Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e14 Episode Script

Explosion on Mars!! Maximus is in Danger! (1)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters EXPLOSlON ON MARS! MAXlMUS lS lN DANGER! Mars is the fourth panet in the soar system.
t is approximatey haf the size of Panet Earth.
And now the Decepticons are panning to destroy it.
- Destroy Mars? - lnteresting We have stored the plasma energy generated in the destruction of Autobot.
We´ll use this energy to destroy it.
Soundblaster, explain the details.
Yes, sir.
Firstly, We set the necessary amount of plasma bombs beloW the surface.
Then We drop bombs to explode simultaneously at its north and south poles.
This triggers off the plasma bombs Which have been set in advance.
All this super-energy generated by Mars´ destruction Will be ours.
This energy Will increase the Decepticons´ poWer.
l understand the tactics, but you may have forgotten one important thing.
- You mean about Fortress? - Exactly.
Fortress´ neW gigantic form is a threat to us.
Leave it to me.
l´ve considered that eventuality.
Meanwhie, on the Panet Mars Unaware of the Decepticons´ evi scheme, Danie and Wheeie accompany Spike on a geoogica survey of Mars.
Daniel? Daniel! - Daniel! - Got you! Catch me! - Hey, Dad? - What is it? Can Mars become as green a planet as the Earth? Absolutely.
But it could take many, many years.
- But that´s Why We´re doing tests.
- Right.
Rather than make Mars a green planet, We could make the Earth more bountiful.
What´s that? Spike, there´s been a large explosion close to the south pole.
They arrive at the south poe, but the cause of the exposion is uncear.
Let´s split up and investigate.
Eh? What´s that? lt´s a Decepticon.
That´s the Terrorcon leader, Hun-Grr.
- What are the Decepticons doing on Mars? - l´ve no idea.
A one-Way snapper.
Danie reported the news to Spike.
The Decepticons? Here? Spike immediatey reported this to the Fortress group at Athenia base.
The Autobot Headmasters head off to Mars to investigate the Decepticons´ objectives.
- What are the Decepticons planning on Mars? - At this point, We don´t knoW.
The planet looks as if it´s alive.
On the Panet Zarak, Zarak is aiming to overthrow his morta enemy Fortress Maximus and has constructed an enormous Transtector.
Fortress Whatever size you´ve attained, l´ll finish you! As requested by Fortress from Athenia base, Utra Magnus orders the Technobots to head for Mars from the Autobots´ Earth base.
However, Trypticon is waiting there to intercept them Take that! Damn you, Trypticon! Scramble City, blast off! Technobots, go as fast as you can to Mars! No Way! You´ll have to deal With me and my Weapons first! Transform! Transform! Transform! Ah, that Sixshot! Scramble City! Transform! Meanwhie, on Mars, Spike and the Trainbots are under fierce attack by the Predacons who have arrived to destroy the panet.
The Headmasters! Head on! - Head on! - Head on! Head on! - Spike - Thanks for coming.
There´s no sign of Daniel or Wheelie.
They´re Watching the Decepticons´ movements at another location.
That´s risky.
We should send a Trainbot for them.
Trainbot! Rescue mission! Transform! What could those Decepticons be doing in that crater? - lf you don´t Want to get shot, shut up! - What do We do noW? Stop Whinging! Where´s your fighting spirit? But What do We do? We received Daniel´s last communication from this position.
Where could they have got to? Head on! Head on! Head on! Head on! Go to hell! This lot may become useful to us later.
lf not, then they can die in the explosion.
Rippersnapper, keep your eye on them While We head to Site Z.
This is terrible.
The reason the Decepticons are on Mars is to bloW it up! lf Mars is bloWn up, What´ll happen to the Earth and the other planets? What shall We do? Set the plasma bombs for the trap.
Then We lure Fortress here.
Yes, sir.
Sixshot, stop the Autobots from coming to help Fortress.
Transform! Transform! Transform! Sixshot is preventing Autobot reinforcements getting to Mars.
On hearing this information, Fortress decides he must go himsef.
However, something is hoding Fortress back.
- Why Won´t Commander Fortress act? - l don´t knoW.
l hope nothing happens to Daniel and Wheelie.
Danie´s communication signas are too weak to ca Spike for hep.
But an emergency device is inside the symbo on Danie´s chest.
- Wheelie - Hm? Pretend to fight me and tear the symbol off my chest.
- A fight? - Sh! Keep your voice doWn.
They´ll hear you.
Eh? What´s all that noise? - Oi, you! - You! - Have they fallen out? - lt breaks the boredom.
Let´s see Who Wins.
You´re not even an Autobot yet you Wear that symbol! - Stop! - This symbol! As it breaks, Danie´s device sends a signa to Spike.
Daniel, What is it? Thanks to Chromedome and the others, Danie and Wheeie are saved unharmed.
Then Chromedome hears from Danie of the Decepticon pan to destroy Mars and reports straight to Fortress on Athenia.
They´re pushing ahead with their evi pans.
Commander, pease come quicky.
Whatever Zarak´s up to, l Will not alloW it! l Wonder if Daniel´s safe? The Commander directed the operation, so they´ll be fine.
- Commander? - Do you knoW the bombing coordinates? Not yet Look! Decepticons! We´ll force them to tell us! - Take Spike and head for Athenia.
- Fortress, et us hep here.
Spike, We don´t knoW When Mars Will explode.
Please leave the planet.
But even so Fortress, pease rescue Mars.
want to make Mars green, ike a second Panet Earth l understand your feelings, Daniel.
Daniel, don´t Worry, We´ll foil the Decepticons´ plans.
Transform! Fortress, you´re falling into my trap.
Head on! - What are the bombing coordinates? Speak! - l Won´t say! Tell me! Head on! - The bombing coordinates! Where are they? - l´ll do you in! As blind as a bat in battle, you Will be.
Blind as a bat in battle - Damn it! - Don´t put the spell on me! - What are the bombing coordinates? - ln the bottom of that crater there.
Bottom of the crater? Many thanks, Skullcruncher! Skullcruncher, you idiot! MindWipe, go stop them! Wait for me! Eh? No Way? So this is just a trap? We´ll make sure you´re dead then bloW up the planet.
Dance! The dance of death! Commander! Quickly! Use the Master SWord! Commander, quickly! Maintaining the correct baance between neura and physica energy, Fortress can draw the Master Sword and perform his transformation.
However, right now Fortress is not ready.
- Commander! - Quickly! Use the Master SWord! However, Chromedome´s screams have stimuated Fortress´ energy At ast, his neura energy and physica energy are one NoW! Fire! The energy in the Master Sword of Fortress Maximus is canceed out by the Decepticons´pasma energy.
Having used a his energy, Fortress is unabe to perform his transformation.
Meanwhie, the Decepticons´pans for the destruction of Mars proceed But can Fortress and the Headmasters get themseves out of this mess? Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer