Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011) s04e20 Episode Script

The Need For Speed

1 [ Engine revving ] Override is in the lead, but Blurr's hot on her tail! Racemaster is a distant third.
[ Tires screeching ] [ Engine revving ] Blurr is pickin' up speed.
He's gonna take the race! I think you can thank his new tires for that circuit.
They whoa! [ Tires screech ] [ Thud ] H-Heatwave.
Wh What brings you here? I wasn't talkin' to myself, by the way.
I-I know it sounded like that, but I wasn't.
Time to size up, rookie.
Elma, maximize.
[ Laser warbles ] Emergency call came in.
The rest of my team's not available.
You wanna help, or do you wanna stay here and keep pretending you're as fast as Override? You want me to help you? - Like, just the two of us on the job? - Like I said, nobody else is available.
Oh, I am in! [ Whirring ] Let's go! Roll to the rescue, already! [ Groans ] Heatwave: Cody, can you bring us up to speed? Kade called, but he cut out before he could tell me what the emergency is.
I'm sending you the coordinates of his comm link.
I won't let you down, Heatwave.
I'm gonna rescue Kade so fast, it'll blow your taillights off.
- Throttle back, speedy.
- [ Siren wailing ] Until we know exactly what the problem is, we go slow.
Are you kidding? Your partner is out there! Who knows what kind of trouble he's in.
No, we have to help him now.
[ Tires screech, engine revs ] [ Coughs ] Blurr! Wait! Help! Anybody? Hello! Looks like a chemical spill.
Toxic sludge.
Hang on, Kade! - [ Tires screeching ] - Whoa! Whoa! - [ Gasps ] - Look out! Aah! A routine patrol with four bots in stasis years later, awoke in the strangest of places Earth was their home now and in addition Optimus Prime gave them this mission learn from the humans, serve and protect live in their world earn their respect a family of heroes will be your allies to others, remain robots in disguise Rescue Bots roll to the rescue humans in need heroes, indeed Rescue Bots roll to the rescue Rescue Bots Whoa! Whoa! Look out! Kade! I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I-I [ Slurps, smacks lips ] Oh, no.
Heatwave, I think the chemical's making Kade act weird.
No more than normal.
This was a training exercise, Blurr.
That goo is Doc's self-replicating cake frosting.
Pistachio mint, my fave.
Wait, wait.
You, uh, you tricked me? No, we tested you.
- That's how training works.
- Training? I've been a Rescue Bot for a long time now, and you still think I need training? You just proved it.
You have to learn to think about a situation before you fly in at full speed, a simple lesson we've been trying to teach you for years.
Full speed is what I do.
It's what I bring to the team.
And if you don't get that, well, there are lots of jobs that can use my skills.
Like cake decorating? Come on, Blurr.
You messed up.
It happens.
Just take it like a Well, a-a Bot and move on.
- Whatever.
- Come on.
Let's go back to the firehouse and review where you went wrong.
Sorry, Heatwave, but I don't think watching myself foul up over and over in slo-mo is really gonna help right now.
[ Transforming sounds ] - Blurr! - [ Engine revs ] Ugh.
He's as stubborn as you are.
And as hotheaded as you.
[ Deep voice ] That's how training works.
[ Normal voice ] Yeah, like I'm some kind of whoa! [ Yowls ] [ Meows ] Everybody's against me.
What is that graffiti in Cybertronian? [ Transforming sounds ] "Come and get me, you bucket of" Blots? Oh, bolts! Why would one of the bots deface a human billboard? And who doesn't know how to spell "bolts"? [ Whirring ] "Autobots smell like" Okay, that's just rude.
[ Whirring ] Hey! Another test already, Heatwave? [ Chuckles ] Okay.
[ Transforming sounds ] [ Tires squeal ] Cody, I'm in pursuit of an unidentified Cybertronian suspect.
Uh, did you say "Cybertronian"? No time for chitchat, Cody.
I'm requesting backup, as per rescue squad regulations.
And I'm totally goin' the speed limit.
Heatwave won't flunk me twice.
- [ Beep ] - Uh, guys? Uh, Blurr says he's chasing a Cybertronian through downtown.
Cybertronian? Is Bumblebee back?! Blurr said it was unidentified.
And he did not specify if it was an autobot? One way to find out.
Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue! [ Sirens wailing ] [ Chuckles ] Whoa! Blurr: Hey, whoever you are, stop! [ All gasp ] [ Transforming sounds ] Chief, it'd be best if you could keep everyone from getting close until we know what this thing is.
We'll set up a perimeter to keep looky-loos out.
- Come on, family.
- Could really use a hand, guys.
Seriously, someone with hands, catch this thing! [ Groans, growls ] It's a mini-Con! [ Speaking alien language ] And a rather rude one at that.
Stop and state your business, hooligan from another planet.
[ Speaking alien language ] What did he say? My cyclone dialect is a little rusty, but I believe he just called me a close relative of a scraplet.
[ Blows raspberry ] Even I know what that means.
Come here, mini-Con.
You're under arrest.
Hey! Uhh! Ah! [ Grunts ] Get off me! Uhh! - Oh, my.
- Aah! - [ Claws click ] - Aah! - [ Thud ] - Ah! [ Laser whirring ] - [ Mini-Con giggles ] What did he write on me? Nothing I care to repeat in polite company.
- Where'd he go? - Over here! [ Giggles, growls ] Hold still! Ugh! [ Grunts ] Get off, you loose screwball.
Oh! - Ah! - Uhh! -I'll get him.
[ Speaks alien language ] - [ Metal grinds ] - Ow! Hey! No! Jerry, wait! Aah! - [ Grunts ] - Jerry, come back! [ Canisters clank ] [ Gas hissing ] [ Canisters clank ] Hey! [ Hissing continues ] [ Laughing ] Help! What kind of insane test is this, Heatwave? That Con's no test.
It's a menace.
We'll deal with the canisters.
- You take care of him.
- On it.
[ Tires screeching ] [ Jerry continues laughing ] Okay, Jerry has finally lost it.
[ Both laughing ] Everyone, keep your distance.
[ Both laughing ] Boulder, Graham, what What kind of gas it this? Nitrous Ni oxide.
Graham, why are you laughing? If we don't get these tanks sealed, they could launch like rockets.
- Kade: Rockets! - [ Continues laughing ] We are clearly missing something.
Earth humor is puzzling.
It is said that drama is easy and comedy is a rigid substance.
Chief: This is no joke, Chase.
That's that's laughing gas.
[ Laughter continues ] Don't worry.
I think I have a temporary solution.
[ Transforming sounds ] Bring 'em over here, guys! [ Laughter continues ] - [ Laughter subsides ] - Okay, seriously, why can't Jerry ever transport normal things? [ Engine revs, tires screech ] Come on.
Come on! Civilian? Citizen, do not ooh! Hey! [ Crash ] [ Grunts ] Oh, no way a human is stealing my rescue! [ Growls ] [ Grunts ] This day just gets weirder and weirder.
Okay, Bounce, I like a high-speed Chase as much as the next autobot, but it's time for you to go back to jail.
[ Growls ] Huh? Back off, Decepticon! - Hey! Hey! Hey! - [ Grunting ] - What are you - Ha! [ Grunting ] Whoa! Wait, I'm an autobot! - Ah! - Autobot.
Look! The mini-Con's getting away.
Go after him! And leave my flank open? No, thanks.
Besides, I like to pick on Decepticons my own size first.
[ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] I told you, I am not a Con.
See? Rescue team.
Nice try.
Last time I checked, all the Rescue Bots were long gone.
Heatwave: Check again, red.
What the scrap? More of you? Hey, dad.
I had to come see this for myself.
Humans? [ Robotic voice ] I am automatic.
Beep bop, beep bop, boop.
Nice robot voice! Uh, the "beep boop" was overdoing it a little.
We know you're from Cybertron, crew cut.
But you're not supposed to! And and Rescue Bots aren't supposed to exist anymore! And [ sighs ] And I am really lost right now.
You're from Bumblebee's group, right? What is it? Sidestreet? Sideswipe.
But how did you know? Bumblebee spoke highly of you on his last visit.
I am Chase.
- I'm Boulder.
That's Blades.
- Hi.
Heatwave, team leader.
And this is the Burns family.
- We're partners with the bots.
- And friends.
You don't have to hide from humans on this island.
- We all work together.
- Well, clean my pistons.
That's a new one.
So Bumblebee was here? - You know him? - Know him? We're practically best friends! Wait.
Didn't he ever mention me? I mean, us.
I'm sure Bee just wanted to keep our secret, Blades.
Or he's super embarrassed by him.
- Kade! - I mean, us.
Let's finish this up at the firehouse.
That thing's still on the loose.
But you can fill us in on what we're dealing with.
[ Lowered voice ] Do all these humans have to be there? They kinda creep me out.
I'm sure once you get to know them, they'll feel the same about you.
Heatwave: We'd earned their respect.
They earned ours.
It was time.
In fact, Optimus encouraged us to reveal ourselves.
- He believed - So who else is on your team? - Are they coming, too? - [ Laughs ] I don't think you'd want that, unless you're cool with Dinobots runnin' around.
We're actually kinda used it.
Technically, we're Dinobots, too.
Long story.
Okay, now you know how we got here.
It's your turn.
[ Sighs heavily ] I arrested Bounce this morning.
I was taking him to a stasis cell, when the little scraplet escaped into our groundbridge.
Totally not my fault, by the way.
Not judging much.
Go ahead.
Sideswipe: So I guess the bridge fritzed? Do those things ever work? And it dumped us in the ocean.
I caught up with Bounce here and Met you.
Maybe our groundbridge signal interfered with yours somehow.
Must have been when Blurr and I used it this morning.
So, uh, you showed off some nice moves back there, sideswipe.
Maybe you can give me some tips.
You know, like one racer to another.
Like, uh, how to work speed into my rescues.
Rescues? Um Yeah.
That's more strongarm and Bee's thing.
I mean, why waste my talent holding up a bridge or putting out a fire? Waste your talent rescuing? I believe I am affronted.
There's a lot to be said for helping people.
It's what we do.
Look, no offense, but speed is what I do, and I use it to catch the bad guys.
I totally get that! Maybe that's why rescuing is so hard for me, 'cause 'Cause I'm not supposed to be doing it.
[ Sighs ] That's just an excuse.
[ Scoffs ] Says who? Catching criminals before they put people in danger makes more sense than having to rescue them afterwards.
[ Groans ] Tell you what.
If you're fast enough to catch Bounce, I'll recommend you for the Bee team.
Really? Yes! You wanna leave when this is over, fine.
But locating that mini-Con is our first priority.
Yeah, I don't think that'll be a problem.
[ Beep ] These dots are all emergency calls about Bounce, everything from traffic jams to property damage.
I propose we alert our partners and go after the rapscallion.
Still squeamish about working with humans? Or would you like to come along? Oh, it's like that, huh? All right.
Bring 'em, if you have to.
Okay, this is an electromagnetic trap.
Boulder and I designed it a while ago in case Trex ever got out of control again.
With a few modifications, it should hold any mini-Con that touches it.
It works off the same principle as Blah, blah, blah.
Look, you all set up the trap, I herd Bounce in.
Piece of oil pie.
We'll see who gets to him first.
No showboating.
You two drive Bounce toward the park, and we'll handle the rest.
Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue! Catchphrase-itis.
It's everywhere.
Keep your optics peeled.
Bounce could be there! Turn! Turn! [ Tires screech ] Nowhere to go, Bounce.
I'm givin' you to the count of three to surrender.
One, two, three! Uhh! [ Blows raspberry ] Fine.
You wanna dance, mini-Con? Let's cha-cha-cha.
Don't worry.
He's not gettin' away.
[ Transforming sounds ] Blurr: Wherever you go, - I'm right behind ya.
- [ Engine revs ] Or not.
Whoa! Look out! [ Grunts ] Gotcha! - Mostly.
- [ Chuckles ] Hi.
Enjoying lunch? - Bounce? - Got away.
Heatwave: Blurr, status report.
- Fine! We're doing fine.
- Chasin' him down right now! Yeah! You Just stay there.
Nice work.
Which way did he go? Whoa! What was that thing? Found him.
These sewers go on for miles.
He could be anywhere by now.
We're gonna have to put the pedal to the metal if we wanna catch this guy.
That's what we've been doing.
He's just too fast.
Then we'll have to be faster.
Or smarter.
Power up and energize! Foam? How is that gonna help? [ Thud ] Bounce is too small to catch in vehicle mode and too fast in Bot mode.
These are just what we need to give us the edge.
All right.
But I'm not sayin' any catchphrase.
They won't work without it.
You wanna catch Bounce or not? Uh, power up and Energize? Okay, rookie, but these'll only work once Bounce is topside.
How we gonna get him out of the storm drains? You got a secret Rescue Bot weapon for that? Our best weapon of all.
No offense, kid, but how's he gonna help us? [ Growls ] This kid has saved our mufflers plenty of times.
Do you think you can flush Bounce out of there, Cody? What do you say, boy? [ Barks ] - The thing is - What? If I help you, and it works, that means you're leaving? Well, I yeah.
It it's my dream job, Cody, something I'd be great at.
We think you're pretty great here, too.
[ Barks ] Sideswipe: Any time now! - [ Growls ] - What is it, Servo? [ Screeches, growls ] Guys, we found Bounce.
[ Barks ] He's heading east under lake street.
[ Engines rev ] He's heading up.
Got him! Thanks, Cody.
Yeah! Good job, kid.
[ Sneers ] Power up and energize! [ Growls ] This might actually work.
Stand back, sideswipe.
Bounce is all mine, along with a spot on the Bee team.
Look out! [ Metal creaking ] Uhh! Power up and energize.
Whoo-hoo! Just like herdin' cattle, cowboy.
[ Growls ] [ Screams ] [ Speaks alien language ] Gotcha! Blurr, watch out! [ Vehicle approaching, electricity crackling ] Power up and energize! [ Tires screech ] Please come with me, Don, and we will once again discuss the importance of speed limits.
[ Speaks alien language ] Fantastic.
Messed up again.
What do you mean, Blurr? You did great.
I was supposed to catch Bounce, my one shot to get on the Bee team.
Might as well just give up.
Do you have brain rust? Yeah, you didn't catch the bad guy, but only because you're obviously a natural-born rescuer.
What? What do you mean? Duh! I didn't even notice any humans around.
You just saved two of 'em.
Without thinking twice.
That's what makes you a good Rescue Bot.
But I'm not.
I mess up way more than I should.
Mistakes are an inevitable if regrettable part of rescuing.
Even I have been known to, um make errors.
It's how you handle those mistakes that makes you a Rescue Bot If you still wanna be one.
Hey, it's up to you, but I know you'd be great on our team, too.
Look, I-I'm fast.
I know it.
And I don't think I can ever go any faster than I do now, but I know I can be a better Rescue Bot.
I just have more training to do.
[ Chuckles ] I get it.
Well, thanks for the assist.
Everybody, even the humans.
[ Growls, speaks alien language ] Don't forget to say "hi" to Bumblebee from us.
Okay, just from me! Oh, yeah.
Uh, can I borrow your groundbridge? [ Grunts, blows raspberry ]