Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e12 Episode Script

The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE DORMANT VOLCANO MYSTERlOUSLY ERUPTS At the Autobot Seismic Research Centre on Earth, unusua seismic activity is recorded in the Andes Mountains.
The Andes Mountain Range in South America covers approximatey 6,75O km, the ongest range of mountains in the word.
The source of the tremors ies beow the Andes Mountains in Peru.
VlLLAGE OF PAN Pipiro, Where have you been? l Went to lay some floWers on my parents´ grave.
Good boy! Grandpa, Koro the donkey´s groWn so much.
- You´ve taken very good care of him.
- Yeah! He´s such a great kid! - l´m back, sis! - Welcome home! - That really tickles! Stop it! - Pipiro, you´ll get your clothes filthy! lt´s OK! He´s the strongest donkey in the village.
- Another tremor.
- lt´s happening every day.
- l´ve got a bad feeling about this one.
- Don´t be scared, sis.
Meanwhie, at the Autobot base on Athenia, everyone is examining the mysterious gas-enshrouded panet.
l´ll magnify the image.
This planet definitely belongs to the Decepticons.
- lt´s huge.
What can it be? - Right l´ll get the Autobot Cassettes to check it out.
- SteeljaW, Ramhorn, go and investigate! - Roger! Meanwhie, at the Decepticons´ base on Panet Chaar Sixshot, there Will be no more mistakes, understand? l understand, sir.
All preparations for our next attack on the Headmasters are complete.
PLANET ZARAK At a secret pant on Panet Zarak, ensaved Beastformers are forced to work on the construction of a giant robot.
No resting! Get back to Work! THE ANDES MOUNTAlN RANGE, EARTH The foowing morning, the dormant vocano suddeny erupts.
Dodo, it´s all right.
Pipiro, get out of the house! Come on, Koro! At Cybertron HQ, the Trainbots and Protectobots have been scrambed.
Our strategy is Working.
The Autobots have fallen for my trick.
l´ll spin them around my little finger! Quick, before the lava gets us! You all right, sis? Everyone, let´s get them! - Decepticons you´re expecting us.
- You Won´t get a single step further! Come on, then, take me on! Protectobot, leave this to me.
Go evacuate the villagers.
Yes, of course.
We´ll leave this to you.
We´re unbeatable! Transform! What? The Trainbot´s assembling! Transform! lt´s no good! The lava´s blocked the Way! - We have to go back.
- But We´ve come this far.
- Pipiro, hurry! - OK! - Eh? What´s that? - The Autobots! Over there! They seem to be unharmed.
- They´ve come to save us! - We´re saved! - They´re finished.
- They can´t fight back! Let´s get ´em! Take that! - The Decepticons! - They´re trying to stop them saving us! Come on, Autobots! Assemble into a Defensor! Transform! Eh? Just Watch What my Wipesnake gun can do! My body´s paralysed l can´t move.
A hit by the Wipesnake gun has paraysed the Defensor´s body Let´s get them noW! Ah, it´s an Autobot! - Predaking´s in danger! - Take that! - We´ve got them.
- Shall We send reinforcements? l´d like to.
But Scramble City´s defences Would be undermanned.
What if the Decepticons attack us then? But if We do nothing, the villagers Will be annihilated.
Get on board.
Word reached the Headmasters from Utra Magnus, and Spike, Danie and the others set off for Earth.
So, the Headmasters are headed toWards Earth? My strategy is turning out as planned.
What strategy? - The less you second team knoW, the better.
- What does he mean by ´´second team´´? - Broadside, help evacuate the villagers.
- OK! Right, We´re to give the Trainbots some back-up! Transform! Transform! Transform! Transform! There they are! Let´s get ´em! Thanks for the help! Transform! Transform! Transform! Soon the village Will be sWalloWed up.
Why don´t they help us? The eruption´s getting Worse.
We´ll get caught if We fly too close! Turn around! Broadside was unabe to and to rescue the viagers and has to turn back.
- l´ll get you! - Transform! Head on! - Raiden, go and help the villagers! - Leave it to me! The Trainbots take on Spike, Danie and Wheeie and head out once more to rescue the viagers.
lt´s no good! lf We try to head through this, We´ll be destroyed! - What should We do? - Pull out! But What about the villagers? - All is lost.
- Oh, no Don´t give up! They Will come for us! They Will! The Autobots Will come for sure! Head upWind! There´ll be less danger that Way! - But still - Give it a try.
lt´s our only chance! Right, let´s go! lt´s the rescue team! They´re here! Sis, they´ve come! What´s that red cloud? A red coud had formed from vocanic ash and evaporated moisture, with a temperature of hundreds of degrees.
Let´s make use of this! Brainstorm, try the WhirlWind technique! Roger.
Leave it to me.
Transform! - l´ll go and help the villagers.
- We´ll handle this lot.
Go for it! Come on, hurry! Hurry! - Oi! - Hey, Chromedome! Everybody´s safe, yeah? l need your help.
Get the children on board first.
We can get on later.
Get Grandpa and Grandma on first.
You´re a good lad.
Wheelie, look after these people.
The lava´s coming! Hurry! Everybody, retreat! Let´s help the rescue mission! - Quick, get on board.
- What about Koro? What? Hurry or We´ll be roasted alive! - This is him, yeah? - Thank you.
Let´s go! We saved them.
Just in time.
That village Was my home Where l greW up.
NoW it´s gone for ever.
- Those Decepticons - Chromedome - So the Decepticons made the volcano erupt? - The Decepticons´ handiWork They must´ve made the dormant volcano erupt to divert our attention aWay from that planet.
l agree.
- l don´t understand at all.
- Eh? What´s Wrong? Zarak´s strategy.
The Earth is a vital source of energy.
lf his strategy goes ahead, the Earth Will be destroyed.
So What, if the Earth´s destroyed? lf the Earth is destroyed, the energy source Will disappear and We Will - There´s no need to Worry.
- Yes, but l´ve discovered a neW source of super-energy.
Super-energy? When Cybertron Was bloWn up, a lot of plasma energy Was created.
By collecting all this plasma energy dispersed in space, We can create everlasting energy.
- Everlasting energy? - lncredible! That day l Will reveal my true identity! And then We´ll see the demise of Fortress and the Headmasters! The volcano´s eruption Was just part of my strategy to destroy the Headmasters and Fortress! Just trust me and obey my orders, OK? - The Autobot Cassettes are spying! - We´ve been seen.
Damn it, it´s Wolf! - What is it? - Out of my Way! He´s all right! He Won´t stop! Daniel seems to have made friends With Pipiro and Koro.
Wait! Koro! - Where´s he gone to? - Koro! - Over there! - He´s hiding here! After the vocano´s eruption, everybody had thought that the danger was over.
But the Decepticons wi never stop - Pipiro! - What do you Want? - Nobody move! - Move a muscle and l´ll kill the kid.
- Damn it.
- Let go of me! Pipiro! lf you don´t Want the kid killed, teach me your transforming technique.
- Well then, Chromedome? - You animals! l´m running out of patience.
Hurry up or he dies! Damn you! l´ll get you! Pull out! - Pipiro! - Sister! Thank goodness! lt´s all thanks to that donkey.
The donkey shoWed incredible bravery taking on that Decepticon to save the kid.
Remarkable, these people and their animals! This wonderfu panet Earth was not tramped underfoot by the Decepticons.
Anger towards the Decepticons burned in the hearts of Chromedome and the Headmasters and fed the flames of their strugge.
l´ll stay and study the earth tremors.
You lot can pull out.
Yes, sir.
- Pipiro, l´ll see you again.
- Yeah.
- Pipiro, look after Koro and your sister.
- OK.
Thank you for saving our lives.
Please, take this in gratitude.
Thank you, Arisa.
l Will treasure it.
- What about the rest of us? - You´re just jealous of him! - Thank you! - Thank you! Goodbye! That day wi revea my true identity.
And then we´ see the demise of Fortress and the Headmasters.
- That Zarak! - l´ll do him in! Why doesn´t he shoW himself noW? When wi Zarak show his true face and identity? And then what wi happen? And where can Gavatron be? What is behind this whoe mystery, and what kind of enemies wi the Headmasters have to face? However, the more powerfu their enemies become, the stronger the Headmasters´ determination to wipe them out Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer