Traitors (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 You deserve to do great things.
I can make that happen.
When can you move to the Cabinet Office? What's in the Cabinet Office? A Russian spy.
A Russian spy.
What's the hold-up? You were right.
It's Miss Garrick.
If something happens to me, something happens to you.
The politician you were dancing with We're barely acquainted.
Change that.
The Americans want us to let 100,000 Jews into what they allege is their homeland.
The Arabs, understandably, would prefer we did no such thing.
I think we'll have this solved before lunch.
That was funny.
Go on.
Keep running the world.
Keep laughing.
What brings you here, friend? I'm looking for some answers, I guess.
So, when you told me Peter was off on a mission, that was a lie.
I honestly don't know what you're talking about.
Just tell me you killed him.
I want you to say it! Why?! I'm so scared of tomorrow.
It's over.
There has to be trust.
The thing about trust is you can't prove it.
That's what makes it trust.
And for most people, it takes years to build.
I mean, I've been married to my wife for 25 years.
I keep thinking about what that secretary said.
Miss Savitt.
"Keep running the world.
Keep laughing.
" We have to be honest amongst ourselves.
The British contingent are coming under pressure from the British powers that be, to share where we are up to in our deliberations.
The pressure is improper.
Because their main concern is oil.
We're getting the same pressure to spill the beans on our end.
But our guys are only interested in boats.
And I don't know how you responded, but we didn't tell the ambassador a damn thing.
We didn't say a word to the treasurer.
As you said, you can't prove trust.
But handshakes among gentlemen used to mean a great deal.
Do the right thing.
I just wondered if she was there.
She didn't come home last night.
Are you two living in sin now? No, I just Then how else would you know she didn't come home all night? Don't worry, I won't tell Pa.
But she's not at your house? No.
A word to the wise, if you don't put a ring on it, the pretty ones stray.
My sister's always been a bit of a free spirit, I'm afraid.
Thank you so much.
Good morning.
Sit down.
Take a load off.
How you doing? I work with Thomas Rowe.
Supposed to meet him last night at 11 o'clock.
He never showed up.
You got something there, boy? Do either of you know where Rowe got to? I was meant to be meeting him last night too, but, like you said, he never showed.
Anyway, I figured I'll come here, talk to his trusted driver, see if he can help me figure out the good man's whereabouts.
Your fender's fucked up, man.
Did you hit something? I hit a dog.
I'm never going to hit your face, because what you and me got going on is private.
You killed a white guy.
I know your army number.
G-I 1-0-3-4-7-2-6.
Want me to get you arrested? Want to be shipped back to Alabama? What's going to happen when folks out there hear that you killed a white guy? He didn't.
American juries, they always believe the negro.
It's a fact.
Juries always find for the negro, don't they, kid? And they've got nothing but respect for the white girl he's fucking.
The white girl with the fag brother.
Yeah, Rowe told me everything.
Bridgeman Creek Drive, Mobile, Alabama.
Oh, I know where your momma lives.
I know where your drunken mama lives and I know why that fucking fender is bent.
But let's not dwell in the past.
Argh! You guys work for me now.
Get ahold of the big five.
Tell them Thomas Rowe is dead.
What? Jimmy, brother! You want to work in the intelligence business, people get killed.
The Russians got him? The girl and the driver killed him.
And that's good for us, because now they're ours forever and we don't have to pay them.
I gotta get the girl to work.
What you tell the big five is the great guy they met, the one who was posted in Berlin, he'll head this new intelligence agency.
Which is actually great news, because you always liked him more.
Rowe was a fucking prick.
We should run.
Run to where? For how long? He knows the name of the street my kid sister plays on.
Rowe wanted you to turn Miss Garrick, right? Uh, he was, he was going to help me.
Well, he's gone and now I'm going to help.
Tell her you need to talk, tonight.
Tell her she can pick the location, but it has to be somewhere in public.
Then tell me where.
Rowe said that you had a soft spot for her.
You'd better hope she has one for you too, because if she hasn't, her comrades will already be on to you.
Smile, Miss Symonds.
It might never happen.
Before we begin, a quick announcement for the ladies present.
The Civil Service marriage ban is to be discontinued.
Uh, either one of you may marry me.
Now, the latest projections from health are more ambitious, not less, despite my repeated fiscal concerns.
Nevertheless, write them down.
364,000 staff.
These will include 2,000 radiographers, 149,000 nurses and midwives, some of whom will be part time.
128,000 ancillary staff for cleaning, maintain I'm sorry if I'm boring you, Miss Symonds.
How can I help you? I'm handing myself in.
Did Feef come in today? Yes, she's in a budget meeting.
She did come in this morning? And now she's in a budget meeting.
Would you like me to pass her some kind of love note? Hmm? A sonnet? They were blackmailing me.
Thomas Rowe was? Where is he? I have no idea.
He approached me with pictures of my brother.
He's a homosexual.
So his sister committed treason.
The newspapers would love this.
They didn't come to me and say, "Will you betray your country?" They came to me and said, "There is a Russian spy in the Cabinet Office.
" I'm so sorry, what? And I think it's alarming that you were entirely unaware that England has been compromised.
The Americans took me, manipulated me, threatened me.
The Russians have penetrated Whitehall.
Why am I being interrogated? A Russian spy? I know who it is.
And I won't tell you, unless we make some kind of deal.
Given that both the Russians and the bloody Americans seem to be spying on us, I thought MI6 should know.
In my opinion, there's a way we can deal with Russia and the States at the same time.
Let the Americans finish what they started.
Let us catch them in the act.
By what method? Use the girl.
She won't tell us who the mole is unless we guarantee immunity.
We can guarantee her immunity and not mean a bloody word we say.
Because, really, who gives a shit? She's a foreign bloody agent.
What's going on? Who's he? Keep working for the Americans.
Just do exactly what they tell you to do.
But does this mean I'm a double agent? I work for us? Yes, it does.
Welcome home.
Oh, come on.
He's coming at eight.
You haven't even taken your bath yet.
Oh, gee.
I know our mythic history King Arthur's and Sir Caradoc's I answer hard acrostics I've a pretty taste for paradox I quote in elegiacs all the crimes of Heliogabalus Now, how is it you can remember all of that In conics I floor peculi .
but you can't remember my name? You're Pris.
Yes! Yes, Dad! I'm Pris.
Well, they're not meant to be here until eight.
Being early is as impolite as being late.
Isn't it? You're Pris! Yes, I am.
Now, hold tight to the edge of the bath.
Now, that's an order, soldier.
Yes, sir.
Can I come in, please? Yes.
Yes, uh, come in.
Uh, wipe your feet.
Something smells nice.
Yes, my father and I just ate.
Argh! Oh, shit! Oh, dear.
Oh, dear.
What's happened to you? Come on, Dad.
Out you go.
Come on.
There you go, everything's all right.
Get the towel, come on.
Oh, oh.
Throw me that towel! Ow! Yes.
Oh, I hurt.
All right.
Oh, dear.
Oh, ouchie.
Well done.
Dry you off.
Arms in.
What do you want? Well, what, is it? More trouble at work? Sit down.
Oh, she is glorious.
You are beautiful ladies.
Right, into bed, Dad.
Two beautiful ladies! I think they're playing our song.
Oh! I'm not quite sure that they are.
Madame, you have nothing to fear.
I'm all chivalry.
Into bed, Dad.
Come on.
Footsies up.
Now, now you're safe.
Door half open! After you.
I don't want anything bad to happen to you, ever.
They wanted me to meet you in a public space, so they could watch, so they could protect me.
But I came here to your house because I wanted to tell you in private how much I like you.
How you've made me see the world so much more clearly.
This does not have to end badly.
It's not too late to change your mind.
Wouldn't it be a relief to be back on the right side? I mean, isn't it some sort of primal wrong to serve a foreign power and walk past their flags? I don't serve a foreign power.
I serve an idea.
See, I am not a gadabout having an adventure.
I'm trying to eradicate suffering.
Suffering is not inevitable.
Men make the world.
My mother died at 29, because it wasn't in the interest of capitalism to give her a doctor for free.
England's changing that.
My father lost his mind in the Great War, because Imperialists were squabbling over resources instead of doing the first thing we teach a toddler.
To share.
I think if one idea could make the world a better place, the world would be a better place.
You serve an idea and you don't even know it.
Organised selfishness.
You don't serve an idea.
You serve the propagators of an idea, the Russians.
If you weren't having doubts, why didn't you have me killed? Like Jarvis? I have to get that.
It's the nurse for my father.
She's here.
What? Who do you work for? What is the name of your handler? What is it? Tell me! Who do you work for? Mind your own business! Your corpse will be found in a bombed-out building.
Your family will think it's some random maniac.
Whoever it is you're working for, they will know it is the Russians.
Are you serious? You're going to let him do this? This is what your idea was, you fucking hypocrite? Henry.
Henry! Let go of me! Get off! Get off! Get off me! No, get off me! No, Henry, stop! Stop! Stop! Get out of the room! Get off me! It's all right, Dad.
Everything's tickety-boo.
Go on, it's fine.
I'm fine.
Get to bed.
Ahhh! Ah! I am the very model of a modern Major-General I've information vegetable, animal and mineral I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical From Marathon to Waterloo In order categorical I'm very well acquainted, too With matters mathematical I understand equally You knew that man was coming, didn't you? To hurt me? Argh! Do you have a phone? Got comrades waiting for them in Mississippi.
Your boat docks literally 40 blocks from Harlem.
You go straight to 616 West 137th Street.
I wrote the comrades there already.
There's a bed waiting for you.
What the fuck's going on? And why are there two of you? This the white guy you told me about? Oh, that's sweet.
I like being talked about.
Let's go.
We got places to be.
I'm all done driving.
No, you're not all done shit.
Get in the car, Jackson.
We gotta go.
That nigger killed a white man.
You think I'm letting him go anywhere? This car is about to be a murder weapon again.
Niggas killing white people.
Are you out of your fucking mind? Niggas killing white people? I've killed no-one.
Not a single fucking person.
The whole war they made me drive.
Didn't even give me a gun.
Yeah, I heard about a whole lot of killing.
Heard about white people killing.
In France, Germany, Poland.
White people killing white people.
In the States, you hear about white people killing black people.
Hear about that every day.
But niggas, killing white people? You make me fucking laugh.
I don't want to spend another second in this goddamn car.
You driving.
No matter where you walk, no matter where you go, you people will always be fucked! An American will arrive very shortly.
You will not mention us.
You will answer his questions.
If you deviate from these instructions, I guarantee you will imminently be hanged by the neck until you are dead.
So, all those dinner parties? Where was the Russian listening from? Where? Jesus.
Confirm the Embassy's involvement.
We need to know who he's working with.
Miss Symonds? Don't click at me.
Girl's a mess.
How did you get in here? The door was open.
Is Miss Symonds here? No.
This is the second night she hasn't come home.
Any idea where she might be sleeping? I'm going to need a saw.
Uh, I can look for one.
You've done enough.
I gave you very specific instructions and you fucked up.
Dear, I'm going to ask you a lot of questions over the next few days, and it all begins with this one.
Do you have a saw? I think she'll talk to you without you kicking her leg.
Well, she did not answer the first time I asked.
Let's make that the rule.
You tell me what I want to hear the first time around, or else that leg of yours gets kicked off.
But Jimmy Derby said not to hurt her.
What the fuck you talking about? Jimmy said no such thing.
He said find out what she knows.
Got him.
You should know MI5, possibly MI6, are next door listening to everything you say.
She set you up.
You fucking Move.
Back door.
Everything's going to be fine.
Absolutely fine.
Last one.
Now close your eyes.
Now .
who are you? It's me.
Easy enough to explain away.
Beloved father had a heart attack.
Spinster daughter committed suicide.
The end.
He's a Russian spy with high level access.
He's moving into the private sector.
The Atomic Energy Research Establishment.
Quick word, Mr Stephens? Of course.
Won't be a second.
Duty calls.
Why are they letting him retire early? These tapes confirm that America has spied on British nationals, obviously without our Government's consent, thus contravening the Atlantic Treaty, as well as the BRUSA agreement.
Look, I don't see this has to be a giant thing.
Then the two of you will leave England, within the week.
And the story will be as follows .
the Russians never penetrated Whitehall.
And you guys never fail to catch them.
Oh, so you guys are going to take credit for busting this ring.
You never recruited an English girl.
She never killed an American citizen.
Oh .
she didn't tell you that part? Now what? What's going to happen to me? There's only one option.
There will be a clean slate with some proper training.
To all intents and purposes, you will still appear to work for the government.
But you do not work for the government.
You work for the country.
Prime Ministers come and go.
We will be tasked with actions that we support, and some we question.
Regardless, we do our job, and are always Neutral.
Now, go home and get some sleep.
Oh, wait.
One more thing.
I don't suppose you recognise this address? It was in the Russian fellow's pocket.
Uh, that's my friend's address Hugh Fenton.
The chap on the Palestine committee? In our line of work, intimates can be something of a liability.
The best way to protect our very close friends is to keep our distance.
It's not a rule.
It's just a fact.
There's a story I always wanted to tell you about.
Maybe because you have a twin, and all.
Me and my brother loved fishing.
The summer we turned eight, we were twins too, you see.
They let us go without any grown-ups and right off the bat, we caught a giant silver sturgeon.
And we were whooping and yelling, both of us on the rod dragging it up the bank.
But that thing must've been playing dead or something.
Because the second we got the hook out his mouth, it shimmied back down over the grass and into the water.
Best thing I ever saw .
the way it fought to get home.
I wanted to say goodbye.
And I wanted to say more.
And this is what I came up with.
I'm going home.
I know you'll be OK.
First time I saw you, I thought of that silver fish.
I remain, faithfully yours.
I missed you.
Where have you been? I'm sorry, you must've been worried.
Where were you? Hospital.
A taxi cab caught me as I was crossing the road.
I'm fine.
Just a few bruises, but they kept me in for observation.
You weren't in the hospital.
You were fucking an American.
What? He popped by the flat to say goodbye.
You've been seeing this whole time, haven't you No, no.
this whole time? No.
I want to marry you.
I want to spend my whole life with you.
But .
I have to trust you.
I have to trust you.
I love the idea of us married.
With a garden, and .
and a dog.
I'd weed flowerbeds.
If you were in the hospital .
show me a bruise.
Show me a single bloody bruise.
I loved knowing you.
It will be announced formally tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you personally.
The committee has agreed Not in the house.
I'm sorry.
the committee has agreed to let the 100,000 refugees into Palestine.
We had no choice.
It's a moral imperative.
That's Thank you.
And we've also made a series of recommendations about Palestine itself.
Yes, the Jews have an undeniable claim.
Yes, we British must give up the mandate.
But Arabs live there, farm there, work there.
They never left.
They have a claim too, equally undeniable.
So, what we've decided is that there can be a two-part solution.
Split the country down the middle.
Half for the Arabs, half for the Jews.
It will take some negotiating, but we can get it done.
That sounds wonderful.
Obviously, keep this to yourself.
But, like I said, I wanted to tell you personally.
I've thought about you a lot.
Sorry, that wasn't meant to be a line or anything.
I'm married.
This is Neville Chambers.
Obviously, he's not talking to us in that capacity.
This is just a chum introducing some chums.
Herbert Quick, of the Treasury.
Nice to meet you, chum.
The Palestine committee are being piously tight-lipped, and I don't know if either of you know what they will announce tomorrow, but I do feel duty bound to tell you this.
Britain has dominated the Middle East and her resources for the last hundred years.
We are now dependant on those resources.
We constructed and control two oil pipelines from Iraq to the Mediterranean.
One through Syria to the Coast, another through Trans-Jordan to Haifa in Palestine.
In order to continue producing and transporting oil, we need to keep the Arabs happy.
If the committee angers the Arabs, you'll need to find a way to keep them happy.
Diplomacy will not suffice.
For the last six months, representatives of the British and American governments have been deciding on the fate of Jewish refugees, who are attempting to settle in British controlled Palestine.
The Arab League, defending the interests of those who could lose their land, had strongly opposed the idea of refugees entering Palestine.
Britain, who relies on the support of their Middle Eastern partners for its oil, had been expected to listen to their concerns.
But today, the committee has decided to allow these long-suffering refugees back to what is their ancestral homeland.
Despite what the committee has decided, we need to protect our oil interests in the Middle East.
The boats are in France.
You boys will be dressed as engineers.
You will enter the boat the night before.
The refugees will not yet have boarded.
You will get on board and below deck, where you will assemble the devices.
They take seven minutes to detonate.
After the explosion, you will go to the police.
Say that you saw men, engineers you assumed, board the boats.
Say these men had Russian accents, all right? This is top secret.
No-one knows about it, except the Prime Minister.
But the tide of refugees must be stemmed.
In this last year of Labour government, we have placed a heavier and more important programme of legislation than has been submitted in any previous Parliament.
Here, here.
In every sphere of government, you have seen our Socialist impulse.
Our Socialist outlook.
We have led the world in workers' rights.
We have led the way in health, in housing, in education.
Abroad, we have sought to help all our fellow men towards self-government.
And we have moved towards solving the great, inherited problem of India and Palestine, and the Colonial Empire.
It was left to us to deal with the muddle of the past.
We have met that challenge with faith.
The faith that has carried us to power after years of striving.
The faith that can remove mountains.
The faith in the common people.
The faith that can build a world of peace.
A world of justice.
A world of freedom.
A world of happiness for all.
In that faith .
we shall conquer.
Hear! Whatever it takes.
There is mean things happening in this land Oh, the rich man boasts and brags While the poor man goes in rags There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land There is mean things happening in this land Too much cutting in our sacks So we have none on our backs There is mean things happening in this land.