Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e22 Episode Script

Head Formation of Friendship

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters HEAD FORMATlON OF FRlENDSHlP The Autobot Headmasters are once again on the trai of Gavatron.
l´m so bored.
HoW long do We have to keep up our surveillance? We have no idea When the Decepticons Will shoW up, so, We´ll just have to keep looking.
- The enemy? - ls it the Decepticons? No, l don´t think so.
Something´s Wrong With the attack systems.
Check it out for me, Chromedome.
- What happens if We´re attacked right noW? - lt´ll break the boredom.
Let´s go.
- lt Wouldn´t do to fall into space here! - Sorry.
l just slipped.
Meanwhie, Gavatron and the Decepticon army - There´s Planet Paradise up ahead.
- lt looks like a beautiful, bounteous place, sir.
- What´s that? - The energy source that l´ve discovered.
- Excellent, Lord Galvatron.
- Yes.
- What is that? - Some sort of huge monster! Look hoW frightened those humans are! lt´ll be easy to take their energy.
My plans are to Wipe out the humans and take over the planet.
Meanwhie, Chromedome and Hardhead are in the process of fixing the attack systems.
The probem is actuay much worse than they first thought.
Looks pretty bad! lf We´d spotted it earlier, We Wouldn´t have this trouble noW.
Look at your face! Eh? What are you on about? You should see your filthy face! l don´t think We can manage this by ourselves.
Shall We call for back-up? HighbroW´s busy decoding.
We´ve no time for that! Oh, that doesn´t look too good.
- HoW´s it looking, HighbroW? - Unfortunately, l still haven´t deciphered the code.
- Really? - l Wonder Why this code is so hard to break Commander Fortress, we´ve pinpointed Scorponok´s ocation.
What? Where is it? Panet Paradise, coordinates 135 north.
- Planet Paradise? - What kind of planet is it? lt´s a place Where humans and varieties of animals co-exist in harmony.
lt sounds beautiful.
The planet may hold the key to the puzzle.
Mobilise the Trainbots and a support unit for Planet Paradise.
- We´ll go there directly.
- Roger.
Meanwhie, Gavatron and his men are taking most of the energy that has been sourced on Panet Paradise.
l never imagined there Was so much energy on this planet! lt really is Paradise! Listen, l Want to avoid conflict With the Decepticons doWn on the planet, right? - Okay.
- l´m relying on you.
- Hey, HighbroW! We´ll come, too! - What? And leave that mess behind? - What if he´s alone and something happens? - Exactly.
What? l knoW you two just Want to get aWay! Not at all HighbroW can´t perform the head transformation by himself.
Don´t Worry about him.
Finish this job here, in case We have to rescue the planet.
Understood! Don´t Worry! l´m just going to see if l can find anything that may help With the code.
See you! - See you! - lt´s all right for him! - Who are you? - l am HighbroW.
And you are? - l am Papika.
Where are you from? - From Athenia.
Athenia? Never heard of it.
- What are you exactly? - We´re the Autobots.
We are the Autobot Headmaster Warriors.
Autobot Headmaster Warriors? You´re not the Decepticons, right? Of course not.
We´re after the Decepticons.
After the Decepticons? They´re evil! They´ve driven us out for no reason.
- Driven you out? - Yes.
Because of that thing.
What thing? Hey? Half the village Was sacrificed? lt happened so fast.
Old people and children couldn´t escape.
- Sorry for making you talk about it - That´s all right.
l can´t keep crying.
Where are they noW? - Beyond the springs, there´s a sheer cliff.
- A sheer cliff? - You heard that? Make sure We´re not spotted! - Very we.
Leave it to me.
lt´s all right, Papika.
Don´t Worry.
Commander Fortress, ´ report as soon as we´ve anded.
We still haven´t finished our repairs.
Do not alarm the enemy.
Roger He´s just shoWing off in front of that girl! - Eh? What´s up, Daniel? - Nothing lt must be that girl! - No! l just haven´t seen a human face for so long.
- l see.
l guess you miss human contact.
Hang on.
ls my face no good, then? - You don´t have to react like that! - l Was only joking! Hey, Wait! Chromedome? Chromedome? Do you read me, Chromedome? HoW long Will you be? lt´s in such a difficult spot, it´ll take time see.
We´ eave it and head for Panet Paradise.
- Eh? l´ll fix it! l´ll fix it! lt´ll be ready! - That´ll spur him on! - Be careful, HighbroW.
- l can handle it.
Bye! Right, let´s see What you guys can find out for me.
- You can transform into so many things.
- Pretty handy, eh? They´re on the other side of this mountain? - l´ll take you.
- No.
This is far enough.
lt´s dangerous, so, return to the Trainbots and get your people to safety.
- But - Don´t Worry.
My Commander is coming.
Wait for me to contact you.
l need your help.
l am Polonus, the headman.
And this is my daughter, Papika.
l am Commander Fortress of the Autobots.
And this is Daniel and Wheelie.
They seem very interested in you and Would love to become friends.
- Pleased to meet you.
- l am Daniel.
Nice to meet you.
- l am Wheelie.
Very pleased to meet you.
- LikeWise.
- This is just our temporary residence.
- Brilliant! A house in a tree! Can l climb up? They arrived suddenly, Without Warning.
We escaped as fast as We could.
There are plenty of things to eat.
See? Nuts, fruits and fish.
- Fantastic! - What strange things! l Would like to rebuild the village, but they´ve taken it over.
Please, let us handle this.
- Have you seen HighbroW? - He´s gone to check on the situation.
l said l´d shoW him the Way there, but l hope he´s all right.
Nobody´s about.
That´s strange.
An energon cube all ready to go, and nobody around You Will be as blind as a bat in battle! Blind as a bat in battle.
You Will be as blind as a bat in battle.
HoW do you like my hypnotism? You Will noW feel pain and fall to your knees! Blind as a bat in battle! Yes transform! He got aWay! Take this, then! Transform! Head on! Damn you! Help! - l´ve been Waiting for this day, HighbroW.
- The day your life ends! We´ll see! Oh, no! Gotta do something quick! - lt got aWay again.
This time l´ll get it! - l´ll shoW you.
- See? - Amazing! You´re so good at that, Papika! We are brought up knoWing hoW to fish and hoW to play With animals.
Where l live, everything is so convenient.
All our cooking is done automatically, and if you But l guess you don´t understand.
But do you all eat such Weird things? We Transformers don´t require food.
We can change just like that! Transform! - See? l can change into a car! - Cool.
But We can do this l can fly through the air! And l can ride a deer! He´s incredibly fast.
That looks like fun, but l think We´re more impressive.
Transform! That Was TWincast.
Something must be up.
HighbroW´s been captured by the Decepticons? Get Chromedome to help him.
- Has anything happened to HighbroW? - We don´t knoW yet.
lt´s a Decepticon attack! - Everyone, hide in the cave! Quick! - OK! - ls it fixed yet? - l need more time.
A Decepticon unit! - There´s more of them over there! - They´ll trap us! Use the ship to fight them off! lt´s no good.
lf We move the ship from shielding the villagers, they´ll be killed! Damn! - Don´t use fire, you idiot! Use Water! - Oh, yeah.
- You´re not so clever, either! - l forgot.
We can breathe fire.
- Exactly! What do We do noW? - Try to put out the fire.
Leave us to handle this situation.
Quick, go and help HighbroW! Yes, sir! Transform! - Where are you going? - Papika! l´ll shoW them! Transform! - Are We too late? - Listen up, Autobots! We´re holding HighbroW hostage! Any false moves and he´s dead! Up to their usual evil schemes.
- We´ve got to help HighbroW - Chromedome! - l knoW Where they´re keeping HighbroW.
- Good Work.
Where is he? ls that HighbroW? - Papika? - There´ll be trouble if they find her.
Right, l´ll distract them, While you get the girl! They´re here! Good timing! So, those damn Autobots have arrived! Try this! Oh, no! - Papika! - Sh! lt´s no good.
You can´t open it With that.
Go before they find you! Damn! l can´t do it by myself! lf We can recharge our energy Right! Chromedome, Brainstorm! Get into formation! - Ready? Use all your strength! - Right! Head Formation! Behod The Headmasters´ technique for recharging their energy.
Transform! - HighbroW! - Thanks, everyone! Oh, no! You lot, retreat! We Won´t let them get aWay.
What´s that doing here? Damn you! l´ll get you, Autobots! - We´ll rebuild our village better than it Was.
- lt´ll be the most beautiful village in the universe! - Earth´s beautiful as Well.
- Athenia´s better.
All planets are beautiful.
As long as people live in peace and harmony.
Papika, thank you for everything.
- Let´s hope it doesn´t happen again.
- You´re such a gentleman, HighbroW! This beautifu panet, Paradise, has been saved.
However, what wi Gavatron´s next target be? Once again, the Autobots continue their pursuit of the Decepticons.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer