Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e10 Episode Script

Seibertron is in Grave Danger (2)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters PLANET CYBERTRON lS lN GRAVE DANGER: PART 2 Mindwipe carries the exposive device, assisted by Weirdwof and Skucrunchercruncher.
We´re ready.
Are you all right, MindWipe.
- Leave it to me.
- We trust your discretion, MindWipe.
To avoid panic, the secret must be kept until the bomb is set.
l pray for success.
- Head on! - Head on! l Wonder if they escaped.
- They´re probably fighting someWhere else.
- Fighting elseWhere? - You´re so naive! - Naive? They stopped fighting because something important cropped up.
Hmm OK! - What could the important thing be, Brainstorm? - Well, if We kneW that Yeah, that´s true.
Anyway, let´s split up and look for them.
Wait! Where are you going! Hey! Transform! This is as far as you go! What? Are you resisting? Are you serious? Deadly serious.
Oh, really.
Sorry to hear that.
[ Skipped item nr.
34 ] Shut up! l Won´t stand for that! l´m coming for you! Try this! l´ll slaughter you! - Your life is over! - So is yours! What a miserable lot.
Call for reinforcements.
lf Rodimus finds out, he´ll call for reinforcements, too.
lt´s time.
- Face the facts and change strategy - Fool! Don´t meddle at such a moment.
l understand.
Fighting all over the place like this is no good.
We must concentrate our forces.
Do you Want to continue fighting? - The miracle alloy formula is noW finished.
- That means lt´s several times stronger than Cybertonium.
lt might be hundreds of times stronger.
lf it should fall into Decepticon hands Even if We lose our lives, We Won´t let the Decepticons get it.
lt´s something of great importance to them lt´s them.
There are two of them.
They´re keeping guard over something.
What´s that? lt´s fishy.
They´re up to something.
All right.
- Over here! Over here! - lt´s Skullcruncher! - HoW are the preparations? - Fine.
There are no hitches.
l´m counting on you, MindWipe.
The countdoWn is 30 minutes.
Keep Watch so the Autobots don´t find out.
Don´t Worry.
What´s that there? No wonder Chromedome is surprised.
Mindwipe has entered the very heart of Panet Cybertron.
t´s a passage that connects to Vector Sigma.
Do they want to take contro of Vector Sigma? Who´s there? - lt´s in your mind.
Calm doWn, Wolf.
- Maybe l have to tell the others.
l knoW.
This is serious.
All assemble.
Chromedome tries the menta communication technique.
t was deveoped in the harsh conditions on Panet Master.
A teepathic technique known ony to them.
This is serious.
A assembe.
South, coordinates 1O3.
This is serious.
A assembe.
l have an important message.
Keep listening.
Fortress has informed Chromedome that the mirace aoy has been created.
- What? The miracle alloy? - Sh! Be quiet! They´ll hear you.
What kind of thing is this miracle alloy? lt´s a hard and strong metal.
Do they Want to steal this miracle alloy? HoW long since MindWipe set off? Ten minutes.
Vector Sigma is at the core of Planet Cybertron.
There´s plenty of time.
- Time to go? - Are you going alone? No, all of us.
Let´s go! - You scum! - Damn! They Were here after all! lt Wasn´t in my mind.
Kill them! You Won´t get aWay With this! Transform! - You Won´t get in here! - We´re not interested in you.
- We Want to speak to MindWipe inside! - What? You saW MindWipe go in? We Won´t let you.
Transform! Brainstorm! lt´s a Waste of time.
l´m going in.
- Right! - Hold it! What´s happened? They´re going to do something to Vector Sigma.
- To Vector Sigma? That´s bad.
- Chromedome is in pursuit.
Let me handle them.
Go and assist Chromedome.
Yes, sir.
Let´s go.
Vector Sigma.
Where is Vector Sigma? What´s this gas? lt stinks.
Did l take a Wrong turn? But there aren´t any other routes.
Right, then.
l´m saved, but l can´t stay here.
Oh, no! Be careful.
Vector Sigma´s defences are strong.
Go aWay! Why are you bats attacking another bat? l hate bats! There is no damage to Vector Sigma at present.
What´s happened to Chromedome? He hasn´t reported in.
Meanwhie, Chromedome This is sulphuric acid.
On the surface, the fierce batte rages on.
ls this Where the miracle alloy is being made? What Will happen to the Autobots once the alloy is extracted? Don´t you knoW? We´ll get more strong allies.
- ls that true, Rodimus? - True.
The miracle alloy is many times stronger than Cybertonium.
lt´s very useful.
But What Will you do With the miracle alloy? Protect the Autobots - no, the peace of the entire universe.
- Let´s hope it´s extracted soon.
- l hope so, too.
HoWever - HoWever? - We have to stop the Decepticon attack.
- Kup, hoW´s the battle going? - They´re holding back the Decepticon attack.
Tell everybody to use all their strength.
Yes, sir.
Damn you! Leave me alone! That hurt.
Eh? A dead end? Vector Sigma! l found it! l did it! Stop! - Almost time for the explosion.
- Wait! What are you doing? Oh, no! This explosive device can´t be stopped once activated.
- You can´t do anything.
- An unstoppable device? Yeah.
Vector Sigma and Cybertron Will be bloWn up.
Planet Cybertron? Get out of my Way! Ha! l told you it Was useless.
Play around With it if you Want to die.
Tell me hoW to deactivate it! Don´t Waste your time.
Get out Within 30 minutes or you´ll die.
So long.
30 minutes? Damn them! - l can´t - Hey, Chromedome! - Good job you´re unhurt.
What are you doing? - They´ve planted a bomb.
- What? - Hold on! - Where´s MindWipe? - He got scared and ran off.
What? So the bomb is set? - Let´s get out of here! - Out of my Way! - We don´t have time.
Help me.
- Right! lt´s no good.
We can´t detach it.
lt´s the time limit.
We can´t escape if We stay longer.
- You guys go.
l´ll stay until the end.
- Chromedome, We´re not afraid of dying.
But think of the commander and citizens above ground.
lt takes time to inform everyone and evacuate them.
That´s very true.
- Quickly! There´s no time! - Let´s go, Chromedome! On the surface, they continue to fight, obivious to the danger of the exposion.
- The reinforcements Won´t get here in time? - l´m sorry, sir.
Get them here at any cost! Lord Galvatron, We don´t have time.
We must evacuate at once.
You again? Get lost! l don´t Want to listen to you.
You have to listen.
This planet Will explode in 15 minutes.
Explode in 15 minutes? Don´t talk such nonsense! lt´s true.
l planted a time bomb in Vector Sigma.
What? ln Vector Sigma? Are you serious? We´ll be at a disadvantage if the alloy falls into enemy hands.
lt had to be done to ensure a Decepticon victory.
Fool! Who alloWed you to do it? l´ll stop this.
Wait, Galvatron! Shut up! Your job is to gather intelligence.
What have you done? You never learn, Galvatron.
After escaping, Chromedome informs Fortress of the situation.
He reports to Rodimus.
What? Will this planet bloW up in 10 minutes? - There´s no time to Waste.
Evacuate quickly.
- ls there no Way to stop it? l knoW the alloy may explode, but Cybertron, too? Unfortunately.
We tried everything We could.
HoW can they bloW up Planet Cybertron? Rodimus.
They can´t do that.
l don´t like it.
l don´t like it.
l don´t like it either, Daniel.
But it´s a fact.
Commander Rodimus, there´s no time.
Evacuate everybody! l understand.
lt´s unfair to leave us behind and escape.
l thought you Were outside While l Was inside.
You can argue later.
Let´s go.
Meanwhie, Gavatron This planet is mine.
l Won´t let anybody bloW it up.
Shall We go? l made it in time.
Fortress was right after a.
Rodimus, let´s go home to Athenia.
Thanks, but l have a journey l must make.
A journey? Why? The age of old transformers has passed.
This is an age for the young.
l´m going on a journey to find a planet Without War for the Transformers to settle on.
But the commander´s mission is to lead us.
- l´ll leave somebody in charge.
- ln charge? You´re the neW commander as of today.
Well, Fortress - l´m counting on you.
- t´s your destiny.
There´s no point resisting.
Take good care of them, until We meet again.
- l´ll come With you, Rodimus.
- Me too.
- And me too! - Wait! Arcee, stay behind.
Eh? Why? What Would Wheelie and Daniel do Without you? - There are enough of us on this journey.
- Commander! - Rodimus! - Take care, Daniel.
We´ll meet again.
Goodbye, then.
Rodimus! Heavy osses were sustained in the batte for the mirace aoy.
Panet Cybertron has disappeared from the universe.
But the dawning of a new age is approaching step by step.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer