Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e11 Episode Script

Scorponok, The Shadow Emperor

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters ZARAK - THE SHADOW EMPEROR Cybertron, home panet of the Transformers, has been destroyed by the Decepticons and is now ost for eternity.
l miss Commander Rodimus noW that he´s gone.
Commander Rodimus has handed over duties to Fortress and set off in search of a new home.
Do you think Commander Rodimus Will ever return home? Yes, l´m sure he Will.
- He Will, Won´t he? - Of course.
Wheelie, act like a man and shoW some spirit.
- The party´s about to start.
- l can´t stand parties.
There´ll be an important announcement at the party.
What announcement? Fortress is about to make an announcement at his party.
l´m happy to tell you that We have finished fitting the final components to the energy satellite Solar 1.
Hooray! ln one Week´s time, We Will launch Solar 1 from the Earth.
The launch represents the successful cooperation between the Earth and Cybertron.
Hooray! Wheelie, overeating is bad for you.
But l´m in great shape! And Who Was saying they hated parties before? That Was Daniel! Go on, set up the karaoke.
- After l´ve had a drink.
- Come on! Hardhead one drink and all he Wants is karaoke! Three, two, one, zero [ Skipped item nr.
45 ] [ Skipped item nr.
46 ] Wheelie, that´s Energon Wine! Oh, dear.
l give up With him.
Arcee, Will you dance With me? l didn´t knoW you could dance, Chromedome.
- l can dance better than Hardhead can sing! - OK, l´ll be your partner.
We´ve searched, but unfortunately there is no sign of Lord Galvatron.
As l thought, he disappeared When Cybertron exploded.
Um that´s a possibility.
Hard to believe, but he may have been destroyed along With Cybertron.
Yes We must assume that he Will not be returning.
- Eh? That´s sounds like Lord Galvatron.
- Without doubt.
He´s survived.
Oh, Lord Galvatron! Welcome back! - Wait! That is not Lord Galvatron.
- What? According to the voice pattern analysis, it is not Lord Galvatron.
Then, Who is it? - lt´s Zarak! - Exactly! You can´t fool us! Lord Galvatron is still alive.
- Really? - Where? Where is he noW? l Was ordered not to reveal that by Lord Galvatron himself.
l Will be taking his place as Deputy Commander.
You are to obey my orders as though they Were from Lord Galvatron.
Oi! Soundblaster! Should We believe him? What, believe Zarak? l am Lord Galvatron´s representative.
You have no choice but to believe it.
- Well, maybe, but - Well, then.
[ Skipped item nr.
73 ] Meanwhie, at the Soar System Centre on Earth SOLAR SYSTEM CENTRE SOLAR 1 WoW, the solar satellite, Solar 1.
What a cool name, eh, Wheelie? Eh? Daniel, What does ´´Solar´´ mean? Um Well it means - ´´Solar´´ means the sun.
- The sun? The Solar 1 is blasted into space.
lt collects solar energy and beams it to Earth.
The energy is stored at the Solar System Centre on Earth.
l see.
lt´s a Decepticon! Damn! lt seems that Rodimus´ man, Fortress, is launching the solar satellite into space.
lt looks that Way, Soundblaster.
- Soundblaster´s a real sycophant.
- l can´t bear him! HoWever, if We don´t prove our Worth, We´ll be licked by Zarak! Leave it to me.
l´ve an idea - Where has Sixshot gone? - l don´t knoW.
He often disappears.
- We´ll take care of that Ninja once and for all! - Suits me fine.
- Eh, RazorclaW? Will you join us? - What do you have in mind? Attack the Solar System Centre and destroy the energy satellite.
We can then tell Zarak and take all the credit.
Let´s go.
Predicons, assemble! Let´s go! These fools just Won´t listen.
Ten minutes to aunch - Hey, it´s the Decepticons! - Damn! Headmasters, leave us to deal With Predaking.
Transform! Damn you! l´ll turn you into scrap metal! Leave this to me! Transform! One minute to aunch Twenty seconds and counting Four, three two, one, zero.
- lt´s blasted off! - What do We do? Wait.
Be silent! ENERGY TRANSFORMER Chromedome, the launch of Solar 1 has been successful, but should We be Worried about the Decepticons? There is no need for concern.
Solar 1 is a symbol of unity between Cybertron and Earth, and the Headmasters Will give their lives to protect it.
According to my calculations, this satellite can store 10 to the poWer of megaWatts of solar energy per day.
10 to the poWer of 15? That´s an amazing amount of energy.
- l see.
- HoW much energy is that? - 10 times 15 is? - ldiot! Can´t you calculate it? lf We can get hold of the satellite, We can input the energy into Zarak´s body.
That´s it, Wolf.
NoW you understand.
Of course.
Let´s get going! - Eh? Where to? - ldiot! Eh? Oi! Oi! Athenia HQ spots the Decepticons on their way to stea the sateite.
The Decepticons´ present position is close to Earth.
Assemble the Headmasters! We´re relying on you.
- We Won´t let them steal the satellite! - Yes, sir! Transform! lt´s Sixshot! Transform! Meanwhie, the Decepticon Headmasters are heading towards Soar 1.
Damn! We´re running out of time! Get inside the building for cover! Watch out! Transform! Soar 1 sateite has been stoen by the Decepticons.
- l bet they´ve taken it to Planet Chaar! - Right, let´s go and get it back.
- The Solar 1 is not on Chaar.
- HoW do you knoW that? - l´ve tracked their course.
- So Where are they taking it? Soar 1 is transported away using boosters attached by the Decepticons.
Fortress cacuates Soar´s course and ocates its exact position.
The stoen sateite is headed towards coordinates XYO-876 away from Panet Chaar to a body of gas in a back nebua.
- ls that body of gas actually a planet? - We don´t knoW yet.
- ls it a neW Decepticon base? - Difficult to tell.
- l must get it back! - Not in your state.
l can´t just sit here.
You should Wait until you´re fully recovered.
l promised the people of Earth that l Would protect Solar 1.
l must get it back! Daniel, l promise you l Will return With Solar 1.
Right, let´s do it! Arcee, please report to Commander Fortress.
Everybody, let´s go! Chromedome The Headmasters arrive at coordinates XYO-878, in order to rescue Soar 1.
Look! lt´s Solar 1! - ls that a planet? - No, it´s just a body of gas.
- We meet again! - You thieves! You Won´t get aWay With that! The concentration of energy in Soar 1 causes a huge exposion.
l´ll get you With my poWer! Transform! HighbroW, leave this lot me.
Go get Solar 1 back to Earth! Right! Transform! What is that? The energy coected by sateite Soar 1 has been transferred to Panet Zarak.
The Headmasters fight bravey to protect Soar 1.
l´ll shoW you idiots! Transform! Transform! - Chromedome, it Was a Decepticon base.
- Unbelievable! Dangerous energy has been released - They´re trying to use Solar 1´s energy.
- Damn them! - Quickly, head for Earth.
- Yes, sir! - Think you can move this satellite? - What? The psychic beam Will react if you alter the orbit.
- What psychic beam? - lt´ll explode by telepathy.
What are you trying to pull? What should We do, Chromedome? - lf We move it, it´ll explode.
- We can´t let them steal it.
l made a promise to get it back.
Damn it! We´ve been used by them! We´ll just have to bloW it up.
- l failed to fulfil my promise.
Forgive me.
- Damn it! Chromedome, Solar 1 has been destroyed, but it Won´t damage relations between us.
lt´s all right.
Don´t blame yourself.
We´ll start designing a brand-neW satellite.
Spike Danie´s father Spike has raised the spirits of the Headmasters.
Commander Fortress, though, senses something terribe is about to happen.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer