Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e17 Episode Script

SOS From Planet Sandra

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters SOS FROM PLANET SANDRA - An SOS signal.
ls it from one of ours? - We have to act before the Autobots - Planet Sandra? - Never heard of it.
- Let´s just leave it.
- No, We´ll report it to Galvatron.
- They Want to replenish their energy? - They say they´ll run out in a year.
Do you knoW Planet Sandra? - lt doesn´t matter Whether l knoW it or not.
- That´s true.
Better to disregard it than getting involved in other people´s business.
- You see? - l think that´s the best advice.
- Good.
- We´ll go, then.
Summon Soundblaster and Decepticon Cassettes.
The Autobots must´ve picked up the SOS signal from Planet Sandra, too.
Should We monitor the Autobots´ movements? - You´re very perceptive.
Make it so.
- Leave it to me.
As Gavatron suspected, the SOS signa has reached Autobot Headquarters.
lf We combine this With my data Amazing! lt´s just like our solar system.
l´ve never been there, but l´ve heard of the existence of a parallel solar system.
So, the same beings inhabit their parallel Earth? Exactly.
Planet Sandra´s natural environment is exactly like that on Earth.
l´m in favour of providing energy aid to Sandra.
We Will be happy to provide transport.
- All agreed? - Wait a minute.
- Are you opposed? - Don´t draW hasty conclusions.
l also agree With Arcee.
What concerns me is the total stockpile of energy We Autobots have.
That´s right.
There´s not a lot to spare.
At current levels, We only have enough for a feW decades.
Do people like us live on Sandra? There´s no doubt about that.
We have to help them.
lmagine us in their place.
l knoW.
They must have sent that SOS in desperation.
But - Commander? - What? The Decepticons must have picked up the signal, too.
But the Decepticons disregarded the signal and have not moved.
They´re selfish.
lt shoWs What they´re like.
l´ll return and observe their movements.
- Please do so.
Take good care.
- Yes.
We´re the only ones Who can save Planet Sandra.
But if We use the energy from Athenia, We´d have to compensate for it on Earth.
That´s Why it´s better to ship it straight from Earth.
Commander! lt´s the data on Earth´s stockpile.
Ultra Magnus´ report says the figure at the bottom is the minimum requirement.
- Will this small amount be enough? - They must understand our situation.
l´m sure they´ll gladly accept it.
We Won´t Waste What´s left, but speed up research on neW energy sources.
lf We succeed, We´ll save lives.
lsn´t that so? Yes, let´s hurry and form a rescue party.
- Be careful, Daniel! - Don´t treat me like an idiot! Take care not to break it yourself! - You said it! - You´re so bad! Hey, stop it! Hardhead left all the Work to us, but Where´s he gone? Hey! lt´s been decided! - They´re forming a rescue party.
- Really? - l Want to go.
- Me, too.
Please, Fortress.
We Won´t get in the Way.
We´ll help.
- lt´ll be your first space voyage.
- lt´s all right, We Won´t get in the Way.
Let them come.
We´re not going into battle.
Yes, it could be a valuable experience for them.
Great! l love you, Dad! OK, Fortress? But the Decepticon Cassettes´ Ratbat reports the Autobot movements to the Destrons.
- The Autobots are Wasting their time.
- Do you think so, too? lt´s stupid to give precious energy aWay to total strangers.
Of course.
Our empire has no bounds.
All energy on Earth belongs to us.
We can´t let them Waste it.
Gavatron knows that an Energon cube wi be shipped from Earth.
So he heads for Earth himsef.
We´re investigating movements of energy sources in the vicinity of Autobot HQ.
No movements detected so far.
We expect them to transport it from their HQ.
Continue your surveillance.
We´ll maintain two airborne units but close in if necessary.
l´ll let you knoW When the time comes.
Meanwhie, at Autobot HQ, Utra Magnus was busy oading the Energon cubes.
- Ultra Magnus! - What´s up, TWincast? We´ve just heard that Galvatron himself has departed.
- So, they Want to steal our energy, eh? - We Won´t let them.
Get to Athenia and link up With the rescue team.
- Leave it to me.
- Loading completed.
- We´ll escort you to outer space.
- We Won´t let you doWn! You´d better give up this mission! We can´t keep them at bay.
Activate the space bridge.
Transform! Don´t take the Energon cubes aWay! You Won´t upset our plans! Headbots, assemble! - What are you doing? Get going! - Yes, sir! Halt! Damn you, Sixshot! - You´ll only get past over my dead body! - What did you say? We can´t keep this up.
Contact Athenia.
Arcee has received news of the Decepticon raid from Utra Magnus.
She passes this information on to Fortress.
What? Galvatron´s running amok on Earth? lt´s no joke.
What if something happens to the Energon cubes? They´re desperate for the energy, so they Won´t destroy it.
- But Will they be content just to steal it? - Wait, Chromedome.
- Why are you stopping me? We have to hurry! - l have an idea.
Athenia´s stockpiles are about the same as Earth´s.
Do you Want to ship the energy from Athenia? To divert the enemy´s attention.
- But then Athenia Will have nothing.
- Galvatron Will come in pursuit.
Let´s move it from Earth to Athenia.
Good idea.
We can rebuild the energy on Athenia.
l thought that Would be best thing to do, too.
This is the final bloW! Wait! Listen, everybody.
The main priority at the meeting Was energy aid.
- Why again? - What does it mean? lt´s been decided.
Return the Energon cubes.
Don´t fall for their tricks! Don´t be taken in! Are they serious? Lord Galvatron, could this mean they´re shipping it from Athenia? - l Will investigate.
- Wait! We have Scorponok for occasions like this.
Fortress and the rescue team eave Athenia with the new Energon cubes and head for Panet Sandra.
WoW! They say it´s just like Earth, but Will they understand us? We´ll manage somehoW.
l hope it continues as peacefully as noW.
Reports from Earth predict that Galvatron Will come.
- Brainstorm, full speed ahead! - Yes, sir.
- Something´s approaching.
- lt´s too early.
lt´s quite big.
l´ll shoW it on the screen.
lt´s Scorponok! They must´ve kept him on standby on Chaar.
- Same probably goes for the Headmasters.
- Continue as planned.
Understood? Understood.
Hey, What are the plans anyway? Full speed ahead.
Fortress, l Will get that energy even if l have to kill you for it! - Please get in the tank quickly.
- Understood.
- Comet! - Eh? Transform! Transform! Here We go! - Fight like your lives depend on it! Come on! - Let´s do it! Chromedome.
You´re first.
Where is it? We´ve had it.
- Are you going to interfere? - l should ask you the same! Chromedome and the others make haste transporting their oad.
- ls it much further? - We should enter the dimension soon.
Hold on tight! Planet Sandra! PLANET SANDRA - Will the plan Work? - Let´s give it a try.
This is the energy rescue team.
Do you read me, Planet Sandra? Planet Sandra, do you read me? - There´s an image.
- Yeah.
This is Sandra.
We´ve been waiting for a response to our message.
We need a landing site.
Please advise.
wi advise you when you are in coser proximity.
Take care.
We´ll be there soon.
We don´t knoW What to expect, so stay alert.
Having sent Karak and Scorponok on the run, Fortress heads for Panet Sandra.
l hope Chromedome does a good job.
The dimensional rift is approaching.
Everybody, Watch out.
What a place.
lt´s like a desert Wasteland.
No Wonder their resources are running out.
- lt´s nothing like Earth.
- lt looks awful.
This place Was probably flourishing once just like Earth.
Decades ago, We did have a modern culture here.
ln retrospect, maybe We lived extravagantly.
We believed our resources Were inexhaustible and used more than Was necessary.
ls that so? Resources are alWays finite.
They get used up or they simply dry out.
Sorry for my impertinence, but Earth could face the same destiny.
Surely not? For decades, We have researched neW energy sources.
Research Will be completed in seven years, but We need neW energy before then.
There´s good reason to offer you help, then.
l thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Hey! Oh, no! - lt´s Scorponok! - Damn! - Are they your enemies? - They´re the Decepticons.
But We´ll repel them.
Damn! Transform! - Even Galvatron is here.
- Let´s transform and fight! - lt might be better to remain small.
- Hey, Wait! You stole my energy! l´m sending you to hell! Where´s my energy? l´ll find it.
That´s it.
Let´s go! Well done, Chromedome.
Attack Galvatron! Transform! Head on! - Head on! - Galvatron, We´re coming for you! Damn you! l´ll get the energy back! Pull out! - We Won´t forget your help.
- We Will press on With our research.
Spike and Danie had earnt a vauabe esson: The beauty of sharing the itte you have with others.
t seems simpe but it requires courage and determination.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer