Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e04 Episode Script

Operation: Cassette

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE AUTOBOT CASSETTE OPERATlON PLANET CHAAR Decepticon BASE Soundwave, the Decepticon nformation Officer, and the Cybertron Broadcast have fought, and both of them have died as a resut.
Soundwave has been revived thanks to the technoogy of Zarak, Commander of the Decepticons.
He has been reborn as ´´Soundbaster´´.
SOUNDBLASTER lNFORMATlON OFFlCER Sorry to have kept you Waiting.
Our officer has been reborn! That´s my boys.
l have taken the trouble to restore you back to life.
- Keep that in mind and serve me Well.
- Yes, sir.
l Will give you an important mission as inauguration, Soundblaster.
l am honoured, sir.
- Observe.
- What is it, sir? lt is the neWly-invented Madmachine.
- Let us put Madmachine to the test on Earth.
- Yes, sir.
EARTH Dinobase, start up! AUTOBOT METROFLEX ClTY MODE Dinobase is heading for coordinate X-3.
His objective must be the oil port.
Report to Commander Rodimus.
Scramble City, move! AUTOBOT METROPLEX FORTRESS MODE This should give Rodimus a little surprise.
A surprise attack that Will cause maximum damage! Don´t hold back, Madmachine! Let him have it! - My computer´s doWn! - What? Sixshot, that´s enough testing.
Madmachine has used all its energy.
l´m pulling out! Hurry and reboot the computer.
Jazz, check the battle recorder and analyse that neW Decepticon Weapon.
Roger! The test Was very successful.
We´ll increase Madmachine´s poWer and control Vector Sigma, then We´ll have Cybertron in the palm of our hands! l can see Rodimus´ surprised face before me.
According to Utra Magnus´ report, the Decepticons´ new Madmachine has the capabiity to disrupt computer circuitry.
´´A Madmachine´´? Why didn´t they finish off Metroplex if that Was their aim? - What do you think, Commander? - l suspect their real target is Cybertron.
So, they´re attempting to disrupt Vector Sigma With this neW Madmachine? lf they think they can control Vector Sigma With that rubbish, they must be stupid! - You´re the stupid one, Blurr.
- Easy, Arcee.
What do you mean? lf they increase its poWer, it could gain control of Vector Sigma.
Oh, l see! They merely tested it on Metroplex.
They Were simply giving us a demonstration of its poWer.
- Commander? - What is it? The four of us Will hit Chaar and attack that Madmachine.
We´ll shoW those damn Decepticons our poWer! No time to Waste! Let´s do it! HighbroW´s With us, too! Right? - Hold on.
- What are We Waiting for? Attack is the best form of defence! Just give us the order! Calm doWn.
Strategy should alWays adapt to circumstances.
Sometimes great haste does not make speed.
- Yes, but - Chromedome! The Commander hasn´t finished yet.
First priority is to find Madmachine´s Weakness.
Send out the Autobot Cassettes at once! Autobots Cassettes Report immediatey to the Headmasters Commander, l´m afraid We cannot obey your orders.
- ´´Cannot obey´´? - We´ve no confidence in our abilities.
What´s happened to you all? Please excuse us.
Hold it there, you lot! You call yourselves Autobot Warriors? Stop it! Daniel, you don´t have to defend such coWards! They´re not coWards! You don´t understand! Nobody understands hoW the Autobot Cassettes feel! - Daniel! - Arcee l´ll go and talk to them.
That´s the tape Blaster gave to me.
We all respected Blaster as a great commander.
Can´t you understand our sadness at the loss of our commander? - l do understand - No, you don´t! Listen to me, all of you.
Blaster Will be restored.
- Really? - Absolutely.
Fortress is Working noW on the necessary technology on Planet Master.
Great! Happy noW, Daniel? Meanwhie, at the Decepticon base on Chaar, the procedure for increasing Madmachine´s energy is nearing competion.
Blaster has been revived as TWincast.
Beaming him through noW.
The reborn Twincast immediatey starts coating information on Madmachine.
TWlNCAS lNFORMATlON OFFlCER Autobot Cassettes, let´s go! Headmasters, l Want you to go at once and protect Vector Sigma.
- Take the Throttlebots as field support.
- Understood.
Let´s go! l´m trusting you, Triple-Changer.
Transform! Transform! Transform! Focus your attention on Sixshot, the ninja staff officer.
Damn you, TWincast, take this! Aerialbots, assemble as Superion! Combaticons, assemble as Bruticus! Autobot Cassettes, break into the base! Madmachine is a powered-up and sent to Cybertron.
Get the Decepticon Headmasters aWay from the Madmachine! Transform! Throttlebot, deal With Madmachine! Fight against each other as enemies Fight one another Oi, you´re half asleep, you two! Throttlebots! Team up and attack! Those Autobot Headmasters wi never be abe to destroy Madmachine.
Madmachine is being sonicay controed by Soundbaster on Panet Chaar So, SoundWave has also been revived as Soundblaster? Smuggle yourself onto Chaar? That´s too risky! No, it isn´t.
Uness we go to Chaar and destroy Soundbaster´s sonic contro, we´ never be abe to defeat Madmachine n order to do batte with his ong-time riva Soundbaster, Twincast attempts to penetrate Decepticon defences by using the space bridge.
Damn you, Autobot! We´ll turn you into scrap! l´m TWincast! HoW does my scrambler-gun feel? l´ll pulverise you With my laser! Decepticon Cassettes have discovered Twincast´s incursion into the base and at once attack him savagey So, you´re Soundblaster? And you must be the late Blaster.
Not any more.
You can call me TWincast from noW on.
You´ve just been restored and Want to end up as scrap metal again? Ha! No chance! l´m going to destroy the sonic controller in your chest! Twincast´s sensors have discovered that Soundbaster is controing Madmachine by means of the sonic device in his chest.
Don´t let him leave alive! He´s the one l´m after.
That´s all for noW, folks! Damn him! - lt´s lost all coordination.
- NoW´s our chance! Let´s get out of here! Good job! Well done! Madmachine has been destroyed and with it the Decepticons´ evi scheme.
What? l didn´t knoW TWincast helped us to destroy Madmachine.
- Of course.
But TWincast hasn´t yet - Oi, l´m back! Blaster! l´m TWincast noW.
Don´t forget.
Oh, right.
l forgot! Commander Optimus Prime gave his ife in fighting the Decepticons.
With justice as my shied and courage as my sword, wi defeat the Decepticons.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer