Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e23 Episode Script

Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters MYSTERY OF THE SPACE PlRATE SHlP PlRATE PLANE We must find the skull before Lord Galvatron arrives here.
- We´ve been expecting you! - Who´s there? - So it´s you, the Autobot Clones? - We´ve been Waiting for you.
- You evil Decepticon Clones! - Thank you for Waiting for us.
- Hand over your half of the skull.
- You mean this? Unless you Want to end up as scrap metal, hand it over right aWay.
- lt´s you two Who´ll end up as scrap metal! - Transform! Transform! [ Skipped item nr.
23 ] [ Skipped item nr.
24 ] Transform! - Hold it, Decepticon Clones! - Lord Galvatron.
Have you carried out my orders and located the energy hidden here by the Space Pirates? - No, not yet.
- What have you been doing, then? We didn´t get the other half of the skull from the Autobot Clones.
Hand it to me! Stop messing around and find those Autobot Clones immediately! The Autobot Cones report immediatey to Fortress that Gavatron has arrived on the Pirate Panet.
HighbroW, do real pirates actually live on the Pirate Planet? l´m not sure, but long ago, it´s said that the Space Pirates used to plunder neighbouring planets.
- Just like the Decepticons? - Exactly.
Hey, Chromedome, We try to stop the Decepticons stealing energy, but they alWays get aWay With it! They´ve attacked 13 planets and managed to steal energy from half of them.
That´s a lot of energy.
What does Galvatron intend to do With it all? We could finish them, if only We kneW Scorponok´s Weakness.
HighbroW, you still haven´t found Scorponok´s Weakness? - No.
Not yet.
- You´ve got the secret blueprints, get on With it! l´m doing my best! lf it Was that easy, it Wouldn´t take so long to find! Well, l´ll make sure We do the Decepticons some serious damage this time! Calm doWn! You´ll be digging your oWn grave folloWing such a hotheaded strategy.
What´s that? SPACE GRAVEYARD - lt´s the space graveyard, l reckon.
- Space graveyard? lt´s Where all the broken-doWn, old and obsolete spaceships are gathered.
The gravitational pull of so many spaceships makes the place dangerous to approach.
Hey, look! lt´s a sailing ship! - HighbroW, l Want a closer look at that.
- Okay.
SPACE PlRATE SHlP lt has boosters on the stern, and the sails collect solar energy.
Pretty cool, eh? There´s something attached to the front of the ship.
What is it? lt´s definitely a pirate ship, isn´t it, Wheelie? Probably, yeah.
So, pirates did exist.
t´s that sku.
t´s emitting a signa.
What type of signa is it? From such an ancient vesse, too.
l´d love to explore that pirate ship! The Commander Will get angry if he hears you.
We´re not on a pleasure cruise! Fortress Maximus touches down in the desert on the Pirate Panet.
Just then, the Autobot Cones come under fierce attack from the Decepticons.
Transform! Die! Got it! Transform! Transform! Damn them! Joining these two halves of the skull Will reveal the energy source.
Exactly, sir.
Oh, it´s a map.
And it marks the spot Where the energy is hidden! The Autobot Cones have been rescued by Fortress Maximus and now give a situation report to Fortress.
On the stolen skull Was a map Which revealed the source of super-energy.
- Super-energy? - lt´s proton energy.
- Proton energy, you say? - Correct.
The original pirates that colonised the place plundered the surrounding planets and hid all the stolen proton energy here.
This proton energy is as poWerful as plasma energy.
You Autobot Clones Were once good friends of the Decepticon Clones, right? So, What happened? That is correct.
We greW up together on the same planet.
We Were the best of friends.
lt Was Galvatron that caused the rift between us.
- Galvatron? - Yes.
lt Was before We became Clone Warriors of the Autobots.
We Were going aWay to develop our skills, so Were Pounce and Wingspan - We´ll meet again soon.
- We look forward to it.
The sku fe into our hands whie we were on a certain panet.
We reaised the sku hed the secret to finding the proton energy that had been pundered by the pirates.
At the same time, we were reunited with Pounce and Wingspan.
We were thried to see them again, but then something happened - We´ve been reborn as Decepticon Clones.
- What? Pounce and Wingspan had come under the influence of Gavatron whie on their traves.
We must not let the Decepticons get this super-energy.
We came to the Pirate Planet in search of the energy, but the other half of the skull Was stolen.
l see.
We´ll be in trouble if the Decepticons get their hands on the proton energy! Just then, Twincast reports back after being in contact with Punch.
The proton energy is at coordinates NF-1O8, in the ruins of a pirate mansion.
Gavatron is heading there now - Roger.
- Right, Headmasters! Let´s do it! We´ll go, too! No, you two need some rest.
We´ll get your skull back for sure! Transform! According to this map, there should be a pyramid in the ruins.
Find it! Damn you, Autobots! Die! Head on! Got it! Hold it! Head on! l don´t think Galvatron has the intelligence to interpret this map.
What, and you do? t´s emitting a signa.
NoW, hoW does this door open? HoW can this door still be intact? Look for a sWitch or something! Highbrow has been rescued by Twincast and is now receiving treatment.
Highbrow has been thinking of a way to open the door to the pyramid.
The pirate ship was emitting the same signa l´ve got it! n order to break through the door, Gavatron has mobiised Scorponok.
The pyramid is constructed from extremely strong metal.
Even Scorponok Won´t get through.
There is only one Way to open the door.
Oh, you brought that along? l just Wanted to shoW off With it in my Excel suit.
Hey, We´re approaching the space graveyard.
Transform! The skull´s on the boW.
- Got it! - Right, let´s go! Nobody move! Move and l´ll bloW your heads off! So, tell me! What´s the meaning of the skull? What´s the connection With the pyramid on Pirate Planet? Daniel, shoot him With your gun! - But it´s only for playing games.
- l sWapped the cartridges.
Hurry! What are you Whispering about? - Daniel! - HighbroW! Got him! Well done, Daniel! Right, let´s get back.
Damn this door! Fortress receives Highbrow´s report and basts off immediatey.
Chromedome! Hardhead! Brainstorm! HighbroW has found the key to the door! - Attack! - Just What We´ve been Waiting for! lt´s the Autobots! Damn you, Fortress! We´ll get the energy later.
Scorponok, deal With them! What´s that? Maybe that´s the key to the door? Take that! - Damn you! - Transform! Trainbots, assemble! Just as l thought! - We did it! - lt´s opened.
- The door´s opened! Let´s go! - Not so fast! Come on! - HighbroW! Daniel! Are you okay? - Thanks, Autobot Clones.
We´re fine.
We´re not hurt either.
Transform! Head on! l´ll join in, too.
The Commander is coming to help! Let´s concentrate our poWers! You Won´t get aWay! l´ll crush you! Let´s go! Transform! Head on! Master SWord! ls that all the poWer you´ve got? Master jump! Triple-Changers, head on! Let´s combine our poWer to attack Scorponok! What´s happened? Scorponok, you´re leaking energy! Pull out noW! There´s nothing l can do.
l´ll make you pay for this next time We meet! Head on! That´s the end of another fight.
But what about the Space Pirates´ super-energy? - The Space Pirates´ energy doesn´t exist.
- Doesn´t exist? - There´s none at all? - Absolutely none.
Look there.
lt´s a message from the Space Pirates.
´´We Space Pirates have plundered the cosmos for a super-energy.
´´lt is stored on this planet.
´´But, if any mistake is made in handling the energy, ´´you Will be unable to control it and Will be destroyed.
´´Only a sWift demise aWaits those Who misuse the energy.
´´ Proton energy is the aWesome energy that can split atoms.
lt´s scary just thinking about it! But l´m glad such energy hasn´t fallen into the Decepticons´ hands.
- Right.
- But it´s not quite over yet.
The Decepticons still possess enormous amounts of stolen energy.
The Autobot Cones are saddened at the thought of the Decepticon Cones´ betraya.
Autobot Clones, cheer up! You´ve got neW friends noW! - Yeah! - You´re right.
Let´s fight them.
TWincast, you´re sure that Galvatron is making his Way back to Planet Charr? Absolutely, sir.
Right, then.
We´ll folloW them! Fortress Maximus tracks the Decepticons as they return to their home panet.
However the war is about to begin Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer