Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011) s04e21 Episode Script

Cody's 11

1 [ Shutter clicks ] [ Beeping ] [ Engine revving ] [ Beep ] [ Tink! ] Ha! And Maven Danger steals the diamond right out of Dr.
Nu-uh's hands.
Now, that's smooth.
I do not understand.
I was under the impression Maven Danger was a hero, not a thief.
[ Chuckles ] He's taking something back from the evil criminal who stole it in the first place, Chase.
It's okay.
I remain dubious, as I suspect your legal system would.
Attention, rescue team.
Hey, guys.
We just picked up a sudden spike of Energon in the waters off your island.
Kinda strange.
I'm sending the coordinates now.
[ Thunder crashes ] Looks to be a drilling platform of some sort.
[ Alarm buzzing ] Intercom: Unauthorized vehicles approaching! [ Thunder crashes ] Hello! This is police Chief Burns of Griffin Rock.
I'd like to speak to the owner of this rig.
[ Thunder crashes ] [ Beeping ] Guess that explains why nobody's here.
This place practically runs itself.
Blades: Look! Salvage was right Energon.
And lots of it.
Probably buried for millennia until a drill uncovered it.
Wait raw Energon, as in the explody kind? That's gonna be a surprise whoever's mining it.
They probably don't even know what they found.
I'll have Graham check to see who has drilling rights here.
Deep sea mining is usually Madeline Pynch's M.
She's been keeping a low profile lately.
Whoever owns this place, it's too dangerous to leave a power source like Energon just lying around.
I agree.
We'll come back with the proper removal equipment once the storm blows over.
So, I'm sitting on a secret power jackpot.
But you've been keeping bigger secrets, Chief Burns.
Apparently, your Rescue Bots aren't bots at all.
[ Thunder crashes ] A routine patrol with four bots in stasis years later, awoke in the strangest of places Earth was their home now, and in addition Optimus Prime gave them this mission learn from the humans, serve and protect live in their world, earn their respect a family of heroes will be your allies to others, remain robots in disguise Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue humans in need, heroes, indeed Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue Rescue Bots I'll feel better once that Energon is processed and stored.
I concur.
In the hands of unknowing humans, it could do catastrophic harm.
I did some research, guys.
Turns out the rig is owned by a small company, which is owned by a bigger company, owned by a gigantic company, o-owned by a yeah, I see where this is going.
Who's the real owner? Untraceable.
What? But how could Heatwave, no Energon, just a big hole where it used to be.
[ Groans ] Salvage, the Energon's been moved.
You picking up any new signals? I'll check, but Weird.
Nothing at all.
It's gone like it never existed.
[ Door slamming ] [ Electricity buzzes ] Whoever took our Energon sure left in a hurry.
So, what do we do now? Head to the firehouse.
We'll regroup and come up with a plan.
Cody: Guys, don't forget tonight's the carnival.
[ Groans ] [ Bell dings ] [ Bell dinging ] [ Dinging continues ] [ Electricity crackling ] Whoo-hoo! [ Laughs ] Oh, look! There are the bots and Kade! Hey, Kade.
Come on up.
Or are you chicken? Psh! No.
I just Don't believe in Ferris Wheels.
This one's totally safe.
It uses magnetic resistance to hover.
I have more important things to do.
[ Electricity hums ] [ Music slows, stops ] [ Indistinct talking ] Dad, what's happening? Power's gone out.
Graham, when will the backup generators turn on? They should have kicked in by now.
Give me a minute.
I'll find the source of the problem.
We don't have a minute.
Without power, that magnet will stop operating.
Dani: And then? [ Creaking ] This happens! [ People screaming ] Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue.
[ Siren wailing ] Chief: Cody, Dani, help is on the way.
Dad, we're coming up on a turn.
And I don't think there's a way to steer this thing.
Aah! It's going too fast! Chase, follow my lead.
On my Mark brake! [ Both grunting ] Blades: You're running out of road! Boulder: This'll slow 'em down.
[ Both grunting ] And That is why I never ride Ferris Wheels.
Graham: I turned the power back on.
But there doesn't really seem to be anything wrong with the system.
You mean it wasn't an accident? [ Cellphone rings ] Just a moment, son.
Hello? [ Cat meows ] Well, thanks for the heads-up, Doc.
Let's move these people off the Ferris wheel and get home.
Doc says we need to watch the news.
[ News theme plays ] This is Huxley Prescott, reporting from the mainland, at the home of elegant entrepreneur extraordinaire Madeline Pynch, who has a few thoughts on today's power outrage.
Madeline Pynch showing up now? That can't be a coincidence.
Huxley, we've depended on an outmoded and overburdened power grid for far too long.
How true, how true, Madeline.
I have reports that transformers are down across the east coast.
Transformers?! That's terrible.
Graham: [ Chuckles ] Don't worry, Blades.
That's also a name for Earth electrical equipment.
Then why not just say that?! I was worried sick! This country should run on clean, safe, and reliable energy.
That's why I've had my scientists develop this the Pynch cell.
Run by a revolutionary new power source Pynchonium.
May I? [ All gasp ] Pynchonium? That's Energon! I need to take a look at this.
Amazing! And it's so tiny.
With Pynchonium, just a pinch will do.
One small crystal can run an entire house for a year.
I'm sure my vast viewing public is dying to know when will your product be available? So glad you asked.
My automated Pynchonium-powered factory is cranking out Pynch cells around the clock.
48 hours from now, the entire east coast will be able to feel the pynch.
And that's a promise.
So that oil rig was hers.
And now the Energon is, too.
But how could she have even known Energon is a power source? [ Gasps ] Exclamation of frustration! She must have overheard our discussion atop the oil rig.
But there was nobody else on that thing.
That you saw.
I think it proves what we were afraid of.
Madeline found the Velgrox invisibility tech I dropped.
So now she has Doc's phase bits, a Verne device, and invisibility tech? That is far too much power in such unscrupulous hands.
[ Whoosh ] And you don't know the half of it.
Quickshadow? Sorry for barging in like this, but I need help.
And not to be overly dramatic, but I'm afraid the fate of your world hangs in the balance.
Before I met you lot, one of my covert missions for Optimus was tailing Madeline Pynch across Europe.
She's a shady one.
I discovered that her current plan is to become the sole supplier of energy for the continent a scheme she was years away from pulling off.
But I didn't account for her finding Energon or knowing what it is and how to use it.
We were careless.
Our loose lips did indeed endanger this proverbial ship.
So you think Madeline Pynch took down the power grid on purpose? What better way to market her Pynchonium batteries? Boulder: We have a bigger problem.
Look at my diagnostic of that Pynch cell.
The battery's unstable.
It's casing will break down within days, exposing the Energon and So anybody who buys one of these to power their home or car Won't have a car or a home for very long.
Not to mention putting lives in danger.
She said those batteries will be ready to sell in two days.
Not if we can help it.
Oh, sure.
We'll just stroll in, take 'em off her hands.
While we're at it, let's get all that stolen tech back, too.
That's a great idea, Kade.
I was being facekesh fashayshish.
I was I was kidding.
Once we have that tech, we can use it against her to retrieve the batteries and the Energon.
But first, we would need to locate where Madeline is storing her purloined goods.
I believe I can help there.
These are blueprints I acquired of Madeline's mainland compound.
There's a highly secured vault in the sub-basement.
Anything show up on an Energon scan? No.
But look closely at these thermal images.
I don't see anything.
Even a super-insulated building leaks some heat.
- But this side facility - Doesn't show anything.
Which means Ms.
Pynch is using shielding technology.
Whatever is in there must be worth hiding.
Like a secret battery factory.
And the stolen Energon.
All right, then.
Let's go get our stuff.
It's not quite that simple.
The compound is highly secure.
Storming in would alert Madeline and give her a chance to escape.
No, if we're going to steal back our things, we need to sneak in.
Yes, Chase? I am not comfortable with the term "steal.
" Could we instead say "recover"? Or perhaps "liberate"? Think of it as taking back what was ours to begin with, partner.
Thank you, Chief.
I feel better already.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Blades.
Can we have nicknames? They're in all the Caper movies I've seen.
Not very flattering, but I guess that works.
" Yeah.
If there are no more questions, then we'd best get planning.
I have a few ideas if you don't mind me helping, Quickshadow.
Mind? I'm counting on it.
Cody: Okay.
Quickshadow and I came up with your assignments.
Part "A" first on the field is signals interceptor.
Graham will stop any cellular traffic.
And reroute to his own portable cell tower me.
Kade, you're eagle eyes.
It's a go, Spike.
Not only my name, but also my game.
Priscilla, make sure you don't touch any of the mother! I want to watch a movie, and I am going to watch a movie! - [ Tires pop ] - Wha?! What was that?! I have to go.
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Groans, dialing ] [ Beeping ] Incoming cellular communication.
Get ready to re-route, Boulder.
[ Clears throat ] [ Deep voice ] Pynch industries.
Madeline Pynch's office.
Sanders, you don't sound like yourself.
It's this cold, ma'am.
A-achoo! Ugh.
Never mind.
There's been a slight mishap.
I need a car.
Cody: Rain cloud and thunder, that's your cue.
Hologram on.
My compound go.
[ Tires squeal ] [ Keypad clacking ] Have the service bill me.
We're in.
Madeline's heading into the shielded structure.
Then, time to let big dog out.
[ Barks ] [ Growls ] [ Barking ] [ Monitor beeping ] Trojan drive online.
We're now in control of her security system.
I'll patch you in, Cody.
All yours.
Take the wheel.
Cody: Sensors are down.
[ Helicopter Blades whirring ] Path is clear, rain cloud.
Roger that, Ace.
[ Grunts ] Hmm.
This room's a lot bigger on the blueprint.
Which means there must be a secret door somewhere.
[ Whirring ] Chief: The tech's here every last stolen piece.
Blades, rendezvous on the roof for the handoff.
ETA three minutes.
We still have a whole other mission to accomplish.
Dad, the Energon's right where we thought in the side building.
I've disabled security, unlocked the doors.
You are good to go.
Great work, Cody.
Movie time, movie time, movie time.
[ Scoffs ] What is wrong with the stupid streaming? Who left this here? [ Grunts ] [ Alarms blaring ] Already? Something must have gone wrong.
Uh, guys? We're shut out here, too.
As of now, everybody's on their own.
But Heatwave and Chief are still I know.
Just means we start part "B" a little earlier.
Dani: "B" as in "best.
" Male voice: Breach of airspace! Breach of airspace! I am so sorry for dropping in like this.
Oh! Did I set off that alarm? [ Chuckles ] Totally embarrassed.
I had to make an emergency landing, and this was the closest place.
Fine! Now get off my property! Dani, you have to keep her occupied.
Dad and Heatwave are still inside.
Uh Uh, wait! Wait! You're Priscilla's mom, right? Oh! How lucky I ran into you! Any chance I could come inside and use your phone? No! You're up to something.
You Burnses always are.
Especially Chief.
Okay, go! We have to hurry if we're gonna help with the Energon.
Aah! Ehh! [ Groaning ] Can't Move! And that's just the way I like it.
Chief, breaking and entering.
And harboring What are they, exactly? Aliens? Cyborgs? Both? [ Robotically ] Your words do not compute.
Give it up.
Your secret's out.
Or should I say "safe," because once I control the world's power supply, having you and your friends as my lackeys will make me unstoppable.
- Never gonna happen.
- Really? I knocked out power to entire east coast so that I could sell my batteries to fools who don't even need them.
You really believe I can't bend you to my will? [ Grunting ] After all you've done, you think any of us would ever help you? Oh, Chief, you just need to learn to forgive and forget.
I can help with the "forget" part.
Memory wiping might be my favorite part of the Verne device except for staying young, of course.
You just stay here get to know each other.
Start making new memories.
I'll be back soon to give you your next mission.
Chief: Heatwave, remember that time we arrested Madeline? Heatwave: [ Chuckles ] In her own headquarters.
Yep, that was classic.
But I don't understand.
Your memories should be gone! If you had the actual Verne device.
We switched out everything in the case.
The real stuff's in here.
We just played along until we got your confession on record.
I knocked out power to the entire east coast.
No! Chief! [ Groans ] Chase: Liberated items secure for takeoff.
Copy that, Spike.
You! Stop! No time to chat.
Just leaving.
Bye, now! [ Groans ] [ Gasps ] It's over, Madeline.
Just come along quietly.
Haven't you learned by now, Chief? I'm untouchable.
If you try anything, I'll tell the world the truth about your "robots.
" [ Engine revs ] Now if you'll excuse me, it's been a hard day.
I'm going to find a relaxing island where I can rest up for a bit.
Oh! Your timing is impeccable.
Now, let's see how fast you can get me to the airport.
I'm sorry.
I've been instructed to take you directly to jail on Griffin Rock.
Where everybody already knows about sentient Rescue Bots.
Madeline: No! [ Barking ] Well, Madeline wanted an island retreat.
She got her wish.
Mm-hmm for the next 7 to 10 years.
What? Guess Doc's freezer defrosted when the power went out.
[ Chuckles ] Don't tell him.
He'll think he needs to eat all the ice cream.