Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e03 Episode Script

Birth of Double Convoy! (3)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters BEHOLD THE BlRTH OF DOUBLE OPTlMUS PRlME Rodimus mistakeny thought Matrix must have been in one of the five main energy zones.
Matrix has not been found and there is no time to ose.
With the hep of the four Autobot Headmasters, Rodimus searches other possibe zones.
l´ll carry out my search from the air.
l´ll folloW at loW altitude.
The more time We lose, the harder it Will be to establish control over Vector Sigma.
- We understand.
- You can trust us.
Transform! Meanwhie, Gavatron is suspicious of Rodimus´ motives and has arrived at the Decepticon HQ on Earth.
What´s this neW Director of Earth HQ like? A tough guy.
He´s a bit odd, but you can trust him in battle.
And you think this guy is Worthy of my total loyalty? You Want to betray him and find out? No, no, never l Would never betray him! So, Sixshot, hoW does the Earth HQ suit you? l´m settling in.
Thank you for asking.
- l am Aviation Officer on Planet Chaar - Quiet! Any neWs on Rodimus? Rodimus´ objective to find Matrix Optimus Maximus has hidden Matrix somewhere So, they´re not Willing to hand Vector Sigma over to us.
- lf he finds it, We´ll be in trouble.
- Don´t lose your head! You´ll be informed if he finds it! This is no time for empty Words! We have to get it before he does! The Decepticon Way is alWays to employ our fighting skills! Scramble the troops and let´s pursue him! and has come up with a pan to support Rodimus on his mission.
Technobot squadron, approach from position 258, Protectobot squadron, from position 303.
- Let´s fight this Decepticon attack! - Transform! Transform! We must give Commander Rodimus back-up Whatever the cost! Decepticons, you´re going to hell! lt´s you lot that´ll be needing passports to hell! Transform! We´ve searched everywhere and still can´t find it.
Where on earth can it be? We´ve searched every secret base.
- Sometimes one´s efforts are never reWarded - Enough of that attitude, Brainstorm.
Right! The fate of the Autobots is in our hands! Wait a minute.
Maybe Maybe We´ve been concentrating too much on the secret bases? My thoughts exactly! Maybe it´s kept someWhere obvious to trick the enemy.
Like Where? On Panet Athenia, at the Cybertron HQ We´ve heard nothing from Earth! Nothing! - Don´t be so jittery, Blurr.
l feel the same.
- l just speak my mind! That´s What l do! Rodimus alWays does the right thing.
That time on Planet Feminia, he saW through Galvatron´s schemes.
Oh, no.
Not more of your old stories, please! Anyway, We´ve placed our trust in Rodimus, so We have to believe in him! You don´t have to tell us! We trust him, trust him! Did l say something Wrong? l´m going to fly to Planet Cybertron to inform Commander Optimus Prime that Rodimus is searching for Matrix.
l see.
l hope you can make contact With Commander Optimus Prime.
Actually, the basement complex of Planet Cybertron Kup, l knoW the basement complex Well.
l should be able to help him.
Once again, on Panet Cybertron.
What fate awaits Commander Optimus Prime in this dark abyss? What are they? They are eectric eeches from ancient times.
Like vampires, they suck out a the energy from your body.
Back on Earth Head on! Head on! Listen up! Our objective is the energon mining Warehouse.
Can Matrix be in such an obvious place? l should have noticed the energy charge earlier.
Let´s go! You´ve come just in time to get killed! - Leave them to us.
Go on ahead, Commander! - All right! Transform! Abominus, assemble! We must also assemble! At last! l´ve found it! Listen! l have to get to the space bridge.
Deal With the situation here! - Galvatron? - Well, Well, Well, Rodimus.
l´m going to send you and Matrix to your graves in outer space! lt´s you Who´ll find yourselves in a grave! Oh, my precious tail! Oh, no! Your teeth Will never bite through me! [ Skipped item nr.
99 ] - You wi be as bind as a bat in batte - Oh, l´m paralysed! - HoW does that feel, Rodimus? - Bite the dust! Bind as a bat in batte you wi be.
Bind as a bat What the? No, you Won´t get aWay With that.
- All right? - Don´t look into his eyes! - Bind as a bat - l´ll knock him so hard he´ll go blind! - Come on, quickly! - We´ll mop up here! Get to the space bridge! All right! Transform! Gotta go! Meanwhie, on Panet Cybertron, Vector Sigma´s condition is worsening, threatening the safety of the city itsef.
lt´s almost at its limit.
We´ve never been in this situation before.
What if it reaches its limit? Cybertron Will explode! Explode! Explode! Oh, that can´t happen! lt Won´t come to that! lt Won´t! Ha! The Autobots have Won again! l´m sick of this game.
lt´s nothing like the real thing! Wheelie, What do you think of Commander Fortress? - l should´ve gone doWn to the basement! - You´d only get in the Way.
l´d be able to help more than the adults could! Aaargh! Commander Optimus Prime, Where are you? Too dangerous that Way.
That Way is dangerous! Change direction! - What Was that voice? - A voice? l heard nothing.
lt said this Way Was dangerous.
What´s that? We´ve come the Wrong Way.
Let´s go back.
Vector Sigma must be close.
lncredible heat pressure! VECTOR SlGMA THE MOTHER COMPUTER lt has amazing defence capabilities.
My poWer may not be enough to We´ve been expecting you, Optimus Prime! As long as Vector Sigma is deranged, it Will support us.
This is Where you die! Optimus Prime, these are your final moments.
Something´s happened.
l have to hurry.
We´re here.
l just hope We´re in time.
Now that Vector Sigma has power over Cyconus and Scourge, Optimus Prime has an amighty strugge on his hands l can Wait no longer.
l must convert myself into energy to control it! - Wait for me! - That voice again? l´ll explain later.
Let´s deal With this lot first! - Commander Optimus Prime! We have Matrix! - Well done, Rodimus! l´m glad you´re unhurt, Commander.
l´ve been Waiting for you, Rodimus.
Use your youthful poWer and beat this lot! So the Autobots are here? Let´s see you perform the dance of death! Rodimus, lift up Matrix! O Almighty Matrix, resurrect yourself With cosmic Wisdom and poWer! Rodimus Prime! Rodimus has come back as a Commander Behod A dramatic moment in history The birth of Doube Optimus Prime Don´t make me laugh! You don´t fool me! Commander Optimus Prime, your energy, please.
- Come on, let´s go! - Wait! l must implement Matrix.
Rodimus, you have many important tasks ahead of you.
l´ll deal With Vector Sigma.
Commander Optimus Prime! Watch out! Commander Optimus Prime! Commander? Commander Optimus Prime? eave it in your hands, Rodimus.
You are a great commander.
Foow in my steps and fight for an Autobot victory and for peace.
With vaiant support from Fortress and the Autobot warriors, Rodimus Prime has wrested contro of Vector Sigma from the jaws of danger.
PLANET CHAAR Decepticon BASE PLANET CHAAR However, now that Gavatron and his Decepticons have earnt the secret of Vector Sigma, they cannot rest in peace.
The enemy is sure to make a counter-attack.
Rodimus Prime, foow the ast wish of Commander Optimus Prime and rise up and fight for Autobot victory and for peace Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash and step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer