Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e09 Episode Script

Seibertron is in Grave Danger (1)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters PLANET CYBERTRON lS lN GRAVE DANGER: PART 1 n this week´s episode of ´´Transformers´´: Vector Sigma is undergoing checks after fierce fighting between the Autobots and the Decepticons.
Peace is restored to Panet Cybertron.
But one day, Panet Cybertron´s mother computer Vector Sigma makes a discovery.
But Soundbaster discovers the secret and informs Gavatron.
This puts Panet Cybertron in grave danger.
This machine is amazing.
Mission accomplished.
What´s that supposed to mean? Vector Sigma has developed Cybertonuron.
Cybertonuron? lt´s a compound Which is many times stronger than Cybertronium.
That´s amazing.
lf only We could get hold of it.
We Would become invincible! lf We can get it, We have a chance to dominate the entire universe.
ls it a compound Which only Vector Sigma can create? Yes.
The question is, hoW do We get hold of it? That´s easy.
We just seize it from Cybertron.
Seize it from Cybertron? Sighty ater than Soundbaster, Twincast obtains the same information.
He reports to Rodimus.
lt has enormous potential if completed.
- What do you think, guys? - About What? Ha! You´re still clumsy.
Will you ever learn? Don´t say that.
- Should We just be training? - But training´s important to keep us fighting fit.
Chromedome, you Want the Decepticons to bring the War here? - There must be other forms of defence.
- Being hot-headed can be a Weakness.
Sorry for opening my mouth! Meanwhie, Gavatron, the incarnation of evi, is making pans.
We´ll go to Planet Cybertron as an advance party.
Make sure the Autobot guards don´t detect you.
Yes, sir.
ls that you, Zarak? Lord Galvatron, Will you complete the plan at all costs? Do you alWays have to be against me? There´s no guarantee the miracle alloy can be created.
lt´s irrational to steal it from Cybertron.
Are you telling me What to do? No, but l don´t Want to make sacrifices in vain.
l decide if it´s in vain! Get ready! Gavatron doesn´t change his mind once it´s made up.
He has decided to stop at nothing to get the aoy from Cybertron.
You guys! l´m not happy With this plan.
Be mindful of What Galvatron is involving you in.
Understood, sir! But Twincast has monitored their menacing movements and reports to Rodimus.
The Decepticon Headmasters are on the move? Yes.
don´t know what they´re up to, but it doesn´t ook good.
´´Three days of peace are alWays folloWed by four of battle.
´´ What´s that you´re saying? That´s Galvatron´s Weekly behaviour pattern.
ls he quiet for three days and raging for four? Yes.
lt´s the pattern they alWays folloW.
- Commander, l´ll fly to Earth noW.
- Me too.
- Too impulsive again! - After they strike Will be too late! Wait! Chromedome! This is just reconnaissance.
Don´t get into a fight.
Yes, sir.
But meanwhie on Panet Cybertron Look over there! - Why are the Predacons here? - They´ll spot you.
Tell the commander! What? Exile me? l´m afraid so.
There´d be nothing to do if that happened.
Don´t object.
Cooperate With the plan.
No! Galvatron can´t exile me.
l´ve alWays Worked for the good of the Decepticons.
What´ll happen if the Autobots get the miracle alloy? - What? Are you sure it can be produced? - There´s no guarantee it can´t be l see.
The idea is to act pre-emptively.
lf We can crush them in one go, We can seize Planet Cybertron and kill two birds With one stone! - Transform! - Head on! Head on! - lt´s quiet.
- Where are the Decepticons? But just then Forward! Transform! Cybertron Will be ours! Taken by surprise by the sudden attack, the Cybertron guards do their best to counterattack.
But they aert Rodimus.
What? Cybertron has been attacked by the Decepticons? Everybody prepare for departure! Arcee, ask Ultra Magnus to send reinforcements from Earth.
- Hurry up! - What are you doing? l can´t get up from the chair.
What a nuisance! Commander, please listen to me.
l don´t have time.
Tell me as We Walk along.
[ Skipped item nr.
108 ] There must be another Way than putting more fighters in danger.
- l respect your vieWs, but l can´t do that.
- l knoW the miracle alloy´s important.
But We don´t knoW if it´s possible.
There must be another Way of keeping it out of enemy hands.
There´s something else more important.
Planet Cybertron is our home planet.
We can´t just hand it over to the Decepticons.
- So they Were after Planet Cybertron.
- That´s quite a detour.
Hurry! Chromedome! Shouldn´t We tell the commander? You´re right.
HoW Was it? Rodimus is more determined than l thought.
Brainstorm, we´re going straight to Cybertron.
Te the commander.
To Cybertron? Hey, Chromedome! We´ see you there.
Chromedome, don´t be rash! Let´s hurry to Cybertron.
Please hurry, Commander! Meanwhie, in an arrogant a-out attack, the Decepticon punderers were cosing in on the Cybertron Guard HQ.
Of course you idiots are losing! l´m getting my revenge! There you are, Autobots.
Crush these insects! Where are you, Decepticon Headmasters? Come out! - There you are! This is as far as you go! - You shoW spirit.
But We´ll take you doWn! Chromedome and the others are strugging two against three.
Then Fortress arrives with the batteship.
- Where are Chromedome and Hardhead? - We´ll get a better vieW from the air.
We´ll implement a support strategy When We find them.
- Combaticcons, assemble! - Transform! Transform! Defensor, assemble! Transform! Spellion, assemble! There they are! They´re fighting the Decepticons.
lt looks like a hard fight.
They Won´t pull out of the fight.
Give them support.
Those two are such hassle.
- So, you finally came, Rodimus.
- Today´s the day.
l´ll fight you so hard you´ll never fight again.
Don´t talk nonsense! Planet Cybertron Will be mine.
Transform! - CoWards as usual.
- Just Wait until We´re all here.
Transform! Commander! - Damn that Galvatron.
Give me a hand.
- What? Are you asking me to fight? We did it! Let´s deal the finishing bloW.
- Lord Galvatron.
- What is it? - Over there, please.
- Tell me here! lt´s important neWs l don´t Want the Autobots to hear.
Not at this important moment.
lt´s our chance.
Let´s get the commander.
What? The equation for the miracle alloy has been completed? lt´s perfect.
Vector Sigma Will start production any moment.
Rodimus has fallen.
Let´s Wipe out all the Cybertrons.
lf it´s completed, We can´t afford the slightest mistake.
We must completely annihilate the Cybertrons.
don´t want to continue the batte if can hep it.
We have to evacuate Rodimus somehow.
Exchange heads! What if the Decepticons lose and the Autobots get the miracle alloy? Oh, no! Whatever happens, the alloy mustn´t fall into Autobot hands.
There´s only one option left.
The total destruction of Vector Sigma and Planet Cybertron.
WeirdWolf, Skullcruncher, MindWipe! Listen! l look forward to continuing this later! HoW can We crush them in one go? l´ve prepared a special explosive device.
When those three units are combined, the effects are irreversible.
They Will bloW up all of Planet Cybertron.
- All of Planet Cybertron? - Yes.
Will there be enough time for us to escape? Don´t Worry.
l´ll arrange for the evacuation of all Decepticons.
MindWipe Will place them.
WeirdWolf and Skullcruncher Will support you.
Me? Zarak´s Decepticon Headmasters prepare to bow up Cybertron.
Wi the Decepticon Headmasters succeed in their terribe scheme? What wi be the Autobots´ fate? Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer