Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e27 Episode Script

The Miracle Warriors The Targetmasters (1)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE MlRACLE WARRlORS - THE TARGETMASTERS: PART 1 After a vioent batte, the enemy has escaped from Earth.
However - There´s a lot to fix.
- Do you think the struggle´s over? What´s Wrong With you, Brainstorm? You sound like Chromedome.
lt´s just getting a little too quiet.
l´m getting out of shape.
- Are you saying they´re still here? - My intuition is never Wrong.
- Let´s sniff them out.
- They´ll only be small fry.
We cannot alloW ourselves to drop our guard.
Do you see? You can search for stragglers, but l have another mission for Chromedome.
- Pursuing the Decepticons? - No, cleaning up after them.
Eh? No Way Transform! Head on! Placing explosives in the energy stores is so devious.
They Were targeting the magma.
Thank goodness they failed.
lt´s detected explosives! - He should let others clear the explosives.
- lt´s not our job.
There seem to be multiple devices.
- Take care.
- l hope they´re not time bombs.
l don´t Want to be bloWn up by a pipe bomb in a pipe.
- This is no time to take it easy - Hardhead! You saved me.
Are you all right? Hey, that´s my line! lt seems to be indicating in there.
At the same time, Twincast is on reconnaissance.
There´s nothing here, let´s continue.
Meanwhie, Fortress is trying to organise reief for areas destroyed by the Decepticons.
You Want me to lead the relief operation? - l´ll get my friends to help.
- Do you have any friends? Of course.
l just have to give the Word and they´ll come.
Quiet, you two.
l´d like to help too, Commander.
Of course.
´d ike you to.
lt´s Wonderful that We can be of use Without having to fight.
l´m pleased to accept the assignment.
We´ demoish the od Decepticon HQ and buid something new and usefu.
- lt´s a Wonderful plan.
- ls there not a single Decepticon left? Of course.
Chromedome and the Headmasters chased them aWay.
You´re their greatest fan, as ever! We´re sti searching, but we haven´t found a singe one.
Use any Autobot units freely, in consultation With Earth´s government.
We´ eave Athenia as soon as we´re ready.
- Chromedome.
What´s the situation? - We found exposive devices.
They´re a inked and have tremendous destructive power.
Linked? That´ll stretch us to the limit.
think we can remove them.
Get them as far from the magma as possible.
NeW orders Will come later.
Yes, sir.
Hurry up! - Oh, no! The time sWitch is set.
- Who Will take it? - You´re strongest.
- But you´re braver.
We can´t argue noW.
Cross head on.
Upgrading strength and courage? Cross head on! Get it out! Quickly! - lt´s magma! - Damn! Get out of here! Meanwhie, Spike visits the UN Headquarters to speak with envoys from a countries.
Transform! Thank you for the ride.
You´re Welcome any time.
Please Wait and behave yourselves until the meeting´s over.
Are We being left behind? And l Wanted to think up solutions.
What a disappointment.
- Your friends haven´t come.
- l did call them.
You don´t have friends, do you? Be honest.
l do.
l´m telling you.
- Why didn´t they come, then? - Shut up.
They´ll turn up.
They´re here.
We´re over here! Hey, We´re over here.
You´re late.
Eh? SURESHOT, POlNTBLANK, CROSSHAlRS lt´s been quite a While since We´ve seen you, eh? - Yeah, it´s - WoW, Wheelie.
What cool friends.
Friends? Well, maybe someone Would like to be friends With you.
Daniel? What are you saying? lntroduce me.
Actually, Daniel, these people Never mind, Wheelie.
We´d like to meet the Autobot Commander.
Any time.
l´ll shoW you to Commander Fortress.
Please folloW me.
- Did you tell the kid We Were friends? - No Way.
l had no idea that my superiors Would come to Earth.
- What are you doing, Wheelie? - Coming noW.
lt´s got tremendous destructive poWer.
We must find a Way of safely disposing of such a volume of explosives.
lt´s impossible.
We don´t have time to dispose of it all.
- There´s only one solution left.
- Commander Fortress! - Do you have a moment, Commander? - Some people Want to see you.
- To see me? - Yes.
Are you the great Warrior Pointblank? l´ve heard about you.
We Were going to arrive earlier, but We got held up on the Way.
lt is our dream to save the Earth.
We Want to demonstrate our poWer.
l´m very grateful.
HoWever, the Decepticons have retreated.
Commander, you have to stay alert.
We knoW from the battlefields throughout the universe hoW the Decepticons fight.
- Are you saying We´re not doing enough? - Exactly.
This time We have to be prepared.
Let me introduce Sureshot and Crosshairs.
A pleasure.
There´s some tidying up to do.
- Tidying up? - Yes.
- l don´t have time.
l´ll explain on the Way.
- l see.
- Are they really strong? - Yeah, they´re strong.
l´ve heard that they´ve felled hundreds of Decepticons.
- Hundreds? - Yeah.
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120 ] - Didn´t you call them? - They used to look after me.
t´s dangerous Get inside - An enemy attack? - We´re basting off.
Hurry up - Watch out for the falling rocks.
- l knoW.
The basement building has collapsed and is blocking the exit.
- HoW are We for time? - l don´t Want to be bloWn up.
The tremors are making the cave collapse.
Hurry! Watch out! Are you all right, TWincast? l saW the two of you.
Give me your hand.
- There´s someone there! - We´re saved! Commander, the timer is set! What? - We´ll destroy it in space.
Get on board.
- Yes, sir.
The bomb wi be disposed of in space.
Batteship Maximus acceerates away.
But wi they make it in time? Chromedome.
Can´t you find out the time it´s set for? - lf We fail, We´ll be bloWn up.
- lf only l´d looked at it then.
We can´t stop it.
We can only rush to the safety zone.
Good job you found out there Were three sets of explosives.
There are smaller devices than the ones set in Alaska and Florida.
So, you calculated the explosive poWer from them? Yes.
lt has tremendous destructive poWer.
- The three of us Would like to fly ahead.
- l can´t let you do that.
lt´s too dangerous.
Don´t Worry.
We´re faster and stronger than normal Transformers.
What? We´re almost in the safety zone.
Hurry! Meanwhie, on Earth, Spike´s rebuiding pans are taking shape.
Transform! This is the old Decepticon headquarters.
Even noW, l feel like Scorponok could attack.
This is definitely an eyesore in a peaceful World.
The first step in reconstruction is to destroy What evil has built.
Protectobots, assemble! Headbots, assemble! We´ll help.
Transform! Distance from Earth: 13,000.
Pressure normal.
Gravity normal.
- Release the devices.
- Please Wait.
A vessel is approaching.
Latitude 0.
Speed 8.
What is it? lf We release it noW, the ship could be caught in the explosion.
- But the timing device - An SOS? lt seems to be in trouble.
This is the Autobot Battleship Maximus.
Do you read me? This is Maximus.
l´ll adjust reception.
On screen.
l´ve seen that face before.
This is Maximus.
Do you understand me? The Autobot Cassettes Will interpret.
Yes, What are they saying? They´ve escaped from Planet Master.
They need assistance.
From Planet Master? Commander! The spaceship is under attack! What? Let´s help them.
Open the hatch and approach them.
What about the bomb disposal? Save the ship first.
Hurry up! lt´s them, the Decepticon Warriors! MlSFlRE, TRlGGERHAPPY, SLUGSLlNGER lt´s Pointblank.
l´ll get you.
Transform! Transform! Transform! Transform! Get in, quickly! - They´re awful, those three.
- Yeah, just shoWing up like that.
Look! Sixshot is here! - Let´s shoW them What We´re made of.
- They Won´t get aWay With this.
- The Decepticons have attacked Planet Master.
- What? The Decepticons? A raid by a giant battleship.
lt´s Scorponok, no doubt, Commander! So, Scorponok Went to Planet Master.
Damn Sixshot! This time l´ll beat you! What are you up to, Sixshot? We Won´t let you occupy Planet Master! So, they told you! l´ll send you all to hell! Transform! Lock transformation! Damn! You don´t fool me! This is the real one! ls this the real one? The battle is important, but time is running out.
[ Skipped item nr.
203 ] [ Skipped item nr.
204 ] - They say they´ll take the bomb.
- What? Why? - They seem to understand our language.
- We have to stop them.
lt´s dangerous.
Stop that! lt´s dangerous! - He says, ´´Leave it to us.
Open the hatch.
´´ - But ´´Open the hatch, quickly.
´´ Let´s go, everybody! Scrum formation! See What a real Warrior can do! They´re escaping! They don´t scare me! Suddeny, one of the devices goes off, resuting in an enormous reease of pasma energy.
The cose proximity of Batteship Maximus puts it in a precarious position What wi be the fate of the Transformers? Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer