
- You need to hold that.
- Yeah.
It's pretty obvious why I picked him.
NEIL: Who did you reject? Sorry? Well, can you show us photos of the guys who you rejected? The old dean or the new dean? He forwarded all the emails saying how worried he was about Euan McMillan, which the vice dean ignored to the old dean.
- When? - Not long before the old dean left and the new dean started.
She must know about it.
She's covering something up.
I was right.
Stop, This is hypothetical.
It's all hearsay, and it has huge reputation-damaging possibilities.
If a student wound up dead because the school of science failed him, I am not going to drop it.
I'm not telling you to drop it.
But if you're going to go looking into the dean, who you've already antagonised, you need to make very sure of where people's loyalties lie before you go around asking questions.
I mean it.
You know who your secret weapon is.
Oh, I talked to Erika about gossiping to Janine, and I was tough.
It worked.
We're back on track.
What's going on with you? Handing over the bomb work.
I saw them pack up all the productions to drive them down to Hampshire.
Porton Down's in Wiltshire.
I'm going to go talk to Janine.
I've made the biggest mistake of my life.
With the bomb work? No.
With Neil.
You passed this lot over this week? Yeah.
Slow down.
Can you go back? Hmm.
We were looking at food pickups from the Mezcal to clarify timings of the bomb.
Did you see any? Any what? Couriers.
Food delivery couriers.
A food guy came in.
He winked at me.
This guy? I don't know.
Holly, would you be prepared to let us have your phone? - I've always been good.
- I know.
I always wondered what it'd be like not to be good.
Now I know it's appalling.
Why did I do it? You didn't kill anyone.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
Subject closed, okay? For good.
Just one thing.
Before it all went terrible with Neil, was it fun? Does Neil think you're happy at home? I am happy at home.
I think you make a good show of it.
Jesus Christ, Safi.
Thank God for you.
I would have missed it.
He's not just a delivery driver.
- He only works for DundEats.
- He does.
Sam Sam Kilty.
Phone number he gave us when we interviewed him is dead.
There's no Sam Kilty registered at the address he gave us.
DundEats have the same address.
Ken's going to see it if it's a previous address.
And if they know him.
Elliott is a model.
We did a reverse image search.
His real name is Jonah Swift He's based in Manchester.
That photo.
One company has exclusive use for promotional material.
A group of plastic surgery clinics called Leda Aesthetics.
There's one in Dundee.
Submit a data protection form.
Erm, Professor Gordon.
Don't know if you had a chance to read the email I sent this morning? No.
What's it about? It's a complaint about Professor Torrance.
- There's a video attached.
- Um Come into my office.
What are the grounds for complaint? She presented my work without due acknowledgment.
I'm very surprised to hear that.
I'm really unhappy about it.
Have a seat, Erika.
Talk to me.
No, thanks.
I just wanted to let you know that, um, after I sent it to you I, um also sent it to the dean.
It's provided unique conditions for my study.
I was surprised, too, when I saw this result.
The adipocere was clearing from the skeleton faster than I expected.
My data would indicate That was what we found in my data.
Well, because of my study.
Is that Erika's data? No, I would never, I mean Clearly I did.
- But I can't believe I did that.
- What's going on here? You and Erika were thick as thieves.
Then you changed your tune.
This morning, you said you were back on track.
Now she's gone nuclear.
Why? How could I have done that? It happens.
It shouldn't, but it does.
I've done it.
You know, you're in a room full of peers, impostor syndrome kicks in and you want to impress.
You don't acknowledge as you should.
It's a bad mistake and you need to apologise.
But I would expect Erika to pull you up in a bit, talk to you about it, not email me and include the dean.
Why has she gone so crazy? - I don't know.
- You must know.
What, what's going on between you? Nothing.
The overnight at Lockley when Pia broke up with me I handled it.
But after I had a panic attack.
I have panic attacks.
Since when? Forever.
- Why did you never tell me? - I'm a very private person.
I know how to deal with it.
I I take a pill.
And if it happens at night, I take one and a half.
It knocks me out.
In the morning, I'm fine.
So Erika Erika woke up in the night with flashbacks and she knocked on my door.
I was out cold, so she freaked out.
She got the concierge.
They They came into my room and they were demanding how many pills I'd taken.
I was in my shirt and underwear.
And the concierge left.
Erika stayed.
And What happened? I don't remember.
I don't remember what I did, or said, or how long she stayed.
All I know is I took more pills than usual, I drank more than usual, so I would have been disinhibited, and she was there.
- And you hate that.
- I hate that! Well It's not her fault she was there.
I didn't say it was.
Did you talk about it? No, She tried to.
She tried to comfort me the next day.
She offered to be my sounding board about my breakup with Pia.
And what did you say? Nothing.
I shut it down.
I backed off.
I've kept backing off.
But she, and now she's done this.
You have to talk.
Okay? If you pretend difficult things aren't happening, they just get worse and worse.
They just get more inflamed.
Students need to be able to talk to us.
You having panic attacks isn't your fault.
Her trying to comfort you is kind, but you not dealing with the situation is a disaster.
That's why Erika's gone nuclear and involved the dean who you're already at war with, thanks to your little speech.
You don't talk when you should, and then you shoot your mouth off when you shouldn't.
Honest to God, Kathy, you're such a useless communicator! Okay, I, I made mistakes.
I accept that and I will deal with them.
But Please, especially today, Sarah.
Don't talk to me like you're someone who doesn't make mistakes.
Sam Kilty has been here.
He's on their books.
We got an address for him.
The foreign address they gave us is at his old place in Trottick.
Dating from when? A year ago.
The address the clinic gave us for him is in Muirhead.
When from? A year ago.
You try yours, we'll try ours.
Okay, boss.
- Don't answer it.
He's dragging us back to speak to Ian Duffy.
It's a stupid idea.
This is a better one.
Fucking hell.
Sam Kilty live here? I think he does.
Is there a Sam Kilty here? There's a "Sam" somebody.
- Which room? - Upstairs, blue door.
- He's out though.
- Where'd he go? I don't know.
I need you.

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