Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e21 Episode Script

Find Megazarak's Weak Spot

TRANSFORMERS! THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters The pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters FlND SCORPONOK´S WEAK SPO - You can´t escape us! - Autobot is my favourite dish! - No! - Help me! - Who are you? - Decepticons, l´ll take you on! So, you think you can beat us? - Damn you! - Get him! He chooses the name Great Emperor of Dread.
Where are you, kid! - Very skilful.
- Well, you knoW What a big-head! His skills aren´t that good.
HighbroW programmed it so anyone can hit the targets! You liar! Okay then, try and hit this.
lf you hit the ball, l´ll recognise your skill! Right.
Just Watch this! Scorponok´s ascension as Emperor of Dread You hit it! Eh? You made my arm go numb! Sorry.
Give me one more go.
- No Way! - You´re mean! The Decepticons have been attempting to punder other panets´ energy, but Fortess Maximus is tracking them through space.
HighbroW, is Scorponok shoWing up on the radar? Where can those Decepticons have got to? Eh? lt´s an SOS signal.
- Space coordinates XY-1014.
- lt´s coming from Planet Darhos.
- Darhos? - lt Was ravaged by the Decepticons.
lt´s some distance aWay.
Fortress Maximus has pinpointed the SOS signa - There´s not a trace of energy.
- Why Would the Decepticons be interested in it? Anyway, let´s go Where the SOS came from.
Transform! The Headmasters head directy for the ocation of the SOS signa.
Chromedome and the others arrive on the scene, ony to discover a factory in the process of construction.
A factory in a place like this? [ Skipped item nr.
51 ] Head on! Head on! - Help us! - Help! Stop! - lt´s the Decepticons! - What? Here? - What have they done? - They Were prisoners! - Prisoners? - Didn´t you knoW this Was a penal colony? - But even prisoners - Silence! lt´s done! - Shall We give them the death penalty, too? - Let´s do it! Transform! - That´s unfair.
- Think you can get aWay With that? - Pull out! - Wait for me! Think you can escape, eh? Where´s he hiding? We´ll search the interior.
Easy, We´re the Autobots.
The rescued prisoners remained sient when questioned.
Their spirits had been crushed through ong-term hard abour in the pena coony.
Just ansWer one thing.
Did you send out the SOS signal? No.
lt Was from a Battle Beast in the same prison.
A Battle Beast? You´ll be done for if the Decepticons find you.
Stick With us.
Chromedome immediatey contacted Maximus and ordered the depoyment of the Trainbots.
Take care of them.
We´ll try to rescue any others.
Transform! l am Fortress.
You´re probably exhausted, so, We´ll talk after you´ve rested.
l´ll slaughter you! l´ll shoW you to your quarters.
This Way, please.
Wheelie, stop being so nosy! - Wheelie, l´m telling you! - Shut it! Sorry! - An earthling? - lt´s a child.
What´s your name? - l´m Daniel.
- Daniel? Let´s be friends.
- What are you doing? - Silence! Stay Where you are! Move an inch, and it´ll cost him his life! Tell Fortress l Want a Word With him.
- Commander, can you please help Daniel? - Of course.
- l´ll alert everyone.
- Wait! That may Worsen the situation.
- But - Wheelie, let the Commander handle this.
This is Fortress.
You Wish to talk With me? - There´s something l Want.
- A request? - I want this ship.
- The ship? - Who the hell? - Wheelie, hush! - If you refuse, he dies! - Wait! - What do you intend to do With this ship? - Kill the ones Who imprisoned us! You must te me more.
Maybe can hep you.
You expect me to beieve that? Hand over the ship now You Won´t be able to control this ship, but l´ll do as you say.
- Just do as l say.
- How do we proceed? Head towards the southern hemisphere.
Southern hemisphere? Very Well.
The Headmasters Who rescued you are the pilots.
Can We Wait for them to return? Call them back noW.
And don´t try my patience! - Any tricks and the kid dies! - l understand.
Daniel is precious to us.
We wi obey your orders.
Fortress is trying to gain more time.
f can just escape their cutches Danie, try to get away from the three of them.
- Commander? - What? - Easy.
Keep still or l´ll hurt you.
- lt´s only a toy.
Damn! - Come to your senses, Chromedome.
- Shut up! You don´t understand.
- l´ll go alone, if l have to.
- Stop! - Shut up! Get out of my Way! - Calm doWn, Chromedome! Let go of me! NoW! Transform! The instant Danie frees himsef, Fortress freezes the Darhosians by transmitting paraysis rays via the monitor.
- Daniel! - Wheelie! Well done! - Are they dead? - No, they´re just frozen.
They´ll return to normal in a moment.
For the first time, the Darhosians revea their story to Fortress.
Tell me, Why Were you imprisoned in the penal colony? Well, our country lies in the southern hemisphere.
Unlike the northern hemisphere, it´s rich in natural resources.
Wealth Was divided equally amongst the inhabitants and everyone lived in peace.
But then a poWer elite started to monopolise our Wealth, and many citizens Were left in poverty and treated as Worthless.
l couldn´t stand the elite´s tyranny any longer and l rose up against them.
HoWever, We had no real strength and Were arrested and throWn into labour camps.
- l can beat the regime With this battleship.
- Really? Forgive me for before.
l understand.
l Will do Whatever l can to help.
Many thanks.
[ Skipped item nr.
136 ] [ Skipped item nr.
137 ] Just then, Punch, who´s been spying on the Decepticons, appears Transform! Chromedome, there´s a Battle Beast called Tekna in the penal colony.
- Tekna? - He must have sent the SOS.
- Exactly.
He knoWs about Scorponok´s secret.
- What? ln order to guard this secret, they interred many innocent people.
- On Galvatron´s orders, eh? - Yes.
The Decepticon Headmasters are searching frantically for Tekna.
Rescue him Without alerting the Decepticons and find out the secret.
- l reckon Tekna is in the North-South Caves.
- The North-South Caves? - Just ahead, there is an entrance to the caves.
- HighbroW and l Will search for Tekna.
Hardhead and Brainstorm, head back and alert the Commander to the situation.
Transform! So this is the North-South Cave? Let´s go! Meanwhie, Fortress Maximus heads for the southern hemisphere.
n the southern hemisphere are found huge submarine oi fieds.
You can relax! As long as the Decepticons are here, the Autobots can´t touch a hair on your head! As alWays, your Words are reassuring, Lord Galvatron.
ln compensation, We´ll take as much energy as We Want.
Of course.
As much as you Wish.
As much as l Wish, eh? As the ruers flattered Gavatron with sweet words, the energy was flowing out.
Scorponok Will take all this energy before the Autobots can stop us! - Lord Galvatron, it´s Fortress Maximus.
- So, they found out? Don´t let it near Scorponok till We´ve got the energy! Sixshot! Horrorcons! Move it! Transform! - Fortress, let us fight With you! - No Way.
l didn´t save you so you could fight.
- Trainbots, take them off Maximus to safety! - Roger.
Transform! Transform! That´ll shoW you.
- Brainstorm, take care! - Chromedome! - You´re Tekna, aren´t you? - l am.
- l am Chromedome of the Autobots.
- l am HighbroW.
- At last, l get to meet the Autobots.
The Batte Beast had been forced to work on Scorponok´s construction.
He escaped and now ives in exie.
l´ve been Waiting for the day When l can reveal the secret of Scorponok, - What do you mean the secret of Scorponok? - l mean its Weak spot.
- Think you can learn Scorponok´s secret? - Damn you! NoW you die! - HighbroW! Take Tekna to Maximus! - Transform! Transform! l´ll crush you! Transform! Chromedome heads for the southern hemisphere.
Take care of him.
l´ll give you covering fire! - Damn you! - HighbroW, evasive manoeuvre! Look into that area.
eave it to you.
Transform! Just in time.
Let´s go! Thanks, Chromedome.
Transform! Go, Scorponok! AWay you go! - Commander! - l´ll send you to hell With him.
Transform! - Transform! - Transform! This neither hurts nor scares me! Die, creep! - Master Shot, attack! - No good.
l can´t transform! Me neither! Under such concentrated Decepticon attack, Hardhead and Brainstorm have used up their energy.
Let´s go! Head formation! The power of friendship between Chromedome and Highbrow creates a flow of energy to Hardhead and Brainstorm - That´s Where it is! - What? We did it! Scorponok´s Weak point is the Decepticon symbol on his chest.
Let´s get those Decepticons! Attack Scorponok! Master Shot! Haven´t you had enough? Fire! ??? Damn you, Scorponok! Master SWord! Head on! With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Fortress Maximus! You really think you can defeat my shield? Damn you! Attack Scorponok from behind! Scorponok! You´re using up too much energon poWer! Pull out! - They´re escaping! - Leave them.
We still have an important task.
We Welcome you.
lf you Autobots offer us protection, you can have as much energy as you could possibly Want Shut up! We refuse! - Your reign is over! - What? A neW age Will daWn With a neW leader! Cover him! What impudence! Once again, Fortress Maximus basts off into space on the trai of the Decepticons.
- He´s too Weak to even talk.
- Hang on in there, Tekna.
Tekna, please tell us the secret of Scorponok.
Tekna, What is it? Tekna! [ Skipped item nr.
242 ] [ Skipped item nr.
243 ] lf We study this, it´ll reveal Scorponok´s Weak spot.
Tekna! Tekna the Batte Beast is given a space buria.
- Tekna´s returning to his planet, isn´t he? - Yes Yeah! - HoW does it look, HighbroW? - Rather complicated.
- But l Won´t stop till l find the Weak spot.
- We´re counting on you! Trust me! Fight, Autobots Protect the green panet Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer