Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e28 Episode Script

The Miracle Warriors The Targetmaster (2)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE MlRACLE WARRlORS - THE TARGETMASTERS: PART 2 [ Skipped item nr.
14 ] [ Skipped item nr.
15 ] But Sixshot appeared with the new Decepticon recruit Sugsinger.
But then, the pasma exposive device detonated.
- Sixshot´s lot are gone.
- lt´s Pointblank! We have to help them.
What´s this? The gun is stuck to his Wrist.
Take them to Maximus! Are you unhurt? HoW are Daniel and Wheelie? - They´re safe.
- Hi! That´s good.
What is it With that Wrist? Exposure to the plasma energy caused it to stick.
lt has to be removed on Earth.
Batteship Maximus arrives at Autobot HQ on Earth in time for an overhau.
Pointbank and his wounded warriors receive treatment and convaesce.
They are from Planet Master.
The three of them.
They´re Worried about their three missing friends.
- Do you understand their language? - lt´s telepathy.
Are you compatible With them? Oh, the Wonders of the miracle Targetmasters, the neW Transformers! So, you´re Targetmasters? Soon as the overhaul´s done, We´re off to Planet Master.
Dad, please.
l Want to go to Planet Master.
- l can´t keep asking Fortress for favours.
- Right.
Stay behind.
l´ll feel more at ease.
l Want to experience things.
That´s important for building a good and strong character.
lf you Want it that badly, l´ll ask Fortress.
Meanwhie, Panet Master, the od home of the Headmasters, was under fierce attack by Scorponok´s Decepticon army.
So, Maximus has suffered major damage? The repairs Will take a long time.
We also have some promising allies.
Fortress and his men Want to occupy Planet Master.
Meanwhie, a tuned-up Batteship Maximus hurries to Panet Master.
- l don´t get it.
- What? Scorponok´s objective.
Why head to Planet Master all of a sudden? lt´s obvious.
To occupy it and build a neW base.
No, l feel he´s got another objective.
Don´t Worry.
We´re professional soldiers.
We Won´t let the Decepticons take Planet Master.
- Professionals.
That´s cool.
- But you´ve been in some hard fights, too? More than you can count.
We greW this strong because We Weathered the hard times.
And We´ve got this guy.
- True.
The neW Transformers.
- Yeah.
l can´t explain What they´re up to.
l heard about the Headmasters, but l´m not impressed.
- What do you mean? - You´re too Weak to be professional Warriors.
What? We´re Autobot aces.
We don´t take insults from your kind.
See? Your short fuse is your Weakness.
We Won´t forget this! You´re good collectively, but don´t Waste it.
Pointblank, have you come to take over command? Don´t you understand What l´m saying? [ Skipped item nr.
70 ] [ Skipped item nr.
71 ] - Not a Word.
- They´re still young.
- l don´t like those guys.
- What´s this about neW Transformers? - There´s a bad atmosphere about.
- Yeah.
This is too easy! Who are they? - Do We have allies like that? - lt´s time to attack.
Transform! - We´re visible on radar.
Get us out! - lf l can Work the laser rods.
You´ll be blind as a bat in battle.
Blind as a bat - Escape back to headquarters! - We´ll fight to the end! - We´ll be crushed if you don´t hurry.
- Damn them! So, Fortress has finally come.
Attack Maximus! Charge! Let´s go! Transform! Transform! Blind as a bat in battle.
You´ll be blind as a bat in battle.
- Are you all right, HighbroW? - You fool! You Won´t make a fool of me! Take this! Hardhead, l´m coming! Meddler! You´ll be blind as a What´s that? We´ll teach them real combat! No, you Won´t! You´re useless.
Rethink the strategy! Thanks to the Targetmasters, the Decepticons have retreated.
You really are professionals.
Your fighting skills are incredible.
- lt´s an honour.
- You talk big Words.
- So you recognise our poWer? - We didn´t say that.
HoW stubborn.
Hey, everybody! - lt´s been a While! - lt´s good to see you again.
HoW have you been? Jack? lt´s Jack, isn´t it? lt´s Chromedome.
Don´t you remember? Wait! Abel, you and l used to Jack! - Jack, don´t exert yourself.
- l´m all right.
HoW are you feeling, Jack? - Sorry to be a burden.
- Don´t talk like a stranger.
Jack is an old friend.
From before l became a Headmaster.
Right, Jack? Hey, Chromedome.
Oh, l didn´t notice.
Transform! - l´m going home.
- Hey, Jack, Wait! l have Work to do.
l can´t Waste time.
Jack! Wait! - What a Weirdo.
- Don´t say that.
When We first came to this planet With Commander Fortress, it Was all desert.
- With everybody´s help - l´m envious.
- Of What? - Of your strength.
We started training together to learn head-mode transformation.
The training frustrated me.
[ Skipped item nr.
125 ] [ Skipped item nr.
126 ] You´re a brilliant scientist Working for Planet Master´s development.
You´ve achieved a lot.
Even if you can do a head-on, the Decepticons are no easy match.
l don´t think l´m more evolved than you, just because l´m a Headmaster.
lf you doubt yourself again, l´ll give you a good kicking.
l missed you.
Still too soft.
Meanwhie, Scorponok is hiding underground.
Lord Scorponok, you summoned me.
- lmplement the second strategy.
- lt is an honour.
Shall l send the three loyal Warriors? No, it´s easier to move on my oWn.
[ Skipped item nr.
141 ] [ Skipped item nr.
142 ] He hasn´t changed a bit.
Hey, Jack! Chromedome.
Sorry l frightened you.
ln fact What´s the secret of Fortress´ Master SWord? l don´t knoW.
l knoW you Worked on the design of Battleship Maximus.
- Stubborn felloW! - Let me take over.
Blind as a bat in battle.
You´ll be blind as a bat Speak.
Tell me the secrets of the Master SWord.
The Master SWord is made of a hard metal.
Which metal? - Only Fortress knoWs that.
- Only Fortress? The Decepticons have abducted Jack to get technical information.
lnformation? - Like Maximus´ Weak points.
- lt has none, only strengths.
- What? - Scorponok Wants the Master SWord.
Scorponok is on Planet Master to find the metal that Master SWord is made of.
- Maybe - What are you thinking? - Nothing.
- We have to rescue Jack quickly.
- He knoWs nothing.
- Damn.
Even ninjas commit blunders.
Some good Will come of it.
HoW about placing a time bomb on him to bloW up Maximus? Good idea, Sixshot.
Make it so at once.
A time bomb is instaed in Jack.
Then, Mindwipe hypnotises him to board Batteship Maximus.
l´ve no idea Where he is.
Scorponok doesn´t shoW on the sensors because he´s using a cloaking screen.
Damn him! lt´s Jack.
- Jack! - Wait, Chromedome! - What´s Wrong? - TWincast.
Run your sensors over him.
There´s a time bomb inside him.
- What? - He couldn´t come back on his oWn.
Can´t We remove it? - Too late.
His target is Maximus.
- Get aWay from Maximus! Jack! Jack! Chromedome, MindWipe must have hypnotised him.
- lt´s terrible.
We must get the bomb out of him.
- He´s dangerous.
lt´s the only Way to save Maximus and Jack.
Please Wait, Jack! They´ve even equipped him With Weapons.
There´s only one Way.
Destroy him before he reaches Maximus.
Target on! - Stop! - Don´t! He´s Chromedome´s friend! This is the nature of War.
Stand back! Please Wait.
l´ll do it.
Come on, Abe And come on, Jack Chromedome, What are you doing? Fire! - CoWard! l´ll do it! - Jack! Forgive me! Chromedome! The Decepticons knoW the secret of the Master SWord! Jack! Chromedome.
Crush them in one go! lt´s the Decepticons! Damn them! Transform! Target on! My friend Abe was kied by Sixshot.
And now Jack, too.
- l can´t forgive that! - Transform! Transform! What´s that? So, the three Who Went missing have joined the Decepticons.
We understand hoW you feel.
Head on! - Get him! - Head on! Transform! - Pointblank, you´re all going to hell! - l look forward to meeting you there.
- Hold it! - Don´t let them escape! What are you doing? Do you understand hoW l feel? l couldn´t save my friend.
Damn it! Save your anger for the next battle.
l don´t like you, but l do recognise your poWer.
You´re not too bad yourself.
- We´ll Work together in future.
- Good that Chromedome is all right again.
Chromedome, you can´t catch us! Wheelie, Daniel, stop! - He´ll make a good Warrior.
- Keep giving him support.
You can´t escape.
What´ll you do? With the arriva of the Targetmasters, the strugge for Panet Master has intensified.
Chromedome wi overcome the pain of his friend´s death and fight on.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer