Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e17 Episode Script


1 ( CLEARS THROAT ) All right, okay.
A-are we filming? RUSSELL: "Action" means "go," Grimlock.
Okay, okay.
Hey, Drift! It's your favorite Teamie! We sure miss you! Figured I'd keep a video diary of everything that happens while you're away with Optimus! Then, when we see you again, you can catch right up! SIDESWIPE: What do you think, guys? Like the look? I'm using a new wax! ( BOTH YELL ) So, um, that's happening RUSSELL: Fixit! Wanna say hello to Drift? Not until I link the Cybertronian Tech Detector to my Command Tablet.
( SIGHS ): Two different coding languages, and they both hate me! Fixit's pretty much the same.
( ALARM SOUNDING ) Huh? ( GASPS ) So what's happening now is, apparently, we are under attack! Russell! Stop filming! And come on! ( GRIMLOCK GROANS ) Come on, we need to get to cover! Does anyone have eyes on our attackers? They're using Cybertronian ordinance! We have to ( BOTH GRUNTING ) ( GROANING ) Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( ROARS ) Robots in disguise Robots in disguise You all right, son? ( SIGHS ): Yeah.
( ENGINE REVS ) STRONGARM: We have to grab Fixit! ( DENNY & RUSSEL GRUNT ) ( TIRES SQUEALING ) Autobots! Rendezvous at the Command Center! Maybe we can Aah! Autobots! Autobots! Scrap! ( TIRES SQUEALING ) ( ENGINE REVVING ) Whoa! What is this? Did someone forget to pay the electric bill? ( GRUNTS ) ( TIRES SQUEALING ) Sideswipe, situation report.
Best I can figure, they're on the cliffs! Incoming! ( ALL GRUNTING ) ( FIXIT GRUNTING ) Sweet Solus Prime! ( ENGINE REVVING ) Whoa! Who is shooting at us? STRONGARM: Unfortunately, someone with decent aim! This is no good! We have to evac! Cover me! ( CONSUL BEEPING ) Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! ( GRUNTS ) ( GRIMLOCK GRUNTING ) Sideswipe! Right behind you! ( SIDESWIPE GRUNTS ) ( GASPS ) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! ( GRUNTING ) Bumblebee! Strongarm! Grimlock? Can you hear me? Anyone! Come in! ( GRUNTING ) Help! Anyone! Come back! Please! Aah! Gah! Aah! Huh? ( GASPS ) ( GRUNTING ) I I-I thought you left The blast that took out the GroundBridge threw me into the cliff! Took me a while to find you with my comm down! Come on! ( ENGINES REVVING ) What if they've been captured? I'm going back The lieutenant would not want us to rush in without a plan! But how's he gonna find us? Bumblebee activated the GroundBridge.
He must know we portalled to the last desecration ( SQUEAKS ): Decoration ( GRUNTS ): Destination point it was set to.
( GASPS ) Thank the Primes! You're intact! We are, but it was a close call.
Not for a speed bot like Sideswipe, I bet! Probably didn't even warm up your engine oil.
Uh Sideswipe? Huh? Oh-oh.
Oh, yeah ( CHUCKLING NERVOUSLY ): Drive in the park.
Well, you're welcome anyway.
Now, whoever launched the attack isn't likely to back down.
We need a new hideout, fast.
RUSSELL: How about those caves where we busted Nightstrike? Excellent idea! The mineral content of the cavern's soil interfered with our energy signatures.
Our enemies shouldn't be able to detect us there.
What do you say, Dad? I was expecting a shipment of turn-of-the-century pressed coins.
We'll regroup in the cave, then go after whoever it was that destroyed our home! Autobots, let's rev up and roll out! ( ENGINES REVVING ) How could we lose them? ( SNIFFS ) I wanted to bury Bumblebee in his own scrapyard! ( TRACKER BEEPING ) This tracker is useless.
And no doubt the Autobots have cloaked their energy signatures by now, anyway THUNDERHOOF: Hey-oh.
my crew and I combed the whole joint.
No sign of them toasters.
Excuse me your crew? ( GROWLS ) ( CHUCKLING ) No need to get gruff, fellas! We're all in this together! ( GROWLS ) ( GROWLS ) ( SCOFFS ): What was I thinkin'? ( LAUGHS ) Gruff away! This whole thing's a waste of time.
- Who cares about those Auto-bums? - I do.
I want Bumblebee's hood ornament on a plate.
And so do our benefactors back on Cybertron.
They want Bumblebee and his team.
That is why they freed us and offered us full pardons, Thunderhoof.
Hey, just 'cause Steeljaw, "The Great Rebel," sold out, don't mean I gotta! I'm gettin' off this mudball once and for all! ( GROWLS ) ( BOTH GRUNTING ) I am no one's lackey, brother.
My interests simply overlap with our benefactors'.
( GRUNTING ) I will not let anyone jeopardize my mission.
Least of all you, Thunderhoof.
( GRUNTS ) Capiche? Well, I guess I can lend a hand.
Seein' as you, uh need me so bad.
Ah, whatever, forget about it.
( STEELJAW CHUCKLING ) Why're you so happy, all of a sudden? Because I've found the answer to our problems, Underbite.
If we can't locate the Autobots, we'll just have to help the Autobots locate us.
DENNY: Three mint-condition Wrenchie the Pneumatic Wrench play sets, 12 vintage traffic cones, 47 states' worth of commemorative spoons I'm sorry, Denny.
When this is over, we'll rebuild the Scrapyard.
Yeah! It'll be even better than before it was blown up, and set on fire, and blasted into pieces He gets the picture! SIDESWIPE: Come on, Denny! The Scrapyard's just another place, right? I've moved from home to home a million times.
After a while, it's no big deal! ( BATS SCREECHING ) ( SHRIEKS ) Some bot's a little jumpy.
You all right there, Sideswipe? Maybe what happened at the Scrapyard rattled your exhaust system a little? ( SCOFFS ): Not even! I just don't like things flappin' their wings at my sensory array! Good.
'Cause we need everyone at top performance if we're gonna track down our attackers and bring them in.
( FIXIT SIZZLING ) And I have no idea how to accomplish that.
I do! I brought the Cybertronian Tech Detector we confiscated from the Stunticons! It won't detect Decepticons, but it can detect their weapons.
Though we're unlikely to get a signal in these caverns.
We'll have to go outside the cave to scan.
And our enemy's out there, looking for us.
So whoever does the scanning better do it fast.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Sure, send Sideswipe out by himself on a mission! You really are trying to get rid of me, aren't you? Of course not.
You're just best suited for the job.
I'm just pulling your v-belt! I can manage just fine on my own.
Gimme that! Let's see, uh How do you turn this thing on? Is there a plug? Antennas to pull out? Ooh, maybe if I shake it really hard I'll do it! Before you break it.
As team leader, I should be the one putting my spark on the line.
Me! Me! Seemed like my turn to grab it.
SIDESWIPE: I said I'd do it.
STRONGARM: Happy to take on the task.
GRIMLOCK: Just tell me which button! BUMBLEBEE ( STAMMERING ): Where'd Fixit go? ( TECH DETECTOR HUMMING ) ( BEEPING ) BUMBLEBEE: Five contacts? The coordinates correspond to the Crown River Dam.
( BUMBLEBEE SIGHS ) The facility is fully automated, but if these are 'Cons trying to destroy the dam, they'll endanger every human for miles around.
It could be a trap, sir.
Our attackers trying to draw us out.
BUMBLEBEE: Well, that may be so, but we can't just sit here if we can prevent a disaster.
Let's rev up and roll out.
( ENGINES REVVING ) SIDESWIPE: I was thinking, if this is a trap, we should probably stick together.
Strength in numbers and all that.
I-I mean, splitting up would be a bad move, right, Bee? STRONGARM: The only bad move right now is you riding my bumper.
Back off! Oh, lieutenant! if we fail to stop these 'Cons because of a self-induced accident, it's not going on my rap sheet.
BUMBLEBEE: Sideswipe, I need you to watch behind us, in case we're attacked from the rear.
So fall back, okay? Fall back.
( TIRES SCREECHING ) ( RAILROAD CROSSING DINGING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( ENGINE REVVING ) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! ( WHISTLE BLOWING ) Unh! BUMBLEBEE: Sideswipe! You're lucky that wasn't a passenger train! Someone could have seen you! SIDESWIPE: Don't honk at me! What if we'd been separated, and you'd been ambushed? Frankly, I'm a little surprised you didn't think of that.
BUMBLEBEE: Okay, that might Might have been the case.
But it wasn't.
So can we focus on our mission now? ( ENGINES REVVING ) ( TIRES SQUEALING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( BIRDS CHIRPING ) I'll go into the control building and draw out any enemy inside.
You guys split up and circle around.
When they go after me, go after them.
I don't know, Bee.
Isn't it, um strategically risky for the rest of us to separate? I mean, w-what if they gang up on Grimlock? Then I feel sorry for them.
( ANNOYED ): Uh.
Strongarm! You there? Affirmative.
What's wrong? Nothin'.
Just making sure the comms are working.
They are! Unlike you, apparently.
Grimlock, what's your 20? I'm on Earth.
Why? Aren't you? Sideswipe! Keep radio silence! Underbite? Quillfire? STEELJAW: Not to mention us.
( THUNDERHOOF GRUNTS ) ( BUMBLEBEE GRUNTS ) ( GROANS ) ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) They say you can't dream in stasis, but I did, Bumblebee.
Of this moment, when I could pay you back for robbing me of Decepticon Island.
Pay you back in full.
I also dreamed! Of a parade for the heroes of the revolution! Everyone was wearing hats! And it turns out we're not the only ones interested in your demise.
A bargain was struck, and here I stand before you.
Or, more accurately above you.
You're really quite a speaker, Steeljaw.
You sure know how to hold everyone's attention.
( CHUCKLES ) Compliments will get you nowhere.
You're such a good speaker.
None of you even wondered why I seemed to come here alone.
Stand down, 'Cons.
Or go down! Maintain higher ground! You're gonna maintain my hoof in your carburetor! Sounds painful.
I'll pass.
( SIDESWIPE GRUNTING ) Oof! Fight the power! Okey-doke.
Unh! Aah! Lieutenant, remove that quill! The turbine could overload and blow this place to the AllSpark! ( GRUNTING ) UNDERBITE: Mind if I work in? ( ROARS ) ( GRUNTING ) Keep them occupied! Autobots, cover me! And someone get that quill out of the turbine! Cannonball! ( CLAMPDOWN GROANING ) Unh! ( SIDESWIPE GRUNTS ) Sideswipe, where are you going? ( GASPS ) ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) Steeljaw! No! ( GASPS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GRUNTS ) Nice assist.
Told you splitting up was a bad move.
I'm going back to help Strongarm and Grimlock.
See what you can do about repairing the dam! But you might need me in there! What if the 'Cons take you guys out? And I'm the only one left? We need you here, Sideswipe.
You're our best and fastest climber.
We'll finish up in there, then come help you.
We're not gonna leave you.
You have my word.
( GRUNTING ) Thundercruncher, Boltsmasher, welcome to the party! ( GRIMLOCK GRUNTING ) ( GRIMLOCK SCREAMS, GRUNTS ) Huh? ( STEELJAW GRUNTS ) It's lonely at the top, isn't it? SIDESWIPE ( GRUNTS ): Whoa! ( GRUNTS ) STEELJAW: Looks like your team's abandoned you! ( GRUNTS ): It's just us now! ( GRUNTS ) And soon, it'll only be me! ( BOTH GRUNTING ) Since you won't be there, let me assure you that I will exterminate your friends as slowly and painfully as possible.
( GRUNTS ): I highly doubt that, fang-face.
You're gonna be too busy.
( CHUCKLES ): I am? Doing what? ( GRUNTING ): Staying afloat! ( GROANS ) ( YELLING ) ( GRUNTING ) Great idea, lieutenant! I thought so.
Wait, what are you talking about? ( GRUNTING ) ( BOTH YELLING ) No one does that to my guys, even if they are bums! ( THUNDERHOOF ROARS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GRUNTING AND YELLING ) ( BOTH GRUNTING ) Looks like someone should've had a bigger breakfast! ( GRUNTING ) Most important meal of the day! ( GRUNTING ) You'll never take us in, Autobots! ( ENGINES REVVING ) Doesn't that lead to Yep.
ALL: Scrap! Sideswipe! ( SIDESWIPE GRUNTING ) He used the dam to plug the dam! Great job, Sideswipe! That should hold till the repair crews get here.
Oh, hey.
Didn't see you there.
Where else would we be? Well, if we've learned one thing, it's that we never assume Steeljaw is gone forever.
And it sounded like he has partners on Cybertron we haven't met yet.
Something is definitely rotten back home, and Steeljaw's only a part of it.
Maybe Optimus knows what Huh.
Not quite home, but it'll do.
Hey, you can only cry over spilled milk for so long! Even if that milk was in a ( INHALES SHARPLY ) vintage bottle.
Anyway, home is wherever your friends and family are, right? Yup! And lucky for all of you, I'd never leave any of you behind! Most of you, anyway.