Traces (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 6

- SARAH: What do you know? - NEIL: I don't know what time.
But he's supposedly planning an attack today.
"Hashtag five.
The day of reckoning.
" Today's date is in his notes.
We don't know what kind of bomb it is, or who would send it, or when.
Nobody saw him leave the house, we don't know how he's travelling.
We don't know what he's wearing.
There's a box of fireworks under the bed.
There are no viable devices here.
That's all been checked out.
The digital investigation team is on its way, - to look at that lot.
- Okay.
- Thanks for coming.
- Why would I not come to work? - Fine.
- Just let me look.
You can touch.
Everything's being videoed.
I'm not going to be doing any touching.
Just an advisor.
(CAMERA CLICKS) - (CLICKING) - One way is, we remove the hard drive, make a forensic image, using a write blocker.
You wouldn't need the password, and you'd have access to everything.
It's the safest and the best way.
You damage nothing, lose nothing.
- What's the catch? - John.
- What's she doing here? - Advising.
What's the catch? We're gonna need to take it away.
It'll take time.
- We haven't got time.
- Or we triage.
We have a device, a piece of software you plug into the USB.
We get in, we explore, we drag out any files we want.
Ben can do it.
- Is he up to it? - AZRA: Fresh out of training.
That's why I chose him.
Ben can do it here and now, But we do need a password.
(SCOFFS) How? Where from? Well, the suspect's tech savvy.
He's up to no good.
He'll be changing his password all the time.
He won't be able to remember them.
He'll have to keep a note of them.
NEIL: On his phones, maybe? - (SHUTTER CLICKS) - SARAH: He's been trimming piping, by the looks of things.
Lots of pieces, apparently.
Possibly to pack with explosives.
- NEIL: The fireworks.
- They're Category three.
Show rockets.
They contain a good amount of gun powder.
There's a sewing machine.
He's been trimming fabric.
Maybe altering a garment.
- Possibly making a suicide vest.
- (EXHALES) Jesus.
Okay, and what makes you He'd need to put pockets or partitions on a waistcoat maybe, or something to hold those lengths of pipe, packed with explosives.
- If that's what he's done.
- Can you stop it? - It depends how it's activated.
- Do you know? - No.
- If it's phone activated.
Well, that's one for the digital investigation team.
- (SIGHS) Hi.
- Hello.
Boss, no driving license in the name of Sam or Elliott Kielty.
Thanks Saf.
How bulky would it be? Could you ride a bike if you were wearing a suicide vest? Possibly.
You need to cover it with something.
A big coat or a jacket maybe? I also found this.
This is a plan of circuitry.
It fits with the electrical circuitry of a suicide vest.
It has a safe arm.
- See Could you - Sure.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING) NEIL: Now, what the hell's all this? Baby, you understand me now TRACES Sometimes you see that I'm a mess Don't you know that no one alive Can always be an angel When everything goes wrong, you see some bad Oh, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh, Lord, please don't let me Season 02 Episode 06 Be misunderstood Episode Title: " Episode 6" Aired on: March 22, 2022.
- (SIRENS WAILING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER OVER RADIO) These look like pin numbers.
These look like phone numbers.
These (SIGHS) These look like passwords.
Can you copy them out into separate groups? Sure.
AZRA: Right.
(SIGHS) What do you want from us? (COMPUTER BEEPS) Where's Neil? He's possibly on a bike.
He's possibly heading into town.
If he's wearing a suicide vest, he won't get through security, anywhere.
He'll be looking for a crowd.
He's gonna want to go big.
He's maybe looking for a crowd outdoors.
We're triaging his computer now.
Boss, we found his other bike.
The one he had when we interviewed him.
So, he's maybe not on a bike.
Er, CCTV, all routes from here, public space CCTV.
We think he may be wearing a big coat.
Can we evacuate the city centre? No, we don't have the resources.
We could evacuate people into trouble.
We could flood the town with uniformed officers.
But we make no announcements.
We need to keep people safe.
We create panic, no one's safe.
(PHONE RINGING) MAN: Boss, we're looking at public space CCTV now, yeah.
(SARAH SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) - So, you reckon these are phone numbers? - Yeah.
- And the phones have gone to the lab? - AZRA: Yes.
So, if this guy's wearing a phone-activated suicide vest, - can it be stopped with a phone? - You wouldn't need a phone.
If you knew where he was, you could shut down the phone mast closest to him.
- What's the worst case? - This is an encrypted system.
Worst-case scenario? The wrong pin renders the computer useless.
Maybe not permanently.
But we need an administrator to bypass it.
Of course.
Well, it would be a disaster to paralyze the computer, but it's worse not to get in.
He's written here, "Look straight at the camera.
" If he's filmed himself on his computer, it could tell us where he is.
And what he's planning.
(SIGHS) Can Azra start trying these pin numbers, or what? He cleared it.
Do it.
AZRA: More recent.
(SIGHS) This ink looks fresher.
Well, it's only got us through to logging in.
We need a password now.
Three passwords.
There are three usernames.
Three accounts.
Which one? Elliott.
Boss, Professor Gordon wants you.
SARAH: We've gone through his rubbish.
Packaging from a pressure switch.
Packaging from a safety switch.
What does it mean? This is maybe how he's triggering the device.
A pressure switch.
Release the switch, the bomb goes off.
But to avoid accidentally triggering the bomb, you also have a safety switch called the safe arm.
Only when the safe arm is off, will the bomb be armed, and the pressure switch work.
No phone required.
No, it It's mechanical, it's basic.
It's very smart.
No phone, no GPS, no digital element.
It makes you very hard to find.
(INHALES SHARPLY) Very hard to stop.
What's the range of this device? I mean, the destructive range.
- Boss, Mrs McKinven wants you.
- I'll be back.
AZRA: "E" for "Elliott"? Okay, try that one.
How many times are you allowed to get along? AZRA: We don't know until we try.
- (COMPUTER BEEPS) - We're in.
Go to his browser.
(SNIFFS) Shit! What? Browser's empty, there's nothing there.
Um Go back.
Try another account, another username.
I think this browser allows multiple profiles.
- Let's see if there are any other.
- Ah, brilliant, Ben.
Go ahead, try one.
NEIL: Electronic equipment.
BEN: Yeah, bookmarks.
Search history (SIGHS) - Bit of shopping.
Not much action.
- Okay, try another profile.
BEN: Here we go.
Where's his media player? (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) Professor Gordon.
BEN: Got his media player.
AZRA: Look at this.
It goes live today.
My name is Sam Kielty.
That name will become familiar as of today.
Infamous When I was alive, I lived in obscurity.
At three o'clock this afternoon, in Dundee in Scotland, the Beta Revolution graduated to another level.
A body count to surpass all others.
I know some of you won't be happy about it.
But you know what? I never liked the V&A.
Boss, they picked him up on CCTV.
He got off a bus on Tay Street.
He's in town.
Do not let that bus leave the depot.
Get somebody over there and speak to the driver.
Did he meet anybody on the bus, did he leave anything on there, did he say anything? (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) (SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) (POLICE SIRENS WAILING) - Have you seen Erika? - No.
- She didn't show up to assist in class.
- Right.
She's not in the PhD room and she's not answering her phone.
The dean is looking for you.
Sarah's been called away by DCI McKinven.
Okay, do you think you can keep the dean at bay? - Leave it with me.
- Thanks.
Oh, Kathy.
It's possible I may soon be in a position to furnish you with something useful.
Something about Euan McMillan? (EERIE MUSIC PLAYING) WOMAN ON RADIO: Dispatch to all units, white British male, 23 years of age, slim build auburn hair, pale complexion.
He's wearing a dark blue knee-length coat, dark trousers, a dark blue baseball cap with no logo - and grey trainers.
- (RADIO CLICKS) (POLICE SIRENS IN DISTANCE) - How many people can this bomb kill? - I don't know.
- Roughly.
- It It's too dangerous to speculate.
But you're looking at, maybe, two or three times the power of the church hall bomb.
We just handed it over to the bomb scene manager.
Sam Kielty was in the bus alone.
He left nothing behind.
He spoke to the driver.
He asked him, "What's the best bus to get to Broughty Ferry?" Don't head into town, Neil.
We're covered.
Head up to Broughty Ferry.
Where's Sarah Gordon? - With me.
- Well, get her back here, with Azra.
We need them both here, straight away.
POLICEWOMAN: Here, boss.
That's what I would say if I wanted Ford to believe I was off to Broughty Ferry and not the V&A.
He's gone the other way.
Neil If he's wearing a suicide vest He'll possibly have the pressure switch in one hand, maybe in a pocket, maybe outside.
The safety switch could be anywhere.
Maybe in his other pocket, I don't know.
If you can keep his hands away from the safety switch, he can't do anything.
He won't do anything in Broughty Ferry.
- He's gone the other way.
- Safi! We just don't know.
(SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) KATHY: I imagine you're angry, or disappointed.
And I would like a chance to clarify what happened, and talk to you.
Um please call me, Erika.
It's Kathy.
Professor Torrance.
Your imperfect supervisor.
(KEYBOARD CLACKING) This is a live situation.
A suicide bomber, Sam Kielty.
Now, Kielty's manifesto suggests a plan to attack at 3:00 p.
We believe he is wearing a suicide vest.
OFFICER: How stable is it? Could it be set off with impact? No, it needs to be detonated with an electrical charge.
That's what the pressure switch is for.
You release the pressure, you complete the circuit.
The safety switch keeps the electrical circuit open.
If the safety switch is off, and we shoot the device, - it detonates? - Yes.
As soon as we get eyes on him, we shoot him.
- Blow him up.
- If he's isolated.
Hard to picture that in the city centre.
We have a duty of care, even to him.
To serve the public, we shoot him.
What's the option? Talk him down, disarm him.
I want Kielty to face terrorist charges.
I want him alive.
The best outcome is we talk him down.
I can't see it.
I mean, what state's this guy gonna be in? Well, he hasn't slept.
We can see the hours he's been active online.
He hasn't had more than two hours sleep a day, for days.
He's running on energy drinks, and adrenaline.
And he's got a bomb strapped to him.
That's the state he's in.
- I think he might wanna target families.
- How come? Well, that's the outcome of men and women having sex.
That's where it gets you.
Bet you he goes to the V&A and HMS Discovery and that.
NEIL: He'll be where the people are.
SAM: (INNER VOICE 1) I don't want to die.
(INNER VOICE 2) You piece of shit.
- (INNER VOICE 1) I don't - You disgust me.
- You're pathetic.
- (INNER VOICE 1) I will do it.
- (INNER VOICE 2) Yeah, right.
- I will.
Shut up.
(INNER VOICE 2) You've got an hour to prove that you're not a disgrace to humanity.
Think of all the bitches and bastards who've ruined your life.
Think of the injustice.
Do it.
- (DOG BARKING) - GIRL: Kevin.
- Kevin, come here! Kevin.
- Fuck off and die.
He's a menace.
Learn to control your dog.
Have a lovely day yourself.
(DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE) If you're as sad as you look, you're very, very sad indeed.
I come here when I'm sad.
I look over there and wish I was there.
And sometimes I do go over there and wish I was here.
Daft, eh? Just leave me alone, will ya? I'm called Kim.
What's your name? I think you could use a bit of sugar.
Do you want some Toble? No! (CANDY WRAPPER RUSTLING) (SAM BREATHING HEAVILY) You sure? - My name's Elliott.
- Elliott? - I'm so sorry you're feeling sad.
- (SAM SIGHS) But you know something? You probably won't have these feelings tomorrow.
(BREATH TREMBLING) I won't even be feeling like this in an hour's time.
See? There you go.
You've got any friends you can call? - No.
- You've got somewhere you can go? I've got somewhere to go, yeah.
Something I've got to do.
You're gonna be able to do it.
You think it's a joke.
What? You think you can make a joke about being imperfect, and I'll melt? - No, I was - You're my supervisor.
You're supposed to support me and help me develop my work.
- Not steal it.
- I didn't steal it.
You appropriated it by omitting to acknowledge it was mine.
- Listen - And you have so little respect for me, that when I make a complaint, you brush it away.
The dean has offered me her full support, if I choose to pursue this as a formal complaint.
And I told her I'm grateful that someone has my back.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING) - (SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) - (CHILDREN CHATTERING) NEIL: Surveillance guys in town are having no luck.
Surveillance guys here, or up by the station.
- (MAN SHOUTS) - (BIRDS WINGS FLAPPING) NEIL: What was that? MAN: Go! NEIL: Let's go.
(BAND PLAYING LOUDLY) (KIDS CHATTERING) FORD: McKinven and Khurana have eyes on him.
Three surveillance officers are also in position now.
We believe him to be wearing a suicide vest packed with explosives.
We also have two firearms officers in sit If the crowd disperses naturally, and creates some distance around him, we'll shoot? - We can't just shoot him.
- We can justify it.
- We know his intent.
- We pulled uniformed officers out, so as not to panic him.
We can't disperse the crowd ourselves, for the same reason.
Kielty doesn't even know we're on to him.
Well, the second he does, he will detonate.
- Unless we talk him out of it.
- How? FORD: Come in, firearms.
- I'm on West hill.
- FORD: Can we shoot him? - OFFICER: No chance, too busy.
- Who's close? Khurana and McKinven.
- Can we take him out? - I don't know.
Too many people.
We're closing in.
Looks like he's heading out the building.
McKinven and Khurana are closest.
Hands in pockets.
- (CLOCK TICKING) - FORD: Shoot him! Can you hear me? - (BAND PLAYING) - Shoot him in the head.
Come in! Can you hear me? (SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) I'm the police.
You're under arrest.
Bombs, murder I'll tell you the rest later.
(SAM GRUNTING) (GRUNTS, YELLS) FORD: What's going on? - (SAM GROWLING) - It's Safi.
Hi, Safi.
DCI McKinven.
We've done it.
We've got Kielty.
Nobody hurt.
We'll make an exit.
- COP: On your knees.
- (CROWD CHATTERING ANXIOUSLY) WOMAN: Okay, device disarmed.
FORD: Are we being safe? Have we cautioned him? Aye, he's been fully cautioned now.
"You're exactly what I'm looking for.
" That's what you said to me when I came for my interview.
I was so happy to come here, and work with you and be part of SIFA.
I'm a long way from home.
I don't have any friends here.
All I wanted was to belong.
That's all anyone wants.
- Do you want a - No, thanks.
Erika, it was remiss of me not to acknowledge your data when I gave the talk.
That was a bad mistake, and I apologise.
But I did fully acknowledge your work and our collaboration in the copy I submitted to the brochure.
Right here, "Erica Shroff.
" No one reads the brochure.
People do want to belong, you're right about that.
I think that's what you and McMillan wanted, to connect, to belong.
And he couldn't.
He didn't talk to anyone about it, - and he wasn't supported.
- Yeah.
(SIGHS) I guess it's been a similar situation for me.
(CHUCKLING) Let's try to keep some perspective.
What do you mean? We got in a mess, but we're talking about it.
Euan felt so isolated, he took his own life.
I've been really unhappy.
I wanted to come to you before, but you're not easy to talk to.
Oh, wow.
You told me to knock on your door in the middle of the night if I felt spooked.
I'm a very private person.
You didn't have to punish me.
I was just embarrassed.
None of this is personal.
When someone's mean to you, it is personal.
Look, I don't always communicate well.
I know I can be caustic, and I'm really sorry I hurt your feelings.
You didn't even do anything embarrassing.
You just said Pia had met someone else, and passed out.
I pulled the covers over you and went back to my room.
Well, I guess it would have been better to talk about this at the time, I could've avoided a lot of dramatics.
Dramatics? Well, it sounds like your Santorini complaint was more of a protest about how How you treated me.
It is.
I knew I couldn't prove that.
I knew it was your word against mine, and you have all the power.
So, when the dean alerted me to the Santorini talk, I thought, "Okay.
This is provable.
I'll run with this.
" The dean alerted you? You're not even listening to me right now.
- No, Erika, I am.
I just - Forget it! Hey, just checking in.
Everything's fine.
Janine, can I call you back? Okay.
Neil's quite the hero, isn't he? Yeah.
He will come back to me.
- He isn't with me.
- That's what men do.
They go back.
- Don't you think? - I think all men are different.
- Hmm.
Do you have children? - Just one.
We couldn't.
Low sperm count.
I don't want to have this conversation.
Are you in love with him? I don't want to have this conversation.
I bet you don't.
All forensic science is not equal.
Drug analysis, forensic toxicology, forensic anthropology, entomology, paint, glass, and fibre analysis are all underpinned by science.
Forensic gate analysis, analysis of shoe prints, tyre marks, ballistics, even fingerprint comparison, are not.
The comparison process of these kinds of evidence is mainly subjective and essentially based on spotting the difference.
And who is spotting the difference? A human.
(LAUGHS) And what do humans sometimes do? Make mistakes.
Get it wrong.
We'd like you to conduct the interview.
Excellent, thank you.
We'll need a watertight strategy.
Azra, Sarah, stay put.
A word.
You have a formal complaint procedure hanging over your head.
- You can't just avoid me.
- I've been busy.
Professor Torrance, I'm so sorry to interrupt.
I do apologise, but I need to speak to Professor Torrance urgently.
We're in the middle of a conversation.
I would never normally do it, but it concerns Professor Gordon and the Dundee bomber.
I will deliver Kathy back to you as soon as we've dealt with this.
Thank you.
Is Sarah okay? She's right as rain.
Ingenue? They've got him.
- Oh, wow.
- Indeed.
Now, I had to play my ace card to get you away from the dean, because I think before you speak to her, you should see this.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Come in.
Hey, Kathy.
As far as I'm concerned, my complaint's answered.
It's over.
I appreciate how straight you were with me.
And I know I can be a bit of a drama queen.
I guess we're both pretty eccentric, huh? Anyway, I just wanna continue to do the work with you.
Me too.
Sarah, can you set me up with specific questions which establish he made each device, please? Sure.
Azra, will you and Ben pull anything from that computer that shows the progression of his thinking.
Yep, no problem.
We've already traced him by the Dundee's log on, and posting the black pill GIF.
Great, but I really want to get inside his head.
Don't get hung up about his thinking until we've got all we need to prove he did it, and how he did it.
Sure, but I will go wherever he wants to go if he's talking.
I just need to get him talking.
Police casualty sergeant says Kielty's fit to be interviewed.
What's his mental state? He's very subdued.
Not talking.
If he gives a "no comment", would the evidence so far stand up in court? Hi, I'd like to go over something with you.
You want me to help get Erika off your back? You're the one who fired her up to complain about me in the first places.
So, no, I don't need your help.
Erika and I have figured it out.
- I didn't fire her up.
- Oh, I know you did.
Your PA, Heather, used to be the old dean's PA.
Janine and Heather are friends.
I had them do some checking around, because you made me suspicious when you were so keen to find out how Euan McMillan died.
Did he commit suicide? It certainly looks that way.
Because he was unhappy here? We'll never know exactly what was going on with Euan, because he didn't talk to anyone but we do know we didn't help him.
You told me the first you knew of him was hearing about him in the news.
Because it's true.
Well, here's what I heard.
You inherited a report sent to the old dean about a problem in the school of science with students withdrawing, and struggling with poor mental health, and committing suicide.
There was a list of students identified as being a serious cause for concern.
Euan McMillan was one of them.
I didn't know that.
You did! The report called for urgent action to look after students and prevent further suicides.
So, why didn't the old dean do something about it? He should have.
He got it before he left.
I think he did an unforgivably cowardly thing, and left it for you deal with.
He did.
That's exactly what he did.
My first day here, I arrive with all my vision and ambition, and the first thing that happens, I mean, the first thing that happens, is all the dirty laundry is dumped on my desk.
All the HR files, all the disputes.
Sexting, stalking, cheating.
You name it.
All the debts, all the complaints, all the problems are now my problems, which nobody mentioned to me before.
And that's shitty.
You were dealt a shitty hand, so why make it worse? Heather emailed you the report and asked if you'd gotten it, and you replied, "Yes, I have.
Can we park this while we're fund raising?" No, no, no, no, no.
What I meant Let's pretend students aren't killing themselves, because it's not a good look? That is not what I meant.
The fund raising was underway.
- I couldn't give it my full attention.
- It's too late for excuses.
Are you gonna go public with it? No, you're gonna go to the principal's office and explain all this, and if you still have a job, we're gonna work out how we can actually support our students from now on.
I mean, really support them.
Not just promise it on a poster.
You've changed your tune.
Excuse me? The first time we met, you moaned about students being needy.
Well, they are, and we have to deal with it.
Will you come with me? To the principal's office to help me explain.
It would really help.
Sure, why not? AZRA: "Chads and Stacys.
" "Fit stripper guys.
Good looking, sexually active stripper girls.
" "Normies.
" Okay, well, that's self-explanatory.
AZRA: L-D-A-L? SAFI: Lie down and rot.
As in, my situation is so hopeless, I may as well lie down and rot.
- Chincel? - An incel with a weak chin.
Roasties? A roasty? - You don't wanna know.
- Oh, yeah, I do.
Okay Well, apologies in advance.
When a woman has had so much sex, her labia look like slices of roast beef.
Ah, nice.
(GENTLE KNOCK) Um, you know we talked about Kielty maybe buying bleach online.
Have you come across that transaction? We have.
Safi, you know what my mum used to say? No.
It's the quiet ones you need to watch out for.
- I can't stand it.
- KATHY: You have to.
Don't let her see she's getting to you.
Just get out of there as soon as you can.
How did you get on today? I've been communicating.
(LAUGHS) I've been apologising.
I fought for justice and won.
- And I was right about the dean.
- How? Oh, I'll tell you all about it when you're done.
(WHISPERS) Ah, Sarah You're one of the people who caught the Dundee bomber.
- Hold your head high.
- Okay.
You too.
You know, you say and do things no one else would dare to.
Just keep doing it.
I need to.
(SIGHS) Sam, can we get you anything? Anything to eat? When you were at the charge bar, you were offered the services of a solicitor, to which you're entitled, but you declined.
Is that correct? SAM: Correct.
I'm wondering why you did that.
Okay, well just to remind you, you can speak to a solicitor at any time during these interviews.
Are there any more bombs planted anywhere? Sam, it's gonna be all right.
Not if he doesn't talk.
He needs to ask him how he made the devices.
He'll wanna talk about that.
Do you want to knock on the door and suggest that to Neil? SARAH: Sure.
NEIL: How did you make these devices? You made five different kinds of bombs.
How on earth did you know how to make them all? We had a professor of forensic chemistry working on those devices, She said they were more and more sophisticated.
It can't have been easy learning how to do it all.
I know who turned.
I can't hear you.
Sam I think if you big me up, I'll talk.
I don't need to big you up.
You made five different kinds of explosive devices.
You destroyed three buildings.
Terrorised the city.
You killed six people.
Yes, I did.
(EXHALES) NEIL: The device you were wearing today, had two or three times the power of your first bomb at church hall.
Says who? The expert.
The professor.
You must have had some help.
No, it's all my own work.
Just me.
NEIL: Why did you write numbers on them? Each bomb is part of a series.
A progressive series.
Are there any more bombs planted anywhere? The only really challenging part is the buying of chemicals in the quantities you need.
Are there any more bombs out there, you bastard? NEIL: Our experts have been digging through your hard drives.
Blue pill, red pill, black pill.
We've been looking at your life online.
In forums, on chat rooms with incels like yourself around the world amongst that community, and we think we can see how one thing led to another.
Blue pill.
The state of innocence, where you think the world is okay and as it seems.
Is that right? Red pill.
The world is not as it seems.
It's rigged and hostile to you, but at least, armed with that knowledge, you can try and improve your situation.
You start to seek self-help online.
You find gurus, how to build your confidence, how to get a six-pack.
How to talk to women.
How to pick up women.
And everything you watch online is followed by a suggestion of the next thing to watch.
And every suggestion takes you just a wee bit deeper in.
We got this from a clinic.
Leda Aesthetics.
(SNIFFS) What's going on here? I was gonna get my jaw widened.
- Why.
- Fuck off! Why? You look fine.
You look good.
Well, why didn't you go through with it? Because none of it fucking works! Black pill.
You were prescribed an antidepressant Serepax.
- I stopped taking it.
- Why? 'Cause how I feel is a rational response to reality.
- And how do you feel? - Fucked over.
Are there any more bombs out there? (EXHALES) Do you know how many times I've been rejected by women? No.
316 times.
Can you imagine the loneliness? When you say rejected I make an approach.
They reject.
That must be very hurtful.
I would treasure and cherish a girl.
I would treat her like a princess.
I have so much love to give.
Sorry, not wanted.
They would rather have some obnoxious hench guy than a gentleman.
How would you approach a woman? SAM: Are you single? Yes.
I am recently single.
How many women have you had sex with? Two.
Very clever.
I win.
I am 23 years of age.
The average age for a guy to lose his virginity is 16.
9 years of age.
I've never even held a girl's hand, except my sister's.
In actual fact, I'd be frightened to have sex with a women now that she'd just turn around and accuse me of rape.
- Why? - 'Cause it happens all the time.
It doesn't happen all the time.
Check your facts, okay! Get yourself informed! People need to know what's really going on here, because it's dark.
The natural order's been overturned.
This is scientifically proven, okay.
I can show you hundreds of scientific and historical theses that support this.
When gender roles follow the biological, natural order, men thrived, women were content, the economy was good.
Then men went to war and died for their country, and women took their jobs.
Men's status has been eroded so slowly, no one noticed.
But we wake up now, and masculinity is toxic.
Touching women on the elbow is sexual assault.
Helping a woman understand something is mansplaining.
You make a joke, and 50 feminazis cut you down! Do you want them? Or do you not want them? Women.
They are snakes with tits.
Why did you take a break? 'Cause I wanted to batter him.
You're doing really well, Neil, but we need to know if there are more bombs.
It won't work.
He's feeding on me pushing him.
He's getting off on the power trip of not answering.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SOFTLY) Do you think the way you found out about my affair was bad? But you tell me what you've done like that, in here.
Jesus Christ! (SIGHS) It was time to tell the truth.
Let's just both tell the truth.
You want me today, 'cause I'm the guy today.
But when I'm not You don't.
(SIGHS) Well, she doesn't want you either.
- Has Professor Gordon gone? - Yes.
She's gone.
I checked my facts.
False claims of rape are actually rarer than false claims of other kinds of crime.
Safi, see what you - About toxic - Aye.
To me, toxic masculinity isn't that men are toxic.
So, the old idea of what a man should be, doesn't work for men or women.
Look at him, clutching his pearls.
NEIL: What are you trying to achieve? What does taking your loneliness out on innocent people achieve? Not innocent.
I'll inspire others to join the rebellion.
To shake the foundations of society.
To subjugate the voice of oppressors.
Normies, Stacys, Chads.
- Have you ever heard of the Moonies? - No.
A year ago, you got into Gyno Slam, which is more black pill than the incel forums you'd visited up to that point.
- Would that be fair? - Guess so.
And very early on, in response to a post called, "Bitches are the problem.
" "Rape is the answer," - you posted a reply.
Remember? - No.
You posted: "Do you ever wonder if your attitude to women "might be a factor in your failure with them?" You tell me what happened next.
I left the forum.
No, you were booted off the forum.
You were bullied off of it.
You were cancel led by the brotherhood.
SAFI: You changed your user name and joined Beta Room, a forum as extreme as Gyno Slam, but you barely posted anything at first.
It's as if you were learning the ropes.
You closely follow one or two leading lights.
One guy in Australia, another in Canada.
Who we'll be talking to.
SAFI: And then you start posting stuff.
Strong stuff, violent stuff.
You rise up the ranks.
You're in with the big boys.
SAFI: You hero-worship Elliot Rodger, the incel who killed six people.
You adopt the name Elliot, and then you start boasting about outdoing him.
NEIL: The big boys, say you won't do it.
You say you'll prove them wrong.
I did prove them wrong.
The Moonies were a religious cult.
Before, we used to joke about being brainwashed by the Moonies.
We'd say groomed now or radicalised.
They found lost souls.
Offered them an identity, an ideology and a community, and certainty.
And that's key in a cult.
Doubt's a no-no.
If you question, you're part of the problem.
You get it in the neck.
Like you did.
Only you went back for more.
You nearly got away.
Six people would still be alive.
Do you know what would have happened, son? Instead of spending the rest of your life in jail, like you're going to.
I think you're gonna tell me.
NEIL: You'd have grown out of it.
You'd have ditched all that.
The lies, the hate and the blame, 'cause it wouldn't have served you any more.
(SNIFFS) You'd have moved on.
(SIGHS) There are no more bombs out there.
I thought you'd stand me up.
Why? Because I said such awful things to you the other night.
(LAUGHS) You laugh when you're nervous.
I do.
- It's disconcerting.
- I can't help it.
Look, I said awful things.
I rushed you.
I blew it.
No, you didn't.
(SIGHS) I do not expect anything from you.
I love you.
(BOTH LAUGH) I don't know how to take that.
I'm I'm serious.
If you still I would love to be with you.
I need to talk to Campbell.
I don't know how I'm gonna It's gonna be I just need time.
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