Traitors (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 You deserve to do great things.
I can make that happen.
I killed someone and I need you to help me get rid of him.
What brings you here, friend? I'm looking for some answers, I guess.
When can you move to the Cabinet Office? What's in the Cabinet Office? A Russian spy.
What's the hold-up? They're checking bags? You were right.
It's Miss Garrick.
I wonder if you'd come to dinner? Get to know each other properly.
Well, I'd love to.
I don't want to do this any more.
Excuse me? Her brother's probably a homosexual.
Go and get my insurance policy.
Freddie! That's good.
Whatever it takes.
A Russian general.
I crawled through poop, literally.
And he told his mistress all of it.
They're bribing every German scientist to get them over to Moscow.
There's gonna be an arms race.
I've got the general on tape.
So, what about you? What are you working on? Located a Russian spy in Whitehall.
You got proof? Working on it.
Where are the others? Our man from Switzerland gets in on the four o'clock, our guys from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia got in late last night.
We pitch the big five .
Well, look, all of you need to type up written reports emphasising one, what you've seen, as OSS agents, indicating the Russian threat, two, what you've done to combat it, and three, what you could do with an actual budget and formal leadership.
I have bullet points for you here.
I would like to give Truman a sheaf of documents from all of us that present clearly, in black and white, why he urgently needs to create an operational American intelligence agency.
I prefer to do a verbal presentation.
Dictate it to me if you want.
I have to go.
Is the girl going tonight? You're welcome to bunk with me.
My place is pretty basic but, uh, I got a floor, blankets and bottles of Scotch.
Jimmy said he'd book rooms for out-of-towners at Claridges.
Wow! Did our budget increase? The big five is taking this meeting very, very seriously and if Truman is planning on getting a second term, then he's gonna jump through any hoop they say.
These guys, these guys' fathers, these guys' grandfathers - they pick the President.
And they're taking off right after the meeting taking whatever Intel you share right back to Truman.
And there's gonna be a conversation about leadership, right? I mean, who's gonna be running this new organisation? Because otherwise, what are we doing here? Am I leaning on the General because he's cheating? Am I staying in the shadows? Stay in the shadows.
If he doesn't know you're listening the more he'll talk.
Unless I pull his fingernails.
So, Jimbo, honey, there needs to be a leadership conversation.
Like we talked about.
You're, you're actually going to pick out my outfit? Yes, you have to look naive.
What you're wearing makes you look buttoned up.
Like you have secrets.
Put this on.
But if, if it's sexy, Priscilla doesn't like it.
No, now that's not sexy.
It's naive! She doesn't like women to use their sexuality! Walk through the whole place.
Look for a space we can put a bug.
I need a list of options for tomorrow.
Get as precise a portrait of her life as possible.
She's the key to uncovering the whole Russian operation in London.
I know you're frightened.
She trusts you.
We're nearly there.
That's terribly good.
I can't get a word out of any of my chaps on the Palestine Committee.
Oh, I know! It's supposed to be Anglo-American.
I'm sure they must realise the Americans have their own agenda.
Well, you would've thought they would.
Well, tell us.
Aren't you seeing a young man on the committee? Oh, yes, but he doesn't tell me a thing.
Who's that? Mm.
Hugh Fenton.
Oh, Mr Fenton.
The earnest one.
Wedding bells? Really? What, then he tells you nothing about the committee? Nothing.
Oh, not everyone likes to talk politics at social settings, Herbert.
I for .
example, would like to talk about anything else.
Why did you bring her? What'd you think we were gonna talk about? Well, I thought we might like to talk to his wife Oh, I'll drink to that.
Now, Winn, confirm or deny.
Yes! The Ministry of Supply is pushing nuclear power plants because our Mr United Nations World Peace Attlee wants to build a nuclear bomb for ourselves! Come on Winn.
Confirm or deny? Not playing that game.
Ohh! What is point of inviting the Chief Whip of the Labour Party to dinner if he won't spill any beans? Hear, hear! Herbert, Herbert, Nicholas, don't put him in that position.
The game's just supposed to be for silly gossip.
I heard Attlee has a mistress.
Now, don't be ridiculous.
Can you believe that? Excuse me, where is the loo? It's, uh, just up the stairs and to the left.
Thank you.
Well, gossip is a sin.
Of course.
But, uh, uh, did you hear about Maria's son? No, do tell.
He was born with some dreadful disease.
Now her husband has finally admitted that it was actually hereditary.
Runs in his family.
Is it tea time? I'm sorry.
I thought this was the loo.
I, I thought that was the loo.
I know what you're doing.
Sorry? Stop.
Stop what? I don't know what you mean.
Let me be very, very clear.
If something happens to me - something happens to you.
And why are they any less important than the people who want Good point.
independence? Good lad.
Now, who is for dessert? Oh, I should actually get going.
Well, you'll stay for dessert.
Well, if dessert is as good as the main course I'm going to insist you invite me to dinner every week.
Thank you, thank you.
So, yes, what is for dessert? Gooseberry crumble.
She's onto me.
She knows about me.
How do you know? She warned me off.
She warned you off? She said, "If something happens to me, something happens to you.
" Hey! Cassandra, I have good news.
People who plan to murder other people, don't give them a heads up.
She will murder me if I don't back off.
We have to stop.
No, no, no, honey, the point is she doesn't want to hurt you.
Which means her commitment to the great cause wavers.
Her loyalties are divided.
What did you say? I pretended I didn't know what she was talking about.
I ate my fucking dessert.
I nearly threw it up.
We can turn her.
You can turn her.
She can work for us.
Look, here's what you're gonna do.
Tomorrow you're gonna ask her to get a cup of tea with you - out of the office.
I'm gonna help you.
We'll do it together.
A two-pronged approach.
Get into her head.
Oh, my God, you have to stop, please! Please! Please, just, just let me go.
Just let me go, please.
That Mr Winn really doesn't like Churchill.
Not much, no.
He was just drunk and showing off.
They were all drunk.
You sounded like you were having fun.
Did I? You weren't? Don't know any more.
I was, uh, I was wondering the other day .
silly really But if Jarvis had known that it was me - that I'm the one - would you have killed me too? You cannot be asking me that.
No more for you.
Tell me.
15 years we've known each other.
I cook for you.
You drink with me.
You help me with my garden.
I help you with your father.
We're friends.
Are we? Now, you're silly.
Yes, I am.
I am very silly.
I'm going to put on a kettle.
The girl .
at the dinner .
she's on to me.
Oi, what are you doing here? Get back to where you came from.
Do I have to call the police? Mr Mulligan, where's Miss Symonds? She late? Called in.
She's got that stomach bug that's been going around.
How miserable.
Let's send her something.
Will you get me her home address? I think that's more of a secretary's job.
Thank you.
Close the door on your way out.
Two Rs? Two Rs.
Thank you.
Well, I'll leave that with you.
Nice lunch? Very nice.
You must be here about the oven.
Oven, yes.
Come in.
Uh, now, it is a fairly old oven.
It's not entirely broken but for some reason it does keep switching itself off.
Now, I first noticed it on Wednesday because I managed to access some lamb, finally, and I put it in.
Took it out 45 minutes later and it just wasn't cooked through.
Now, I assumed it was my fault.
But then on Thursday I put in a potato to bake and it came out raw and I actually thought - did I forget to turn the oven on? Then, bafflingly, on Friday, I made a crumble and it was perfect.
And, so, oven working.
Then over the weekend I tried to bake eggs and nothing.
So, I said to my husband, "Harry, you have to take a look.
Husband? Yes.
And he did look, fairly predictably he shed no light on the matter and that's when I called you.
There's a manual here which was about as much help as Harry.
But what I've discovered is if you turn this on This place is very nice.
Who've you got paying for it? Are you a mistress now? That's not me.
It is you.
And I think what needs to happen is, is you need to leave the country.
Why? Because I'm being blackmailed.
But I can't keep doing what these people want me to do, so I have to let this come out.
No, no, no.
No, Feef.
They cut it off.
They cut it off.
That's what happened to my friend! Yes.
That's why you need to leave.
You need to go to Ceylon.
You need to stay with your in-laws.
But they're coming home.
It's not safe now.
Then go to India.
Or Africa.
My God, Freddie, the sun never sets on the British empire.
Just pick a spot and go there.
No, but the sun does set.
It has! There's nowhere for me to go! I can't keep working for these people.
Who, are they? Americans.
Well, what's wrong with that? You like Americans.
Not these Americans.
Where are the negatives? Where are the fucking negatives!? I don't know Freddie! You idiot! This is not my fault.
It is your fucking fault! No! This is your fucking fault because you were stupid enough to get caught! You've always been stupid and you've always been selfish! We never get to talk about it.
We only talk about how, how I'm an idiot, and I failed, and I'm nothing when it's not true! Look at me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Think, think.
There must be someone else who can help.
Who? Miss Symonds is not at her desk? She is unwell? Yes, just tell her that Norman Pitman telephoned in response to her queries about our steel production figures.
Yes, she has my number.
I told you to watch her.
I told you, a neighbour threatened to call the police.
Watch your tongue.
It's in Northern France.
Can produce five tonnes of fabricated sheet steel products every week.
Equipment's in good shape.
Workers are trained up.
Previous owners, Jewish.
And the French government are just giving it away.
You snap it up? You bet your ass I did, and ten more like it.
Hey, there, beautiful.
What can I do you for? Let me introduce you to my Dad.
These are a few of his friends.
These guys are titans of industry.
Heads of steel, coal, railroad.
This .
is Feef Symonds.
How do you do? You'll be briefed on her later.
She's with us but, as you can see, she is quite the asset.
Great to meet you, sweetie.
Can I talk to you in private? Sure.
She can't have gone far.
Her clothes are still here and everything.
Well, if you want something done right, do it yourself.
Remind me where Miss Garrick transfers buses.
And at what time.
You look nice.
You always seemed nice.
I am.
That's the thing about me.
What's going on? You OK? I need to talk to Peter McCormick.
Why? This is absolutely a secret.
During the war, Peter and I were together.
That's how I got involved with all of this in the first place.
And he and I .
we had a daughter.
He wanted me to get rid of her.
I refused.
Good, good for you.
That's, uh, that's, uh Wow.
Well, now there's a medical problem.
And I'm sure it will be fine, but doctors are asking if it's hereditary and questions about blood types and if they could just talk to Peter it would be helpful because Wait, wait, wait, why the hell didn't Peter just give you his address? Well, he said he was on a mission.
Uh, liar.
He retired.
He's in the States.
He's in the States? Jimmy? Are we going to eat? Yeah.
They'll have his address on file.
Who will? The OSS, West London.
I can get the number nine from here, right? Yes, that's correct.
Must be a real page-turner.
Your book's open but, but you're not reading.
It's absorbing.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
That's the problem with being alone all the time.
You start talking to strangers.
What, what part of the States? Oh, do you know it? Not really.
Well, Pennsylvania, originally.
I've travelled a lot since then.
So What do you do? Work for the Red Cross.
Well, what do you do with the Red Cross? Administrate recovery zones.
Enough hospital beds here, syringes there.
It's kind of boring, really.
Facts, figures.
But for a very good cause.
Listen, I I don't suppose Uh, no.
Yeah, I don't suppose you'd like to get a bite to eat or something? I I, uh I'm not really looking for that sort of thing.
No, that's OK.
Of course.
No, I just I noticed you didn't have a ring on your finger and I'm sorry.
I .
the greyness in this city gets me down sometimes.
I'm sure there's got to be secret places in this town with lights and colour and .
people going dancing.
But I can't seem to find them.
Well, there there are a few.
Could I give you my number? Yes.
Yeah? Yes, that would be fine.
What's your name? Peter.
Yeah, good morning.
I was wondering if you guys were having any more meetings.
Yeah, I came one other time.
But why do you want to know my name? Yes, the American.
Yeah, the coloured chap.
I need to talk to who? A Richard Gregory? And what does he do? What, specialise in negroes or something? Can I help you? Uh, I work for Jimmy Derby at the embassy.
He needs a number and address for Peter McCormick.
Yeah, he went home.
Wasn't he from DC? Um .
Peter from Idaho? Uh, lives with his wife? McCormick, right.
That's not his wife.
Go down the hall.
Dixie will have his file.
I have no idea why, but Peter's file is missing.
Really? Yes, it's gone.
Must've .
ugh, I don't know.
It's odd.
It doesn't matter.
You don't have an address for Thomas Rowe, do you? You Jackson? You Richard? Simon tell you I was coloured? He said I'd like you.
I guess that's what they meant.
Have you read the Manifesto? Bits.
What do you think? Well, I'm here, aren't I? Let's do this, OK? So you're doing the intros.
We go around the table with what everybody's up to, then I'll summarise, lay out the case for an intelligence agency.
Sounds good, brother.
Gentlemen! Take your seats.
My family ran north in the middle of the night.
Barely made it out.
But you made it all the way here.
I travelled with this white woman.
Left her, but stayed here.
You ever fuck a white girl? That's why you're a Communist? Communism not only demands racial equality, it can't function without it.
Why are you here? I'm curious.
Curious? Negroes have to be desperate to pick up the Manifesto.
Especially if you grew up in the South.
All that church nonsense they shove down your throat from the time you're born messes with your head.
So I ask again .
why are you here? My brother Aaron.
He was in the service like me.
Got discharged a year ago.
This little white boy about ten years old lived down the road from us.
Aaron liked telling him stories about the war.
Every day, he begged him to tell him another one.
Boy's father didn't like that too much.
First, they beat him.
Then they shot him.
Then they burned him.
Just cos he told war stories? Because before the war .
Aaron was a good boy.
"Yes, suh.
"No, suh.
"Whatever you need, Boss.
" After the war .
he stopped bowing his head.
He really thought he was somebody.
So, Communism going to fix that? Negroes are uniquely qualified to develop a larger vision for society because we are uniquely invested.
Man, we need that revolution.
And we gon' get it.
What I need is to present Harry with a realistic business plan of what we're talking about today.
Understood, and here is a budget proposal.
This is not enough money.
Jimmy and I have been through the figures with a lot of detail.
What kind of operations are you imagining? This covers 1,000 salaries? We need people all over the world.
Gentlemen, if there's one thing Hiroshima taught us, it's that the world now knows to do what we say.
That's right.
Blowing up Russia, or anywhere else, is not a long-term solution unless you want to live in a graveyard.
We need to capture hearts and minds.
We need to hear about revolutions before they happen.
We need to take a leaf out of the Russian playbook and beat them at their own game.
Agents infiltrated everywhere.
We can never be the last to know.
So, you want us to double the budget? Multiply it by 1,000.
This is the one I told you about, the one who lost his mind in Bucharest.
You think I'm delusional? You are labouring under a delusion, gentlemen.
You think you're strong, but you're vulnerable.
You can sleep on a bed of money, but a washed-up poet in a garret called Karl Marx wrote a fucking pamphlet and he set the world on fire.
All he had was pen, paper and an idea.
You want money and power? But all the money and all the power in the world doesn't mean anything.
Because right at this very moment, some nobody somewhere is sitting in his crappy flat, or hut or jail cell, plotting how to take down the entire world.
Now, this man doesn't have money, access or resources.
But all the armies in the entire goddamn universe will never be able to defeat him because you cannot destroy an idea.
And that's all it takes.
One idea that sparks the popular imagination.
One idea that tells the masses they can have it all if they just believe.
One idea, and everything you built is lost .
just like that.
See, you think you're selling goods and services.
You're not.
You're selling democracy.
And the only way to sell democracy is to have eyes and ears everywhere to stop every little guy who wants to undermine it.
You want a free market? You want to buy shit, sell shit in peace? Then you need a government organisation looking out for you at all times, all over the world, protecting democracy, protecting capitalism, protecting you.
It's a long, expert game.
It costs money .
real money.
But, my God, don't you think it's worth it? Let's go.
Don't want to keep Rowe waiting.
When you went to Peter's hotel room and got his things did you know he was dead? Why didn't you say anything to me? He paid me.
I've got a mother who skips meals so there's enough just to feed my sisters.
And in addition to that .
I didn't want to tell you what I shouldn't and end up at the bottom of the river myself.
I barely knew you.
You think I should risk my life for you? Why? Because you're a nice girl? It's such an ugly world, isn't it? Oh, you didn't know that? I'm getting out of here.
And if you're smart .
that's what you'll do too.
Just get on the train, bus, a boat.
Because I don't see another way out of this.
I don't want to leave England.
This is my country.
You didn't go to work today.
Everything all right? Not really.
Want to talk about it? Sure.
So, when you told me Peter was off on a mission, that was a lie, wasn't it? And the letter I received from him, you wrote that, didn't you? I honestly don't know what you're talking about.
Someone told me once that when people add the word "honestly" that means they're lying.
That's honestly bullshit.
You are going to leave me and my family alone.
If you don't, I will tell the English bloody army about you, if I have to.
I don't know what's gotten you so worked up, but I have good news.
Really good news.
About our mission and our future.
I met Garrick.
I asked her out.
I'll spend a few weeks getting to know her - nudge, nudge, wink, wink, as you Brits like to say.
I think she's turnable.
You can make the approach, but I can lay the groundwork.
Sow some doubt.
We have the luxury of time now.
Because the powers that be are very, very pleased with our work.
We're gonna have more resources, more men and women.
We can uncover the entire Russian operation in London.
And beyond.
And I swear, Feef, it'll be the stuff of legend.
And it'll have been an old man and a girl that made it happen.
An old man and a girl saving the world! I don't even want to stand near you! I don't want to breathe the same air as you.
Just tell me you killed him.
I want you to say it! Why?! You just told me.
Go, tell whoever you want! I can disappear like a ghost.
And that's what I'll do.
And then one day, when you least expect it, your brother, your father, your mother, something nasty will happen to 'em.
And that'll be because of you, Bug! Where are you gonna go? And what could be better than what we do anyway? Jesus, kid.
How many people get to put the world to rights and have fun doing it!? Huh? Jackson, don't, don't drive her anywhere! Hey! Where do you think you're gonna go? I'm so scared of tomorrow.
We're fine.
It's over.
There is mean things happening in this land Oh, the rich man boasts and brags While the poor man goes in rags There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land Too much cotton in our sacks So we have none on our backs There is mean things happening in this land.