Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e22 Episode Script

Something He Ate

I forgot what a number Steeljaw and his pack did on this place.
UNDERBITE: And I'll do worse to you when you let me out of these cuffs so I can power up.
And why would we do that, Underbite? ( GRUNTS ) Okay, good point.
All I care about is the satellite dish.
I cannot miss Rebels of the Iron Crown tonight.
Sorry, kiddo.
No rebelling until we get this place cleaned up.
That sounds suspiciously like grunt work.
Hey, grunt work built the greatest monuments known to man! The Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China in fact, I have a vision.
We will stack these venerable antiques into the Great Pyramids of Scrap, a timeless monument to classic collectibles.
And one heck of a marketing scheme.
Uh, great.
Well, you bots help Denny with his "vision," while I show these 'Cons to their stasis pods.
Aw, I wanted to lock up the bad guys, not stack up the junk.
You mean, "build the pyramids?" Grimlock, the lieutenant is our superior officer.
It's our duty to do any scruddy job he tells us to.
Oh, come on.
How hard could it be to stack some doodads? You mean, "build some pyramids.
" It's like, one minute we're heroes, the next, we're piling up old junk.
Oh, for the love of Fine.
Grim, you put the prisoners in stasis.
Sweet! All right, you 'Cons! Start marching! ( ROARS ) ( GROWLS ) Now, then.
I'll help build the pyramids, and any other scruddy jobs you guys don't wanna do.
And I'll do 'em without even straining my servos.
Heh, you wanna haul the trash out to the dump for me, boss bot? I look forward to it! In that case, sir would you also be willing to tow Grimlock's trailer on our next mission? You are relieved of towing duty.
- Excellent! - Rad! Let's keep the heavier stuff off the pyramid.
We-we don't want anything falling and crushing our customers.
( GRIMLOCK YELLS ) Denny, Russell, clear out! Whoa! Oof! ( GROANS ) Okay, on the bright side, I got all the prisoners locked up but one.
( ROARING ) ( GROANS ) I said I was gonna power up and take you down once I got free, didn't I, Autobots? ( ENERGY HUMS ) Going down! ( GASPS ) Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( ROARS ) Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( GRUNTS ) ( BLASTER FIRES ) ( GROWLS ) Ah, ugh! Hyah! ( ROARS ) ( GRUNTING ) ( YELLS, GROANS ) Heh.
Time for the second course.
( YELLS ) Sorry, I reserve the right to refuse service to you! ( ALL GRUNT ) ( GROWLS ) Just what this growin' 'Con needs for lunch.
( CHEWING ) ( BLASTER FIRES ) STRONGARM: Hey, release that lunch! I mean Oh, you know what I mean.
Once I get done with you toasters, I'm gonna eat enough to give me the juice to tear this whole world apart! ( ROARS ) ( HICCUPS ) ( GROWLS ) Huh? ALL: Huh? What kinda Autobot trick is this? ( ROARS ) ( GRUNTS ) - ( HICCUPS ) - Hyah Huh? ( GASPS ) ( PAINED GRUNT ) Huh? I don't know how you're doin' what you're doin', but ( HICCUPS ) Am I the only one who has no idea what just happened? Astonishing.
The GroundBridge's field generator remained active after Underbite swallowed it.
So each time he hiccupped He essentially GroundBridged somewhere else.
Fixit, can you pick up his signal? ( COMPUTER BEEPS ) He randomly teleported to one of the GroundBridge's past destinations: the desert southwest of Crown City.
The good news is, GroundBridging that distance takes an enormous amount of energy.
It should weaken Underbite considerably.
If he finds a way to power up, he could do tremendous damage.
This might be our best and only chance to take him down.
Let's rev up and roll out! GRIMLOCK: Ahem.
'Scuse me Ah yeah.
( BEEPS WHILE REVERSING ) ( ENGINE RUMBLING ) ( GROANS ) Uh Not the lightest load, huh, sir? It's probably just a stuck wheel on the trailer.
Don't worry about me.
Where's Underbite? ( UNDERBITE CHEWING ) ( METAL CREAKING ) ( ENERGY HUMS ) ( GROWLS ) UNDERBITE: Ah, there you are.
Thundercruncher and Boltsmasher were askin' about you! ( ROARS ) ( HICCUPS ) Aw, not this again.
( HICCUPS ) ( ROARS ) ( HICCUPS ) Fixit, update! I-I'm working on the control link so I can GroundBridge Underbite back to the Command Center.
Good, where's Underbite now? FIXIT ( OVER COMMS ): Checking Randomly teleported to another recent GroundBridge destination The construction site where we battled those crow Decepticons.
I know a shortcut.
We'll split up, and ( TRANSFORMING ) ( ENGINES REVVING ) ( OVER COMMS ): Guys, Unless you want the maglev train to plow into a sand dune, somebot has to fix this track.
"Somebot's" gotta stop Underbite too.
And scruddy jobs like track repair are your territory now, remember? Fine, Grim and I will fix the track and catch up with you.
Get to Underbite and do not let him eat metal! GRIMLOCK: Hey.
Do these go longwise, or crissy-crossy? ( SIGHS ) ( UNDERBITE CHEWING ) ( GROWLS ) ( ENERGY HUMS ) Ah, lookin' swole! Let those Autobots mess with me now.
They'll get a snoot full of bicep! SIDESWIPE: Save any room for dessert? UNDERBITE: Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Gimme, hyah! ( GRUNTS ) Hah! ( GROWLS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( GROWLS ) Gimme that beam! For a dumb animal, you're really bad at this game.
( BOTH GRUNTING ) Top speed, Grim.
I have a feeling we're gonna need all hands on deck to wrap up Underbite.
( TRAIN HORN HONKING ) ( GROANS ) Lie down and grab those cables! This is gonna hurt, isn't it? Better it hurts us than humans! ( ELECTRICITY SURGES ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( BOTH GROANING ) ( BOTH GROAN ) BOTH: Huh? I think that charge magnetized us.
Good thing there's no big pieces of metal around here.
( BOTH YELL, GROAN ) ( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) ( GROWLS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( PANTING ) ( ROARS ) Heel, heel! ( GRUNTS ) Ugh! ( GRUNTING ) ( CHEWING ) ( ENERGY HUMS ) It's all fun and games 'till somebody eats the I-beam.
( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) ( GROWLS ) ( ROARING ) ( HICCUPS ) Follow me! ( GRUNTS ) ( BOTH YELL ) He'll hiccup two more times.
Every third time, he teleports to a completely new location.
( UNDERBITE GRUNTS ) BOTH: Whoa! If I can't knock you loose, I'll chew your perch out from under ya! ( GROWLS, HICCUPS ) Ugh, ow.
( PANTS, GROWLS ) We can't let him get away again! We've been lucky so far, but who knows how long that'll last? Hyah! ( HICCUPS ) ( GRUNTS, YELLS ) ( SPUTTERS, COUGHS ) ( ENGINE ROARING ) ( GROANS ) Wheel's still sticking, sir? Ugh, I swear, this trailer only rolls uphill.
( SIGHS ) Underbite teleport away again? Yeah, three hiccups and out every time.
I thought if I could grab him when he left You'd teleport with him, he'd be weakened by the trip, and you'd lock him down before he could power up again.
Good thinking.
Fixit, Underbite's moved again.
FIXIT ( OVER COMMS ): Yes, sir.
In the forest, where Shadow Raker's ship landed! Okay, form up, team.
( SIGHS ) FIXIT: Denny Clay, to modify the GroundBridge controls, I require a tennis racquet, three toasters, and a size 12 rubber lute snoot boot! Okay, Fixit, chill out! Chill? Chill? If I succeed in teleporting Underbite back to the Command Center, I still need to disable the GroundBridge with a 1.
37 Tesla oscillating magnetic field, then somehow get a 16 ton Decepticon into a stasis pod, and you expect me to chill? You know I've got a plan that could make all this "grunt work" pay off big time! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( GROWLS ) Oh, come on! There's gotta be some metal around here.
A stapler, paper clip, anything! Our luck's holding out.
Sounds like Underbite's still hanging around.
SIDESWIPE: Maybe if he doesn't eat, he doesn't hiccup.
( BUMBLEBEE GRUNTING) There's no one around, Bee I can walk for a while, if you want.
Nope! Ugh, I'm great! Let's just keep moving and get this job done! ( TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING ) ( STOMPING ) ( GRUNTS ) Ah, much better than a paper clip! Huh? Afraid you're going on a diet! Secure the prisoner, before Huh? ( GRUNTING ) ( LAUGHS ) Ugh! Oh, come on! Every second we're out here makes it risky, the humans could see or hear us.
Staying behind the bus covers the first part.
As for the second ( LOUDLY ): This song's my jam, crank it! ( TECHNO MUSIC BLARES ) Be right there! FIXIT ( OVER COMMS ): Good news, Lieutenant.
I've figured out how to re-establish control of the GroundBridge.
Ugh, yeah, okay.
That's great, Fixit.
Now would be a good time! FIXIT ( OVER COMMS ): I'm rebooting the console.
If Underbite teleports while it's loading, I'll have no way of tracking him.
FIXIT: The destination history will be erased, so We have him cut off from anything metal.
He won't be powering up anytime soon.
( GRUNTS ) Oops.
( GROWLS ) ( METAL CREAKING ) ( CHEWING ) My ride! ( ENERGY HUMS ) My muscles! ( ALL YELLING ) ( ALL GROANING ) ( GRUNTING ) ( LAUGHS ) ( HICCUPS ) That's one! ( HICCUPS ) Ugh! Two! ( HICCUPS ) Three! What in tarnation is going on here? ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Don't panic folks! I, ah, know this looks like a giant metal dinosaur, but actually, it's, um, a hoax! Yes, we're a special task force hunting down the mysterious creature sighted in this forest, known as, uh Bigmouth.
Turns out it's just this shabby-looking fake some kids put together.
Who's shabby looking? ( ENGINE REVS ) GRIMLOCK: Ow! We'll take this pitiful hoax to the proper authorities.
Sorry we interrupted your party! ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) STRONGARM: Fixit, where are Underbite and the Lieutenant? FIXIT ( OVER COMMS ): No idea! The console is still rebooting.
Get offa me! ( GRUNTS ) I don't take hitchhikers.
( GRUNTING ) I'm not letting go 'till you're back in a stasis pod! ( GROWLING ) All this jumpin' around makes me makes me dizzy? Ugh! Makes me want to surrender? Ugh! Makes me ( HICCUPS ) Ah, I hate this! Ugh, surrender! And we'll find a way to stop you from teleporting.
That's a price I ain't willin' to pay, Autobot! ( HICCUPS ) And you can take that ( HICCUPS ) to the bank! ( HICCUPS ) ( GRUNTS ) Fixit! Fixit, do you read me? Gah! FIXIT ( OVER COMMS ): Lieutenant! Where are you? ( HICCUPS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( BEE GROANS ) I really need that GroundBridge control link! Hold on Almost locked ( GRUNTS, HICCUPS ) ( COMPUTER BEEPING ) Wait, did you teleport again? Yes, ugh! He's hiccupping faster and faster! ( HICCUPS ) ( BOTH GRUNTING ) ( HICCUPS ) ( ROARS ) ( HICCUPS ) Locking the control link onto your signal.
Fixit ( HICCUPS ) We're in a really bad place ( HICCUPS ) so if you could please hurry.
( HICCUPS ) ( BOTH YELL ) ( GROANING ) Shouldn't have brought me here.
This is an iron-pumper's paradise! ( GROANS ) Oh, I don't feel so good.
That's because I modulated our electromagnet to permanently disable the part of the GroundBridge you ate.
You won't be teleporting anymore but you may experience some indigestion, heh, heh.
( GROANS ) I ain't had a bellyache this bad since I ate three garbage processors in one bite.
Lookin' a little flimsy there, Underbite! ( GROWLS ) BEE: Russell! What are you doing? Underbite's too dangerous! Aw, he's not so bad.
A couple of minutes without metal, and Underbite practically shrinks down to the size of a puny Mini-Con.
Grr ( LOUDLY ) No one calls me puny! ( ROARS ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( WHOOPING ) Oh, yeah! ( ROARS ) You wanna know what's puny? Gah! Everything you're doin' to keep yourselves outta my claws! Keep up, Tiny-tron! ( BRAKES SQUEAL ) Ready, Fixit? I was forged ready, Denny Clay! ( ROARS ) ( YELPS ) ( UNDERBITE GROANS ) Why do I have to have such a healthy appetite? ( POD WHIRRING, LOCKS ) Nicely done.
Incredibly risky, but nicely done.
Good thing we worked hard on our Great Pyramids.
Score one for the power of grunt work, huh? No kidding.
So, let me get this straight, without us, you managed to subdue Underbite, disable the GroundBridge parts that he ate, and get him back into stasis? Actually, Denny, Russell, and Fixit did most of the tough stuff.
They, and their Pyramids.
( GROANS ) You bots do a ton of grunt work that I don't give you enough credit for.
Ugh Towing Grim, for instance.
All in the line of duty, sir.
Since we have some spare time, we might as well do some more grunt work and fix Denny's Pyramids Do these go together longwise or crissy-crossy? Denny? Russell? Yeah, uh you guys start without us.
Our shift is over.
We're on break.