Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011) s04e24 Episode Script

Family Business

1 ( upbeat theme playing ) ( birds squawking ) ( crashing ) That should do it though some people aren't going to be very happy about it.
( driver grunts ) How could anyone be upset about a beautiful new building going up? Just ask my dad.
( indistinct argumentative speech ) One, one at a time, please - Folks! - ( crowd goes silent ) Thank you.
Jerry, you go first.
Chief, how am I supposed to make my deliveries on closed streets? And how can customers get up to the bank with the sidewalk torn up? First our sidewalks go, then our rights! Poor Chief.
I wouldn't take his job for all the Shanix on Cybertron.
One does wish the townsfolk would address him more respectfully.
Such as "hey you, sir!" He's definitely earned that vacation he's planning.
What are you reading, Cody? An application for the Junior First Responder Jamboree this summer.
I have to decide which camp I'm going to sign up for.
Law enforcement, firefighting, or emergency medical training.
Well duh! Every kid I ever met says, "when I grow up, I want to be a fireman.
" And Kade is living proof that you can only do one of those.
( groans ) Being an EMT is the best way to help people.
Hey, unless I'm there to pull them out of the burning building, you won't be able to help them.
Kade's right.
Firefighting camp, Cody.
Service and excitement.
Law enforcement.
The satisfaction of maintaining order is its own reward.
Thanks guys.
I'll think about it.
We better make sure all the automated services are turned off in the construction zone.
Traffic signals, check.
Water main, check.
Garbage pick up? Cancelled.
But it looks like that Trash-Bot's going to do its job whether the street's closed or not.
Watch out! ( crane revving ) BOULDER: It's headed toward City Hall! A routine patrol With four bots in stasis Years later awoke In the strangest of places Earth was their home now And in addition Optimus Prime Gave them this mission Learn from the humans Serve and protect Live in their world Earn their respect A family of heroes Will be your allies To others remain Robots in disguise Rescue Bots Roll to the rescue Humans in need Heroes indeed Rescue Bots Roll to the rescue Rescue Bots Grievance number seven: The ice cream store stopped serving choco mint and banana.
- Coincidence? I think not! Number eight.
- Hey, Graham! What's going on? Runaway crane! It's headed straight for City Hall! ( suspenseful theme playing ) ( glass breaking, bricks crumbling ) On our way.
Blades, come with me! Attention! Evacuate the building immediately! ( indistinct chatter ) This way.
Stay calm, please.
Well, that's one way to end a meeting.
Whoa! Go low! I'll take high.
( grunts ) ( both grunting ) Power up and energize! [GROANS] ( grunts ) ( sighs ) All clear, Dad.
Okay, folks.
Safe to head home.
TOWNSPERSON: Why does he get to say it's safe? Don't think this means you've heard the last of our complaints, Chief! I'm sure I haven't.
- Good job, Team.
- I'd still rather stop a crane ( clanging ) than lead a town meeting.
I don't know how you do it, Dad.
Well, I just keep telling myself, "this time tomorrow, I will be on vacation.
" A week alone on the mainland.
A whole week? What are you going to do all by yourself? Catch up on my fishing and as little else as possible.
I'll miss you all sure.
but it will be nice to be away.
Decided which camp to sign up for, son? Not yet.
Kade thinks I should go for firefighting.
Dani says EMT.
Well, no surprise there.
Those would both be fun.
In the end, though, you have to choose what you'd like to do.
Chief, I am surprised.
Would it not please you to have Cody follow your footsteps into the magical world of law enforcement? What makes me happiest is knowing that my kids are smart enough to think for themselves.
Don't worry, Cody.
You'll figure it out.
We've figured it out for you! An engineering camp! "Tensile Town"! You play cool games to learn scientific theories, - like tug of war! - Oh! And, um tug of war! Kind of looks like you just play tug of war all day.
There are workshops, too! Heh, heh! Like, uh, the Physics of Lanyard-Making, and "Your Friend Inertia.
" Uh thanks, guys.
I'll think about it.
Ugh! You cheated.
I did not! Code! Good timing.
I won the coin toss, which means I get you first.
What are you talking about? We decided you should spend time with each of us on patrol.
So you can see for yourself why firefighting's supreme, and sign up for it.
And, uh, you know, Dani's thing is okay.
Excuse me, why being an EM is the most supreme Guys, I've been on patrol with both of you, like, 101 times.
I know what your jobs are.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is different.
This is about making your most important decision ever! What you decide to do at camp could change your entire life! Besides, usually you just, you know, ride along.
This time, any emergencies come up, I'll let you help.
Yeah, it's always a battle.
And fire is the enemy.
And the more you know about your enemy, the better chance you have of defeating him.
So what do you know about fire? Well, first, it's hot.
And second There's one! ( sirens wailing ) Everybody accounted for? We were welding over there, then the fire just started, for no reason.
There's always a reason.
I got this.
You find the source.
( water spewing ) Three things fire needs to burn? Go.
Oxygen All around us.
Fuel All that lumber.
And? Something to start the fire, ignition.
I'm guessing the sparks from the welding set something off.
Must have been gasoline on the outside of that can.
It caught the sparks, lit the rags CODY: And spread to the lumber.
Gas pipes Good thing those didn't catch.
That is a live gas line.
You need to have your equipment at least 30 feet away from this building.
Cody! Here.
Aim at the bottom of the flames.
I actually get to put out a fire? Noble! ( heroic theme playing ) I'd say he's a natural.
Just like his big bro.
I think he gets it from me.
Hah! No two ways about it.
The best way to help people is Helicopter rescues.
Helping is the only reason I do this.
Believe me, I'd much rather be at the arcade shoving tokens into a dance machine.
But people have a way of getting into trouble.
I-I like to fly.
I'm just not sure that being an EM is what I want to sign up for at camp.
Doesn't it get a little boring? Aah! We're under attack! ( explosion ) Look out! Somebody's shooting rockets at us! It's only a safety flare.
But where'd it come from? There! Not enough room to land.
You'll have to lower me in the rescue basket.
- Cody, take the controls.
- Really? ( whispers ) Well somebody has to make sure Blades stays steady.
I heard that! But that mountain is a little close.
If I start getting jittery, just pull the controls enough to get my attention.
Aw, his leg is broken.
I'll have to put a splint on it before I can put him in the basket.
- Can I help? - I need you up there.
Just keep it steady, guys.
I have to say Sitting at the controls you look like you belong there.
Cody! Good, you're back.
Something we want to show you.
- Nice job out there! - Go EMTs! Um does this have anything to do with 'Tensile Town'? We hadn't even thought of that! Of course not! There's just an engineering emergency we wanted you to see.
This is the bridge off Old Canyon Road.
See anything unusual? No? To the trained eye, it's obvious.
Hah! GRAHAM: This bridge is going to need new supports.
Maybe as soon as two years from now! That's the emergency? Two years? Good work, partner! Listen, guys.
I know you're just trying to help, but Engineering's important, Cody.
It's part of everyday life.
Bridges, roads, skyscrapers, that elevator you just rode down None of it would exist if it weren't for engineers.
I know, it's just, my brain doesn't work like yours, or Frankie's.
We may not be as flashy as Dani and Kade, but we help people, too.
Everyday, in all parts of life.
Not to mention tug-of-war.
We're just trying to 'pull' you in the right direction.
( both laughing ) Ooh-ooh, but we won't 'force' you! ( both laughing ) Hey, Chase! What are you up to? The Chief and I are going on patrol.
- Would you care to join us? - 'Force', get it? ( laughing continues ) I'd love to.
I find it shameless how your siblings are trying to coerce you into following their specialties.
I assure you, I would never do that.
- Thanks, Chase.
- But should you be interested, there is a copy of the Griffin Rock statutes under your seat.
Chase, law enforcement isn't just about knowing rules.
It's about dealing with people, and learning how to be a decent person or Bot.
You understand, right son? - I guess - Oh boy Looks like poor Jerry picked the wrong car to ding.
Stay here, son.
Ah, don't need your help, Chief.
It's kind of my job, Don.
Now what happened? Just a little nick.
Uh, maybe for your old heap, but look what he did to my fender! It's here somewhere.
Maybe I should go get my magnifying glass, Don? ( chuckling ) Oh, you got me, Chief.
I'll let it go this time, but be careful! He will.
Shake on it, Jerry.
That wasn't what I expected.
Personally, I would cite them both for careless driving.
But we all police in different ways.
Cody, why don't you hop out, we'll give Mr.
Hooton a hand.
Okay, Dad.
Another exciting case, huh? Kind of a dull patrol day, huh Dad? Makes this book seem exciting.
( engine revving ) Let's go get 'em, partner.
- ( sirens wailing ) - Finally! Please pull over, Citizen.
You are in violation of the speed limit! ( engine revving ) Oh Chief, my wife's about to have our baby! Say no more.
We'll get you there.
Stay close behind me.
To the hospital, partner.
Fast as possible.
Chief, shall I turn on my sirens? Even though it is not a true emergency? It's an emergency to Edgar and his wife.
A big, happy, wonderful emergency.
So yes, turn 'em on as loud as you can, Partner.
Let the whole world know about it.
( sirens approaching ) There are lots of different kinds of rescues, son.
And the little ways to help people are just as important, sometimes more so, than the big ones.
( sighs ) Decided which camp to sign up for, Cody? Uh, duh! Heh-heh-heh! Am I right, Heatwave? I'm not sure what you're asking.
Look, it really comes down to one question How we all put up with you? I was talking to Cody .
It's simple.
You just gotta ask yourself, what do you want to be? I don't know.
There are parts of everybody's job I like.
Firefighting's exciting, and a lot more complicated than I thought.
And being an EMT, especially in a rescue copter, is pretty cool and helps people.
Gotta decide soon, bud.
The application's due in a few days.
That's why I think I'm going to Hey Where is the application? I'm just keeping it safe for you.
- Kade, I can't believe you - That's kind of overstepping, isn't it? Heh-heh-heh! Have you met Kade? Uh, Team? Hello? Just wanted to let you know I'm packed and headed to the ferry.
- Already? - That was quick.
You goin' somewhere? - We'll meet you down there, Chief.
- Have to give you a big send off! I'm on my way, Dad! Don't leave before I get there.
Wouldn't dream of it.
Enjoy yourself, sir.
Do not concern yourself with island affairs.
I won't.
I know I'm leaving the Town in good hands.
And me in charge as usual.
- Really? - Again? I'm not doing your laundry! ( explosion ) What on earth? ( beeping ) Come quick! There's been an explosion! Looks like I'll be catching the next ferry.
Go ahead, Dad.
We can handle it.
I know you can, son, but it's my Town, too.
Chase? Rescue Bots Roll to the Rescue! Coming with us, huh? Nice choice! Doesn't mean anything You were just closest.
( multiple sirens wailing ) Stay back, folks! ( coughing ) Captain Wild, you'd best get out of there.
( coughing ) I'm looking for my eyeglasses! ( coughing ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) Is everyone accounted for? Oh! Up here! ( dog whining ) Everyone else is here.
- Only six apartments in the building.
- Well, Mr.
Hooton, looks like we're roommates now instead of neighbors.
( dog panting ) Let's take a look at that cut Shoring up here, and here should help.
Take some of the strain off the interior supports.
I'll run some numbers and figure out the best place to put them.
Kade! Over here! Look! Just like you worried about The gas line must have been dug up accidentally and Hey! Why didn't you move the worksite like I told you? Sorry, what'd you say? I leave these earplugs in during work hours.
It can get pretty loud with all this machinery.
Well, that explains that.
GRAHAM: Look out! ( grunting ) Heatwave! The supports! One here, another near Blades.
( grunts ) Unh! It's only a temporary fix.
The building's uninhabitable until permanent repairs can be made to these support walls.
( indistinct chatter ) - What are we supposed to do? - But we don't have anywhere else to go.
Yes, you do.
Here we go, folks.
Hot soup.
Family recipe.
And you're all welcome to use the shower and facilities upstairs.
Just take that elevator.
Chief, but that's your home! And we're happy to share it.
( sobbing ) I'm sorry, honey.
You'll just have to sleep without him tonight.
But I'm sure your dragon's safe at home.
I want Morbash now, Mommy.
Kade, Dani? Ask around.
Find out what the families need from their homes.
Just the most important items, like medicines and ( sniffling ) Well, stuffed toys.
Put together a list, and the Bots and I will go back to get it.
I'll catch tomorrow's ferry.
Fish aren't going anywhere.
The apartments on the far side are secure.
Just stay away from the wall.
Please remain in my line of sight, Chief.
Then I can assure your safety.
Hooton said his medicine's in the bedroom.
I'll be careful, partner.
( building creaking ) Dad! Chief! ( tragic theme playing ) ( grunts ) Oh! Unh! I'm okay! I found the medicine.
( gasps ) Come on, Dad.
We're getting you to the hospital.
I'm fine, I'm Whoa ( sad melodic theme playing ) Anything happening? Oh dear, oh dear.
I feel entirely responsible.
I should never have let Chief go inside.
You know Chief.
Nothing can stop him from doing his duty.
Wait I see Cody and Dani.
Don't worry, Cody.
He'll be fine.
He'd better be.
If he isn't Well he just better be, that's all.
I wish I tested the building's structure more thoroughly.
It's not your fault, bro.
( approaching footsteps ) CODY: Dad! BLADES: He's coming out! - You're okay! - How are you feeling? See? Told you he'd be fine.
Of course he's fine.
Nothing could hurt that hard head.
Now get him out of here.
And take good care of him.
Thanks, Doc.
( ring tone blaring ) Hello? Oh, okay.
I'll tell him.
It was Deputy Barney.
He says a few of the Townsfolk heard about what happened.
They wanted to stop by and say hello.
They're waiting out in front.
( crowd cheering and applauding ) TOWNSPERSON: Thank goodness you're okay, Chief.
MAN: You had us worried! ( indistinct encouragements ) Look, Chief! It was a girl! We named her Charlene, in your honor.
We wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time if it weren't for you.
( baby cooing ) I just wanted to say Well, I'm glad you're all right.
And I picked these for you.
There from the Mayor's yard.
Get better, Chief! Don't know what we'd do without you! ( Blades sobbing ) Blades, we don't cry, remember? Speak for yourself.
Kade, you still have the application? Here.
Did you decide? That.
That's what I want to be.
Good choice.