Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e05 Episode Script

Rebellion on Planet Beast

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS! With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future REBELLlON ON PLANET BEAS - Western skies all clear.
- Eastern skies all clear, too.
Right, continue patrolling as you Were.
- Alien incursion alarm! - Location? - lt´s in the armoury! - L´ll check.
- l´ll go.
- L can deal With those guys! Calm doWn! Don´t act in haste.
TWo are enough.
The rest of you, keep Watch! Wait, Hardhead! The room´s full of Weapons! l don´t Want to end up shot! L don´t Want to be turned into scrap metal either! Who´s there? We knoW you´re in here! Lf you don´t come out, We´re coming in for you! - Wait! Don´t shoot! - Eh? Lt´s me.
Watch out! - Wheelie? When did you? - L can read your mind, Daniel! Ha! - Look! Look! lt´s amazing! - Yeah, Wicked! You two! When on board, l take command in ´´head mode´´.
- We just Want to go on space patrol - You´re not going to send us home, are you? No, but space patrol is very dangerous.
You mustn´t Wander about here, all right? - Yes, sir.
- And Wheelie? - l guess so.
- ´´Guess so´´? Objects approaching! Distance: 10 miles.
- Visual radar, magnify 20,000 times.
- Roger! - Never seen anything like them.
- Lncrease speed and approach.
- You´re badly injured.
- Let´s treat them.
Tell us about your home planet, Planet Beast.
There are mountains and valleys.
Lt is blessed With rich resources But they destroyed it! Just relax.
Lie doWn.
They shattered our peace.
Please rid our planet of them! And Who are ´´they´´? - The Decepticons.
- Did he say the Decepticons? We had heard all about you, the Autobot Warriors.
We had to contact you.
So you fleW into space Wearing only your Excel suits? Damn those Decepticons.
They´ve extended their malign influence even that far, eh? The citizens of Panet Beast tod their tae of woe, and Fortress immediatey reported the Decepticons´ evi pans to Commander Rodimus.
What? The inhabitants of Planet Beast have been enslaved by the Decepticons? [ Skipped item nr.
57 ] [ Skipped item nr.
58 ] Those damn Decepticons What are they constructing there? Fortress has left for the Beast Planet.
A more detailed report should arrive later.
L Will go, if necessary.
Let me knoW if you hear anything.
Yes, sir.
So, this is Panet Beast.
The home panet to an anima race caed the Beastformers.
However, the Decepticons earned of the panet´s rich resources and one day uneashed a vioent attack.
And then A Decepticon Beast army joined forces with Gavatron and ensaved the citizens.
Attempts were made by a rebe Beast army to attack the Decepticon stronghod and free those in forced abour.
No! We have orders to kill every last one of them! WithdraW! Everyone, WithdraW at once! The roya-born Pirate Lion was Commander-in-Chief of the rebe force.
The sight of injured sodiers greaty saddened him.
We´re losing time.
Have our envoys returned With reinforcements? Maybe they´ve been intercepted by the enemy Don´t say that.
L don´t Want to even think about it.
L Will go as envoy this time.
TWice already We´ve lost four envoys.
L´ll be all right.
l Will make contact somehoW Wait.
You must also consider our remaining forces.
- But if We don´t do something, they´ll - L realise that.
But We must minimise the sacrifice We have to make.
Meanwhie, Fortress and the Autobot Headmasters touch down in the eastern mountains a few kiometres from the rebe Beast army hideout.
L´ve never seen such a huge battleship before.
lt doesn´t look like Lord Galvatron.
OK, the coast is clear! - Let me doWn here.
- You´re all right? L´m fine.
l feel stronger noW that you´re here.
Well, don´t overexert yourself.
- Watch Where you´re jumping! lt´s dangerous! - You don´t have to treat us like kids.
Chromedome said there Were no enemies about.
Your father said to send you back if you didn´t behave.
This could mean trouble.
L must report it right aWay.
Aigatron, eader of the Beast army, is tod of Fortress´ arriva, and he informs Gavatron of the news.
What? A gigantic Cybertron battleship? Lt´s Fortress and his men.
Well, We Will make Planet Beast their graveyard! Make sure you don´t do anything stupid before l get there! Yes, sir.
- Right, We´ll attack them! - Everything is ready.
Do we ure Rodimus here? NoW, that Would be interesting But don´t get any dumb ideas! Returning to Panet Beast The rebe force´s fighting spirit increased a hundred-fod now that reinforcement troops had arrived.
L am Pirate Lion, leader of the rebel army.
- l am Fortress.
- Pleased to meet you.
L see, so it´s the reptiles, fish and amphibians from your planet that have joined sides With the Decepticons.
All the remaining Beastformers apart from us have been forced to Work in an underground factory.
What are they making? L don´t knoW components for some terrible construction.
The parts Will probably be carried off someWhere to be used in a Decepticon Weapon.
But you must not lose heart! All of us here must band together and fight back! [ Skipped item nr.
120 ] Things Will be all right noW that We´re here.
Let´s get going! Hold it! Firstly, We have to rescue all the hostages underground.
- We need details of their stronghold.
- Understood.
L hate having to Wait here, it´s boring.
- l´m going to explore.
- But We´re not supposed to leave here! Lt´ll be all right.
Stay here by yourself, if you Want! Well Wheelie! - He´s so cute! - Are you an Autobot Warrior? - Well yes.
- Are you strong? L am an Autobot Warrior.
l´m much stronger! - Oh, yeah? l´m strong, too! - Don´t overdo it.
l knoW you´re a Weakling! Please can you help my mother and father? They´re trapped underground in a factory.
Please help them! Hm shoW us Where they are.
That´s the enemy stronghold? - Where´s the underground factory? - This Way! - Heavy security.
- L think We should go back.
- lt´s nothing, no big deal! Let´s go.
- Do We have to? - Enemy spotted! - Let´s get out of here! Help! Meanwhie, Rodimus has earned of Gavatron´s scheme and ands on Panet Beast with the three Fireflights.
Fortress Wouldn´t have taken Daniel along With him.
- l´ll go and check it out.
- Make it so.
- l see.
This place is perfect for defence.
- Over there! Look! - Daniel? - And despite my Warnings! - l´ll rescue them! - Me, too! [ Skipped item nr.
152 ] We´ve got to rescue Daniel! You took your time coming, eh? These sWamps contain Piraglions, piranhas that Will eat through your steel! - l´ll melt you doWn With my snake-gun! - Get them! Lf you´d kept quiet, We Wouldn´t be in this danger! - lt´s the dribble formation strategy! - Transform! Head on! Just as We Were getting closer to the stronghold.
ls there no shortcut? L heard of one beneath the Piraglion sWamp, but once you´ve set foot in there l have a good idea.
We´ll deal With the enemy here.
You go and rescue our friends.
Call that a good idea? There´s no Way We can go into the sWamps SABER SWORD TlGER BEASTFORMER WARRlOR Saber SWord Tiger, did you hear that? The shortcut beneath the sWamp is highly complex.
Even if l Were to guide the Way, the Decepticons have developed the Piraglions to eat steel.
Lf only We could do something about the Water in the sWamp Steel-eating Piraglions? Ls there no Way to beat them? Lmpossible, there are far too many of them.
- lt´s the enemy! An Autobot! - Damn that Rodimus! You really should keep your eyes peeled! These Decepticon Beasts are all mine! Oh, perfect! Saber SWord, you can shoW me the Way noW! Come on! - Training is over! - Ah, Lord Galvatron! L´m going to bloW you into pieces of space garbage! - You´ve bloWn us to pieces! - Ldiots! Don´t stand in the Way! Rodimus! NoW l´m really mad! Try this! Rodimus, prepare to die! Eh? Stop rolling around and stay still for a second! - NoW, get him! - Right, you damn lt Wasn´t me! L Will not alloW you to enslave the Beastformers! No Way! Oi! No resting! Stand up! Get up! On your feet noW! Stop! Please stop! - Damn you! You Want to die, too? - Enemy attack! Lt´s you! We´re saved! - Quick noW.
And the others.
- OK.
- Mother! Father! - My son! There it is! Everyone, let´s get out! - lt´s the enemy! - No, We´re the rescue force! - So that means Commander Rodimus? - We can talk later.
Hurry! - We´re surrounded.
- This Way! - What are you doing? Hurry! - L´m coming.
- Oi! - There´s a shortcut this Way! Halt or l´ll kill you all! Saber SWord, Which Way do We take? Right leads to the valley of death.
Centre leads to outside the building.
- Left Will link up With the underground factory.
- Right.
Thanks, Saber SWord.
Let´s go left! - l´m Worried about Daniel.
Can l look for him? - Go! l can handle this lot.
- What? They bite? - Stop it! Help! NoW! Aaargh! Horrible! You´ll pay for this! Decepticons, retreat! Daniel, Wheelie! Nobody hurt, l hope? - Thanks to you, We´ve been saved.
- They´ve run off, every single one of them! Our Worries may not be over just yet.
- lt looks like a component of something.
- Looks that Way.
Lf that´s just a component, the Whole thing must be massive.
Oi! Wait, Won´t you? - We´re saved! - You´ve had us all Worried sick! - You two, remain here just in case.
- Of course, sir.
- Seems like a nice place.
- L like it here, too.
You´re not here on holiday, you´re here to Work! - Like l said, you must remain cautious.
- Of course! Good.
What can the Decepticons be constructing in the underground factory? F that diagram was ony a part of the picture, they may have many more factories You must not et your guard sip, White Leo and Rodimus Stay vigiant Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transformers Transformers You are a Transformer