Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e18 Episode Script

The Most Important Thing in the World

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters DANlEL FACES HlS BlGGEST CRlSlS EVER PLANET CHAAR Radar at the Decepticon base on Chaar has picked up a UFO.
What´s that? Put it up on screen.
lt´s the Autobots attacking! Damn you! Can´t you lot tell friend from foe? - What? They´re our friends? - Oh, l see.
lt´s the Decepticon sign.
These are neW Decepticon recruits, the Horrorcons! l´m Snapdragon! l´m Apeface.
You Were expelled from Planet Master along With us.
So, you do remember, Wolf? Your transformations are quite something.
They have come to join us, and noW the Decepticons are much stronger.
News of the recruitment of the Horrorcons has aso reached the Athenia base.
- This is Snapdragon.
- The other one´s Apeface.
- You knoW them? - More than that.
We used to be friends.
- You Were friends? - Yeah, on Planet Master.
On Planet Master, they Were allies of Scorponok.
ls that right? l later heard rumours that they Were roaming outer space together.
We can´t let our guard doWn if they´ve joined the Decepticons.
That makes me so angry! lt looks like the Decepticons are planning a neW offensive.
- A neW offensive? - l´m not yet sure exactly What they´re planning.
Damn you, Galvatron! What are you up to this time? - Fortress.
- Hm? - You are joking, aren´t you, Spike? - No, l´m serious.
What do you Want to discuss With Galvatron? A joint energy development programme.
Spike, you´re dreaming.
Do you think the Decepticons Will agree to Work With us on energy development? We´ll have to discuss it and see.
- Who Will speak to them? - l Will.
l Will negotiate.
lt´s too risky.
l have thought long and hard about it.
We must negotiate With them.
The Decepticons bleW up Cybertron.
They even bleW up Mars.
We fight for energy, but if We destroy more planets, the universe Will be finished.
During the destruction of Mars, the space bridge destabilised the forces of gravity.
That´s right.
lt Will become useless if the distortion is exacerbated.
This proves the balance of the universe has been disturbed.
To save the universe from destruction, We must join forces With the Decepticons to develop more energy.
Spike´s earnest persuasion convinces Commander Fortress.
- Let´s give it a try.
- Thank you.
A message is sent to Gavatron via Tetran The message has been sent.
lt´s Worrying.
But, Dad, you´re going to negotiate With Galvatron.
That´s right.
l´m going as a neutral negotiator.
- l´m the most suitable person.
- But they´re Decepticons.
Somebody has to do it sooner or later.
Peace does not happen by itself.
Do you understand, Daniel? A joint energy development programme? The Autobots must be out of their minds.
- Shall We refuse their offer? - No need.
Just ignore it.
- Gavatron.
- What is it, Scorponok? - You could consider it an opportunity.
- An opportunity? We can negotiate with them and attack at the same time.
That sounds good.
Galvatron, please reply to them.
Spike! Galvatron has agreed to a meeting.
What? One condition is that l take Daniel and Carly With me.
- Mum and me? - Why do they Want Carly and Daniel? - l´ve no idea.
- We Will come along as guards.
No, We´ll go alone.
lf you´re With me, l Won´t be a neutral earthling.
Galvatron Will have escorts.
We Won´t interfere With the talks.
Be assured of that.
The negotiations with Gavatron are to be conducted on Earth.
Spike and famiy depart for Earth.
Trainbot! Assemble! Distortions caused by the space bridge seem to worsen.
A on board were affected by impuses from the distortion.
EARTH Spike and Gavatron´s meeting was on Shangri La sand in the South Pacific.
- Do you think Galvatron Will really come? - Look, they´re here.
They´ve brought along the Horrorcons.
Spike, We´ll hold your family hostage until the talks are over.
- Spike! That Wasn´t What We agreed.
- Don´t meddle! What? Spike, if you don´t like it, l´ll leave.
Wait! All right, l´ll do as you say.
- Darling.
- lt´s only for a While.
You´ll be fine.
Headmasters! l can´t guarantee their lives if you do anything.
ls that understood? So the meeting commences But taks do not progress we, as Gavatron wants a the energy and Spike wants co-existence and joint ownership.
lf you´re an earthling, Why are you on Athenia? ls that a neutral standpoint? Well lf you left Athenia and returned to Earth, then you´d be neutral! But l have to continue my scientific research into energy on Athenia.
l can´t just return to Earth like that.
- l hope the meeting´s going Well.
- Yeah.
- lt´s Worrying.
- What is? - Galvatron agreed to the meeting so easily.
- They replied too quickly.
A certain tension rises between Spike and Gavatron.
l´ll make my final offer.
Leave your most precious thing on Earth.
- Precious thing? - Your son Daniel.
Daniel? Then l´ll recognise your neutrality and go along With the joint programme.
Let´s take a break.
Make a decision by then.
- Leave Daniel alone on Earth? - That´s What he Wants.
No! l don´t Want to.
l don´t Want to be separated from you! Daniel, please understand.
lf you stay, negotiations can continue.
lf We can develop energy together, the Decepticons Will stop attacking Earth.
l Want to stay on Athenia With you and Mum.
But l´ll stay here if it helps everyone.
Daniel l´ll be all right on my oWn.
l can do it.
Thanks for understanding.
l´ll stay on Earth With Daniel.
You Will soon venture into space.
The Decepticon army Eh? He´s supposed to be in negotiations on Earth.
l Will find out Where all the remaining energy in the universe is and seize it.
Doube Spy reports this to Athenia.
What? The Galvatron negotiating With Spike is a fake? Agreeing to the meeting was a diversion to camouflage their attack on the universe.
ls that so? - That Galvatron is so devious! - We must let Chromedome knoW immediately.
Chromedome and the others receive the message from Athenia.
- They´ve tricked us.
- First We have to rescue Daniel and Carly.
We´ll distract their attention.
Come over here, then.
They´re messing around like idiots.
Unaware that Gavatron is an impostor, Spike continues negotiating.
- l´ll leave my family on Earth as you Wish.
- Good.
NoW We can continue discussing joint development.
- No more discussion! - Chromedome! Galvatron! You fake, you can stop acting noW! - Fake? - Ha! You´ve seen through me! Sixshot! - Well spotted, Autobot.
- You dirty impostor! Don´t forget We have hostages.
- Negotiations have failed.
- Come out quickly.
Daniel, Carly! - Dad! - Darling! l´m glad you´re both all right.
Damn you! Transform! l´ll never trust the Decepticons again.
Transform! - You´re ten years too early.
- And you´re 100 years too early.
Damn, they´re good.
Well done.
Transform! Transform! We´ll cut them doWn.
Transform! Transform! Head on! The real one is on the left! Let this be a lesson to you.
- The ninja consultant´s left.
- Let´s pull out, too.
Transform! Hey, Wait for me! Transform! Our diversionary tactics Worked.
Horrorcons, pull out of there! - Transform! - Come back here! Go, Headmasters! Are they escaping? Let´s go, too.
To stop the Headmasters advancing, Sixshot bows up the space bridge.
The Decepticon space bridge is destroyed.
Aso destroyed are the space bridges inking Earth and Athenia.
We´re leaving! Fortress has put together a team to pursue the Decepticon Scorponok.
- Why can´t l go? - lt´s going to be a dangerous journey.
Fortress, please let me go! Daniel.
l don´t care if you say no, l´ll go anyway.
Fortress, l Want to help you to preserve peace on Earth.
- Please! l Won´t get in the Way.
Let me go.
- And me too.
l can´t forgive the Decepticons for tricking my dad.
- Commander, take Daniel With you.
- Yes, please do.
- OK, he can come.
- Great, Daniel.
Fortress eaves the situation in the hands of Utra Magnus and Spike as they set off into space in pursuit of Scorponok.
The batte between the Autobots and Decepticons moves to outer space.
Can the Headmasters take on the Decepticons supported by the Horrorcons? Wi Maximus and the Headmasters maintain their fighting spirit? And what ies in store for Danie? An amighty cash is about to happen in outer space Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer