Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e06 Episode Script

Approach of the Demon Meteorite

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters APPROACH OF THE DEMON METEORlTE [ Skipped item nr.
14 ] Roger.
We aWait your return.
- We´re almost there.
- Galvatron is uninterested in resources.
He´s difficult to fathom out.
He Wants to interfere With everything the Cybertrons do.
- That´s true.
- What´s that? - Just a meteorite.
lt´s nothing.
- Watch out! lt´s coming at high speed! Evade it! - We´re twisting.
- That´s terrible.
What happened? The spaceship Was twisted out of shape.
Shall We deploy a rescue team? - Send the Technobots and Warn Athenia.
- Yes, sir.
Meanwhie, at Decepticon Headquarters on Panet Chaar.
That Went Well.
A triumph of our science.
Making that meteorite collide With Athenia, We can totally destroy the Cybertron HQ they´re building.
Lord Galvatron, the Autobots have sent the Technobots.
Contact the Dinobase immediately.
lntercept the Technobots.
Yes, sir! - We´re off, once the message is sent.
- Yes, sir.
Scattershot, couldn´t it have been a technical fault on the ship? l´ve never heard of a ship twisting.
Maybe Nosecone´s right.
We´ve never come across a meteorite like that.
The universe is vast.
There could be some strange meteorites.
What the? - Cyclonus! - So it Was a Decepticon trick! They can´t do that.
lt´s just some natural phenomenon.
Fools! Something natural? Have your brains also been Warped, Autobots? - What? - Take that! Terrorcon unit, attack! Meanwhie, on Athenia, Fortress has received the message from Earth and ordered an investigation into the meteorite.
There are unimaginable stars in the universe.
Dangers must be dealt With quickly.
Commander! The Technobots are under attack on Earth.
Damn Decepticons! Arcee, What´s the meteorite´s trajectory? - lt´s heading this Way.
- Thank God it´s not heading for Cybertron.
Why mustn´t the meteorite go near Cybertron? lt´s a mechanical mother planet.
The meteorite could twist everything like it did the survey craft.
But What Will happen if it comes here? Fortress´s ship Will blast it aWay before it gets here.
- And the Headmasters are on board.
- Right.
Target straight ahead.
Prepare for attack! Fire energy cannon! What happened? Prepare to fire again.
Fire! What´s happening? The energy cannon´s being Warped.
The meteorite is emitting rays.
lt´s possible.
Fortress, has anything happened? Rodimus, We´re in a spot of trouble and can´t cope.
We´ think up countermeasures ater.
Stop the attack and observe the meteorite.
Yes, sir! Lord Galvatron, Cyclonus is obstructing the Autobot advance.
Don´t alloW them to get to Planet Metamorphosis.
Go to Dinobase and monitor Athenia´s movements.
Any strange movements, crush them! Who´s there? - We´re here before you can crush us! - lmpudent Throttlebots! What impertinence! Decepticon Headmasters, crush them! Transform! They don´t stand a chance.
Scourge, folloW me! - Where to? - To help Autobots.
The Headmasters can take care of things here.
Let´s go! Wait, Autobots! Hey, Galvatron! Stop your futile resistance! The Autobots and Planet Athenia Will come under Metamorphosis´ control.
- Metamorphosis´ control? - That´s the name l´ve given the meteorite.
- ls it your Work? - Yes, it´s approaching Athenia noW.
You think you´ll get aWay With that, Galvatron? Rodimus had known about Gavatron´s sabotage and sent the Headmasters to Earth.
Transform! Head on! Head on! Galvatron! l Will stand in your Way! l´d tell you to mind your oWn business, but l´ll hold a Welcome party for you instead.
Have fun, kids! - The Throttlebots are beaten.
- Well done.
Did you hear that? NoW it´s our turn to fight you.
Come on! Athenia Will be annihilated before that! We Won´t alloW that! Headmasters, attack! Transform! Technobots, assemble! Terrorcons, assemble! Wi the Autobots be a right? Whie the batte rages, the meteorite approaches Earth.
But just then, a spaceship eaves the base on Earth.
Damn Decepticon Headmasters! Did you think We´d be defeated that easily? We pretended to lose.
We´ll take care of that meteorite.
Don´t go near the meteorite.
You´ be warped ike the Aeriabots.
- What shall We do, Wideload? - Relax.
lf We succeed, We´ll be heroes.
- That´s true.
Proceed as planned.
- Yes, sir.
We´ll be there soon.
Ready, Wideload? - We´ve been Waiting for this.
Go, Chase! - OK! What are they doing? lt´s insubordination.
Kup, tell everyone such insubordination Will not be tolerated.
Yes, sir.
They´re all competing With each other.
Yeah, but it could cost their lives.
What do We do about the meteorite, Commander? Data analysis indicates that it´s an artificial meteorite.
What do you mean? lt´s not natural? What l mean is that it Was made by someone for a purpose.
- Somebody made it? - The Decepticons.
lt seems to have gravity-detection sensors Which are able to act on metal and deform the enemy ship.
Athenia Will be finished if We do nothing! lf someone tries to deactivate it, he might lose his life.
Does that mean somebody Who is not a Transformer should go? - ls that right, Kup? - Well, possibly lt seems to be the only Way.
But Spike is Wounded and unfit to go.
What if Daniel goes? Me? What about Captain Melissa from the Earth Protection Force? ln the current situation, the Earth Protection Force can´t go.
You can´t send me.
Don´t Worry, Daniel.
We Won´t expose you to any danger.
- Really? - Yeah.
Thanks, Rodimus.
But, Daniel, if We leave things as they are, all the Cybertrons Will die.
You too, Daniel.
Are you all right With that? - Well l´ll go and see dad.
- Hold it! What a coWard! lt Won´t Work.
We can´t expose a child to such danger.
Arcee, hoW long before the meteorite reaches Earth? - TWo days.
- Hmm, two days.
What´s happened, Daniel? - Chase and Wideload have been Warped! - What? Spike´s recovery from his batte wounds was taking some time.
- So the meteorite is here? - Not exactly.
The two of them Went to deactivate it and ended up Warped.
- What are you saying? - Darling! - Dad! - l can´t let this happen.
l´ll go.
- But you´re not fit to go.
- l´ll manage somehoW.
- Wait! Can´t it be fixed by remote? - Kup already tried that.
lt didn´t Work.
Let´s think of other Ways.
Daniel, there are times in life When you have to face danger.
This is one of those times.
lf l do nothing, Athenia Will be annihilated.
- But - l´m going! - Spike! You´re not going in that state? - l can´t Watch the Autobots in crisis! l´m grateful, but it´s impossible in your state.
But if We leave it, Athenia Spike, We´ll come With you.
We can help out.
You´re a Transformer.
What if you´re mangled, too? Dad! Dad, l´ll go.
- Daniel! - Do you mean it? l mean it.
Dad´s important to me.
And l can´t let Wheelie do it.
- Daniel! - Dad! Danie had made up his mind.
But the mysterious meteorite was getting coser to Athenia.
The batte on Earth was becoming fiercer.
The Headmasters were ordered back to their ship by Athenia.
Except for Fortress, the four warriors were to retreat.
- Headbots, l leave it in your hands! - Right! Hey, you Won´t get aWay! Decepticons, the action is over here! Let´s go, Decepticon Headmasters! Shoot him to bits from the air! Hold it! The meteorite was approaching.
Dad, isn´t this an Excel suit? lt´s rather old-fashioned.
lf you Wore an Excel suit, you´d end up mangled like a Transformer.
That Wouldn´t Work.
Daniel, We´re asking a lot of you, but be brave.
You´re the only one Who can save us.
- Daniel, let´s talk strategy.
- What, Dad? When your ship approaches the meteorite, the gravity sensors Will activate.
The ship Will stop just out of reach.
At that moment, you Will jump from the ship.
You Will synchronise With the meteorite and board it.
- Find the gravity sensors and deactivate them.
- Got it.
- We´re counting on you.
- No problem.
l´m With the Headmasters.
l´m going, too.
Don´t forget me! - You´re coming as my friend.
- Hey, brave one! Shall We go, Daniel? We´re counting on you, Danie.
Save the Autobots - Don´t pull me so hard! - Your resolve Will Weaken if you take too long.
- Don´t Worry.
l´m a man.
- A man? - Hey, shut it! - OK, OK.
Let´s go.
- We don´t need to.
Somebody´s come for us.
- Oh, yeah Take it easy.
You only have one body.
l just lost my balance.
l´m fine.
- He´s a man, you see.
- What? - lt´s time to go.
- lt´s the Headmasters! Sorry about the delay, Commander Rodimus.
- Please take good care of Daniel.
- You can trust us.
lt´s the Decepticons! They´re stubborn.
They Want another fight.
We´ll deal With them if you do the rest.
OK, l got it.
The time is approaching, Daniel.
What´s Wrong? Nothing.
Are you all right? You´re shaking.
Don´t make a fool of me! There you are, Autobots! Resistance is futile! You Will submit to Planet Metamorphosis! Galvatron, you have an evil mind, coming up With the name Planet Metamorphosis.
But it´s just something you´ve constructed! So, you finally get it, then, Headmaster boys? But too late.
Athenia Will soon be no more.
We Won´t let that happen! Justice Will prevail! You must be joking! Take this! Hey, Galvatron.
You Won´t get beyond this point.
Even if you Won´t let me pass, Metamorphosis Will reach Athenia.
Daniel, it´s time.
What´s Wrong? No! l´m scared.
l can´t do it.
l can´t do it! - lt´s too late noW, you coWard! - Wait! Why did l have to be a coWard? Daniel, you´re no coWard.
No, l´m a coWard! l´m a coWard! Daniel, look at me straight.
Are you scared? - My face is funny, isn´t it? - l´m scared! HoW about this, then? - HoW about this? - l´m scared! HoW about this? Or this? You´re funny.
You´re funny! Daniel´s laughing! Sorry l didn´t consider your feelings.
Forgive me.
As long as you understand, Wheelie.
Aren´t the stars beautiful, Daniel? - Yes, they are.
- Right, then.
- Time to go.
- Where to? We can´t let the others handle this.
We have to deal With it ourselves.
lf We go near, the gravity sensors Will finish us off.
l knoW, but We´re the only ones Who can save the Cybertrons.
You say that, but there´s nothing We can do.
We don´t knoW if We don´t try.
Wheelie, take command of the ship.
- Me? - Yeah, drive carefully.
- Wait! l´ll go.
- Daniel! - Daniel! - l Was feeling scared before.
l´ll try noW.
Really, Daniel! You are a man after all! Yeah, l´m a man! Dad, l´ll do my best to be as strong as you.
Ready, Daniel? - OK.
- Do it for us.
- Leave it to me.
- Go for it! Where are the gravity sensors? - Can you hear me, Daniel? - I hear you.
- The sensors are inside.
Proceed carefully.
- Understood.
Which ones are the sensors? This one, maybe.
lt must be this one.
NoW l just have to bloW it up so it can´t be used.
What happened? - You did it, Daniel! - Good job! - What? - Can´t you see that? The gravity sensors have been bloWn up.
Who did it? Damn you! Retreat! - Marvellous.
- Yeah.
- Daniel did Well.
- He Was very brave.
Like his father Spike, Danie became an unikey hero.
Without a doubt, this is one event he´ never forget Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer