Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e20 Episode Script

Tide Turning Battle on the False Planet

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters BATTLE FOR DEFENCE OF THE FALSE PLANE n his quest for domination of the universe, Gavatron continues in his search for more energy.
WoW, this is a huge one.
We should be entering TWin Star airspace soon.
You Won´t believe the enormous energy reserves that lie there.
Lord Gavatron Don´t waste your time gathering energy.
- Its bette to complete zhe master plan.
- Are you still opposed to it, Scorponok? ´m not against it, but don´t want to waste our strength.
Aren´t We on a quest for energy to complete the plan? Exactly.
Don´t Worry.
Just look forward to the fruits of our efforts.
´d ike to put an end to it once and for a.
- lt´s from TWin Star.
- We´re in their airspace.
- They´re asking What the purpose of our visit is.
- They´ll find out soon enough.
- l can see TWin Star.
- Yeah.
You´re trespassing What is the purpose of your visit? Advancing vesse, state the purpose of your incursion.
Meanwhie, Fortress and the Autobots are aware of Gavatron´s ambitions and are pursuing him to Twin Star.
l can´t see Scorponok yet.
- We´re a bit behind, but We´ll catch up.
- Yeah, because Maximus is fast.
You both think this is an adventure.
- No, l Want us to get Galvatron quickly.
- You have to be aWare of the dangers.
- Commander! - What is it? - HoW long do you Want to shadoW them? - lt depends on Galvatron´s attitude.
- There are no other planets around to plunder.
- What are you trying to say? Silently shadoWing them is not What Warriors should do.
Yeah, it´s better to get rid of them noW.
You lot! ls fighting the only thing you guys can think of? - What? - Fighting is an art.
- An art? - Use your head and fight With style.
Then you Win With style.
Brute force is for idiots.
- Damn you! - lt´s also idiotic to lose your temper.
- Shut up! l´ll shoW you! - Stop fighting! Commander, the planet is visible ahead.
We´ fire if you don´t eave Advancing vesse Turn back l Want all their energy and l´m going to get it! Speed up! Resistance is futile! Look! Galvatron attacked While you Were talking.
All they Want is energy.
lf We attack, they´ll escape.
Stop arguing.
TWin Star Will only suffer more if We do nothing.
We have to go! Full speed ahead! Don´t lose your heads.
Look at TWin Star´s situation.
- Enlarge the image of TWin Star.
- Yes, sir.
SPERlTY TOLUlN - They look like heaven and hell.
- lt may be hell, but it´s good for taking refuge.
Refuge? Arcee, take refuge there With Daniel and Wheelie until We finish.
- l Want to stay here! - l´m sure l can be useful.
- No.
We can´t take children into battle.
- lt´ll only be to our disadvantage.
- We Won´t be a burden.
- l´ll go With them.
- Brainstorm! - Are you scared? l Won´t fight With people l disagree With.
lt´s just asking for trouble.
- What a coWard! - Brainstorm is right.
Chromedome, l think Brainstorm´s got a point.
- You should think about it.
- Even Arcee? - After you, Arcee.
- Right.
Don´t Worry.
We´re not really fighting.
- But l - lt´s OK.
Off you go.
- Wait! - Don´t Worry about them.
- That fool! We´ll settle this later.
- This is troubling [ Skipped item nr.
78 ] - They´re here! - What? l´ll handle those Autobots.
Come on! Transform! Transform! Transform! Transform! All hands prepare for battle! Full speed ahead! Meanwhie, the Trainbots and with Danie on the deserted panet Touin.
lt looks safe.
Transform! We´ll return to help the commander.
You´re in charge here.
- Thanks.
We´ll be all right.
- Transform! Good luck! l´ll go and find a place to set up camp.
- This place is amazing.
- l Wonder if anybody lives here.
- No living beings can survive here.
- Come! There´s a cave here.
- Let´s go.
- Yeah.
- lt´s perfect.
- Yeah, isn´t it? Take that! Scorponok, today´s the day l´ll finish you off once and for all! Don´t make me laugh, arch enemy! Let´s go! Transform! Head on! l´ll shoW you, Fortress.
Full speed! The battleship that shoWed up later is probably not hostile.
Yes, but We can´t be certain.
l´ll check the situation.
- Call up the commander.
- Yes, sir.
- What´s the situation there? - The citizens are being evacuated.
Hm lt´ll take about an hour to evacuate all the citizens.
We´ll just have to hold our positions until then.
Please evacuate all the ministers too.
We´ll take care of the rest.
l´ll leave it in your hands.
CreW members, sWitch to automatic and regroup.
Change to auto and regroup We´ll finish them off once and for all.
OK, it´s the bird jump manoeuvre.
Transform! The Headmasters increase their strength in formation.
When the three combine their strength, their power increases threefod.
Let´s go! Master kick manoeuvre! Done and dusted! - We´ll shoW them.
- l´ve been struggling for you two.
But it´s perfect like this.
Hey, it´s regained consciousness.
Take that! Not again! n the meantime, Danie was trying to whie away the boredom.
- Let´s see Who gets it.
- OK.
- Eh? - What is it? - An animal? - lt´s a toy.
A toy robot.
A toy? That means the planet is inhabited.
We knoW you´re there.
We Won´t hurt you.
Come out.
You scared me! Wait! You forgot something.
lt´s all right.
There you go.
Hey, l´m Daniel.
l´m not your enemy.
- So people do live here.
- Let´s go check it out.
There´s no need to panic.
- That´s strange.
Where did the boy go? - What´s that? - There´s a button.
- What´s it for? Stand back, everyone.
A hidden door! - There are stairs! Let´s go.
- lt´s dangerous.
l´ll go first.
- There´s light! - Sh! - lt´s - ls it an underground city? l see.
lt´s a refuge for emergency evacuations.
But Why did they leave the energy on the other planet? - They must have a Way of transferring it.
- But it´d take such a lot of Work.
lt´s them! Have you found anything? - l can´t find Where it´s hidden.
- HoW about you? - l haven´t found any either.
- lt´s got to be someWhere.
Find the energy.
Go and search.
l´ve heard of the Autobots.
You are Autobot Warriors.
Our commanders are leading the fight against the Decepticons.
- Yes, We´re also fighting back.
- ls your energy safe? The Decepticons That is none of your business.
None of my business? So the energy is in this underground city.
[ Skipped item nr.
158 ] lf that´s the case, our commanders are fighting for nothing.
lt´s better to let Galvatron search in vain and retreat.
Wait! You knoW the secret, We can´t let you go.
- l´ll stay as a hostage.
- l´ll stay, too.
- We Won´t do anything underhand.
- l trust you.
- Thank you.
We Will return.
- Wait! l´ll come With you.
lt´s dangerous.
Stay here.
He´s the one Who fights.
That´s much more dangerous.
lt´s an Autobot Warrior.
- Let me through! - l have a message for Commander Fortress.
- For the commander? - l´m Defence Officer Darthner.
- Our government has come to a decision.
- Eh? We´ve not found the energy and the battle´s not going our Way.
You´re all useless.
You and your stupid ideas, Scorponok! Prepare to die, Fortress! Damn you! lt doesn´t matter if you´re coWardly or brave, you´ll be killed if you get in my Way.
- Commander! - Halt! You Won´t pass beyond this point.
- Out of my Way! l´ve no time for you noW.
- Oh, no, you don´t! l´ll get you some another Way.
Transform! Let go of me! Someone help me! l Would, but l´ve got my hands full.
He´s only just come on the scene, leave him! l´ve an important dispatch.
Help me and l´ll oWe you one.
- l´m the one that needs help! - But then he´ll be in your debt.
- What do you need help With? - Tell the commander.
Change bodies.
Exchange heads! - Hardhead! - Exchange heads! - Chromedome! - OK.
Exchange heads! Out of my Way! l see.
This planet Was merely a decoy.
A siren Will sound When the evacuation is complete.
Strike then.
Thanks for the information.
- l´ll tell Chromedome noW.
- OK.
Don´t let Galvatron get you.
Damn you! - Chromedome, let´s go! - Exchange heads! - Hardhead! - Exchange heads! - A siren Will be the signal.
Here We go! - Exchange heads! - What are they up to? - ldiot! Stop gaWking and fight! - What´s that? - Up, everybody! Out of my Way! You´re in my Way as Well! - Call that courage? What a useless bunch! - Galvatron, l found the energy.
Really? ls this all you´ve found? They´re making fools of us! - We´ve Wasted enough time on this planet.
- Damn them! They´ve made fools of us! - What´s that? - lt´s - What´s going on? - Shall We pursue them? Let them go.
A planet Without energy is useless.
- Thank goodness the energy is safe.
- We are most grateful for your help.
- l Wanted to go, too.
- You´ve done plenty of Work.
- You´ve groWn up, Daniel.
- Have you resolved your argument? Don´t mention that any more.
- Sorry about before.
- Don´t mention it.
You fool! - That´s good.
- l told you not to Worry, didn´t l? - Are We still pursuing Galvatron? - Of course.
We´ve saved TWin Star.
- lt´s time to topple Galvatron.
- No! There could be terrible consequences if We lose him.
Terrible consequences? l can´t say for sure, but the universe may be turned on its head.
Twin Star is safe, but what terribe consequences is Fortress thinking about? And what can Gavatron possiby be potting? Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer