Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e13 Episode Script

Head On, Fortress Maximus

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters HEAD ON, FORTRESS MAXlMUS! All systems normal.
lt´s boring it´s so quiet.
- Hey, Commander, any suggestions? - Hm? NoW that Galvatron´s disappeared, isn´t this our chance? - Are you thinking of attacking? - Count me in! Ease off! Why are you all so hot-blooded? While We just sit here, Zarak´s lot are up to something! - Exactly! They´re up to something! - Calm doWn, you lot! We have the right to avenge ourselves.
But that´s no reason just to start a War, is it? l suppose not Meanwhie, something frightening is about to happen on Earth - lt´s an earthquake! - Earthquake? - l´m scared of earthquakes! - Earthquakes? Quick, call the police! Danger Evacuate immediatey Danger Evacuate immediatey Danger Evacuate immediatey Get back, it´s too dangerous! HQ, the plant has been spotted.
l´m going in for the attack.
The pant that has appeared in San Francisco is undoubtedy a man-eater.
The Autobot commander Utra Magnus orders the monster to be destroyed at once Right, evacuate everyone and try to keep casualties to a minimum! Yes, sir.
We´ll proceed With care.
- l´m counting on you.
Go! - Yes, sir.
Scattershot and the Aeriabot squadron arrive in the nick of time.
Transform! Transform! Then the Trainbots arrive.
However, someone is expecting them l´ve been Waiting for you.
Come on! Trainbots, assemble! Let´s go! There´s no poWer source here, so Why have the Decepticons come? Shall l ask the Headmasters for reinforcements? Utra Magnus receives the message requesting hep from the Headmasters.
- A giant man-eating plant? - Yes.
t´s enormous and sti growing.
Wait a minute.
l´ve heard of this before [ Skipped item nr.
52 ] - l´ll have to check into it.
- Anyway, we have to stop the Decepticons.
Well, leave this to me! l´m itching for some action! - Count me in, too! - And me! [ Skipped item nr.
56 ] Meanwhie, Zarak´s evi augh echoes through the Decepticon base on Charr.
- Lord Zarak - What is it? We´ve just received neWs that the Headmasters are heading for Earth.
l see Everything seems to be going according to plan.
But what coud Zarak´s evi augh mean? Coud he be panning a trap to divert Fortress´ attention? - There it is.
- Eh? The plant originates from the Planet Darhos.
lt´s a carnivorous species.
- A carnivorous plant from the Planet Darhos? - What´s it doing on Earth? Don´t you see? lt Was brought by the Decepticons.
Oh l see, yes.
l Was just thinking that, too.
- Keep up! - But Why did the Decepticons put it on Earth? - Hm that´s the real question.
- lt´s got to be Zarak.
- l sense that Zarak´s behind this.
- He´s behind this? ls it a trap? Hm Without a doubt.
- But Won´t We fall into the trap? - Don´t panic.
After We´ve rescued people on Earth, We can deal With his trap then.
Sorry, sir.
Set course for Earth! Full speed! Meanwhie, on the Panet Athenia, a strange phenomenon was occurring Thanks for the food! l´m just going out.
Where to? You´ve only just finished your supper.
To the botanical gardens.
The seeds l brought from Earth haven´t produced shoots yet.
- Oh, l see.
They´re taking a long time.
- Yeah.
l´m Worried, so l´ll go and check on them.
See you later! - What? You here again? - You like plants, too, Wheelie.
You must be joking! Gardening´s for old people! l see.
You´re just jealous because l didn´t give you a plant! Course not! But its shoots haven´t groWn, have they? - But What if they do? - We´ll see Eh? The shoots are groWing! At last! At last, they´re groWing! - What kind of plant is that? lt´s Weird - lt´s a monster plant! l´ll deal With it.
Wait! lt might not necessarily be a monster No, that´s not the plant l brought from Earth.
- Oh, no! Someone, help! - Wait, Daniel! Here on Earth, warriors from Cybertron batte desperatey against the Decepticons.
Just then, the Headmasters arrive on the scene.
- ls that the plant? - Where is everyone? Looks like they´ve been evacuated.
Right, then.
Let´s get rid of the monster plant! Let´s do it! - Resistance is futile! - You lot again? - l´ve been Waiting for this day.
- Let´s see you dance! What? Meanwhie, on the Panet Athenia - There, that´s the plant.
- Well, it doesn´t look anything special.
But look, it´s totally different to the floWer on the packet.
- Yeah, you´re right - See? lt´s started moving again.
Monster plant! Take that! lt scared us before.
Stop it, Daniel.
The plant´s doing no harm.
- Watch out, Daniel! - This is fun! This is serious.
Back to base and think of a solution.
l told you so, didn´t l? Meanwhie, back on Earth, the peope have been rescued, but the pant rages on as the Autobots engage in a desperate batte.
- That´s the plant.
- lt´s carnivorous and native to Planet Darhos.
- Carnivorous? - That´s right.
- According to records, it´s a man-eater.
- A man-eater? l don´t understand.
HoW can it be? - Hm it´s all becoming clear to me.
- What do you mean? l Wish l´d never brought the seeds from Earth noW.
The Decepticons they´re using Daniel.
Just then, an urgent message arrives from Athenia.
- What? ln Athenia, too? - Part of one base has been destroyed.
So, it´s also on Athenia? All is lost if We can´t find the monster´s Weakness.
Fortress, it was my faut.
didn´t mean to bring the seeds back.
What? Daniel? Ah, What´s happening? Please respond.
Do you read me? Commander, do you read me? They said they´re fighting, so maybe his ship´s being attacked! Please respond! Fortress! Fortress Fortress? Meanwhie, on Earth, Fortress is fighting for his ife Eh? What´s happening? lncredible.
l never thought it Would groW to be so enormous.
That plant is better suited to the air on Earth than on its home planet of Darhos.
- My scientific calculations are infallible.
- You thought of everything.
Of course! lt Will groW and groW even more.
Then it Will envelop Battleship Fortress.
So, Zarak´s objective was to wreak vengeance on Fortress - Ah, Commander! - HighbroW! - Oi, don´t just Watch! Do something! - We´re coming What a mess! Take that! You can´t stop us! Zarak just as l thought.
Meanwhie, on the Panet Athenia Commander, please respond.
lt´s no good, communication´s dead.
- l see.
- Oh, no! Daniel´s fighting the plant! Daniel´s doing What? Arcee, take over.
Stop, Daniel! lt´ll eat you! Leave me alone! lt greW from the seeds that l brought.
l´ll destroy it! Stop! Stop! Stop, Daniel! Oi, Daniel, stop that! Dad! Watch out! - Sorry, Dad.
lt´s all my fault.
- lt´s not.
lt Was the Decepticons.
They used your good nature.
Watch out, Spike! l´ll get killed if this carries on.
What´s that? l´ll have to put the sWord to the test.
lt´s not Working.
l can´t use the sWord.
Commander! Help! Commander! Master SWord! Enlarge! Transform! Head on! Let´s go! Master SWord! FORTRESS MAXlMUS - Commander? - Amazing.
Let´s get out of here! The Master Sword, bade of bades, wieded ony by the righteous and just.
However, he is weakened for a time after using its utimate power.
Right, let´s go! Eh a carnivorous plant? Ah, Fortress l don´t give up so easily.
As soon as my ultimate Weapon is completed, Fortress Will never be able to beat me! - Commander? - ls everyone safe? Very clever, Commander.
You never told us you could groW so huge.
Well, l did have my reasons.
Let´s get back to Athenia! Meanwhie, back on Athenia The monster plant´s exploded.
HoW come, Dad? No idea.
The explosion of the one on Earth may have something to do With it.
Fortress, on course for Athenia, receives Spike´s report about the expoding pant.
Spike, so that Was a trap set by the Decepticons? Maybe the plant´s explosion on Earth created a chain reaction.
- You think so? - Fortress, ´m sorry.
What? lt Wasn´t your fault, Daniel.
- lt Was the Decepticons´ handiWork.
- Reay? Of course.
l´m glad you´re safe.
No injuries? ´m fine.
Wheeie, get out of the way, ´m taking to Fortress You sound fine to me.
Right, full speed to Athenia! At ast, Fortress´ abiity to enarge himsef has shown Zarak that the Autobots have a new weapon.
However, what is it Zarak is constructing? What on earth coud it be? Wi it be the Autobots´ biggest chaenge? Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer