Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e15 Episode Script

Explosion on Mars!! Megazarak Appears! (2)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters EXPLOSlON ON MARS! SCORPONOK APPEARS! Commander Fortress? Commander Fortress? Please respond! Commander Fortress! - lf you´re unharmed, please respond! - ls he all right? Fortress Maximus, depeted of energy, ies in a crater on Mars, motioness as though dead.
Moreover, the injured Brainstorm and Highbrow of the Headmasters undergo mechanica treatment.
Meanwhie, the Decepticons´ scheme for destroying Mars proceeds as panned.
At the Athenia base, the energy used to increase Fortress´power and the energy reeased during the destruction of Cybertron are identified as pasma energy.
Plasma energy? The Decepticons have managed to find a method of collecting and storing this energy.
So they´re bloWing up Mars to collect more of this energy? - For sure.
- Papa, is Fortress unable to transform? So it´s true he can´t transform.
Damn those Decepticons! The Decepticons have tested the poWer of their plasma energy? Correct.
With me damaged, the Decepticons Will push ahead With their plans for destroying Mars.
- Bombs now instaed at Site X and Site Y.
- Good.
Move to Site Z immediately.
l´ll destroy Fortress and Mars at the same time.
A the panets in the soar system foow universa aws governing their existence.
What detrimenta effect woud Mars´ destruction have on the rest of the panets? Whatever the cost, We must prevent Mars´ destruction! Damn it! What are the bombing coordinates? Soon my transtector Will be completed.
- lt´s a Terrortron.
- Mars coordinates 0087.
Those coordinates aren´t far.
Maybe the bombs are there.
- Let´s crush them! - Let´s go! Look! lt´s them! Chromedome´s shaking after being hit by our plasma energy! - Even l´m shaking! - Enough of that! Let´s get them! Come on! What´s going on? They´re beating us! - Arcee, send the Trainbots into batte - Roger.
Trainbots, transform! Trainbots, go! n response to Fortress´ urgent request, the Trainbots head out from the Athenia base.
Take that! Transform! l´ll get you! Transform! Sleep, sleep! As blind as a bat in battle, you Will be NoW you can´t move! My body´s paralysed! lt´s that spell! Over there! Trainbots, assemble! - Are you both all right? - Thanks for the help! Still not learnt your lesson? Then l´ll send you all to hell! Enough! The three of you, pull out noW! Oi! l´m not letting you escape! Stopping the explosions is our first priority! Head on! Head on! - Why did they suddenly pull out? - No idea.
We´re worried by the Decepticons´ sudden retreat.
- l´ll get TWincast to look into it.
- Many thanks.
- Look around the Decepticons´ Earth base.
- Yes, sir.
lt´s the enemy! Lord Zarak has ordered us a immediatey back to Chaar.
l´m on my Way noW.
Looks like the Decepticons are gathering at the base on Chaar.
On Chaar? We´ll infiltrate the base.
Right, let´s go! Meanwhie, at their base on Chaar, chief members of the Decepticons assembe.
- Forgive my late arrival.
- We are about to contact Lord Zarak.
- Eh? What is that? - What can it be? My God What is that? At ast, it is finished.
My work of art - Scorponok.
lncredible! Come aboard - lt´s amazing! - Wait, there´s more to come.
You´re about to see something even more amazing! Wh-What the? DECEPTlCON ClTY Reveaed for the first time, Zarak´s Transtector- Scorponok Changing to mobie combat mode, it sets off for Panet Chaar.
lncredible! So that´s Lord Zarak´s Transtector? Zarak´s Transtector?.
Let us Welcome Lord Zarak.
Take that, TWincast! Ah, lost it! - Retreat! - Wait! Come back! Where have they gone? Oh, it´s incredible! Welcome, Lord Zarak.
What about preparations for the destruction of Mars? - All preparations on Chaar base are complete.
- Excellent.
Meanwhie, Fortress has received Twincast´s report about Zarak´s Transtector.
So the time has come for a final shoWdoWn With Zarak.
Zarak Somehow, wi transform and crush you.
Commander Genera? We have ocated the Decepticons´ bombing coordinates.
What? Chromedome has discovered the Decepticons´ bombing coordinates and is engaged in fierce fighting with the Terrortrons.
Assemble! Transform! Transform! Assemble! l´m making a sortie to Mars.
Soundblaster, folloW my tactical orders.
Scorponok changes into transport mode and sets a course for Mars at warp speed.
Head on! Head on! - Let´s defuse the bomb right noW! - Right! Oi, Wait! We´re here to help you! - Are you in any physical condition to help? - Ha! No Worries.
Look at that! What is that? A monster scorpion? Just then, Scorponok appears.
However, at this point, Fortress sti has no energy to transform Damn it! - Right, let´s get them all! Come on! - Halt! Leave this to Scorponok.
You Will supervise the bombing procedures.
- To your stations! - Yes, sir! - The enemy´s heading for the bombs! - Damn them! This´ll teach them! Everybody, bock them Prepare to die, you Worms! - lt´s no good, We´re outgunned! - Damn! Transform! Right, noW it´s my turn! Come on! What is Commander Fortress doing? Even though he can´t transform, he´ll find a Way of fighting them! The Headmasters are floored by Scorponok´s fierce attack, and Fortress´ ack of energy means he is unabe to move.
Zarak! My name is no longer Zarak! l am Scorponok! Scorponok, you say? Fortress, noW you are going to pay for kicking me off Planet Master! Let´s go, Scorponok! SCORPONOK Scorponok transforms from scorpion mode into a giant robot and beats the stuffing out of Batteship Maximus With no energy to respond to the onsaught, Fortress is at Scorponok´s mercy What´s up, Fortress? No appetite for fighting? Lord Scorponok, all is ready.
Please contact the Chaar base.
- Commence countdown for Mars´ destruction - Roger.
Suddeny, the pasma exposives panted at the north and south poes of Mars are simutaneousy detonated.
Then the underground pasma bombs ignite and expode one after the other Fortress, can you hear that? The Whole place is going to bloW up! You´ll get no more energy! You´ll be blasted to the heavens! FareWell! Are you hurt? We´re all right.
But What about the Commander General? Don´t worry about me Mars is about to bow Get off the panet - Commander General, you must escape, too! - can´t abandon Batte Station Maximus.
But Mars is about to bow, ´ never get out There´s no time! We must get the Commander General! Commander General, quickly, let´s get out of here! l cannot abandon Battle Station Maximus.
You must escape immediately! - Commander General, let´s go! - Wait! What´s this? The energy levels are rising.
The energy generated by the exposion has been absorbed by Batte Station Maximus l´ve done it! l´ve destroyed Fortress at last! Eh? - lt´s Fortress! He´s transformed! - HoW can that be? Megazarak´s scheme to bow up Mars and bury Fortress has backfired, with the unexpected resut that Fortress has gained energy for transformation Scorponok! Retreat! - Well done, Commander General.
- Let´s pull out! - They´re unharmed.
- Thank goodness! Caamity has been avoided, but Fortress is saddened by his inabiity to save Mars.
Forgive me, Danie.
The Headmasters now burn with hatred for Scorponok Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a super car Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer