Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e16 Episode Script

The Return of the Immortal Emperor

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters RETURN OF THE lMMORTAL EMPEROR The devious Scorponok´s Decepticon army has bown up Mars.
t has turned the history of the universe on its head, upsetting the panetary baance.
A terrifying incident Both ozone and crotonin levels are abnormally loW.
The balance is collapsing.
We´d better pull out.
PLANET ATHENlA AUTOBOT BASE - Transform! Head on! - Head on! - l see.
lt´s just Within the safety limit.
- lt´s on the verge of becoming dangerous.
But What if another planet is destroyed under these circumstances? lt Would mean the destruction of the universe.
We can´t alloW that.
The Decepticon have become more cunning since Galvatron disappeared.
Scorponok is hideously cruel.
Damn it! Which planet are they going to target next? They knoW hoW dangerous it is.
You´re naive.
Scorponok is obsessed With vengeance.
Reinforce the patrols.
We have to knoW everything they are planning.
Everybody, let´s go! - No! - A sudden halt is difficult.
Are you saying the Decepticons are stronger? No, but it´s dangerous even for our commanders if they´re not careful.
Have you seen Scorponok and Fortress fight? Of course not.
l heard Chromedome talking about it.
Then you´ve no right to talk.
l bet Fortress is stronger.
What a Weakling you are, Wheelie! - Wheelie, What´s that? - What? What is it? Watch out! [ Skipped item nr.
41 ] We don´t know if it´s hostie or friendy, but there is no damage to Athenia.
Maybe the Decepticons are plotting something.
- We`ll continue security checks of the area.
- Remain on alert.
lf you discover anything, contact me immediately.
Yes, sir.
- l´m sure the Decepticons are up to something.
- Maybe real aliens have turned up.
lf they´re friendly, l´d like to Welcome them.
- Commander.
- Yes? ls it enough to monitor the enemy´s movements, as Chromedome says? - Where are Chromedome and the others? - They Went to their quarters a While ago.
That´s strange.
The hatches haven´t been opened.
Chromedome, We´ll soon be on Decepticon territory.
- Let´s go.
Head on! - Head on! That Chromedome! - He´ll never lose that hot temper of his.
- There may be highlights on the Way.
l can´t believe they´ll invade Chaar on their oWn.
Prepare a cover trench.
Meanwhie, on Panet Chaar, Scorponok has received new information from Counterpunch.
He is now aware of the Headmasters´ movements and is keeping the Weirdwoves on batte aert.
lt´s as you said in your report.
We´re ready.
We´ve Worked hard on this, Lord Scorponok.
We´re prepared.
- They´re caught up in the situation.
- Let´s Warn the boss.
They´re on our territory.
The information l intercepted Was that they Were just reinforcing a patrol.
So What? They´re just an irritation like insects.
- Let´s lure the prey at once.
- They Will perish on enemy territory.
Head on! You´re getting in the Way of my plans, and l can´t alloW that! - lt´s the planet Chaar.
- lt looks so polluted! l Wonder What they see in it.
A reconnaissance craft! - l Wonder if We can slip through.
- lt´s a chance to shoW our skills.
Let´s go! - They´ve spotted us! - lt´s their Welcome committee.
We let you through on purpose, you fools! My head´s spinning! - Let go, Chromedome! - l couldn´t even if l Wanted to! Space dagger, go! Stop! - Serves you right! - Go lose yourselves in space! Oh, that saved us.
Have you learnt your lesson? They´re quickly immobilised, but they´re quick to forget, too.
They´re here, Chromedome.
Don´t get carried aWay by What they´re up to.
Don´t Worry.
l have many veteran information gatherers like yourself.
We´re all Working very hard on it.
So you´ll be digging up some important neW information, then, Won´t you? - When you say important? - We´re in the thick of fighting as We speak.
lf We go to Earth, there´ll be some of them around.
Let´s go! Meanwhie, on Panet Chaar´s territory, Scorponok thirsts for vengeance and chaenges Fortress to an heroic batte.
What brute force! Can´t We use the Master SWord? lmpossible! lt´ll take time to recharge the energy.
The four of us can hurl ourselves against them.
Wait! They´ve launched an officer´s vessel.
Bombard it.
OK! We´ll shoW you! Damn you.
l Will Head on! Damn! Not again.
They´re scared of the big ones.
We´ll pile them on top of each other.
- Do you Want to ram them? - Leave it to me.
l´ll shoW you! What´s that? ls that the thing Daniel saW? NoW´s our chance to hit back and restore the empire.
Damn you, Fortress! Transform! - What is that? - lt´s not a satellite or a comet.
And just When We had the chance to bury Fortress.
PLANET EARTH DECEPTlCON BASE lnformation is difficult to find When you´re actually looking for it.
Soundblaster, you look like you´ve got bad neWs.
Unfortunately, it´s as reported.
What´s that? What is it? l am Sixshot, the ninja consultant to the Decepticons! No, it can´t be.
He can´t have Ouch! Oh! l better report this.
Why did you escape if there Was nothing to stop you? We didn´t escape.
We avoided dying in vain.
You could have killed them.
Destroying each other in battle is not enough.
You have to Win.
- Can you really contact them With that? - Aliens communicate With sound.
l saW it in a movie.
lt´s an honour to drive With a Woman.
And l even get to see her transform.
- Head on! - Head on! - So this is Where you saW it? - l´ll call them again.
Just Wait.
Please come! Maybe it´s the same shining object that We saW.
Did you commanders see it, too? Be quiet.
Friend or foe, it did save us that time.
All preparations have been made for the ceremony.
- lt took you long enough! - lt Was more Work than We anticipated.
l take it that Sixshot and the other leaders have been informed.
l´ve taken care of everything.
They´re heading for Earth for the coronation.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
The day Will come When you Will be ruler of the entire universe.
My target is Fortress.
l´ll consign the Autobot Headmasters to oblivion.
PLANET ATHENlA He´s Waiting in here.
Stop fooling around, Spacepunch.
- They´re heading for the Moon? - To bloW it up? lt could be for the coronation.
lf the ceremony is on such a grand scale, then the Earth is in danger.
l Will alert Earth Headquarters.
But even then, imagine if the commanders enter their territory.
- That´s for soldiers.
Don´t Worry about it.
- Yes, sir.
Take care that you´re not found out.
THE SEA OF SlLENCE, THE MOON MOON STADlUM Decepticon civilians and military personnel, the grand ceremony for our emperor, Commander Scorponok, Will soon commence.
l am the neW Decepticon emperor, Scorponok.
Behold the Earth.
l Will destroy Fortress and the Autobot base on Earth With my oWn hands So, you´ve come, Fortress.
Don´t panic.
The greatest part of the ceremony is about to begin.
This time We´ll have a proper battle.
Transform! Head on! l´ll take on Chromedome! Head on! This is it! The Headmasters are poWering up! Technobots, assemble! Protectobots, assemble! Aerialbots, assemble! You don´t have the discipline for this! Transform! Damn it! Transform! Damn it! Metamizer, are you next? Scorponok, look in this direction on your return to Chaar.
Not him? What´s happening? What is this? - Sixshot! - What´s going on here? What are you doing? Have you forgotten What l look like? - Hardhead! - Brainstorm! - Galvatron! - Lord Galvatron! - Are you surprised? - Galvatron´s alive.
l thought he Was dead.
Come on, fight the Autobots.
- Commander! - lt´s no good.
We can take them on any time! Let them go.
Why? We can get them all at once.
That Gavatron shoud return now of a things.
lt seems you can´t govern yourselves When l´m not around, Scorponok.
At least We´re making an effort - Am l not Welcome back? - What are you saying? Lord Galvatron, Why didn´t you shoW yourself sooner? l Was observing.
l Wanted to see What had happened in my absence.
l saW a lot.
- lt seems everything´s ready.
- ln fact Well We Were aWaiting your return.
Scorponok, Sixshot has told me of your achievements.
Your skills seem to have improved.
But noW that l´m back, l´ll take charge.
Galvatron is emperor of the Decepticons.
Listen Well, Decepticons.
l proclaim Galvatron the emperor of the Decepticons.
The Autobots Will be defeated.
l Was surprised to see Galvatron croWned.
Damn, l thought he Was dead.
But What is that shiny object? l hate UFOs! Hey, Daniel! Wait! Where are you going? The emperor of darkness, Gavatron, is aive.
This wi make the Decepticon army even more fiendish.
Autobot army, you must fight them.
We must not aow evi to triumph Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer