Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011) s04e22 Episode Script

A Brush With Danger

1 Goal, Boulder! And it's Blades with the ball.
He shoots and - [ Grunts ] - Denied! Heatwave, why do you have to be so competitive? It's just a game.
A game designed to hone our rescue skills by keeping us sharp and ready for anything.
Anything, eh? Quickshadow? - Goal! - Yes! Ha ha! Way to go, Quickshadow! I didn't even know she was on the island.
Ugh, I'd like to see you try that again without all your fancy tech.
Oh, please.
I could beat you with two servers tied behind my back.
Whoa-ho, trash talking.
A staple at human sporting events.
I shall join in.
Refuse! Waste product! Banana peel! [ Engine droning ] Wait, is that a person on the wing? And for some reason, he's holding a briefcase.
Perhaps he is trying to avoid paying excess baggage fees? [ Grunting ] A routine patrol with four bots in stasis years later, awoke in the strangest of places Earth was their home now, and in addition Optimus Prime gave them this mission learn from the humans, serve and protect live in their world, earn their respect a family of heroes will be your allies to others, remain robots in disguise Rescue Bots roll to the rescue humans in need heroes, indeed Rescue Bots roll to the rescue Rescue Bots Sync and corrctions by masaca [ Siren wailing ] I don't know how that guy is still hanging on.
Got him in our sights.
Not anymore.
Got him on a thermal read.
Likely point of impact corner of march and lake.
Copy that.
We're close by.
The name's Danger Maven Danger.
[ Grunts ] What on Earth is he doing here? Wait.
You know him? Not exactly, but he knows me, sort of.
I better keep back.
Wait, wait, wait.
The Maven Danger, secret agent and international action star, my childhood, my adulthood hero? I'm your biggest fan.
That line forms to the right.
But how did you manage to survive that fall? The usual, parachute concealed in a pen.
Not a bad stunt, eh? Stunt? That's what this was? You compromised your own safety and my team's.
A Maven Danger action set piece is never about safety.
It's about flash and derring-do.
Easy for you to say, M.
, when I'm the one doing all the "derring.
" Not that I'm complaining.
The idea for the stunt was genius.
I think I know him.
Well, Doy.
He's Maven Danger.
I mean the other guy.
I'm Dani Burns.
I think we went to school together? Dani, I remember you.
I'm Skip.
My family moved from here when I was about 6.
And now you're a stunt double? As well as my manager, publicist, and all-around facilitator.
But I always heard that you did your own stunts.
Oh, uh, I could and would.
But the studio insists on protecting their investment.
Uh, do you think that I could Certainly.
[ Camera shutter clicks ] There you go.
You signed your autograph, Maven Danger.
Isn't your real name Murray Dorphhauser? Um, Maven always stays in character when researching a role.
[ Lowered voice ] That's part of his genius.
Well, welcome back, Skip.
I remember your dad, Obi Skobel.
He was an antiques dealer, wasn't he? Yeah.
That's right.
Growing up here was what made me think this would be the perfect place for Maven to do research for his next movie.
"Maven Danger: License to rescue.
" After hearing about your family's reputation, I said, "there's only one team" I'd like to train with for my role the Hurns family.
Well, flattering as that is, the Burns family is not your typical rescue team.
Our vehicles are state-of-the-art.
Robots, transform.
Great idea for the film! Of course, our robots will be in C.
They'll look much better.
What I mean is, there are all sorts of risks if you work with us.
You'll need clearance from the mayor's office and already done.
Mayor even said we can move into the firehouse to get a real insider's view.
And the studio is happy to make a generous donation to your firehouse fund for your trouble.
Dad, please, for me? Daddy.
We could use new equipment, dad.
[ Sighs heavily ] Okay.
I'll give you 3 days.
I'm counting on you to keep him on a short leash and protect the bots' cover.
How can we fulfill our duties with a stranger in our midst? Simple.
We can't.
This is a horrible idea.
I think it'll be fun.
I always wanted to meet a real movie star.
At least it's only for 3 days.
And it's not like we aren't used to the old "pretend to be machines" routine.
- I just wanted to inform you lot.
- Aah! I'll be taking the ground bridge back to the mainland until Maven Danger is gone.
Why'd you have to duck out so fast in the first place? I'm pretty sure it's because of this.
[ Beeps ] Look familiar? That's right! You scanned Maven's Ostly Benton for your vehicle mode.
So if he sees you, your undercover status will be in jeopardy.
- Exactly.
Better to duck out and - um, really nothing to see in there [ Loudly ] Just the rescue robots.
Might be too late for that.
Ah, look, my Ostly Benton, the studio must have sent it over.
- Apparently.
Nobody told me.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.
We'll show you how a real rescue team lives.
Guess you're stickin' around.
Next time, I'm scanning a pilot-less drone.
[ Elevator bell dings ] This is our living quarters.
Well, some would call it living, I suppose.
[ Elevator bell dings ] Cody, the studio would love some behind-the-scenes footage of Maven learning the ropes, but I gotta scout locations downtown.
Can you film him for a while? Me? Noble! You can stay in my room.
I'll just crash with the the the downstairs.
No thrills.
Borderline primitive.
Not what I'm used to, but it will help me get into the role.
An actor Prepares.
Hey, recognize this? The Maven Danger junior ranger briefcase.
Check it.
Spy goggles.
Visible ink.
The shoe camera.
- It was my favorite! - Mine, too.
I got three simoleons for every one of those silly things.
Paid for my beach house.
Have Skip send up my things, would you, Clyde? [ Camera whirs ] [ Engine drones ] [ Squeaks ] [ Beep ] [ Beeping ] [ Explosion ] How cool is Maven Danger? How can you not be a fan? How can you still be a fan after meeting him? It is not easy being him.
Paparazzi wherever he goes.
The pressure of being in the spotlight.
That's no excuse for being obnoxious.
Saddle up, team.
We have an emergency at the library.
Yo, Maven.
We have an emergency.
Uh, perfect chance to see some rescue action up close, man.
Where's Maven? Isn't the whole point of him being here to research a rescue team in action? Yeah.
But apparently he's doing research on sleeping instead.
- [ Siren wailing ] - Hey, acting is exhausting.
Uh, maybe.
Chief, may I ask? What is the nature of the library emergency? I got a call from Ms.
She was working late, and someone broke in.
I told her, "do not engage the intruder.
" But knowing her Young man, the rare books section is off-limits.
And the library is closed.
[ Alarm sounding ] Uh-oh.
Code red, guys.
The fire alarm got triggered.
Lima's locked in the rare book room.
An alarm in the library? Ms.
Lima must be shushing it like crazy.
It's worse than that.
When the fire alarm's activated, all the oxygen gets sucked from the room to protect the books.
Ah, because a fire requires oxygen.
Unfortunately, so do people.
If we don't get Ms.
Lima out soon, there won't be any air left for her to breathe.
[ Alarm sounding ] [ Grunting ] Aah, help! Help, someone! [ Siren wailing ] [ Alarm sounding ] The lockdown mechanism I'll try to deactivate it.
Or we could just [ Electricity crackles, alarm warps off ] And now it will never unlock.
Okay, stand back.
[ Grunting ] [ Whirring ] There goes our perp! [ Grunting ] Ugh! Too thick.
No more foolin' around.
Power up and energize.
[ Grunts ] Okay.
Deep breaths, Ms.
We Chased the intruder, but he got away.
Cody, the library security footage tell us anything? It's weird.
The guy searched the rare books, then just scrolled through the computer catalog.
I do not understand.
Why would a thief target a library? Are the books not already free to use? Maybe he wanted to do some late-night reading.
I know how that is.
But I usually just borrow a book from Cody.
How about a lift home, Ms.
Lima? I-I'll get my things.
- You're welcome! - Shh! Sorry.
Good morning, rescue team.
What's on the schedule? Actually, it's afternoon.
And the schedule is pretty much cleanup and maintenance.
- Maven, would you like to - yes.
I'm starving.
[ Sniffs ] Is this peanut butter and bacon? Well, I'm ready to pitch in.
- Here you go.
- My pleasure.
I'm not charging you for that, so don't be selling it online.
Now, any rescues that require my heroism? Yeah.
Last night, while you were sleeping.
- Now, look, Mr.
Danger, I - Chief, mind if I borrow Maven for some test shots around town and, Cody, if you're up for it? You bet! That guy is nothing like his hero character in the movies.
And that's putting it mildly.
He's a total jerk.
- Oh, sorry, Kade.
- You know, Dani, did did you ever think that, well, maybe he's just working on a new character and just pretending to be a jerk? Yeah.
Nobody's that good an actor.
[ Electronic chirp ] Hello, rescue team.
Professor Baranova, what can we do for ya? Well, no cause for alarm.
But we had a break-in last night at the lab.
- What? - Is everyone okay? - What happened? - Huh? Well, it's more baffling than anything else.
I'll show you what our security cameras picked up.
Apparently, all the intruder did was look around and then leave with nothing.
He was gone before trex could even Chase him off.
He didn't even touch my Tasmanian geode collection or Ezra's atomic waffle maker.
- That's a mystery, all right.
- Sure is.
That thing makes darn-good waffles.
Nothing taken, just like the library.
Mm, doesn't look like the same guy, though.
Must be connected somehow.
Professor, would you like us to come over? No need.
Trex is keeping an eye on things.
- [ Alarm sounding ] - Ugh, what's that awful racket? It's disturbing my nap.
You wanna finally see some action? You'd better hurry.
Can't you schedule these things at a more convenient time? Maven! Maven, you can ride with me, see what it feels like to be in the cab of a working fire truck.
Not my kinda wheels, Clyde.
Maven Danger travels in style.
Oh, she's gonna love that.
Car, what happened to your music player? British woman's voice: May I assist you? Whoa.
When did they give you a new voice? Me likey.
Insert flash drive here.
[ Pop music playing ] Please, that's so annoying.
Excuse me? It, um Upsets the calibration of my gyro-steering guidance.
- [ Tires screeching ] - Aah.
Whoa-aah! Whoa! Ohh! Ohh! You know, maybe if we offered Mr.
Harrison enough money, he'd get rid of his heli-pack for good.
It would make our lives easier but much less interesting.
[ Saw buzzing, siren wailing ] Snag-and-grab maneuver.
[ Tires screech ] Whoa! Ohh! Ohh! Little to the left.
Little more.
Got it.
[ Grunting ] Whoa! Ohh! Ugh! My hair.
It's no longer Perfect! Oh, for goodness sake.
What's the problem? Just hit the "off" button.
Ohh! That's so Maven! No, no, no, no, no, no.
Stop! Help! Cut! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Maven, it's like that scene in "tomorrow's not yesterday.
" The runaway Rocket, remember? Pull out the fuel cord! What's a fuel cord?! [ Grunts ] [ Weakly ] Help.
[ Normal voice ] Well, it took you long enough.
If I'd been injured, the studio would sue the pants off of you.
Robots do not wear pants.
Power up and energize.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Not the face! [ Groans ] [ Thud ] The one time I'm not filming.
To think that I ever looked up to this phony.
Poor Kade.
The guy really was his hero.
It would be like finding out Optimus isn't really a prime.
What happened? Maven was trying to Help, and things went a little haywire.
I'm sorry, Skip.
But I can't have Maven involved in our rescue work anymore.
If I never see that guy again, it'll be too soon.
I know Maven can be a bit much.
But we only have one little scene to shoot on the island.
Can we please do that before we leave? I don't think it's a good and the studio is so grateful to your family, they're offering Dani, Graham, and Kade roles in the scene with Cody working his magic behind the camera.
- Really? - Really? - That would be awesome! - But I thought you said [ stammers ] Forget what I said.
This is a chance to be in a Maven Danger film with my hero well, my used-to-be hero.
- Well, I seem to be outvoted, so - perfect.
Call time is in half an hour.
[ Groans ] Better make it an hour.
So here's the scene.
Dani reacts, "wow," as superagent Maven Danger pulls up in his fancy car.
Graham, the valet, takes Maven's keys.
Graham, you might wanna lose the helmet.
Then, ninja Kade, you leap out and say to Maven [ Deep voice ] "I have a message for you.
" [ Normal voice ] And make as if you're gonna attack.
That's when Maven will use his special elevator shoes to Bounce onto the rooftop.
At least, that's what it'll look like.
We'll cut, and I'll use the shoes to do the stunt.
See? Okay? Run through it.
I'll be back in a few.
I need to phone the studio.
Much as I hate to admit it, this is kind of exciting! Yeah.
Yeah, exciting.
Now quiet.
I have a note for you.
I have a message for you.
I have a message for you.
Ahh! I can't believe we weren't invited to be in the movie.
I'm deducting review stars for that.
[ Door unlocks ] Odd.
Perhaps someone forgot something.
Yes! Finally! Bingo! [ Kisses ] [ Lowered voice ] Hey, I was reading that.
Unidentified intruder.
- Show yourself.
- It's me, Skip.
Uh, I'm in costume to do some stunt work.
And I'm, um, picking up this prop to take to Maven downtown.
Uh, yeah.
Dad, I was just checking on the bots.
You need to see this.
Um, change of plan.
I need to pick up something from the ferry first.
[ Tires screech ] Deliver the book prop downtown.
Those are my instructions.
Hey, what gives? I want out! [ Brakes squeal ] Okay, Skip.
This stunt is over.
Hand over the book and the mask.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Try this.
Huh, guess you Burnses are smarter than you look.
Thanks? Careful! Do you have any idea how rare it is? It's worth a fortune! "Pilgrim's progress," 1685? I learned about old books from my dad, discovered this one was in the town library.
So you broke in to steal it? Too bad it was already checked out to Francine Greene.
I went to her place, but it wasn't there either.
That's when you found out we were friends.
And took a chance she may have lent it to you.
I needed a way to get all of you out of the firehouse so I could look.
And you set up this fake little film shoot.
What? There's no film shoot? Dude, I rehearsed! Skip, I am disappointed.
To think you brought me here for selfish reasons.
I could have done all my research online in Tahiti instead of this dreary island with Clyde and the Hurns family.
- All: Burns family! - That's right.
The name is Burns, Kade Burns.
And I have a message for both of you.
When you play with the Burnses, you're gonna get Burns-ed.
That's what.
I'm afraid you'll have to come with me, Skip.
Try and catch me.
They don't call these stunt shoes for nothin'.
[ Beeping ] Oh, no, no.
Put on the wrong shoes! - Aah! - [ Thud ] Ha ha! See, Maven? You can do your own stunts.
High five.
Now, somebody get me off this crazy island! Happy to oblige.
[ Tires squealing ] Aah!