Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e26 Episode Script

I Risk My Life for Earth

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters l RlSK MY LlFE FOR EARTH After Gavatron´s demise, Scorponok takes contro of the Decepticons.
He chooses the name Great Emperor of Dread.
Galvatron, Emperor of Destruction, tried to build the Decepticon empire.
He died in the attempt.
We must remember that and combine all our strength to combat the Autobots.
NoW is the time to expand the Decepticon empire in honour of Lord Galvatron´s memory.
l proclaim We shall become an empire of dread and rule the universe.
Scorponok´s ascension as Emperor of Dread and supreme eader of the Decepticons was reported to Athenia.
- Emperor of Dread? He must be joking! - The fighting´s going to get fiercer.
No doubt.
- HighbroW, have you found any Weak points? - l promise you l Will.
We´re relying on you, HighbroW.
The death of Ultra Magnus on Earth has changed the game.
NoW´s our chance to defeat them once and for all.
- That´s the spirit.
- Let´s go! Leave it to me.
- NoW, you guys.
- Yes.
Let´s continue With our strategy for complete victory on Earth.
- That´s all very Well, but - What an unenthusiastic ansWer.
No, l´m just out of shape from not having fought for so long.
That´s right, Emperor.
We´re just itching to fight the Autobots.
You´ll get to fight in due course.
But the Pacific strategy is the final grand strategy.
But We need to proceed With extreme caution.
- You´re the only two l can trust.
- Understood.
Leave it to us.
Meanwhie, at the Athenia base, the Autobots are examining Scorponok´s strategy.
Reinforce the patrols in the north.
- Leave it to me! - l´ll go, too! Commander, l´d like to go to Earth for a planning meeting.
- What planning meeting is that? - Put simply, it´s about Earth´s volcanoes.
- lt´s to shed light on the secrets of Mt Russo.
- Perfect.
You can come to Earth With me.
- Are you going alone, Chromedome? - Don´t Worry.
l can manage.
Chromedome and Spike set off for Earth on the Trainbots.
Earth is ike a hard-boied egg.
The thin she on the outside is the crust, the hardened egg white is the mante, and the yok is the core.
The meeting is about driing into the mante in order to revea a its secrets.
But Spike has reaised that recent Decepticon attacks and the topic of this meeting have something in common.
The Pacific Ridge runs from Alaska in the north to the South Pole.
lt´s Earth´s longest volcanic range.
The Decepticons have only attacked here in the north.
What does that mean? The Decepticons are looking for areas Where the Earth´s crust is thin.
l see.
lt´s Trypticon! Spike, take cover quickly! - No, l Will fight too! - lt´s too dangerous! - Chromedome! - Stop! Transform! Trypticon! You´re up against me! That´s nothing! l´ll slaughter you! - Sixshot to the rescue! - That damned Sixshot! - Chromedome, l´ll take your life.
- What? l´ll avenge Ultra Magnus.
Transform! Transform! Watch out! Metroplex! Metroplex! - Oh, no! - Metroplex! - l´m all right.
Take care of Spike.
- Spike? Spike! Spike! Spike has sustained injuries and is moved at once to Athenia for treatment.
Forgive me.
l Was his escort, and this happened lt´s not your fault, Chromedome.
Yes, it is.
lt´s unreasonable to make Daniel´s dad fight the Decepticons.
- lt´s true.
l´m really sorry.
- An apology is not enough.
- Wheelie! Don´t blame Chromedome.
- Yeah, but Fortress! Did the operation go Well? There´s still a piece of shrapnel in his artery that Won´t come out.
- There´s nothing in the clinic that can help? - We tried, but - No Way! - Daniel! Dad! t´s my faut.
- Commander? - What? Your strategy Was flaWed.
lf We´d attacked the Decepticon base on Earth l can´t take it any more.
l´m going to infiltrate their base and crush them.
- Come to your senses, Chromedome.
- Shut up! You don´t understand.
- l´ll go alone, if l have to.
- Stop! - Shut up! Get out of my Way! - Calm doWn, Chromedome! Let go of me! So, the Decepticons Want to bombard the mantle and use the plasma energy to make the Earth explode.
Rather than bloW it up, aren´t they trying to turn Earth into a sun? Turn Earth into a sun? What do you mean, HighbroW? [ Skipped item nr.
105 ] then explode the core and make the Earth combust like a sun.
No, Scorponok´s trying to bloW the Earth to smithereens.
The Decepticons have appeared on the Kamchatka Peninsua.
- Understood.
- Damn them! There´s probably a device on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
- l´ll go! - Stop! Stay here, Chromedome.
- Why? - You´re not leading this mission.
Why not? You can´t assess situations in your emotional state.
You can´t command.
- Brainstorm, you´ll take charge instead.
- Yes, sir! - l still have things to do.
lt´s in your hands.
- Yes, sir.
The Trainbots set off for Earth with Brainstorm and the others.
But just then, Spike Dad! Daniel, l´m glad to see you´ve become so strong.
- Dad! - Whatever happens to me, don´t let it break you.
Dad, don´t say that.
Take my place and Work With your mother [ Skipped item nr.
124 ] [ Skipped item nr.
125 ] - Agreed? - Dad! Danie, this is no time for tears.
You must show strength in times of crisis.
- Dad! - Strong men don´t cry.
l´m not crying.
l´m not crying, Dad.
You´re not crying.
Dad! Are you all right? - Don´t worry.
won´t die.
- Be strong.
Dad Dad Meanwhie, on the Kamchatka Peninsua, Brainstorm´s group are in a fierce batte with the Decepticons.
Damn you! l´m beating you as alWays! lf they get in trouble Without Chromedome, Fortress Will come.
This time We´ll get Fortress once and for all.
Meanwhie, Fortress was trying to compete the ast operation on Spike.
With supernatural poWers? The only Way to remove the shrapnel from Spike´s artery is by using telekinesis.
But you´ll be unable to use it in battle against Scorponok.
l knoW, but telekinesis is the only Way to save Spike.
lt´s Scorponok! - He´s heading for Earth.
- Transform! - Commander! - Please be quiet.
- Dad! - Darling! Dad! lt´s all right noW, Daniel.
Transform! Commander! l´m so glad! On Kamchatka, the Headmasters are doing bady without Chromedome.
He got me! Fortress has operated on Spike successfuy.
Despite osing energy, he heads for Earth to hep the Headmasters.
Come on, Fortress, We´re Waiting.
Meanwhie, on Athenia ln his state, the commander Won´t stand a chance against Scorponok.
There´s only one Way to save the commander.
Really? - We must find Scorponok´s Weakness.
- Yes, but hoW? - Continue HighbroW´s Work.
- What? - l´ll try.
- Wait! Scorponok´s weakness has to be the connection between his head and his body.
Look into that area.
eave it to you.
- l´ll find it, HighbroW.
- Chromedome.
- l´ll help you.
- This could Work.
Meanwhie, Fortress is unabe to expand due to ow energy.
He is being battered by Scorponok.
Fortress, today is the day l´ll take your life.
AWay you go! - Commander! - l´ll send you to hell With him.
Transform! - Transform! - Transform! This neither hurts nor scares me! Die, creep! Chromedome´s team search for Scorponok´s weak point, but they are osing patience.
No good not enough energy.
- That´s Where it is! - What? We did it! Scorponok´s Weak point is the Decepticon symbol on his chest.
- Really? - Look.
This is the centre.
- lt´s the commander - l´ll go.
- But Scorponok´s Weakness - l found it.
- Really? - Yeah, it´s the Decepticon symbol.
- You´re in charge here.
- You can´t use the space bridge.
l´ll find a Way.
This is it, then, Fortress.
Stop! Stop it! You´re all heading for the afterlife.
What? Wait, l´m coming! Big mode! Transform! Head on! Master SWord! - Oh, no! - Escape! - Go to hell! - Commander! Transform! - Chromedome? - Chromedome? - His Weak point is the symbol on his chest.
- What? - HoW do you knoW? - Let´s go! Cover him! What impudence! - We did it! - Good, Daniel.
l´ll go and tell Dad.
Too bad they got aWay.
But Scorponok must be badly damaged.
But if you´d arrived any later, We might have been finished.
What are you saying? lt Went Well thanks to your information, HighbroW.
- We´ll keep Working together.
- Of course.
Eh, everyone? Yeah! The batte has ended in a draw.
But Scorponok, the Decepticon Emperor of Dread, wi not give up that easiy.
He wi undoubtedy come back to destroy Earth and the Autobots.
Fight, Autobots Protect the green panet Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer