Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e29 Episode Script

The Master Sword is in Danger

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE MASTER SWORD lS lN DANGER Scorponok´s Decepticon army has withdrawn, after faiing to occupy Panet Master.
He has vanished after being chased off by Fortress and the Headmasters.
Maybe Scorponok has left Planet Master.
- l agree.
- Did he escape to another planet? lt can´t be.
Scorponok came to Planet Master for supplies.
But he could get them on other planets.
- You don´t get it.
- What? Listen, Scorponok´s Transtector Was made on Planet Master.
l knoW that.
Then you´ll also knoW it´s impossible to replenish it on other planets.
That´s right.
HighbroW, you´re hopeless at combat, but you´ve got a sharp mind.
- Don´t speak to me like that! - Easy! There´s no doubt Scorponok is here on Planet Master.
This is a huge cave many hundred metres beow Panet Master´s surface.
As Chromedome suspected, Scorponok is hiding there.
This is G-metal.
lf We can reinforce the Transtector With G-metal, Fortress has had it.
We Were lucky to find it.
We didn´t go underground for the metal.
The Transtector found it.
Scorponok´s Transtector? Yes.
When We Went underground, the Transtector detected it.
lt Was draWn to it.
This metal Will help us build an ideal Decepticon empire.
lf We make shields reinforced With G-metal, We can easily defeat Fortress! Don´t be so naive! Fortress´ Master SWord is extremely strong.
- Stronger than G-metal? - G-metal Withstands 3,000 G.
But the Master SWord can Withstand more than 10,000 G.
- We have to have it at all costs! - Yes, sir! We´ll have to use a trick.
- l broke the record! Cool or What? - Yeah, really cool.
- Wheelie? - l´ve got a good idea, Daniel.
- What idea? - Weren´t you listening? You didn´t say anything.
- l had an amazing idea.
- What is it? Tell me.
As you knoW, Planet Master is Where Chromedome became a Headmaster.
- Yeah - l could become a Headmaster on this planet.
What´s so funny? l mean it.
lt´s impossible.
Why? Chromedome and the others Were Transformers from Cybertron like me.
- That´s true, but - But you can´t ever become a Headmaster.
But l can, because l´m a Transformer.
l´ve come to Planet Master, l can´t let this opportunity pass me by.
Do as you please.
That Wheelie´s spoiling my good mood.
You´re up early doing chores, Master Daniel.
Where´s Wheelie? l don´t knoW.
He Was gone When l Woke up.
He abandoned me.
l Won´t forgive him.
He can´t be helped.
l´ll make it.
l´ll train to become a Headmaster and transform into head mode.
And then l´ll be a Headmaster.
Even l can What´s this? What´s happening? Wheelie´s disappeared? - We can´t find him anywhere.
- He´s taking a nap someWhere.
Where could he have gone? - Sixshot! - have something to show you.
- What? - Look.
Wheelie! HoW did the Decepticons get him? Do you understand? We have a hostage.
Sixshot! What do you Want? - The secret of the Fortress´ Master Sword.
- The secret of the Master SWord? want to know the secret.
- You must be joking! - Lest you forget He´s sti aive.
f you refuse, he´ die.
- I ll give you three hours.
- Don t threaten us! Three hours.
After three hours the countdown begins, and he´ fa into the acid poo beow.
t wi competey dissove a Transformer in three minutes.
f you give me the secret of the Master Sword, guarantee Wheeie wi ive.
What wi you do, Fortress? The Master SWord is my Whole life.
But Wheelie is lf l don´t hand it over, Wheelie loses his life.
Don´t kill Wheelie! Daniel! - Crying Won´t help you.
- l´m not crying! You fell right into my trap.
- l Wanted bigger game.
- This baby turned out to be better.
- l can imagine Fortress´ face.
- BeWildered! - We should reject his demand.
- But What about Wheelie? Sacrifices must be made in War.
You, Commander, ought to knoW that a leader must take difficult decisions.
lt Will be the end of the Autobots if We give him the secret.
- That´s not true! - HoW can you say that? Can you guys defeat Scorponok? f we give the Decepticons the secret of the Master Sword Fortress Maximus holds the destiny of the Autobots in his hands.
don´t want to die Danie Hep me Don´t sacrifice Wheelie! Please! Save Wheelie! Please! Poor Wheelie! Daniel! Let go of me! Let go! l´m going to save Wheelie! Nobody else is going.
That´s Why l´m going.
Let me go! Who said nobody´s going? Daniel! - l´m going to his rescue.
- Really? lt´s true.
So don´t Worry.
Chromedome! - Go and join the others noW.
- No, l´m coming With you.
- That´s not - Please! l Want to save Wheelie! l understand.
- HighbroW! - Are you serious, Chromedome? Of course.
l´ll board Scorponok and rescue Wheelie.
l remember the layout from When We Were looking for its Weak points.
lt´ll be surrounded by anti-Transformer sensors.
The room Where Wheelie is kept Will probably have shields.
That´s Why l have to go.
- lt´s too dangerous.
- That´s Are you prepared to take Daniel With you? - l Will defend Daniel to the death.
- l see.
Don´t tell the Commander.
A Challenge Blaster.
- Do you knoW hoW to use it? - Yes.
Good luck.
- Daniel.
Let´s hurry.
- Wait! Leaving Maximus is a problem.
What Will you do? l thought about that.
The Trainbots Will have to help us.
- Where are the Trainbots going? - They´re going on reconnaissance.
Let´s give in to the Decepticon demands.
Please don´t! We´ll tell them the secret and save Wheelie.
- lf We do as l suggest - There´s no time.
Why don´t you understand hoW hard Warfare is, Commander? Ony Fortress knows the secret of the Master Sword.
He is about to revea it a to Scorponok in order to save Wheeie.
- Let´s go, Daniel.
- Yes.
Transform! Okay! - Brace yourself for full speed.
- Okay! Has Chromedome gone to Scorponok With Daniel? l´m sorry l kept quiet, Commander.
- He´s shoWing great courage.
- lt´s brave but not Well thought through.
There have to be limits to recklessness.
Taking Daniel! - They´ll be slaughtered.
- Maximus Will blast off shortly.
Yes, sir.
There´s their defence perimeter.
You can get through.
Go and turn off that sWitch.
- l did it! - Well done, Daniel! Come, quickly! Are they coming to hand over the secret? Or to attack? Rest assured.
They Won´t attack as long as We have a hostage.
- We mustn´t let our guard slip? - Shall We stay on battle alert? - Does the Commander Want to fight? - Can´t you see he´s transforming? lt´s to focus the Decepticons´ attention this Way.
- That helps Chromedome.
- l see the Commander´s cunning.
l´ll try to pick up Wheelie´s brain Waves.
Fortress! The time has come! l knoW.
lt takes time to Write doWn the secret so you can understand it.
You knoW the deadline.
You´ve ten minutes.
- lf We don´t get the secret, Wheelie gets it.
- l´ll keep my Word.
When the timer reaches zero, a trapdoor Will open, [ Skipped item nr.
174 ] [ Skipped item nr.
175 ] You´ll be dissolved.
No! No! Help! You kept good time.
l Want to check What´s inside.
l´m the Autobot Commander.
Would l give you a fake When Wheelie´s life is at stake? l understand.
Bring the hostage here.
- We ll bring Wheelie.
- He s coming now.
- lt´s a laser Wall.
- Can l go through it like last time? - Go in and disable it.
- Right.
- He´s not here.
- lt has to be this room.
- Wheelie! - Chromedome! - Wheelie! - Daniel! l´m saved! - What? You let him escape? - He Was snatched aWay! l can´t believe it.
- What´s holding you up? - He should be here soon.
What are you doing? - Chromedome! - We rescued Wheelie! - You devious cheats! - Sorry.
NoW, die! Transform! Transform! - They´re advancing! - We´ll stop them! - Out of my Way! - Damn you! - Shut up! - Fighting each other? Shooter Mode! Transform! Shooter Mode TWo! Transform! They´re useless.
Duocons, noW it´s your turn to try.
Leave it to us! Who the hell are they? TWo-ln-One! TWo-ln-One! We are the neW Decepticon recruits, Battletrap and Flywheels! Let me handle this troublesome twosome! Sureshot and Crosshairs, defend the Commander! - Targetmasters, cover them! - l Won´t alloW that! Damn Sixshot! - l´ll take that, thank you! - Oh, no! At last We did it! NoW We can build a shield against the Master SWord.
After Fortress Maximus, We´ll take some scalps.
l´m sorry, Commander.
We revealed the secret to the Decepticons.
Don´t blame yourself.
The struggle Will just get harder from noW on.
We can only survive if We´re united.
He got us! The Commander is strict.
´´Chromedome, Wheelie, Daniel, you can´t leave Without permission!´´ ´´You lot, clean the Whole ship!´´ What a doWner.
- Those devious Decepticons! - Hey, Chromedome! - Don´t feel bad.
- Without you, Wheelie Would be dead.
We´re grateful too.
As long as you understand.
The secret of the majestic sword, the Master Sword, has faen into the hands of Scorponok.
Fortress Maximus has a hard strugge ahead of him.
Wi the Headmasters rise to the chaenge? Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer