Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e20 Episode Script

Prisoners Principles

1 GRIMLOCK: Relaxation alcoves? What exactly are relaxation alcoves? We all need some space to chill out, right? And Dad found these uh weird-looking chairs.
Rare six-fingered chairs.
Surprisingly comfortable.
You find any shaped like a fist? ( ALARM SOUNDING ) ( CONSUL BEEPING ) My scanners picked up Decepticon signals near a nuclear power plant! Can't be a coincidence that we just caught Steeljaw and the pack trying to steal radioactive waste.
You mean didn't catch them.
Just the idea of Steeljaw near a nuclear power plant is cause for alarm.
Let's rev up and roll out! ( ENGINES REVVING, TIRES SQUEALING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Uh whole lotta no bots here, Fixit.
You sure we have the right coordinates? FIXIT ( OVER COMM ) Confirmed.
You should be right on top of any Decepticons.
( SIGHS ) I guess it's hide-n-seek.
Ooh-ooh! I'll help.
Russell says I'm good at this game.
( GIGGLING ) ( YELLING ) Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( ROARS ) Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) SIDESWIPE: Grim? ( GRUNTS ) Huh? Found something! Fixit had the location right.
The 'Cons must be tunneling.
( ALL GRUNT ) Hey! CLAMPDOWN: Oh sure, make the bot - ( GASPS ) - with the big claws dig a tunnel! I ought to tell Steeljaw go dig himself a ( YELPS ) Law-bots! Nice day for a rock hunt and a double arrest.
Never, tyrants! ( BOTH GRUNT ) ( ALL GRUNT ) Down with oppression! ( GRUNTS ) Ha, ha.
Run away from oppression! You two, after Clampdown! Hey come on.
Ha, ha.
( CUFFS BEEP ) ( WHIMPERS ) ( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) BUMBLEBEE: The 'Cons cut us off with a cave-in.
Quillfire could be miles away by now, in any direction.
At least we have a prisoner - ( WHIMPERS ) - Spill it, Clampdown.
What's Steeljaw's plan? Uh, well, ah ( CHUCKLES ) I tell ya what.
I give you the dirt, and you let me go, heh? Actually Good! Okay, Steeljaw sent us to tunnel into that power plant on the other side of the woods, so he can steal their nuclear fuel rods.
He's waitin' there for us to let him in right now! ( CHUCKLES ) So, okay, cuffs off, copper! Deal's a deal! We never agreed to your deal.
You just started talking.
But, hey, we appreciate your help.
What? No-no! Come on, lemme go! You ( GRUNTING ) So, uh, what do we do with Crab Shack, here? It's not like we have a stasis pod to put him in.
I could punch him into stasis.
( YELPS ) Don't let that one hit me.
He won't.
You're our prisoner, and, according to the Kaon Conventions, a cooperative prisoner is not to be unduly harmed.
Seriously? Some know-it-all Bots got together and made up rules about being nice to prisoners? The spirit of the Kaon Conventions is about treating prisoners properly.
But how about using those fists to get us out of here, Grim? Get ready for some stasis, rocks! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) We know Quillfire's headed to the Nuclear Power Plant.
Let's go! ( GRUNTS ) We'll go.
You escort our prisoner back to the cavern.
But, sir We'll need to question Clampdown later.
In the meantime, it's our responsibility to keep him safe.
His team won't be happy about how we learned their plan.
Yes, sir Thunderhoof's gonna turn me into a seafood platter! I'll follow the Kaon Conventions to the letter.
I know you will.
The rest of us, let's rev-up and roll out! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( GROANS ) We can't transform to Vehicle-Mode like this.
( SCOFFS ) So we'll walk! Okay by me.
I been in that tunnel all day.
I'll tell ya, diggin' is not fun.
- ( GROANS ) - Oh sure, make the bot with the ( ENGINE REVVING ) ( TIRES SQUEAL ) Those Auto-Despots discovered the tunnel before we could finish it! And they've jailed Clampdown! Betcha the first thing that sea-rat does is spill his slimy guts! Likely.
And without the tunnel, we'll need a quick plan B.
Hm Follow my lead.
( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) SIDESWIPE: Up there Is that the Pack? BUMBLEBEE: Looks like them in camo mode.
THUNDERHOOF: I knew he'd squeal! ( CHUCKLES ) and do you know the only thing worse than dirt under yer shell? I'll tell you.
( GROANS ) Stop.
BUMBLEBEE ( OVER COMM ) Grimlock, hope you're almost here.
We need backup! CLAMPDOWN ( YELPS ) Hey! What are you doin'? ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( BOTH GRUNT, THEN YELL ) ( BOTH GRUNT ) ( BOTH GROANING ) Where's Clampdown? I'll hit him so hard, he'll be walkin' straight! ( GRUNTS ) ( BOTH GRUNTING ) Grimlock! Look who the Autobot dragged in! ( SCREAMING ) ( GRUNTING ) You ain't keepin' me from that rat.
( BOTH GRUNT ) ( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) ( YELPS ) Protect me! ( GRUNTS ) The Crayon Connection says you gotta! I can't do anything with you ( GRUNTS ) Pulling me! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( YELPS ) ( BOTH GRUNT ) ( YELLS, THEN GRUNTS ) STRONGARM & CLAMPDOWN: Nice teamwork.
( GROANS ) Stand up nice and slow, Thunderhoof.
You're taking my spot cuffed to Clampdown.
( BOTH GRUNT ) ( WHIMPERS ) ( SCREAMS ) I always said I wouldn't trust ya as far as I could throw ya.
Let's see how far that is.
( GRUNTS ) ( STRONGARM & CLAMPDOWN SCREAM ) ( BOTH GRUNT ) ( BOTH GROAN ) Time to get what's comin' to ya.
Both a youse! ( YELLING ) Get up.
Get up! ( GRUNTS ) What? ( GRUNTING ) ( YELPS ) Ow! ( CLAMPDOWN YELPING ) ( GRUNTS ) You'll be okay, big guy.
Any sign of Thunderhoof? - THUNDERHOOF: This is between me, - Huh? and that crabrat! STRONGARM: This crab-rat is my prisoner! Strongarm? Go to the power plant.
Clear out any humans.
I'll meet you there! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( GRUNTING ) Do something! Can't you arrest him? You're under arrest, Thunderhoof! ( GROWLS ) I do the arresting.
You're under arrest, Thunderhoof.
( GROWLS ) ( STRONGARM & CLAMPDOWN YELP ) ( ROARS ) ( BUMBLEBEE GRUNTS ) ( GROANS ) ( GRUNTS ) What are you doing here, Strongarm? Following the Kaon Conventions as per your orders, sir.
( GRUNTS ) My orders were to take Clampdown somewhere safe! We don't have time for this! Steeljaw is already inside the plant! ( GRUNTS ) That's why I came, sir! According to the Conventions, the team's mission is a higher priority, and I heard you comm Grimlock for backup so I ( GRUNTS ) Now, wait, Thunderhoof, you got this wrong.
'Cause I-I-I brought 'em here for you! Yeah, that's it.
It's-it's all a trap.
So you can crush 'em! Shut yer flip-floppin' flap! Huh? ( GRUNTS ) I got this! ( YELPS ) Strongarm for the last time, take the prisoner and go somewhere safe! Jupiter's nice this time of year.
The Conventions clearly state we must prioritize our mission.
We can bring the prisoner, as long as Fine.
But your priority is to keep your prisoner out of danger! ( YELPS ) Are you tryin' to get me squashed? ( GRUNTS ) So I crashed into the fire alarm, and all the humans took off.
No sign of Steeljaw or the others yet.
Well, we better find 'em quick.
Emergency crews will be on the way.
A plant like this can go from nuclear power to nuclear bomb.
( GRUNTS ) Reporting for duty, sir! How are you gonna help when you're strapped to that sack of bolts? Sir, this sack of bolts is slowing me I mean, the mission down And the Conventions do allow us to release a prisoner, if keeping him puts our mission in jeopardy.
No-no-no-no-no-no, I need protection! Strongarm, we can't treat prisoners like scrap when it's convenient.
That's not the spirit of the conventions.
You brought Clampdown here.
Find a way to make it work.
THUNDERHOOF: Ya little snitch! ( YELLS ) ( BOTH GRUNT ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GRUNTS ) Sorry, Strongarm, thought I had him.
I got him now.
( GROANS ) Ay-oh! Sir, permission to throw the prisoner in that vault.
Safer in there than out here.
Do it! No way.
I got close-to-phobia.
Lemme go with ya! I'll be good! ( GROWLS ) ( CUFFS POWER DOWN ) I'll be back to get you ( GRUNTS ) before you can say, "boo.
" ( CLAMPDOWN GRUNTS ) CLAMPDOWN: Boo! Boo-boo-boo! Boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo! Carry on, Lieutenant.
( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) Keep the fuel rods coming.
( SNARLS ) Autobots! ( GROWLS ) Block him in.
( GRUNTS ) ( SIGHS ) ( GRUNTS ) Ca-caw! ( CHUCKLES ) You're as bad at battle cries as Bee used to be.
( GRUNTS ) Ha, ha.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( ROARS ) Oh, yeah! That's crunchy! ( GRUNTS ) ( BUMBLEBEE & STRONGARM GRUNT ) ( CONSUL BEEPING ) AUTOMATED VOICE: Warning! Reactor core overheating.
( GROWLS ) ( UNDERBITE GRUNTS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GROANS ) We don't have much time! There has to be a backup control panel somewhere in the building.
We need to find it! ( STRONGARM & UNDERBITE GRUNT ) ( BUMBLEBEE GRUNTS ) ( GROANS ) ( UNDERBITE GROWLS ) Strongarm, stop Steeljaw! We'll find the backup panel! You know how this ( GROANS ) will end, Cadet.
Yeah, with you serving a long, long sentence.
( YELLS ) ( SIDESWIPE GRUNTING ) ( QUILLFIRE GRUNTING ) A setback to the revolution! But only temporary, as I ( GRUNTING ) Wha Aah! Guess I stuck it to you this time.
( BOTH GASP ) I'm leaving here with my fuel rods, or you get my prisoner back with some homemade air vents.
( GRUNTS ) Forget me, Lieutenant! Don't let him Thunderhoof, good of you to join us.
I got held up by that two-bit Dinobot.
But don't worry.
He won't be bothering us no more.
( ALARM SOUNDING ) AUTOMATED VOICE: Core meltdown imminent! Evacuate! - ( GASPS ) - And that's our cue to leave.
Bring the case, Thunderhoof.
This is where you get off, Cadet.
You'd only slow us down! ( GRUNTS ) Try to stop me, or try to save your friends and this plant, Strongarm.
Your choice.
( DOOR CLOSING ) ( GASPS ) ( GRUNTING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( STEELJAW LAUGHING ) Of course you'd try to help your friends, Strongarm.
Predictable to the end.
GRIMLOCK: Betcha didn't predict this! ( ALL GRUNT ) ( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) ( GRIMLOCK GROANS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GROANS ) STRONGARM: Grim! Get that wall open! I'll run down Steeljaw.
( GRUNTS ) AUTOMATED VOICE: Core meltdown in three minutes.
STRONGARM: Hurry, Grim! Bee and Sideswipe are in there! No problem.
( BOTH GRUNTING ) Wow, we're good.
Whew! Hot stuff.
That's what we're gonna be if we don't find a backup console and stop this meltdown.
Come on! ( BOTH GRUNT ) What are you doing? Leave him! ( GRUNTS ) We save everyone.
Are you still worried about those Conventions? No time to argue! ( GRUNTS ) ( SIGHS ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( WHISPERS INDISTINCTLY ) Crush Clampdown.
Clampdown! You can't go back for him! There's no time! If I don't, how am I different from a Decepticon? That's why the Kaon Conventions were written, Sideswipe! ( GRUNTING ) Don't tell me the radiation's getting to your brain, too! Saving Clampdown is the right thing to do.
You and Grimlock get these prisoners to safety, then do what you can to keep this place from going nuclear.
You said, when I said, "boo.
" ( SIGHS ) I said boo 300 times.
Stop talking and roll out! ( GRUNTS ) STRONGARM: One more moment, sir! ( GRUNTS ) Can't! Er! Oh! Lieutenant! ( YELLS ) Clampdown! ( GRUNTS ) Oh, I'm gonna feel that tomorrow! Thank you for saving us.
You? I'm tryin' to keep myself revvin'! Now get this thing offa me! ( ALL GRUNTING ) BUMBLEBEE: Why didn't you get the 'Cons to safety, like I ordered? 'Scuse me, but keeping this place from goin' kerflooey seemed a little more pressing.
Unfortunately, while I found a backup panel, humans never label the off switch! AUTOMATED VOICE: Three Two ( GRUNTS ) AUTOMATED VOICE: Reactor shutdown.
Cooling engaged.
Nice work.
Tech is my specialty, clearly.
I wish we could've nailed Steeljaw and gotten those fuel rods.
All he left us were these lame 'Cons.
Let's haul 'em home.
Then make sure they can't get out and help with whatever Steeljaw's plan is.
Hey, uh ( CHUCKLES ) Since I saved your sparks in there, hows about this time you cut me a break.
Let me go? Hm.
I'm sure the judge will take it in consideration.
Maybe knock a cycle or two off your thousand-cycle sentence! ( CUFFS POWER UP ) Will ya ( SIGHS ) Aw ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) I think not.
I deliver directly to those who request it.
That way everyone gets what they want.
But do let your superior know that I am ready whenever he is.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) DENNY: They're supposed to be relaxation alcoves.
Not cells.
Now, Denny, we know it's not ideal, but the Kaon Conventions do provide prisoners with the right to certain comforts during incarceration.
( GROWLS ) Yah! ( YELPS ) Nicest cell I ever had.
Whoa! ( CHEWING AUDIBLY ) ( BELCHES ) Sweet Solus Prime.