Traitors (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 I need you to find a way to move to the Cabinet Office.
Why? It's the heart of government.
Don't you want to be at the centre of it all? Priscilla Garrick.
I think she was having an affair with Jarvis.
When I asked her she denied it, but she did a little thing that made me think she was lying.
She cleared her throat.
She does that when she's nervous.
But why would she be nervous? Can I tell you a secret? Russians have placed a fellow in our department.
He doesn't want to say anything anyway, and he's not on to me.
I'll take it from here.
It's nothing for you to worry about, comrade.
The politician you were dancing with - We're barely acquainted.
- Change that.
The Americans want us to let 100,000 Jews into what they allege is their homeland.
The Arabs, understandably, would prefer we did no such thing.
I want to know more about her.
Compromise? Coercion? Her brother's probably a homosexual.
I met someone today.
His name is Nicholas Sullivan.
He's MI5 and I want to tell him what's going on.
We know the Russians accessed information shared at two private Cabinet Office meetings.
Someone who was at both of those meetings is working for Stalin.
A colleague was asking me about Jarvis.
Asking what? I About my relationship with him.
You think he knows something? Probably just office gossip.
But I'm looking into him.
You were talking in your sleep.
Was I? What was I saying? You were just mumbling.
Are you all right? You were having a nightmare, I think.
I don't remember.
May I distract you from your troubles? I'm sorry.
I have an early meeting.
I can't sit in the fucking back.
I need to be able to talk to someone, connect with someone.
We both work for the same guy.
It would be nice to have a friend who knows, you know, everything.
Generally speaking,, my friends are more chatty, but I'll take what I can get.
Good morning.
I Will you be joining me in the back, or shall we all try to squeeze in up front? So, you wrote a long speech.
It should be enough to keep her busy for a while.
Does it sound like a speech a minister would say? Mm-hm.
Well, will she notice if he never gives it? She's just a secretary.
Mm, except likely not.
We know she has access.
Is she passing documents on to a larger network? I'll need to take a look in her flat.
Keep her there until eight.
I need you to work late tonight.
Tonight? We're all working late.
There's a lot to do.
Then why are you standing around and not helping to nationalise coal? She needs me to work late and I have an appointment.
Well, use Jane.
I I find Mrs Savitt particularly efficient.
And there's so much to do, we have to nationalise coal and steel.
Oh, all right.
Working late? Extra points for you.
Miss Garrick invited me to a dinner party at her home next week.
She has these, you know, salons.
Were you invited? I wasn't.
Well, you're new.
Ah! I brought you a cup of tea.
I'm sorry to keep you so late.
This is taking longer than I thought it would and I actually need to go home now.
I'm sorry, but the minister does need this for tomorrow.
It's inconvenient for me too.
There we are.
Take your coat off.
And I'll get you something to eat.
Jacob! Get back! Jackob, nazadt! Thank you so much.
Where are you off to in such a rush? My son's coming home tonight.
Tonight? He's been You know.
He was evacueed.
How long was he away for? Four years.
In America.
So, yeah, I gotta get back home.
I want to cook him supper.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
What happened to you? Burglar! But the door's not broken or anything! Jackob! My mum says it's OK if I don't really remember you.
Have you eaten? What happened to your face? The mother was supposed to be out playing whist.
The mother came home early.
The mother did that to him! Russian women are famously strong.
This one now has a broken nose.
I took some money.
She thinks I was a burglar.
You broke her nose? She's fine.
And what about her son? Is he hurt? Everybody made it out alive.
Because Miss Savitt's not a Communist.
She's a Jew.
I'd say that makes her more likely.
Lots of Jews are Communists.
Some are Communists.
Some are not.
And I have to assume the ones who carry prayer books are not.
"Religion is the opium of the people," said Marx.
Uh, if I may interrupt the expert for a minute, I'm the one who's been to Miss Savitt's house and there I confirmed - A, she's Russian, B, she stashes away more money than a secretary should have and C) - and this is definitive - she has two pills hidden.
Cyanide pills, suicide pills.
What agents take when their cover is blown.
I must get you one.
We need to figure out if the secretary is working with Miss Garrick.
I think she is.
Jarvis came to me a terrified man.
We were supposed to meet again.
He was killed.
Why was he killed? He must've confided in someone.
But, like I said, he was a terrified man, meaning Meaning? Meaning? He would only confide in someone he loved, Miss Garrick, and she had him killed! Look, I think it's very unlikely.
That's because you've been at this job five fucking minutes! Sentiment's clouding your judgement.
You need proof.
The big five get here next week.
Maybe you should be taking this secretary for a ride and using some "special methods of questioning.
I would be so grateful if the two of you would stop telling me how to do my job.
Who are the big five? You don't need to know yet.
Do they approve of torture? The Russian army raped women, you said.
You said they were barbarians and now Jimmy's talking about "special methods of questioning"? He misspoke.
Don't worry about Jimmy.
I don't want to do this any more.
Excuse me? Honestly I don't think Miss Savitt's the mole.
I don't think Miss Garrick's a killer, and I don't think I can possibly be of any use to you - any good for you and your mission - when I don't believe in it.
This is absolutely my fault, but I only got into this because of Peter, and to be honest with you it hasn't felt right since then.
No offence to you.
A needlepoint on the wall of my grandparents' house.
"Know thyself.
And you have a whole agency behind you.
You must have people with more experience than me.
I understand.
Shall we shake hands or something? Thank you.
See ya.
Go and get my insurance policy.
You're in an awfully good mood! My good mood? It's awful! What's wrong? Did I hurt you? No, um Just just go slowly, OK? OK.
No, stop, stop, stop.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
I don't know what's wrong.
It's OK.
Who's that? It's me, Dad.
Is it tea-time? I have to make it first, don't I? Can I have a biscuit? There aren't any biscuits.
You can have a butcher's rusk.
My bum hurts! Come on.
All uncooked joints off the table, soldier.
You're working late.
Hm, I'm going away for a few days.
I feel guilty about it.
Well, I just wanted to ask you about Fiona Symonds, the new girl.
A couple of things.
For a start, I'm pretty sure she lied about why she wanted to work in the Cabinet Office.
She's not who she seems.
Hey OK Who's he? Have you heard from your husband? Just to say he made it and it's beautiful.
Oh, also, I swapped with Jane.
I'm taking notes for the Palestine Committee.
They still haven't got a clue about me.
That's all?! I know, we were burgled.
Need to find a better hiding place.
I will.
I can off-load a triple share this week.
I found another shopkeeper.
Anything to do with women's clothing he'll buy.
Instant cash.
Because they are fleecing us on submachine guns and explosives.
Maybe he's her handler.
Follow him.
Find out who he is.
And give the girl the photographs.
Be sweet.
She trusts you.
Talk to your people in New York.
We need more stockings in London.
Yeah, you got it.
You reckon at some point the post office will realise it's no longer Passover? No.
I tell you, these Jews are terrorists! They're freedom fighters! I thought we agreed to approach this calmly! That was before Jewish terrorists disguised themselves as British soldiers, bombed British intelligence offices and killed seven policemen! They're fighting a British police state! Curfews, cordons Booby traps, ambushes .
raids, arbitrary arrests! .
snipers, IEDs, shootings.
The real truth is you British are deliberately causing conflict between the Jews and the Arabs to prolong your rule in the Middle East.
Might I remind you chaps that in 1941, Britain was fighting alone? Is Britain willing to concede she's finally too weak to make the Middle East her military monopoly? Exactly, John.
Will she share control? Or is she conspiring to get all that oil for herself? Says the oil man.
Oh, very funny! How can we put the humanity back into labour? Why should drudgery and exploitation be inevitable? I want to encourage all of you to Welcome, friend.
I encourage all of you to look at Marx's early writings.
His starting place was very relatable.
He's asking basic questions about how to make the world a better place.
Then he offers some solutions.
What brings you here, friend? Looking for some answers, I guess.
The world's a bastard, isn't it? You know that, don't you? If you want to fix it, you came to the right place.
Have a cup of tea, comrade.
Have a sandwich.
Zoe, get John something to eat and drink.
You're with friends.
Excuse me.
Good weekend? Well, I worked through most of it.
Although I did take the time to listen to a lovely symphony on BBC.
I'm more of a jazz girl.
Why doesn't that surprise me? The National Trust is a repellent institution.
Pris, the minister wants to go over the Bank of England speech.
He's concerned the phrase "state control" sounds too Soviet.
Well, then I'll take it out.
He's the one who said he wanted to lay out to the public exactly what we were trying to do.
You doing this to everyone? Yes, sir.
We've been instructed to issue bag checks, pocket checks.
Please form a queue.
We're trying to get through this as quickly as we can.
Oh, is this because of the Russian they caught in Canada? Excuse me.
What's the hold up? They're checking bags.
So sorry for this, everybody.
Just a precaution.
Thank you.
Next, please.
Oh, it's silly.
What? I've forgotten my umbrella and it's supposed to rain.
Oh, fuck.
Could you put me through to Nicholas Sullivan? MI5 What do you want? It's not me.
I don't want anything.
Oh, Freddie, Freddie, Freddie.
You fucking idiot, Freddie.
I'm sorry.
Freddie! You were right.
It's Miss Garrick.
She panicked at a bag check.
She pretended to go back to get an umbrella.
She returned with no umbrella.
And it wasn't even raining outside.
Now, I want the fucking negatives.
Miss Garrick wasn't at the meetings.
Someone gave her those documents.
Presumably, the secretary.
Jackson found out nothing following her handler, so you're all I have.
Just help me find a link, Then go.
If you want.
With the negatives.
I love my brother.
He's your twin.
I have to go to work.
Yes, you do.
The Jews went to the West and came back something else.
We're not quarrelling with anybody who comes from the West.
But our old Jewish cousin has come back with imperialistic ideas and is trying to enforce them, first by British pressure then by American pressure.
And now by terrorism.
Nearly 30 years ago, the British Government have promised to facilitate the establishment of Jewish national home in Palestine.
The Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe have given new urgency to this promise.
He pretends he has a particular civilising mission for our "degenerate race".
Well, that has been the pretension of every power that wanted to colonise, that aimed at domination.
My father, my mother my wife and my three children were gassed in Belsen.
You think we could ever again think of Europe as home? Jews are from Palestine.
And we will return.
With or without your permission.
The excuse has always been that the people are backward.
That one has a human mission to elevate them.
But we stand here and say no.
It is hypocrisy to try to alleviate the suffering of one people at the expense of another.
Well, chaps, I think we'll have this solved before lunch.
Oh, it's funny? It's fucking funny? I don't know who you think you are, Miss, but I know what you're going to do next.
Get your things, and get out.
And I don't just mean out of the room, I mean out of the building.
Now, hang on a second.
I think perhaps just apologise.
Yeah, just let her apologise.
It's been a long day.
We've heard horrible stories.
It's tough for a woman to take, right? I will not bloody apologise.
You're in charge of this whole You men.
You're just waiting for lunchtime, aren't you? Then you're waiting for dinner time, so you can go home.
And there are people, skeletons, with no fucking homes.
And they've seen things, they've lived things and Oh, what's the fucking point? What's the fucking point of any of you?! Go on, keep running the country.
Keep running the world.
Keep laughing.
Don't stop fucking laughing! Listen No, you listen.
You don't know what the world is.
Every time you get up, get dressed and tie your tie in front of the mirror, just remember, the world you move around in is imaginary.
You don't know anything at all.
Now what are we going to do for money? I don't want to work for the bloody government anyway.
I could get work.
It would've been no better in England, you know - if the Nazis had landed.
We'd have had to take the fucking cyanide pills, Mum.
You don't know that.
There were three Jews in Guernsey, weren't there? Three Jews in Guernsey.
And the Nazis got there, and the good English people of Guernsey said, "Our three Jews live on this street.
Go and get them.
" So, they're dead in Auschwitz, aren't they? Those fucking islanders couldn't protect three women.
They fucking hate Jews here, same as everyone else.
What did you do? I don't want to die.
No-one is going to die.
She made me feel like a total idiot.
I mean, we were just letting off steam, but I heard she got herself fired.
What does that mean? Uh, if she'd apologised, they'd have let her stay.
Lucky her, in a way.
Some people are just trapped.
I'm glad she's not one of them.
Are you .
one of them? Hugh I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
There is something else we could try.
I mean, I mean, only if you want to.
It's it's quite embarrassing.
Anything I can do for you? I haven't quite finished nationalising coal, but hopefully by this afternoon.
Come into my office for a second.
You work so hard.
I could've used you during the war.
Where were you? I was at Cambridge.
I think I've already mentioned.
I heard you trained with the SOE.
Who did you hear that from? Mr Sullivan mentioned it.
Oh, I just They told us not to say anything after the war, so We're not meant to broadcast it, you know? Hm.
But MI5 know everything.
I hope.
It's just awfully impressive, that's all.
I wanted to serve my country.
But in such an interesting way.
You must be very ambitious.
Well, why else would you have lied about David Hennessey making passes at you? David likes boys.
I am ambitious.
I wanted to be in the Cabinet Office.
I'm very sorry.
All is forgiven.
Listen, I wonder if you'd come to dinner? I put together these little evenings at my house, and I'd love to include you.
We talk a little politics.
Not so neutral.
Get to know each other properly.
Well, I'd love to.
I feel her eyes on me.
Maybe she is just ambitious.
Quite a few girls work for the SOE.
It doesn't mean anything.
Doesn't have to mean anything.
I'm probably just being paranoid.
Job makes you paranoid.
I hate it.
God, I hate it.
Sick of it.
Though I joked with Sullivan, "She's not one of yours, is she?" He said she wasn't.
He wouldn't tell me if she was.
It's fine.
She'll come to dinner, and if she's MI5, she won't be very experienced - she'll start snooping around.
And she'll slip up.
And if she slips up, I can tell him, can't I? There's nothing wrong with that.
It's just self-preservation.
It's preserving the cause.
Because you know the minute I mention it to him, he'll have no reservations about getting rid of her.
Just like that.
And a whole person a whole characterful life and soul" "will be utterly extinguished.
ls it time? I'm making it, aren't I? Can I have a biscuit? My bum hurts.
Um, is your mum here? What about your grandma? She's sleeping.
Can you give your mum this? Yeah? Yeah.
Um, there's some money for her too.
Severance pay.
OK? There is mean things happening in this land Oh, the rich man boasts and brags While the poor man goes in rags There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land Too much cotton in our sacks So we have none on our backs There is mean things happening in this land.