Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011) s04e23 Episode Script

To Infinity... and Back

1 ( spy action theme playing ) CHASE: Because, you see, it is simply not possible for someone to be in two places at the same time.
That was the flaw in your plan.
The fly in your ointment.
- The rabbit in your - CODY: Chase! This might not be the best time to read out loud, I think Blades is trying to watch TV.
On the contrary, Blades requested an auditory distraction.
- Distraction from what? - CHASE: His thoughts.
Dani is on a test pilot mission this afternoon.
What's wrong, Blades? Dani goes on test flights all the time.
I know, but on this mission, she's I can't even say it! CHASE: Dani is currently piloting another helicopter.
( uplifting theme playing ) DANI ( on radio ): Starting elevation test.
Moving to 20,000 feet.
GROUND CONTROL ( on radio ): Copy that, Whirlybird.
( helicopter whirring ) ( beeping ) ( beeping continues ) ( helicopter sputtering ) ( grunts ) Oh, boy.
Mayday, mayday, mayday, all channels.
Five-oh-four-foxtrot-tango losing altitude.
GROUND CONTROL: Can you make it back to base? Uh, negative.
I need an emergency landing site, pronto.
Dani, copy your mayday, we are on our way.
HEATWAVE: Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue! ( sirens blaring ) ( heroic theme playing ) ( helicopter whirring ) ( sirens blaring ) ( helicopter whirring ) ( tires screech ) BLADES: Ah, there she is.
( helicopter sputtering ) BLADES: Dani! A routine patrol With four bots in stasis Years later awoke In the strangest of places Earth was their home now And in addition Optimus Prime Gave them this mission Learn from the humans Serve and protect Live in their world Earn their respect A family of heroes Will be your allies To others remain Robots in disguise Rescue Bots Roll to the rescue Humans in need Heroes indeed Rescue Bots Roll to the rescue Rescue Bots ( dramatic theme playing ) Oh, the gears are jammed.
BLADES ( on radio ): That's bad.
It happened to me once.
I had just started flying, and accidentally went into reverse, - and - DANI: Reverse! Great idea, Blades! ( helicopter powering up ) - HEATWAVE: Look out! - KADE: Whoa, watch it! Okay, anybody know how to land upside down? BURNS ( on radio ): Head for home.
Boulder and Chase can help you at the docks.
We are prepared to secure you.
But you'll have to turn off your rotors first.
Not yet, timing's everything.
Get ready.
Cut the engine Now! ( dramatic theme continues ) ( Boulder and Chase grunt ) ( Dani sighs ) That was a close one.
Um, mind turning me over now? Oh.
( heroic theme playing ) Ugh, do we have to park that thing at the firehouse? It's only temporary, Blades.
CODY: Dani! Glad you're okay.
Thanks, Cody, everybody.
And especially you, Blades.
Great idea to put the gears in reverse.
Thank you not accepted.
Why do you keep going on these missions? They're not safe.
Test pilots do have a high rate of injury.
And unexplained disappearances.
HEATWAVE: You all worry too much.
Dani's good at what she does.
It's no more dangerous than rescue work.
Yeah, I mean, I stub my toe every time Heatwave goes into boat mode, but you don't hear me complaining.
Uh, why don't you just move your feet? I suggested that too, but Mr.
Twinkle Toes wouldn't listen.
Nobody tells my feet what to do except me.
Ahem, feet.
You can stop worrying, Blades, I'm experienced now.
Tomorrow is my hundredth mission.
A centennial, quite impressive.
I'd be more impressed if she just stayed home.
What are you going to be piloting tomorrow? Can you believe it? A solar-sail powered ship - in space! - That's incredible! - They have a working prototype? - Space! What exactly is a solar? What you said.
You know how a sail boat is pushed across the water by wind energy? A solar-sail ship works sort of the same way.
But it's pushed through space by light energy, from the sun.
This will be historic.
Nobody's tried a manned flight before.
Or a womaned flight, either.
( beeps ) Echinoderm One will be the first of its kind to fly in a low Earth orbit.
I hate to be the smarty scooper here, but, the ship runs on sunlight, so what happens when you're orbiting around Earth on the nighttime side? Huh? Huh? Yeah Without sunlight to power it, won't you just drop? Our engineers thought of that.
And added an experimental laser developed by a lab in China.
It shoots light energy into the sail when there's no sun around.
So it's like, making your own wind in space.
Big deal.
Kade makes his own wind every time he opens his mouth.
Just be careful out there, Dani.
It's a big universe, a lot can happen.
And may I also suggest, though space has no formal speed limit, a moderate pace is best.
Dad, can Frankie come over when we get back? With her telescope, we can all watch Dani in space.
Sounds like a great idea, son.
Something wrong, Dani? I just really want this mission to go well.
I didn't tell you, but the test team called this morning, and if I do a good job, they want to bring me on as a full-time pilot.
Isn't that amazing? Noble! That's great news, Dani! BLADES: Definitely not.
What about Griffin Rock? And the rescue team? And me.
Oh, Blades, I'll be around to help part-time.
And I'll still live at the firehouse.
But, uh, but who will I go on patrols with? Who will laugh at my jokes? Who ( car horn honking ) ( whirring ) Uh Blades, we'll talk about this later, I promise.
I'll wave at you when I'm flying over, and you better paint one of your giant signs for me.
( pensive theme playing ) Be safe.
Good luck, Dani.
( whirring ) I hate it when she leaves.
And now it'll be like this every day.
Come on, let's go make sure we have enough paint for your sign.
And you think this sign will be big enough to see from space? Shush! I'm envisioning my message.
Brush, please.
( hums ): Happy little me, happy little me.
( continues humming ) Uh, Blades? Your paint is the same color as the paper.
( scoffs ) Tell me, Heatwave, how many giant signs have you made? Then, perhaps you should leave this to an experienced artiste.
( hums ): Happy little me! ( dramatic theme playing ) Thanks for the invite, Cody.
Dani's flight is a big step in interplanetary travel.
How do you mean? A solar sailing ship could take us all the way to Mars and back, without ever running out of fuel.
( speaker screeches ) Audio is operational.
Yeah, thanks Chase.
GRAHAM: And we have picture.
Where's Dani? She won't fly over for a few hours.
But we might be able to tap into her radio frequency now.
DANI ( on radio ): Echinoderm One, ready to deploy solar sail.
GROUND CONTROL: Confirmed, Echinoderm.
Solar sail deployment is a go.
( whirring ) ( dramatic theme playing ) ( sighs ) Noble.
Solar sail deployed.
( beeps ) Maintaining orbit and transmitting data.
( beeping ) DANI: Echinoderm One has crossed the twilight zone.
Ready to commence secondary propulsion system.
GROUND CONTROL: All clear, Echinoderm.
Activate laser when ready.
( beeps) Huh Uh, Ground Control, I'm moving faster than our projections anticipated.
Please advise.
GROUND CONTROL: Increased velocity noted, Echinoderm.
Still within parameters, maintain course.
Roger that.
Hope everyone at home is watching close, this'll be a quick hello.
Gotta hand it to you, Blades.
Guess you do know your signs.
And the wonders of glow paint.
CODY: There she is! That's my girl.
Keep tracking her, Boulder, this won't last long.
DANI ( on radio ): Hi, everyone in Griffin Rock! Hope you're watching.
I'll be whoa.
( beeps ) Ground Control, I'm running into some kind of debris.
Taking damage, changing course.
GROUND CONTROL: Acknowledged, Echinoderm.
We've ID'd it as remnants of a junk satellite.
We recommend only a minor shift in your trajectory.
( Dani gasps ) ( dramatic theme playing ) ( dramatic theme playing ) ( gasping ) I've cleared the debris field, but the mast is damaged, and I've lost steering.
Awaiting instructions.
Repeat, I've lost steering, Ground Control.
Where am I headed? GROUND CONTROL: Out, Echinoderm.
You are headed away from Earth.
We're working on it, but right now, there's not much we can do.
But we can.
Graham, you and Frankie contact Dani's mainland test team.
Tell them Griffin Rock's space crew is taking over and help is on the way.
But Dad, won't the mainlanders find out about the bots? I will contact Quickshadow and request her assistance in maintaining our cover.
Um, hello? Dani's in a runaway spaceship.
Let's go, already! Rescue Bots, blast off to the rescue! ( heroic theme playing ) Boulder, how long until we catch up with Dani? I'm still running the numbers.
Quickshadow reports that she has, and I quote, "Put the cone of silence over the testing team.
" Then it's safe to talk to Dani.
We're now patched in to Echinoderm One's radio.
Dani, come in.
BLADES: Are you all right? Okay for now.
I'm sorry to make you do this again, but is there any way I could make my rescue easier? BOULDER: Slowing down would help us reach you sooner.
DANI: No brakes, sorry to say.
But I can stop from going any faster.
( beeps ) ( beeping ) Why isn't the laser turning off? Whew.
Okay, propulsion off.
Good, that'll help.
We're on track to intercept you.
But it'll take some time to catch up.
So what are we supposed to do? Just sit around and wait? I hate waiting! ( sighs ) Waiting for people to come back, waiting to see if they're gonna take a new job.
CHASE: New job? Blades, was your application as a mobile karaoke unit finally approved? Not me.
Dani's taking a full-time test pilot job on the mainland.
- FRANKIE: That's awesome! - CHASE: I did not know that.
- KADE: No way.
- DANI: I was, but they'll never offer me the job after this disaster.
CODY: Just cause the mission didn't go as planned, it doesn't mean it's a disaster.
BOULDER: It is a test flight.
Think of everything Ground Control will learn from it going wrong.
Not to mention we're retrieving their ship for them.
Well, I did collect a lot of data.
Maybe with a little convincing, they'll still give me the job.
Sorry, Blades, guess that means you'll have to find a new partner.
( sighs ) I got you covered, Bladesey.
I can handle Heatwave and you.
I'd rather partner with Mr.
GRAHAM ( on radio ): Uh, team, we have a problem.
Echinoderm One is about to leave the Earth's shadow.
Which means Dani's gonna get a big speed boost from the sun.
Can we still catch up with her? Not if she picks up too much speed.
BOULDER: Then we might never be able to reach her.
Dani, you have to retract that solar sail now.
( dramatic theme playing ) ( grunts ) DANI: The mast, it took too much damage, it's jammed! Any other suggestions? All right, I know I'm no space nerd, but, can't you just cut the lines on the sail and let it loose? - You know, like on a real boat.
- That could actually work.
Kind of scary, but I'm rethinking the whole Kade-partner option.
Rethink again.
Dani, up for a spacewalk? DANI: It'll use up a lot of my air supply, ( sighing ) but I don't see any other option.
( breathing heavily ) ( dramatic theme playing ) Sail away.
GRAHAM: Your speed is already starting to level off.
BOULDER: We'll be able to catch up now.
Let's hope what's left of my air supply lasts till then.
Uh, are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? CHASE: That would be your Earth's moon.
From this vantage point, it looks large indeed.
And it also looks like I'm going to crash right into it.
( dramatic theme playing ) How soon can you get here? Because now would be good.
She's moving too fast, she'll crash before we reach her.
Divert every drop of energon to the ship's engines.
( beeping ) We have given the Sigma all it has, Heatwave.
It's not enough.
Dani, is there anything you can do from your ship? No brakes, no propulsion, no steering and Not much air left after my trip outside.
I know I said I wanted to be the first woman on the moon, but this is not what I meant.
FRANKIE: Wait, maybe going to the moon is the answer.
The moon has its own gravity, and we might be able to use it to our advantage.
If Dani flies in at the correct angle, the force of the gravity will slingshot her along the far side, and send her back around.
Where we can pick her up! There's no room for error.
If the angle's even slightly off, the force will either crash the ship, or send it flying off into space.
GRAHAM: You'll need a way to nudge Dani's ship into the correct position.
How do we do that when we can't even reach her? Don't you have jetpacks on board? Yes, they are standard Rescue Bot interstellar issue.
Get ready to launch me.
I'm saving Dani.
Wait, Blades, let me check something first.
One jetpack, at max thrust won't have enough fuel to reach her.
What about three jetpacks? ( dramatic theme playing ) Okay, stack 'em up.
And blast to the rescue! Stage one, expended.
Deploy stage two.
( grunts ) Launching stage three! ( grunts ) ( grunts ) So whatcha doing? Am I glad to see you.
Me too! Um, now what? FRANKIE: Blades! Release a two second long left burn in three two one Now! GRAHAM: That should put you on a direct orbital path.
- If we did our math right.
- And we did.
We'll lose communication while you're on the far side.
Are you sure they'll be okay out there? I'm not out here alone now, Dad.
We'll be all right.
BURNS: Then we'll see you on the other ( static, then radio goes silent ) Guess now we just wait.
Or we could have that talk you promised.
About taking the test pilot job? ( sighs ) It's a big opportunity, Blades, and I just feel that I've gotta I hope you get it.
- Really? - Well, yeah.
Even if you are spending more time on the mainland, I know we'll end up working together again.
We always do, partner.
Couldn't find a better one anywhere in the world.
Or off it.
I really hope we're going the right way.
DANI: Oh, tough to tell.
You might have noticed, it's a little dark on this side of the moon.
But is it supposed to take this long? I'm sure we'll see the sun any second.
BLADES: Or it may be time to start panicking.
( triumphant theme playing ) See? Ah, it's beautiful.
( Blades sighs ) BLADES: Thank Primus.
Guess who? - BURNS: Thank goodness.
- KADE: Nail biter.
- They made it! - Close one.
That should not be repeated.
Let's reel you two in and head home.
Chase, with me.
( triumphant theme continues ) Solid ground! Heh, I love it! All these years of flying, and she finally gets it.
Quickshadow reports she has restored communication for the mainland testing team.
- GRAHAM: Welcome home, Dani.
- Dani, next time I'm going with you.
GROUND CONTROL Echinoderm One, Ground Control is working on a recovery plan.
The International Space Module can have an astronaut to you in two days.
Negative, Ground Control, I'm already home.
CODY: Did you hear? Dani officially got the test pilot job! Good for her! I bet she's happy.
DANI: I am, but uh, that's because I decided not to take the job.
What changed your mind? The last two times I needed help, it was the rescue team who came through for me.
Not the mainland test crew.
Just made me realize I'd rather I'd rather be out there, helping one on one, next to the people I belong with.
My family.
And by "family," you mean A certain orange helicopter bot.
Who's about to binge watch some reality TV with me.
Cupcake Hoarders, celebrity edition, - here we come! - ( Dani laughs) ( upbeat theme playing )