Traitors (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 I killed someone and I need you to help me get rid of him.
How about a job? When can you move to the Cabinet Office? What's in the Cabinet Office? - A Russian spy.
I'm sorry but I can't just take you in.
The Cabinet Office is an elite placement.
We prepare everything for the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.
If I give you money there have to be results.
I want to know more about her.
Her brother is probably a homosexual.
We know that Russians accessed information shared at two private Cabinet Office meetings.
So it is someone who was at both of those meetings.
My predecessor was called Phillip Jarvis, wasn't he? What happened to Jarvis? They murdered him, the Russians.
What if they murder me? Thanks for meeting me.
It's just us here.
You don't even need to keep your voice down.
How can I help? I don't even know.
All right.
Come on.
Sit down.
Do you want a drink or anything? No, thank you.
I did go to Ml5 about this.
I have been waiting for them to respond to me and no-one has.
I spoke to Kim Philby.
I don't know.
Maybe Philby will respond to you.
I know that the Brits, the Americans, they're working together and Look, I should tell you, when all this happened I was actually drunk.
And that is possibly why Ml5 aren't responding.
It's possible they know that I do drink.
That's just something All you Brits drink, don't you? Well, yes.
The point is that I remember everything that was said, and, well, you gentlemen, Americans, you're saving our lives.
What's going on? What's happening? I think there's a Russian spy in the Cabinet Office.
What's your full name? Phillip Jarvis.
And what's your address? You can trust me.
Jerry Roxborough and Mark Stevens.
Both of these men are senior civil servants.
Stevens, the more senior.
Both men were at the private Cabinet Office meetings in '37 and '43 where the leaks came from.
Either one or both could be the mole, but she and I lean towards Mr Roxborough.
He has a flashy new car that Feef says exceeds his salary.
Yes, he presents as sort of upper crust.
But of course the upper classes tend not to flash their money about.
They have holes in their jumpers, that sort of thing.
He has a very posh accent but then the other day he said op-pera.
As opposed to what? Opera.
It's a sort of We just wouldn't say it like that.
Brits are such fuckin' snobs.
What about the other guy, Stevens? He is taking early retirement.
Wife is ill.
If the Russians had embedded someone at Steven's level, they'd never let him out.
Sick wife or no sick wife.
My money is on Roxborough.
Jarvis, why didn't he get you these names? He was killed before he got to me.
But he checked out the files a month before he died.
Maybe he didn't trust you.
Maybe he wanted to be sure.
Which is what we need to be.
So now what? Get to know Mr Roxborough.
Earn his trust.
Lh- Yeah.
Very good.
Luckily English men are more sexually reserved than Americans.
She's an anthropologist, too.
Jerry and I are seeing a matinee together at the weekend.
And until then? We'll keep watching him.
We're at work all the time anyway.
Pressure is on because of the new ministry we're building.
Of National Insurance.
If you ask me, more than one commie has infiltrated this Government.
Yes, well, National Insurance doesn't cost anybody very much, and will essentially do a great deal to eliminate unnecessary suffering.
You said she was on our side.
She seems awfully protective of the Attlee Government to me.
That boyfriend has gotten into her head.
They're dating? Jesus.
If she marries him, just think of the access we'll get.
Yes, well, if you want to keep her onboard, maybe don't put her on edge.
I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
It's a seduction.
You have to make them feel safe.
There's other ways of keeping an asset in play, aren't there? Especially if they're starting to buck.
Yes, there are other ways.
Good morning, Mr Roxborough.
Good morning.
Excuse me.
Miss Garrick? I can't get it out.
It is.
It's working.
Can you open the door, please? - One second.
There's a huge wet stain now anyway.
Everyone will notice.
Just roll up your skirt.
Yes, that's fine.
Tie this around your waist.
You look very chic and no-one will notice.
Thank you.
Excuse me, the door's locked.
One second.
I want all the ministries to confirm and double check these numbers as we go round.
Thanks, by the way, to Miss Simmons for tracking them down.
Clever little thing, isn't she? She's actually quite tall.
We are anticipating a new staff of approximately 32,500 for the new ministry.
That is 8,000 more than originally projected, and I've still yet to see reports about where those cuts might be found from either the MOHH or the MOFP regarding nationalisations next year.
I need to see those projections.
What we are attempting is as logistically complex as building the pyramids.
And we don't have any slaves.
Thank you for cooking.
You're very welcome.
I should go.
Really? I have a mound of reading.
History of the Jews in Palestine.
History of the Arabs in Palestine.
History of the British in Palestine.
The Turks, the Canaanites, and on and on.
Look, don't go.
It's Friday night.
I thought, "Can I cook for you" was code.
Code for what? Nice place.
Do you rent or? - Mind your business.
Oh Not there.
Outstanding observational skills.
I'm so sorry.
I overslept.
I will be one second.
One second.
Where did you grow up? London.
You? - Outside London.
Do you have brothers, sisters? I'd like to ask, just so we're straight, and everything did you ask for a lift because you like my car, or because? you know? Well, because You know.
You know, I've really been enjoying working with you.
Even if it's on this stupid ministry.
Such a relief to be out together.
As friends.
We don't have to be so bloody neutral.
What? What happened? Is it the engine? No, no.
It's all right.
We'll just have to pull up.
What? It still seems to run.
I don't want to damage it.
Um I have a mechanic.
What? In the glove box? His card.
When a merry maiden marries Sorrow goes and pleasure tarries Every sound becomes a song All is right, and nothing's wrong From today and ever after Let our tears be tears of laughter Every sigh that finds a vent Be a sigh of sweet content! Oh, that's very kind, thank you.
So glad you could make it.
She overslept.
No, there was some trouble with the car, I'm so sorry.
You were wonderful, Pris.
Mm, when I sing, birds die.
Nice to see you, Miss Symonds.
Slap at him.
What? - Nothing.
Thank you so much for coming.
We pride ourselves at the Gilbert and Sullivan Society on not overstaying our welcome, but if I could just have your attention for a moment longer.
I did want to take this opportunity to remember our dear departed colleague and friend, Phillip Jarvis, who was such a robust member of the organisation, he is missed.
And I'm very pleased to announce formally, although you may have noticed on your way in, that we made it through the necessary bureaucracy, and our rehearsal room is now named in his memory.
Where did Miss Garrick go? Oh, she and Jarvis were Lh- Excuse me.
Is everything all right? Yes, of course.
Why wouldn't it be? I fell in love during the war, too.
What makes you think I was in love? Oh, Mr Roxburgh said you and Mr Jarvis Well, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
He seemed like a wonderful man.
Mr Jarvis was a drunk, he smelled like a drunk.
I avoided him.
Avoid office gossip, Miss Symonds.
Sing hey! Sing hey Lackaday Lackaday Sing hey! Sing hey Lackaday Lackaday Sing hey, Lackaday Let the tears fall free For that pretty little flower And the great oak tree Sing hey! Sing hey Lackaday Lackaday Hey, Lackaday Lackaday Lackaday Lackaday.
Oh, no.
Not for me, thanks.
Next week, I want to look at transposing you down a few keys.
Oh, next week I'll be en route to Dumbarton Oaks.
Well, peace is no excuse for missing rehearsal, Jarvis.
August 21st, 1944, a day that would be remembered throughout history as the moment that three great Allied nations met here at Dumbarton Oaks to lay the groundwork for a brand-new organisation - the United Nations.
To ensure that war becomes a horror of the past.
The American delegation, the British, the Russian assholes! Sorry.
Americans have bigger beds than us.
Course, they're bigger people, you know, the real super race.
Why are they so tall? I think I shall sleep here.
You're bunking with Jerry, otherwise he'll know something's wrong.
He knows anyway.
- No, he doesn't.
No, and I don't want him to, I don't want anyone to.
I have to go and brief the undersecretary.
Oh, all right.
No, I have Yeah.
Yes, very good.
And everyone is aware the start time is now 9:30? Yeah.
Drink? I gotta get home.
Wife's pregnant.
Oh congratulations, that's wonderful.
Pozdravlyayu vas.
You, come on.
No This is a momentous occasion.
We drink to Bruderschaft.
All right, but just a quick one.
This man, Attlee, he will be Prime Minister? I don't know.
Attlee's a smart guy.
He understands, if there is another war, we are all dead.
Bases in the Middle East, England does not need them.
So, what, you've heard Attlee talk about whether or not we need bases in the Middle East? We are the little men that try to help.
We have leaders, but it's us, the advisors, that's trying to stop the world from going And I'm telling you, the world will go boom all over again, if your people on PWP committee and Palestine mandate working group How do you know about those committees? Stalin hears everything.
I tried to move you last night.
You were immovable.
I hope no-one saw you come in, and I would appreciate it if you try to ensure no-one saw you leave.
I have to tell you about last night.
I think your priority should be gargling and a bath.
My priority is making sure everyone has what they need for today's historic, important, not wise to be late meetings.
Are you driving the girl home, Jerry? Mm-hm.
Goodnight, Jerry.
How'd it go? You didn't bring Mr Roxborough in, so I assume you got everything out of him that you needed? No, I Well, you and I have both been picking locks.
I got into the glove box of Jerry's car without him seeing, obviously, and he has a gun.
Lots of people have guns.
Not in England.
I think it's hot.
I think we'd know more if you brought him in.
You brought someone in right? I see the sheets.
You as a beautiful woman can get secrets much more easily out of people than I can.
It's a tremendous advantage you have.
Yes but I don't want Don't be a little girl.
Be a big girl.
You have power, real power.
Use it.
There's no shame in it.
You and Peter were lovers and he adores you, but he'd tell you the same thing.
This is the business.
Peter knows what this job requires from a woman.
So don't feel bad about it.
Do what you have to do.
I, erm, I found out something else.
Priscilla Garrick.
I think she and Jarvis were having an affair.
When I asked her she denied it, but she did a little thing that made me think she was lying.
What little thing? She cleared her throat.
She does that when she's nervous, but why would she be nervous? Maybe she knows what happened to him? Maybe she was involved.
But she wasn't at the meetings where there were leaks.
She wasn't listed in the files.
But Jerry was.
And maybe there's more than one spy.
Cozhenko gave up 40 names in Canada.
There was a whole spy ring.
Let's take the investigation up a notch.
I didn't pick the lock.
I have a key.
Nothing? No, no secret boxes.
No bugs.
Place is filthy like a slum.
Well, it was said he was posing as an aristocrat.
Maybe, he's a secret member of the proletariat.
Double life.
Life as an agent.
You know what? When Mr Roxborough gets home, why don't you ask him a few questions? And make sure he tells you the truth.
Yeah OK.
Rae, I wondered if you might go out and get Mr Stevens a cake? That's not really my job.
It is today.
That's how Mumsy talks to the servants isn't it? The old girl's hitting the garage at the weekend.
They say it's a quick fix.
Everybody, we're doing a birthday surprise for Mr Stevens at five.
So I thought once I get her back, I can take you on a drive to the country.
Or alternatively Did you hear about the birthday party for Mr Stevens? Yes, I think we've told the entire office.
Alternatively we could go for a drink tonight? Or any night? Look, Jerry I'm sorry but I don't think I should see you socially.
Because of work and everything.
I think it's fine for us to see each other.
We like each other.
We should absolutely socialise, you're being silly.
You all right? Yes.
- Nicholas Sutton.
- Feef Symmonds.
After you.
Thank you.
The minister was quite shocked at the devastation that he witnessed in Russia last month.
He would like to give a speech in Parliament that articulates the extraordinary suffering of the Russian people.
He believes it would bolster relations between our two countries which of course are currently slightly strained as we thrash out the most practical use of Germany's resources.
Buttering up the Russians achieves nothing.
They despise you for it.
I will pass on Ml5's generality.
I like the idea.
I do not.
Reports keep coming in that Communists are using the Soviet zone in East Germany to recruit.
De Galle stepped back, France is now communist run.
A miner strike in the US is happening at the exact time as the miners in this country have presented our government with a written list of demands.
Workers of the world unite, it is happening.
And meanwhile they keep asking for more information about our access to uranium.
I wouldn't butter them up too much.
So, that's a no from Ml5.
We shall pass that on.
Birthday surprise for Mr Stevens.
Lovely gesture, Feef.
Birthday surprise for Mr Stevens.
All right.
Let me just get that.
Hello? Have at it, Miss Symmonds.
Oh, shit Sorry.
Mr Pip the elder ran in.
I know you hate him.
He opened the door? No, of course not, you left it open a crack.
Sit down.
One second.
May I call you back, Mr Learning? What is the matter with you? You tell me you need to work for a woman.
But Mr Hennessy is all over you.
You've been here less than five minutes and you're distracting Mr Roxborough.
Women have to be twice as good as men.
They really do.
Try to make yourself look less attractive.
Do you think I don't know how to do my hair? Do you think I don't know what rouge can do for bone structure? You think I have no idea how to dress? Huh? It is the wrong sort of attention.
Have no private life in the office.
That's an order.
And if you want some advice, have no private life at all.
You're bright.
You'd be wasted as a wife.
I don't want to be a wife.
I've never wanted to be a wife.
There is such opportunity here.
I know.
Back to work.
My mother's just a wife.
Now she drinks too much.
I admire you.
It's a ridiculous plan.
I arrange a cake, then I'm not there when they present it.
Because your phone rang.
She almost caught me.
But she didn't, because you had a plan.
You had a cover story, that was a brilliant use of a cat.
If I get fired, I'm no good to you.
Then don't get fired.
I met someone today.
His name is Nicholas Sullivan, he's Ml5 and I want to tell him what's going on.
He's very anti-Russia and I think I or you or both of us Absolutely not.
Why? We're all on the same side.
Ml5 or MI6 are either incompetent or they've been infiltrated.
I don't think Mr Sullivan has been compromised, you should have heard him at this meeting.
He was very clear about not buttering up to the Russians.
And I thought - You thought, what, you'd go up to him and say, "Hi, I'm a spy? "I've been secretly reporting on my countrymen to an American agent?" You will tell no-one who you are or what we're doing.
Or what? Believe it or not, I'm trying to keep you safe.
You're not doing a very good job.
I don't feel safe.
Only idiots feel safe.
I was with someone else before I met you.
An American.
I hope you don't mind me saying.
I did I did care about him.
I'm not sure how nice he was.
Nice is so boring.
Yes, I know.
But it's also nice.
What you doing, man? Don't do that.
Oh, God.
It's all right.
Is there someone I can call for you? No family? Nothing? Lost my brothers in the war.
I should be dead too.
Had to separate myself from the pack, didn't I? Get yourself to university and the next thing you know you're too important to fight.
It doesn't matter.
They always thought I was up myself.
That's what they'd say, down the East End.
It's just something I've been doing.
Sitting in the car with a gun.
I mean, sometimes the world gets very dark.
Do you ever have that feeling sometimes? I wouldn't do it.
But if I did do it, I wouldn't want the landlady to have to clear up.
The darkness? Yes.
Yes, it's awful, isn't it? What I figured out is the Party can always help.
Huh? Oh, yes.
Yes, a party does help sometimes, absolutely.
There's lots of pretty girls.
No The Party.
The Communist Party.
No! Not my cup of tea.
They'd always come knocking, looking for converts when we were growing up.
My mother would shut the door on them.
"I'm not voting for no stinking Jew Commie.
" Very proud woman, my mother.
Last weekend's performance was good but if we want to knock their socks off this weekend, I need better enunciation.
Three, four We're called Gondolieri But that's a vagary It's quite honorary The trade that we ply Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh Ahh For gallantry noted Since we were short-coated To beauty devoted My brother and I Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh Ahh When morning is breaking Our couches forsaking To greet their awaking With carols we come At summer's day nooning When weary lagooning.
I just wanted to have a quick word with you about Miss Simmons.
I'm just curious about why she wanted to leave housing.
You said you wanted her.
She told me you were taking liberties with her.
But I think that's very unlikely so I just wanted to discuss it.
Why do you think it's unlikely? You just don't seem like the type.
Look, she's a very attractive girl.
I probably, er I took my interest in her too far.
I apologise.
I'll apologise to her.
She's just very pretty.
And I like pretty girls.
Are you coming, David? Well, Mr Roxborough is leading a double life.
But not one of a spy.
There is something we're missing here.
I need to take another look.
Thank you.
They want the King's speech to commit to the nationalization of inland transport services, electricity and fuel and power and health services in the next year.
We simply have to advise that's too much for the next year.
Excuse me? I have to say, I think you're very nice girl.
And I won't take no for an answer.
Jerry Look, I'm sorry.
I've started going with someone.
- What? So you just wanted a ride in my car? And I asked you that directly and you lied.
I'm so sorry.
Things just changed.
Little girls who want a ride in a nice car should be very careful about giving the driver the eye - and a flash of the leg lest the driver get the wrong idea.
Can I tell you a secret? Of course.
Because it's torturing me.
Now, you'll think I'm crazy.
But I think that the Russians have placed a fellow in our department.
You're crazy.
And I think it's Roxborough.
Or Stevens, but I can't bring myself to say anything to anybody because, I mean, Christ, the idea that - these are good men.
I just I can't believe it.
Now, now.
What's happening in your eyes, there, missus? It's nothing.
Just why aren't we safe anywhere? He doesn't want to say anything anyway.
And he's not on to me but Well, I think I should mention it.
- Yes.
So what do I do? - I'll take it from here.
- Please what? Please.
It's nothing for you to worry about, Comrade.
There is mean things happening in this land Oh, the rich man boasts and brags While the poor man goes in rags There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land Too much cotton in our sacks So we have none on our backs There's mean things happening in this land.