Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e23 Episode Script

Sick as a Bot

1 ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) ( GROANS ) ( SENSORS HUM ) ( BEEPING ) Energon ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( UPBEAT THEME PLAYING ) ( GASPS ) ( LAUGHS ) Cybertronian artillery is no match for fine vintage pond decorations.
( GRUNTS ) Dandy to be back home.
Yeah, a blast and a half.
Actually, it is nice to be back.
I mean, sleeping in a cave with no running water, Internet, or TV? That's crazy.
Almost as crazy as talking to big, metal ducks ( RUMBLING ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( SCREAMS ) Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( ROARS ) Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) ( SCREAMS ) ( BOTH GRUNT ) Russell! Get to the Command Center.
( GROANS ) ( GRUNTS ) ( LASER GUN CONTINUES SHOOTING ) ( GRUNTS ) Wasn't the defense system supposed to be back online? I temporarily deactivated it to run diagnostics.
Energon Autobots, seal your face masks.
What the zotz is this stuff? ( COUGHS ) FIXIT: Unidentified nano-particles.
Data indicates no danger to humans, but effects on Cybertronians unknown.
STRONGARM: She's coming around again.
( GRUNTS ) Where is she? I can't ( GASPS ) Whoa.
What's the story, knees? I just oiled you.
( GRUNTING ) Uh, rebooting security system.
Ow! Ugh, I feel like Grimlock used me for a punching bag.
I ache all over.
Fight through it.
We have a con to catch.
( GROANS ) Don't worry, Lieutenant.
I'm in pursuit of all three of them.
You guys don't look so good.
Neither do all of you.
Huh? Stay back.
I'll handle this.
( GROANS ) Knock, knock.
Anybot home? ( GASPS ) Bulkhead.
Good to see you.
This is Strongarm Hey.
Grimlock, and Sideswipe.
I'd shake your hand, but No, tha-that's okay.
What happened to you guys? FIXIT: We met an unfamiliar Decepticon.
Uh, these are our allies, Denny and Russell Clay and I'm Fixit.
I think she gave us a bad case of I don't know what.
Symptoms appear to include joint aches, visual disorientation, and painful vocal modulation.
What brings you here, Bulkhead? Oh.
Uh, Optimus asked me to meet him.
I hoped maybe you'd know why, but I guess not.
Well, anyway, he's not here yet, and this is more important for now.
Uh, look, uh Should I cover my intake or? None of the infectious nano-particles remain in the air, and the illness is no longer transmissible.
I think.
How come everyone's sick but you and me, Fixit? Our different physiologies might make us immune to the malware.
So when does it go away, already? It's not fatal, is it? Unknown.
But it appears likely.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) No! I-I would place you all in stasis pods to arrest the illness's progress, but we used the last of ours on Steeljaw's pack.
So we need a cure.
Uh, ah, uh Where can I get one? Hm.
To attempt to counter the nano-particles' effects, I'll need more data on the origin of the virus.
Maybe the Decepticon's background might tell us more.
Her name is Wingcode.
She's an Energon vampire, like Nightstrike and served as an airborne spy in the Great War.
She was arrested for absorbing a nano-tech weapon she stole that, once in her system, couldn't be confiscated by the authorities.
Wingcode occupied a "Quarantine Stasis Pod" on the Alchemor.
She must have been thrown clear when the ship crashed.
Low on Energon, she likely fell into hibernation, and woke to refuel when critically low.
She'll only be able to refuel a little on what she took.
She ( GASPS ) ( ALL MOAN ) Fixit, you can fix them, right? I mean, that's what you do.
It's right there in your name.
I think the next step is to take a new sample of each of our CNA, and see if I can synthesize an anecdote Antelope Antidote from them.
Take as much as you want, if it'll help.
I only need a little.
( ALL GROANING ) So? Got the cure yet? I'm afraid neither of our nano-cells are compatible with the Autobot operating system.
Okay, if Fixit can't cure you, it's up to me.
Just let Fixit keep working, Grim.
( CRIES ) I can't take much more of these aches and pains.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) Wingcode'll tell us how to fix you.
I doubt she knows, Grimlock.
But it's possible I could reverse-engineer an antidote from her directly.
( GAGS ) The virus has begun to affect me too.
My energy consumption systems feel all ( GAGS ) If Wingcode is who we need, I'm gonna go out and get her.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up.
You can't just go charging off with a plan.
Gotta find her.
Gotta find her.
Gotta find her! ( UPBEAT THEME PLAYING ) What are you doing? I have to help Bee and the others.
Look, I'm not trying to stop you from helping your pals, but by just running off without knowing what you're doing, you're actually hurting them.
Come back to the Scrapyard, and we'll figure this out.
I'm finding Wingcode.
( BOTH GRUNT ) You're gonna draw every human on the planet right to us.
Ow! I don't care.
My friends are sick, we don't even know how sick, and I'm the only one who can help.
You're not gonna stop me from saving my friends.
You're not gonna change your mind.
Well, unconscious or not, you're coming back to the Scrapyard.
Guess we got a little outta hand.
Aren't these new exo-suits awesome? Huh? You can rent them down by the lake, heh.
( GRUNTS ) Later! ( MOANS ) DENNY: Well, hey, Bee, you better lie back down.
I'm-I'm fine.
Feeling much better.
( GROANS ) ( SIZZLES ) Ow! Your chassis is hotter than the diner's deep fryer! ( SIZZLES ) Oh! And so is yours, Strongarm.
Cadet Strongarm, reporting for duty.
She's delirious.
Thank you.
My armor's hotter than hers.
So much hotter.
Why isn't anyone helping me? Fixit! Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Sideswipe are burning up.
Oh, I was worried about Mm.
Oh, dear.
Their core temperatures are rising fast.
If we're not ab Mm.
able to bring them down, they'll-they'll ( GAGS ) ( GROANS ) Fixit! I'll get it.
Ow! Where'd Strongarm go? Oh, no.
Saddle up, son.
Time for a rescue mission.
( MOANS ) Hey, I'm sick too, remember? I hate everybody.
You're not going on vacation, are you? Nope, rescue mission.
Back soon.
Is Grimlock all right? Oh, yeah, we just had a little talk.
Huh? Who's taking care of Sideswipe and Bumblebee? They look so much worse.
Why isn't anyone with them? ( GAGS ) And now Fixit's sick too? Easy, big fella.
Hi guys.
Feeling any better? I've got everything under control.
( GROANS ) ( GAGS ) I think I'm gonna heave up my Energon processor.
Bulkhead, be a pal, and hand me an oil pan, will ya? Heh, heh, not for all the Energon on Cybertron, kid.
( GROANS ) I bet he'd hand Bumblebee an oil pan.
( GROANS ) I shouldn't have just run off.
If I'd waited for a lead on where Wingcode is, I could've been helping these guys.
And maybe I'd have stopped Strongarm from wandering off.
Look, don't beat yourself up.
Let Denny and Russell take care of Strongarm.
We should make a plan to catch Wingcode.
Yeah, you're right.
We do need a plan.
Yeah! But what if we don't come up with a plan? Or what if the plan we come up with doesn't work, and we don't have another plan? I'm gonna go back out and look for Wingcode.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stay calm.
Calm helps, crazy doesn't.
Uh, think about something relaxing.
What relaxes you? ( OMINOUS THEME PLAYING ) More ( TIRES SQUEALING, HORNS HONKING ) ( ICE CREAM TRUCK JINGLE PLAYS ) Cybertronian municipal code 1-9-3.
Noise pollution.
Turn it down, citizen.
I said turn it down.
( ENGINE REVS ) Failure to respond to an officer, huh? That's a pretty hefty fine.
STRONGARM: Okay, tough guy, that's one more ticket.
Keep it up, and you'll get another one.
I am losing patience.
Respond to me or you'll have more tickets than a movie theater.
( TRUCK APPROACHING ) Do you want to step outside? Looks like we've got another one, Norman.
Looks like it, Floyd.
And the name is McPlank.
( SIGHS ) The Artificial Intelligence in these experimental law enforcement vehicles sure is unpredictable.
Try ignoring me now.
Ugh! Who's bumping you, huh? Ugh! Who? Hey! No amusing antenna toppers.
Pull over.
Enjoy your lunch.
( TIRES SQUEAL ) ( ROARS ) ( SIGHS ) Good call, Bulkhead.
Smashing stuff really does relax me.
I thought it might.
Now, let's flex some brainpower, and come up with a way to snag Wingcode.
BOTH: Hm FIXIT ( OVER LOUDSPEAKER ): Ugh, Fixit to Grimlock and Bulkhead.
( FIXIT GAGS ) Gather every cooling device you can find ( FIXIT GAGS ) - -and bring them to the Command Center, stat.
I'm okay.
Lemme up.
Lieutenant ( GAGS ) please.
( GROANS ) I'd ask for a little coolant, but I know no one would listen.
I can feel the heat coming off Bee from here.
Hey, I'm hot too.
Their primary vents are failing, causing their core processors to overheat.
( GAGS ) If we don't find Wingcode soon, they'll melt.
It's only a matter of Mm.
( GROANS ) ( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYS ) Okay, they're all set.
Now let's go find Wingcode.
Pump the brakes, Grim.
We don't have a plan yet, remember? Now's not the time for a plan.
We don't have time for a plan.
This is not plan time.
A fist denting in a Sharkticon's snout with one punch.
( SIGHS ) Thanks, buddy.
Okay, plan time.
Let's think.
BOTH: Hm Mm Hm? Hm I think part of the problem is we're not really thinkers.
Yeah, not so much.
It's like all the Energon we have in the Scrapyard is boiling inside of me.
( GROANS ) Hey, that's it.
Wingcode's an Energon vampire like Nightstrike, right? So she's gonna need more Energon, and she'll go where she knows she can find it.
I think I have a plan.
But you're not gonna like it.
BULKHEAD: Moving the Energon away from the Scrapyard's defenses is a mistake.
Wingcode knows it's here.
She'll be coming back for it.
Sorry, Bulk.
My turf, my plan.
( DRAMATIC THEME PLAYING ) BULKHEAD: You're so stubborn, I'm surprised your tail bends.
Hey, don't talk smack about my tail.
It will smack you back.
You don't like my plan, go back to Cybertron.
That does it.
( BOTH GRUNT ) ( YELLS ) Huh? Ah! ( GRUNTING ) ( GASPS ) This was not part of the plan.
Don't panic.
The plan can still work.
Stick to it.
( SNIFFS ) I don't know where the Energon is.
What a woeful spy you would be.
Yeah? Even though I got you to follow me in here.
Where you can't fly? Keep your Energon, Dinobot! I'll go back to your camp, and get it out of your weakened friends.
Not bad, huh? ( GRUNTS ) ( SUSPENSEFUL THEME PLAYING ) Dad, do it already.
I know, I know.
You sure this'll work? ( GROANS ) Since Wingcode was obviously immune to the malware, her nano-cells should act as an antivirus.
Our Energon? Don't worry, Bee, I only took a couple of real ones.
The rest were leftovers from when we tricked Ped.
( GROANS ) Ugh ( POWERING UP, BEEPS ) Here goes nothing.
( POWERING UP ) ( GROANING ) If the virus doesn't deactivate him, this might.
Everybot stay calm.
Let's give it another minute.
( SENSOR BEEPING ) Core temperature dropping.
( SIGHS ) ( GROANS ) What'd I miss? Nothing.
Just Grimlock being exceptionally cool under pressure.
( POWERING UP ) Why is one of those ice cream truck songs stuck in my cranial case? ( POWERING UP ) Ugh.
Did I unwillingly and forcibly eject my Energon processor? ( SIGHS ) Let me guess.
You cured me last.
Thanks, Grim.
The rest of you too.
If it wasn't for you keeping calm, we'd all be melted metal right now.
If you don't mind, I'd like to hang around until Optimus arrives.
And keep you out of more trouble.
Stay as long as you like, Bulkhead.
There's a quarry nearby, wanna go relax with some granite punching? Ha, lead the way, Dino-bud.
Actually, I have some ideas how you can improve your left roundhouse.
BULKHEAD: Excuse me?