Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e16 Episode Script

Moon Breaker

1 ( COMPUTER BEEPS ) Any ideas yet, Fixit? No, sir.
How you all merged into the Ultra Bee Team Combiner last time when the equipment wasn't even plugged in remains a mystery.
( SIGHING ) Stay on it.
Of course, Lieutenant.
I won't be distracted by any ( URGENT BEEPING ) Ahh! What's up, heroes? How's it going, Windblade? I got the message you retrieved all my caches, and I just wanted to double-check Did you get the one on the moon? There's one on the moon? It was the first one I ever set up in your solar system.
What's in this cache? Anything we should take care of immediately? Just a plasma-thermal accelerator module.
Just? In the wrong servos, something like that could be used as a plasma cannon! It should still be there.
I never received a notification my security measures failed.
Transmitting the cache's coordinates now.
Thanks, Windblade.
Happy hunting.
Windblade out.
Okay, let's prep Drift's ship for transport and ( WIND RUSHING ) ( ALL GASP ) ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( ROARS ) Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) ( TRACTOR BEAM HUMMING ) Greetings, Autobots.
I am glad to find you all fully operational.
It's good to see you too, but you never just drop in to say hi.
What's going on? I believe there is a great threat to both Earth and Cybertron about to reveal itself.
Of what nature is this threat? Until I am certain I am right, it is best not to say.
But to determine whether my suspicion is correct, I need one of you to join me.
Only one? Not all of us? That is correct.
I'm ready, OP! Guys, it's been nice.
( GRUNTS ) Don't mind him, sir, he's deluded! It'll be my honor to serve you.
With your permission of course, sir.
Hold on.
If you give me some more information, Optimus, maybe I can help you select someone.
- No need, Bumblebee.
Drift? - Me? ( IN UNISON ) Huh? Him? If your team leader will allow it.
Whatever it takes to help your mission, Optimus.
But it's not about me allowing anything Drift has to make the decision for himself.
I am honored to join you, Optimus Prime.
But I respectfully request to complete my current mission, as it would be dishonorable to leave in the midst of preparing for it.
Excellent, Drift.
To avoid further delays, I offer my assistance in completing your mission.
What is our destination? The moon.
( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) Keep your optics calibrated, nincombot, we're getting close to some Cybertronian technology.
You know those signals might belong to weapons ( CHUCKLES ) handled by, um, Autobots ( GROANS ) And here I was, thinking we were hunting for squirrels.
Now stay quiet! ( BEEPING ) ( GASPS ) Jackpot! ( TRACTOR BEAM HUMMING ) ( SIGHS ) How could Optimus choose a Mini-Con sitter over me? I mean, Optimus and I used to roll together.
- I'm like his wing bot! - He must have chosen Drift for either his combat skills or his stealth.
Stealth? Hmph.
Drift's got nothing on my whisper mode.
Check it out ( WHISPERING ) Hah! Maybe, if I can convince Optimus that my combat skills are superior to Drift's, he'll see I'm the better choice for his team.
Bumblebee, you are worried that Drift's absence will put your team at a disadvantage.
Ahh, it's more than that.
We're in the early stages of mastering how to combine all five of us.
Without Drift our combined form is without a weapon.
If we're even able to combine at all.
You have successfully power-linked into a combined form? Briefly.
A few times.
But not easily.
If we had more practice I understand.
Regrettably, my mission must supersede all else.
Well, there's one more thing we got Aah! Guess neither of you saw me coming because of my best-on-the-team stealth skills.
Just wanted to tell you, your ship is ready for departure, boss-bot.
Hey, want me to sneak on board and you can try and find me? ( POWERING UP ) We've located the Autobot base, Motormaster! And Optimus Prime is with them! They're taking off in his ship.
I assume your orders are to destroy their hideout? MOTORMASTER: No, this gives us a better opportunity.
They'd never expect us to attack in space.
Get back here immediately.
( JETS ROARING ) ( ROCKETS HISSING ) ( COMPUTER BEEPS ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) OPTIMUS: We'll need to avoid that satellite as we approach the moon.
Keep an optic on the navigator, Fixit.
( YELPS ) Me? Pilot Prime Force One? Yes, sir, Optimus, sir! You wanted to tell me something prior to our departure, Bumblebee? In our battles with the Stunticons, they've merged in pairs and as a group, forming a mega-combiner.
Menasor I have heard of his crimes.
Including the destruction of an entire planetary system.
If we're gonna match up against enemies like this, we have to master combining.
Based on the accounts of the few who survived their dealings with Menasor, Motormaster does not have full control over his combined form.
Maybe when they combine, they're not doing it properly The true art of combining has been lost to time.
The only words I recall From the council of ancients are these: "Autobots cannot truly combine till all are one.
" I don't understand.
Wouldn't combining make us one? The answer lies within.
( COMPUTER BEEPING ) Optimus! Lieutenant! The ship's sensors have picked up another vessel in hirsute Galoot ( CLANGS ) Pursuit! ( CRASH ) ( ALL GASP ) ( GUNSHOT ) ( RUMBLING ) ( ALL YELLING ) Hang on! ( WHOOSHING ) ( GUNSHOTS ) ( CLANGS ) ( GRUNTS ) Ugh! ( GUNSHOTS ) Hope that thingie we just hit wasn't important.
We have bigger problems! I read the Decepticon signals of Motormaster and his cohorts in that ship! We must take the offensive! ( COMPUTER BEEPS ) Target acquired! Autobots, hold on! ( BEEPS ) ( BOTH GRUNT ) ( SYSTEM BEEPING ) Weapons systems down! We gotta call this off! MOTORMASTER: Never My tech detector is picking up a strong signal from the moon.
Now that we've lost the element of surprise, maybe we should look for other possible advantages ( ROCKETS HISSING ) The enemy ship has changed course and is headed for the lunar surface to the cache coordinates Windblade gave you.
Oh no! The satellite we clipped is falling toward Earth! No biggie.
We'll shoot it down It's already out of range! And Lieutenant, it's a Defense Satellite armed with ballistic missiles! If it crashes on Earth Kaboom.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) The satellite or Windblade's cache? Which do we deal with first? Both, at the same time! Take command of the ship, Bumblebee! Pursue the Stunticons.
Fixit, I need you to determine how to detach the satellite's heat shield.
Without it, the satellite will disintegrate on re-entering Earth's atmosphere.
I would be spilled Chilled ( CLANGS ) Thrilled to assist you! ( MOTOR WHIRS ) I suggest we reconfigure the escape pod's thrusters and use the pod to catch up with the ( YELPS ) ( JETS POWER UP ) ( FIXIT SCREAMS ) FIXIT: Whoa! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( JETS ROARING ) ( GRUNTS ) ( CHUCKLING ) This low gravity is amazing.
- Ugh! - Hey! Way to blow our element of surprise, cadet! Yeah, like they haven't already seen our giant spaceship? It does not matter.
The Stunticons have already gone.
We're still 10 clicks away from Windblade's cache.
The terrain's too powdery for Motormaster to have landed any closer.
Lieutenant, the most effective strategy would be to use the ship to launch an airstrike.
I'm not sure that's Ahh! What did I tell you about sneaking up on me? Imagine if you were a Stunticon.
You'd be a goner.
I say we move in stealthily, and bust those 'Cons! How about if we stop wasting time arguing and just get after 'em? Autobots, let's rev up and roll out! ( GEARS WHIRRING ) ( ENGINES ROARING ) ( JETS HISSING ) ( COMPUTER BEEPING ) We need to get closer.
( COMPUTER HUMMING ) Hmm ( GUNSHOT ) Aah! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( GUNSHOTS ) OPTIMUS: Our proximity seems to have activated a defense system! ( SCREAMING ) ( YELPS ) ( COMPUTER BEEPING ) I have identified the precise point to safely detach the satellite's heat shield! "Safely" being a relative term.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) FIXIT: Whoa! ( WHOOSHING ) ( ENGINES ROARING ) ( CLANGS ) Aah! Autobots! Whoa! ( GRUNTS ) ( ENGINES ROARING ) I do not see Motormaster! ( YELLS ) ( GRUNTING ) ( GEARS WHIRR ) ( GRUNTS ) Miss me? Ugh! ( GRUNTING ) BUMBLEBEE: Any bot have optics on Motormaster? ( ALL SCREAM ) ( GASPS ) ( BOTH SCREAM THEN GRUNT ) ( ENGINE ROARS ) ( ENGINE REVS ) See you in the junk yard, lawbot! Ugh! ( GRUNTS ) ( CRACKLING ) Polish 'em off for me.
Scrap that! I wanna see what's givin' off such a strong signal! ( ENGINES ROAR ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( GEARS WHIRR ) ( GRUNTS ) ( CRACKLES ) ( ROARS ) Windblade's security measures might give us time to catch up! Not if the Stunticons do that.
( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) ( GRUNTING ) ( CRASHING ) ( YELLS ) ( ELECTRICITY FIZZLES ) ( CHUCKLES ) ( GLITCHES ) That's more like it! Heh-hey! A plasma-thermal accelerator module! ( MODULE POWERS UP ) ( LAUGHS ) Sweet Solus Prime I see you! ( RUMBLING ) ( AUTOBOTS SCREAM, GRUNT ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) No, Slashmark, I'm going to make the Autobots ( GLITCHES ) watch from up here as I put their little blue planet in chains! ( YELLS ) ( ELECTRICITY CRACKLES ) ( GEARS WHIRR ) ( ENGINES ROARING ) ( AUTOBOTS GROANING ) Come on! If we race around the mountains, we can ambush him at the landing site! No more sneaking around! We need an all-out assault! Stop! This isn't the time for your competing.
We don't stand a chance against Menasor like this.
We have to combine or it's all over.
But we do not have access to Fixit's equipment.
Fixit said the last time we combined it was without his equipment.
Optimus says the answer is within us.
We just have to figure out what we did as a team to trigger the combining.
The way some of us have been conducting themselves, we hardly operate as a team as it is.
"Till all are one" Maybe that means we all need to be one in spirit, before we can combine physically? Are you really buying all that hot exhaust? - I mean, come on! - No reason we can't try! Unless you have a better idea? But we only know how to do, like one two three moves when we're combined.
We'll just have to hope we don't wind up needing four.
Move into the same positions we were in the last time we combined.
And focus on the mental image of our combined form.
( GEARS WHIRR ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( POWERING UP ) It's not working! Yeah, because we're not working as a team.
You're still trying to prove you're better than me.
No, just that I'm a better choice to go along with Optimus than you are.
Forget that now! If we don't combine, none of us is making it out of this.
Do either of you want that on your heads? ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) ( POWERING UP ) Come on.
Come on! ( HEROIC THEME PLAYING ) ( GEARS WHIRRING ) ( CRACKLES ) FIXIT: I have uploaded the satellite's schematics to your sensor array.
I can guide you through its defenses to the exact spot where you can detach the heat shield.
We're going in! ( GUNSHOTS ) ( FIXIT SCREAMS ) FIXIT: Whoa, whoa! ( OPTIMUS GROWLS IN PAIN ) ( OPTIMUS GRUNTS ) Straight ahead! ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) ( METAL SCRAPES ) ( OPTIMUS ROARS ) Stop! This is the spot! ( METAL CREAKING ) ( SIZZLING ) ( RUMBLING ) ( OPTIMUS GRUNTS ) ( GRUNTING ) ( OPTIMUS ROARS ) ( CLANGS ) ( CRACKLES ) ( OPTIMUS GRUNTS IN PAIN ) ( GRUNTS ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( FIXIT SCREAMING ) Well, that was very exciting, but can we go back to the Scrapyard now? Not yet, Fixit.
Bumblebee and the others may need our help.
( FIXIT YELPS ) ( WHOOSHING ) MOTORMASTER: There's their ship.
Let's form up and crush it.
I don't wanna stay in there with Menasor any longer than I have to.
( CRACKLES ) ( THUDS ) Good luck finding a ( GLITCHES ) ride home, Auto ( FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING ) Huh? ( GRUNTS ) ( CLANGS ) ( GRUNTING ) Not bad.
( GLITCHES ) Not good enough! Argh! Strongarm, Drift, go for his arm! ( GROWLS ) Now! Ugh! ( METAL SCRAPES ) ( CRACKLES ) ( BOTH GRUNT ) ( SCREAMS ) No.
No! I was gonna win! Ugh! Sideswipe, Strongarm, arms up! ( BOTH GRUNTING ) ( SWORDS CLANGING ) ( GLITCHES ) Stop it! We can ( GLITCHES ) still beat them! Don't ( GLITCHES ) fight me! They're still ( GLITCHES ) just one Bot! BUMBLEBEE: We're much more than that, Menasor We're a team! ( CLANGS ) ( THUDS ) ( CRACKLING ) ( JETS HISSING ) The satellite has been destroyed, Lieuten Oh! You've all combined again? It appears you have truly brought your team together, Bumblebee.
Till all are one.
Till all are one.
( SOFT THEME PLAYING ) Thanks for taking our prisoners off our hands, Optimus.
I still wish you could tell us what this mission of yours is Soon, Bumblebee, if Drift helps prove my fears are correct.
Then good luck, both of you.
Try to come back in one piece.
Why would I come back any other way? Because Forget it.
I'm gonna miss you, Teamie! Grimlock! Did you not hear Bumblebee say, "one piece?" Sir, I just wanted to say Sideswipe and I have accepted that you've chosen Drift for your mission.
We know that our calling right now is as part of the team here.
When you two work together, you are an awesome force.
One I could not take away from Bumblebee.
( TRACTOR BEAM HUMMING ) ( JETS WHOOSHING ) Optimus was totally looking at me when he said awesome.
Was not.
- Was too.
- Was not.
- Was too.
- Was not.
- Was too! - Was not! - Was too! - Was not!