Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e18 Episode Script

Breathing Room

1 ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( STRONGARM & SIDESWIPE GRUNTING ) ( GROANS ) Couldn't you have waited two seconds for me to walk through? With how slow you move? I would've been waiting two years, not two seconds! Very funny.
Now, step aside! ( BOTH GRUNTING ) Hey, you're scuffing me! No scuffing! ( ALL GRUNTING ) Oops.
This is ridiculous! I'm always tripping over one of you toasters! You think it's a dream come true being stuck in a cave with you? Instead of worrying about the Decepticons that destroyed the Scrapyard and want us deactivated, you just care about your paint job.
This is very fancy paint.
( FIXIT YELPS ) Oh! Thank goodness.
( SIGHS ) Everything's okay! Every What's okay? Everything in the Command Center! ( GASPS ) Great! Now Fixit's leaking central processor fluid.
- Leave him alone! - Get out of my grille.
( ALL YELLING INDISTINCTLY ) Hey Hey! Look, I know these cramped quarters aren't ideal, but we have to make the best of it! Now, what's wrong? ( ALL YELLING AT ONCE ) One at a time! Just one at a time.
Fixit, you first.
Lieutenant, to maintain effectiveness, I need circumstances to be as routine as possible.
Therefore, I have constructed a virtual Command Center for myself.
If I can imagine all is where it should be, I will continue to be calm in this time of crisis.
( GASPS ) Oh! You're standing on my Plasma Transmogrifier! ( ALL YELLING AT ONCE ) What are you guys doing in here? We said this room was gonna be the basketball court.
ALL ( IN UNISON ): Listen! ( ALL YELLING AT ONCE ) That's it! I'm going scouting for a more suitable base! And for the sake of everyone's mental health, Fixit, you're with me.
Bring that Tech Detector.
I wanna know ahead of time if any armed Decepticons are skulking around us.
The rest of you, stay put! SIDESWIPE: Hey, Fixit! Oops! Didn't see your whatever it is that's not sitting here! Ha! ( GROWLING ) Yikes! FIXIT: Any new base will do, Lieutenant.
BUMBLEBEE: It will? FIXIT: As long as it has enough space for my virtual equipment, of course.
BUMBLEBEE: Of course.
Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise - ( ROARS ) - Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) ( WHIRRING AND CLICKING ) Space certainly wouldn't be a problem here.
It doesn't have the natural cover of the Scrapyard.
Let's try that abandoned factory where we captured Chop Shop.
Should we check in with the cavern? To make sure our teammates haven't torn each other to scrap? Eh.
I'm sure they're over that silly argument.
They're not that childish.
Aah! That's it! I-If I don't get away from you, I'm gonna completely overheat! I'm goin' out to stretch my struts for an hour.
Or Or maybe forever! Sideswipe, the Lieutenant ordered us to stay here.
( ENGINE REVVING ) Hey! Isn't Strongarm disobeying Bee's orders now too? You got me.
I'm just gonna go enjoy the peace and quiet! Comm console GroundBridge controls ( ENGINE REVVING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( DRONE PULSATING ) This looks promising.
Plenty of space Defensible I'll scout the exterior.
Fixit, you look inside.
( DRONE WHIRRING AND CLICKING ) ( TECH DETECTOR BEEPING ) I could put my Plasma Transmogrifier there Oh, and I could put my Cryogas Modulator over there Huh? Oh, my.
How long has that been making noise? Come in, Lieutenant! My Tech Detector is reading ( BUMBLEBEE YELLS ) ( GASPS ) QUILLFIRE: The rebels rise! ( GROANS ) ( CLICKS ) QUILLFIRE: Fellow revolutionaries! The drone our liberators supplied us with detected the Autobot signals of one of our oppressors.
( GASPS ) I have captured the tyrant and am returning to our base with him as our prisoner! ( SIGHS ) ( SIZZLING ) ( SIREN WAILING ) STRONGARM: Attention, common and poorly-painted, average vehicle! Pull over in the name of the law! ( ENGINE REVVING ) ( DRONE WHIRRING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( SIREN WAILING ) ( TIRES SCREECH ) Ah-ah-ah, Strongarm Bee will be very disappointed you didn't stay in the cavern and follow orders! I'm making sure you follow them! Why didn't you just take me to jail when we first met? Then I wouldn't be stuck with you right now! STRONGARM: I can still arrange that.
And I wouldn't miss you a bit.
SIDESWIPE: Oh-ho-ho, really? I thought you said I'm the only one who's pushed you to be awesome since your Police Academy days! ( BEEPS ) And you think being pushy is a good thing? I'll show you pushy! What are you doing? Back off! - Push.
- SIDESWIPE: Oof! - Oof! - Push.
- Hey! - Push.
( SIDESWIPE & STRONGARM GRUNTING ) Move! I can't lift my arms or transform or get any leverage! - ( SCOFFS ) - Me either! Where do you want me to go? Don't get me started.
( CLAMPDOWN GIGGLING ) Ah, lightbender, you're one of the better things our friends on Cybertron gave us! ( DRONE WHIRRING AND CLICKING ) Found two of 'em! I'm bringing 'em in! STRONGARM: Clampdown? Is that you? Surrender! You are under arrest! ( CLAMPDOWN LAUGHS ) SIDESWIPE: What a shock.
He didn't give up.
( BOTH GRUNTING ) STRONGARM: This is unlawful imprisonment, Clampdown.
You're violating the Kaon Conventions.
Oh, no! Not that! Keep your grilles shut in there, or I'll sell ya for spare parts! Now, normally I'd just shake my head at your ridiculousness and walk away from you.
But, oh, yeah, that's right.
I can't walk away! Or shake my head! It's called 'irony.
' I hate irony.
( GROANING ) QUILLFIRE: Still paralyzed? The toxin in that quill must have been especially potent! CLAMPDOWN: Hey! Hey! I'm back, huh! ( BOTH GRUNT ) Where are Steeljaw and the others? I brought back two Autobots! Thunderhoof and Underbite are trying to find the other Autobot overlords.
Steeljaw is on his way now to view my prize ( GROANS ) the one most important to him, the hated oppressor, Bumblebee! ( GASPS ) They have the Lieutenant! It's okay.
I'll think of something.
Hm, hm, hm.
Hm, hm.
- Hm.
- Do you have to do that? It's keeping me from thinking! Well, it helps me.
Hm, hm.
( SIREN WAILING ) Well, this helps me! Whoa, whoa, whoa, huh! Come on! Come on! - STRONGARM: Ow! - SIDESWIPE: Hey, that echoes! ( GROANS ) Strongarm? Sideswipe! ( GROANS ) I told you to stay where you were! Quiet! You have no authority here.
Ha, ha! ( YELLING ) ( GASPS) STEELJAW: Fine work, brothers.
And so, Bumblebee Not only do I fulfill part of my debt to our benefactors, I at last get the revenge I so righteously deserve.
Tell me where the rest of your team is, and we can close the book without too much more pain.
Get rusted! ( LAUGHING ) Fine.
Be that way.
For the revolution! ( YELLS ) ( GROANS ) ( LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY ) ( GROWLS ) Sorry.
I'm never quite sure which quill is going to do what, or how long it will last.
Hit him again.
Until he talks.
BUMBLEBEE: Aah! Sideswipe.
The Lieutenant needs your assistance, immediately! STRONGARM: Fixit? Oh, it's good to hear your voice! BUMBLEBEE: Aah! STRONGARM: We'd help if we could, but neither of us can move more than half an inch.
SIDESWIPE: Especially with your boot in my engine case.
STRONGARM: That's your boot, wingnut! Oh, uh ahem.
just the subway maintenance bot! ( CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY ) Everything looks tip-top down here! Good job, everyone.
Bye! ( GROWLS ) ( GROWLS ) How did neither of you notice you were followed? ( BOTH LAUGHING NERVOUSLY ) ( GROWLS ) They're not going anywhere.
Help me apprehend the Mini-Con.
( GROANING ) STRONGARM: Lieutenant, are you all right? Fine, Strongarm.
Still paralyzed by one of Quillfire's quills, but ( GRUNTING ) ( SIGHS ) I think it's starting to wear off! Can you get your container closer to me? Maybe I can poke a hole in it.
Get closer? How? ( GRUNTING ) ( SIGHS ) You bragged about being pushy, Sideswipe? Well, we have just enough room If we push together to knock the container over in the direction of Bumblebee's voice Got it.
Let's go.
( BOTH GRUNTING ) That's it.
That's it! ( BOTH GRUNTING ) STRONGARM: Are we close, sir? Closer ( GRUNTS ) ( SIGHS ) but not close.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( SAW WHIRRING ) Huh? ( BOTH GRUNTING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( TORCH BUZZING ) Is that you, Mini-Con? Squeal twice for "yes," once for "no.
" ( GRUNTS ) Quillfire! You're supposed to be finding me that Mini-Con, not leaving your mark everywhere! ( GRUNTING ) If you just get a little closer STRONGARM: Not sure how, sir.
We're already as close as I'd ever want to get, if you know what I mean.
( QUILLFIRE GRUNTING ) Don't ever tell anybot about this.
'Kay? ( GRUNTING ) Every time Incompetent, humiliating, ridiculous Huh? Hi.
Ever had a close look at a subway's electrified rail? ( GRUNTS ) ( YELLING ) ( SIGHS ) Lieutenant! Gah! ( GROANING ) ( TRAIN WHISTLING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) STRONGARM ( GASPS ): Listen.
( TRAIN HORN BLOWING ) ( TRAIN HORN BLOWING ) That's a train coming! This is another reason why I don't wanna be near you! You're bad luck! Just muffle your exhaust and roll, punk! ( GRUNTS ) ( BOTH GRUNTING ) ( BOTH GRUNTING AND YELLING ) STRONGARM: Ow! ( BOTH GROAN ) Afraid you missed your train, Lieutenant.
That's the good thing about trains.
If you miss one, there's always another chance coming.
Not for you.
Time for you to pay up what you cost me on Decepticon Island.
( YELPS ) ( GASPS ) ( GRUNTS ) BUMBLEBEE: Aah! Oh! Bumblebee ( GROANING ) Where's that light coming from? We need to get away from each other! That's what I've been sayin'! No, listen.
If we press our foreheads together for leverage, we can push our backs against the walls of this container.
Ow! Now focus.
You know we're a good team when we need to be! So do what you do best Push me! ( BOTH GRUNTING ) ( LAUGHING ) ( GROANS ) One for each eye, I think.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Feel like a little Pin the Tail On the 'Cons, Sideswipe? I'm always up for a game.
( FIXIT YELLING ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GROWLS ) You really should keep better track of your toys.
( GRUNTS ) You're weak, Bumblebee.
You can't stand against me for more than a minute.
( GRUNTING ) ( GRUNTS AND GROWLS ) You're partially right, Steeljaw.
( BOTH GRUNTING ) I can't stand you.
( ALL GROANING ) I was just about to attempt that same maneuver.
You're all coming with us! And Steeljaw, you're gonna tell us everything about these benefactors of yours and whatever they're planning! ( TRAIN WHISTLING ) We had them We had them! Don't worry, Lieutenant.
Strongarm's right, Bee.
We'll have other chances.
Yeah, you're right.
I thought you two wanted to get away from each other Why suddenly so chummy? And what was with the sudden burst of teamwork back there? Oh, um maybe we were hit by one of Quillfire's quills.
Yeah, that's probably it.
You know, those Those crazy toxins ( SHUDDERS ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Is it me, or does this place look I don't know roomier? RUSSELL: We've remodeled.
DENNY: Thanks to our design skills And my rock-smashing skills.
( LAUGHS THEN GRUNTS ) The whole cavern system has been heightened and widened.
And don't worry, Fixit, we didn't move any of your stuff.
That's because it's all over there.
But it looks fine.
Thank you, Russell Clay.
The important thing is, we won't be on top of each other anymore.
Now, each of us can have our own, personal space.
( IN UNISON ): I call that area! Mine! ( BOTH GRUNTING ) - SIDESWIPE: Get out of the way! - STRONGARM: Ow! SIDESWIPE: Get out of the way! Uh, guys? You don't have to say it, Bee One even larger cave network, coming up.