Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e08 Episode Script

Terror of the Six Shadows

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters TERROR OF THE SlX SHADOWS Something terribe is about to happen to Earth.
- Ah, that´s Mount Fuji.
- No other planet has such a beautiful mountain.
l´d love to come here lots of times.
Danie and Wheeie have come to the birthpace of the Trainbots - Japan.
What´s that? Citizens of Japan.
want a the energy in Japan.
f you resist, we wi destroy you.
- This isn´t one of the Decepticons.
- lf it´s not a Decepticon, What is it? - Maybe a third force from outer space.
- Daniel, What´s a ´´third force´´? NeW enemies apart from the Decepticons.
- Scattershot.
lnform Athenia base.
- Yes, sir.
Rodimus receives the report from Scrambe City, eaves Athenia in Fortress´ hands and heads for Earth with the Headmasters.
Meanwhie, at the Decepticon base on Panet Chaar.
Who are you? We Won´t let you take Earth´s energy from the Decepticons.
- We´ll get you.
- Wait, Scourge.
- What? - l have an idea, Galvatron.
What are you Waiting for? Tell me! We´ll let him take Earth´s energy, then We´ll snatch it from him.
- That sounds good.
- Let me handle it, Lord Galvatron.
l´ll do it! - That´s unfair.
lt´s my idea.
- Wait! Your talk bores me.
Do it together if you´re so keen.
We´ll set off for Earth, then.
What fools! Come With us.
Do We have to go to Earth for something like that? - Are you being insubordinate? - We Won´t ask again.
Let´s go.
According to information received, Japan, USA, USSR, Britain, France and Canada were aso threatened.
- ls he threatening six countries on his oWn? - What on earth! - lnvestigate the countries under threat.
- Yes, sir.
Tell their governments to prolong negotiations.
l see.
He Wants to get What he can.
Galvatron is furious.
- What´s so funny? - lt´s a delightful story.
NEW YORK She looks a bit like Arcee, don´t you think? No, she looks much better than Arcee.
Hey, We´re not here for sightseeing.
We have to establish Who this shadowy menace is.
What if We Watched TV footage? Maybe We´d get some clues.
Yeah, let´s go.
- lt´s a different hostage-taker.
- He Wasn´t acting alone.
- A different shadoW for each country? - Yes.
The USA.
Six blackmailers Judging from the shadoWs, this seems like a threatening force.
- They say the blackmailer Was six fighting units.
- Six? What shall We do? Don´t Worry, Daniel.
We Trainbots are six units, too.
As long as We are there, they Won´t destroy a single building.
That´s right, Daniel.
There´s nothing to Worry about.
A spy! - Watch out! - Get him, Wheelie! Damn! So there Were six of them? And the Autobot Headmasters have come to defend Earth.
They Want to mobilise against the blackmailers.
We Won´t alloW that.
We could get involved and all have a go! No, somebody has to defend the Dinobase.
You two go ahead.
l get it.
l´m not hanging around With this coWard! LONDON On the trai of the backmaiers, the Autobots and in Britain.
At the same time, the Decepticons Cyconus and Scourge head for Britain.
But when the Autobot warriors arrive on the scene, the backmaiers have vanished without trace.
To avoid any further destruction, give in to our demands and hand over your energy We Were outwitted.
They turned up in NeW York.
Whenever the Autobots turn up, the backmaiers seem to vanish.
Damn it! They run as soon as We come.
Our strategy Will get noWhere if We can´t contact the blackmailers.
l´m busy! - You two! Are you out on a date? - This is no good! Why are they hanging around here? Maybe they´ll turn up in Japan next.
- Japan? - HoW do you knoW? Japan has a successful energy generation programme.
ENERGY GENERATlON CENTRE lf they shoW up, We´ll grab them by the neck this time.
- Sorry.
- You fool.
My neck´s gone all funny.
l did a lot of shopping in Japan.
The Trainbots took me around.
l saW lots of places.
That´s nice.
The Trainbots have been shopping.
HoW nice! Brainstorm.
What do you mean? The blackmailers could turn up in Japan.
lt´s no time for shopping.
l asked them to go to Japan.
lt´s not the Trainbots´ fault.
Are you saying you´re defending Earth all by yourself? What? - l don´t like your choice of Words.
- Yeah.
We patrolled in Japan.
- Patrol? Was it business or pleasure? - What? Stop it! lt Was my fault.
Stop arguing.
Daniel, Will you be quiet? Stop it, Chromedome! Can´t you see you´re hurting Daniel? Daniel enjoyed buying presents for his parents.
- We Were Wrong, Daniel.
- Don´t be sad.
l´m not sad.
Aren´t you? - What´s that? - A toy ninja throWing blade.
- Ninja? - Never heard of ninjas? They can change shape or disappear by using magic chants, or use the dividing and advancing technique.
Dividing and advancing technique? l remember.
A ninja once came to Planet Master.
The one Who transformed into six shapes.
l knoW that guy.
A ninja energy gang came to the energy mines and cities on our planet.
- Go aWay, energy gang! - You´re not Welcome here! Shut up! l´ll crush you! Over here! Abel! Abel! Abel! Abel! Abel! Damn you! This Was When l first felt a strong hatred for evil.
Next time l meet an evil ninja, l Want revenge for Abel.
Could that ninja be our blackmailer? The blackmailers Were all transformations of him, no doubt about it.
l agree.
lt´s typical of a ninja to divide into six.
Just as Rodimus predicted, the backmaier´s giant robot appeared in Tokyo.
- Tokyo´s in danger! Headmasters, go! - We´re all going! Wait! - Commander, let us go on the Trainbots.
- Don´t butt in.
- You´re not one of us.
- Shut up! We´ll defend our homeland.
Commander! Please let us go.
- OK, go! - Yes, sir.
- Why us? - lt´s indulgence! Transform! Don´t let the Autobots interfere! Take off from Dinobase.
- Just like that? ls it safe? - Sixshot isn´t here, so it can´t be helped.
That´s as far as you go! That´s it, Raiden! lt´s Trypitcon! Damn you! You think that can harm Trypticon? Transform! - Watch out! - l can´t Watch it any longer.
l´m going.
Transform! - Our path of attack´s been compromised! - Change strategy! Abandon Trypticon! - Brainstorm! Take that one! - Leave it to me! Head on! l´ll be your Wing man! - Get out of our Way! - We´re on your side! Take that! lt´s divided! - We have to attack the main unit.
- Which one is it? Sorry.
You fools! NoW! - lt´s Sixshot! - Sixshot? Let´s go! l´ll track his movements.
What are you Waiting for? Shoot! Damn it! Avenge Abel! Transform! - l´ll get that guy! - Head on! They´re escaping! You brainless idiots! lf you´d explained the strategy from the beginning, l You hurt your oWn more than the enemy! A mere staff officer criticising my strategy? On top of that, my precious Dinobase Was destroyed! You fools! - You fool! - Forgive me! The Headmasters and Trainbots joined forces and saved Japan.
Both sides are fied with warm feeings of friendship.
Daniel, We´re going home to Athenia.
Daniel! You forgot your presents for your mum and dad.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer