Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e21 Episode Script

Collateral Damage

1 RUSSELL ( ROARING ) Stay back! No, please! ( IMITATES ROARING SOUND ) ( RUSSELL FAKE SCREAMS ) ( BUMBLEBEE GASPS ) ( GRUNTS ) Everyone, take cover! Russell? What are you doing? ( SIGHS ) These caverns aren't much for entertainment, and I really miss my horror movies.
So I'm doing the best I can with what I have.
I know I'm sorry our fight with the Decepticons made your home uninhabitable.
Maybe soon we'll be able to ( HORNS BLARING ) ( GASPS ) ( TECHNO THEME PLAYING ) Special delivery! We made a stealth trip to the scrap yard to salvage a few items.
( SIGHS ) Not to worry, Bee, I scoped it out and made sure Steeljaw wasn't waiting for us.
Still, nothing is worth taking that kind of risk! Not even this? My Rear Axle poster! Rockin'! No way! This is awesome! All I need now is a power supply I believe that can be arranged.
( TV STATIC HISSES ) Velcome, chillers! Vlad Gastlee here! Prepare to have your hair raised and your spines tingled in this week's "Showcase Of Shivers," tonight at midnight! ( ANIMAL HOWLING ) Bleh! ( RUMBLING ) What in the name of Solus Prime? Everyone out! Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( ROARS ) Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( GRUNTS ) Strongarm? Russell? All good! All good.
And thank you for your recent "change of address" transmission.
Nice to see ya, O.
, but a little heads up mighta been nice.
Ooh! Ooh! Is my teamie with you? - Where's Drift? - Drift is attending to other matters.
I have come to investigate an alarming report from Ratchet, who has been studying Shadowzone particles.
He has registered a burst of those same particles here on Earth.
Something's traveled from the Shadowzone to Earth? Possibly.
I have transmitted the coordinates of the burst to Fixit's Command Tablet.
( TABLET BEEPS ) Received.
The outdoor demolition derby where Grimlock first encountered Scowl.
If any 'Cons escaped the Shadowzone, they won't stick around for long.
Sideswipe, race ahead! Take stock of the situation and report back.
Pursue if necessary, but do not engage.
I'm gone! ( OBJECT SHATTERS ) Oh! Sideswipe! Sorry, pal M-my TV Hey, at least it wasn't you, right? Okay, now I'm gone! Sideswipe! ( ENGINE ROARS ) ( TIRES SCREECHING ) Let's saddle up and get after him.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) STEELJAW: Soundwave So it was you my benefactors wanted me to meet here And I assume it was you directing our mission from the Shadowzone I take it that allowed you to break the dimensional barrier? How'd he get our Decepticon Hunters? A powerful weapon I remember well when I had one like it.
How did you acquire it, may I ask? SOUNDWAVE: Those who share my objective genetically engineered a series of Activator Mini-Cons and programmed them to collect the weapons for me.
I suspect "those" you speak of are the same "those" who saw to my release from stasis.
In that case, welcome to what is soon to be my Decepticon homeworld, brother.
You are of no relation to me.
And this world is not yours.
You are correct, of course.
I have brought the requested items Nuclear-fusion grade fuel rods confirmed.
Why do you want these, anyway? This is a trans-galactic Beacon Generator devised from wreckage recovered in the Shadowzone.
When activated at the highest point in the city, it will transmit a signal strong enough to summon Megatron back to Earth.
The highest point in the city? But that much radiation won't just call Megatron, it'll Devastate the city, then spread to eradicate all life on Earth.
Incidental collateral damage.
That wasn't my deal! I'm to rule Earth, a living planet! Not a lifeless wasteland! Your ambitions are irrelevant.
Like the Activators, you have served your purpose.
Find another world to rule.
Ugh! ( GRUNTING ) ( TIRES SCREECHING ) ( WHISPERING ) Sideswipe to Bumblebee! Come in! ( BEEPING ) Autobot transmission detected.
Scramble communications and scan for enemy contact.
( DRONE HUMMING ) Bee, can you hear me ( GROANS ) ( DRONE BEEPS ) Ah! Ugh! ( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) ( GROANS ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( BEE GRUNTS ) Ugh ( GRIMLOCK GRUNTS ) Where's Soundwave? Soundwave? He's in the Shadowzone, isn't he? Not anymore! We have to evacuate Crown City now, before Soundwave destroys it and everything else on the planet! I'll explain on the way.
( PHONE RINGING ) MAN ( ON PHONE ): Mayor Trujillo's office.
STRONGARM: I'm with the Aerospace Crisis Management Agency.
Our instruments indicate an intense surge of solar flares will strike the city within the hour! Crown City must be evacuated immediately! MAN ( ON PHONE ): Of course! Right away! Wait, I've never heard of the Aerospace Crisis Management Agency Who is this again? Oh, no! Here comes a solar flare! Everyone evacuate! The military is evacuating the city But now we can't get in! Never say "can't," Strongarm.
Follow me.
Any luck locating Soundwave? FIXIT ( OVER COMM ): Negative.
His stealth tech is too advanced for my limited tracking capabilities.
SIDESWIPE: Wait! They said something about: "the highest point in the city.
" STRONGARM: The Crown City Colossus? FIXIT ( OVER COMM ): The Crown City Bank Building.
It's currently undergoing construction, making it the highest point in the city.
BUMBLEBEE: That's where he's headed.
We're en route! I don't get it.
Why would anybot destroy a whole city just to send some signal? What about the humans? OPTIMUS PRIME: Disregard for others, intentional or not, is the cause of much pain in this or any other world.
STRONGARM: Kind of like breaking something that a friend of yours really loves.
SIDESWIPE: Huh? Did you see Russell when you smashed his television? He was crushed! Oh, come on! I had a mission to start and that thing was in my way! He can get a new one.
It was more than just a "thing" to Russell! I-It represents home, family and memories! What's more important? Our mission or a TV? Maybe they're equally important depending on whose perspective you're looking from.
( GROANS ) Just forget it.
( SCOFFS ) Already have.
What do you think, Optimus? We need to draw away Soundwave's air support.
I shall engage Laserbeak.
The rest of us will try to destroy the Beacon.
May the Primes be with us all.
Last one to the top is a pile of rusty scrap! BUMBLEBEE: Hold on, Sideswipe.
I want us to take on Soundwave with as much power behind us as possible.
We're forming the Ultra Bee Team Combiner.
Without Drift? - Can we do that? - I don't know.
But Drift serves as the Combiner's weapon.
Maybe we can form the body without him.
Everyone, focus! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Okay, let's try again No time, sir.
We need a new plan, something so unexpected, so out of left field, it'll take Soundwave completely by surprise.
I like the sound of this.
( GROANS ) Turns out it sounded better than it actually is.
STRONGARM: I didn't hear any great plans from you, punk! BUMBLEBEE: Everyone just stay calm.
Only 37 more floors to go.
( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) Autobots? Locate.
( DRONE BEEPING ) ( GRUNTING ) ( ELEVATOR BEEPS ) ( ALL GRUNT ) SIDESWIPE: Okay, we've made better entrances.
Destroy that beacon.
Whatever it takes.
Huh? Uh-oh! ( GRUNTING ) Can a bot without a blaster play? Yes! Strongarm and I will draw Soundwave's fire.
You make a run for the beacon.
State your intent.
( WHIRRING ) Permission to power-up granted.
( GRUNTING ) Uh-oh Laserbeak.
Beacon Generator charging.
Dispose of the Prime and return to site.
( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) Hyah! ( METAL CLANGS ) Ugh! Really? ( GRUNTING ) We need to hit him from as many sides as possible! On my mark! Now! ( SUIT SCANNING ) ( YELLS ) Ugh! ( GRUNTS ) Your actions to preserve this planet's habitability are futile.
Human survival and desires are beneath consideration.
The mission is all that matters, and consequences are irrelevant.
"The mission is all that matters and consequences are irrelevant"? ( DRAMATIC THEME SWELLS ) You think you can just come to Earth, cause a little kid's television to break, and it doesn't matter? SOUNDWAVE: Your comments are nonsensical and inconsequential.
Put a socket wrench in it, Scrud-pile! Hyah! ( GRUNTS ) ( STRUGGLING ) Ugh! ( GRUNTS ) ( STRAINING ) Ugh! Huh? ( GRUNTS ) ( BLASTERS FIRING ) OPTIMUS PRIME: You have flown far and high enough today, Laserbeak OPTIMUS PRIME: It is time to bring you back to Earth.
( RAPID BEEPING ) ( POWERS DOWN ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Now, let's see how well you fight without our weapons.
Ugh! ( METALLIC SHRIEKING ) Hyah! SOUNDWAVE: You may have eradicated the generator's energy shield, but your efforts are futile.
( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) ( BOMB POWERS UP ) Megatron will return ( GASPS ) ( HEROIC THEME PLAYING ) ( POWERS DOWN ) Stylin' and profilin', Optimus.
I do not follow your meaning, Sideswipe.
He means you look spectacular, sir.
I think.
You must be one of the Activators Sideswipe said Soundwave mentioned Soundwave said you little guys were modified against your will Who did it? ( WHIRRING ) He says the modification was carried out by parties that erased all memory of themselves from the Activators' data banks.
How did he break his programming and switch sides? OPTIMUS PRIME: His concern for others outweighed his orders.
He was horrified to learn his mission would end all life on Earth.
Since defecting, he has been following your team, awaiting the moment he could support your efforts.
No, these two shall trouble you no further.
I will take custody of them and see they stand trial.
( WHIRRING ) Yes, I believe the Shadowzone will make a suitable home for you.
No one shall hunt you there.
He realized his actions had consequences, and did all he could to make things right.
( WITH FAKE ACCENT ): Vel-come to Showcase Of Shivvers! We apologize for last night's technical difficulties.
We realize our show means a lot to the little dudes at home And because you mean so much to us, tonight ve present a very special live performance of "The Monster from Dimension Aaargh!" ( HIGH-PITCHED SHRIEK ) Run for your chives knives lives! - ( HIGH-PITCHED SHRIEK ) - Aaargh! I'm from Dimension Aaargh! I say "aaargh" a lot! ( ROAR, GROWLING SOUNDS ) ( FIXIT YELPS )