Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e30 Episode Script

The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE ZARAK SHlELD TURNS THE TlDE With the secret of the Master Sword stoen, Fortress must try to contain Scorponok.
He continues fearessy on his quest.
We´ve searched for so long and seen nothing on the radar.
They must have left Planet Master a long time ago.
Will they have built a poWerful Weapon With the stolen metal? Stop it! Don´t say things like that.
But meanwhie, Scorponok SPACE DUS - lt´s space dust! - Don´t shout like that.
Surely you´re not scared of space dust? Don´t you knoW What space dust is? lt´s alien debris in space.
ALlENS SPACE DUS - Wolf, go easy on him.
- Yeah.
- Pilot covered in space dust, identify yourself! - Eh? Oh, right.
lt´s a rare opportunity.
Why don´t We attack them? You´re taking the initiative, eh, WeirdWolf? We are Warriors, aren´t We? To dodge the enemy´s pursuit radar, We have to hide under the space dust.
You understand noW? - You kneW that? - Of course.
We´re very experienced.
- You seem a little nervous, though.
- What did you say? We must make them believe that We´re not returning to Planet Master.
Not before the Zarak Shield is made.
What if We´re intercepted on our Way back? We can´t afford an oversight like that.
Head back! l find it hard to believe that they escaped into space.
l agree.
We´ve seen hoW they try to divert our attention.
The Commander says there´s no Decepticon base on Planet Master.
We can´t say for sure.
But they can´t have built one in the short time since leaving Earth.
A base may be impossible, but they may have a hideout.
We´ll go and investigate.
They´ve stolen our files and acquired vital information.
Do you knoW something? The G-metal for the Master SWord can only be made on Planet Master.
So, to get the G-metal, they´ll have to go to Planet Master.
- lt´s a Decepticon! - What? - They Went to Planet Master.
- They must have a hideout there.
Let´s go! - Commander! - We have another job to do! - Did Scorponok try to trick us? - Do they have a hideout on Planet Master? - lt´s unconfirmed but probable.
- HoW Will you find it? - By using this, and by using our heads.
- What´s that? l Want to find it before the three Targetmasters do.
That´s the spirit.
We´ll do it! This is the energy needed to make a Master SWord.
To make a neW Weapon, the enemy needs the same amount of energy.
- We have to detect the surge When it happens.
- And then? Connect it With the Master SWord and strengthen it tenfold.
- All the ship´s sensors are on.
- We´ll find that Scorponok.
- The boosters are set.
Turn the monitors on.
- Yes, sir.
Start programme code 203.
lt´s the perfect hiding place.
Thanks to Soundblaster´s report, We got you! Target on! Meanwhie, in the deep caves of Panet Master, Scorponok was hurrying to buid the Zarak Shied using the stoen bueprints.
- HoW did it go? - We saW them off With a sad fareWell.
- A sad fareWell? What do you mean? - They droWned in a muddy stream.
- Well done! - We have much to learn from you! They´re taking nonsense.
´ get those Headmasters for sure We tried to trick them, but they found out.
[ Skipped item nr.
79 ] [ Skipped item nr.
80 ] On the contrary, Fortress Will get suspicious When he finds them dead.
You think so? l don´t doubt What you´re saying, but We need to gain some time.
Don´t let them near before the Zarak Shield is completed.
HoW long Will it be before completion? Less than two days.
Leave it in my hands.
Are you all right? What a blunder We made.
We have to save face.
As We´ve lost them, let´s just search for the hideout.
They Were ready and Waiting for us.
lt must be nearby.
l agree.
- lt´s a Decepticon formation.
- Think they´re heading to their hideout? - They could also be going on a raid.
- The hideout has to be nearby.
- A raid? To attack Maximus? - Tell the Commander.
No energy detected at the moment.
There´s no neWs from the Targetmasters, either.
No neWs, no neWs.
Maybe they´ve been killed.
Come on.
They´re far more experienced than you guys.
But if We folloW Soundblaster, he should lead us to the hideout.
l knoW! They split! - Commander?.
- Pointblank.
Do you have any neWs? We came across a Decepticon formation.
- What position? - Coordinates 831, 5 degrees north.
That´s the same course We´re heading on.
Let´s investigate.
We wi scout this area.
Think you can get rid of the Autobots With such childish tricks? But We gotta do What We gotta do.
We have to do What We can to gain some time.
lf We bump into them by chance, l´ll hit them hard.
- lf they don´t get you first! - Damn you.
l´m fed up With you.
Hey, there´s Maximus! - lt´s the Decepticons! - What shall We do? Why are they running aWay? That´s strange.
Let´s folloW them and find out.
Shouldn´t We just fight them instead? Their hideout must be nearby if they´re not engaging us.
Have the sensors picked up any energy surges? Let´s pursue them.
We might find something.
- What´s that? - Are they making fools of us? Chromedome, do you detect any energy? Absolutely nothing.
l Wonder if the meter is broken.
- Maybe it´s a diversionary tactic to gain time.
- A diversionary tactic? l´m more suspicious about the area Pointblank is scouting.
Change course.
Done it! l made a mobile energy detector.
- l can´t stick this any longer! - Be quiet.
This idea is stupid.
At least We could chase them off.
- They´re gone! - What? l Won´t let them get aWay! - Brother! - Let him go.
You´re being too reckless! These tracks have been made by Transformers.
Scorponok has mobiised a his resources to compete the Zarak Shied.
f it reaches competion, it wi be a terrifying shied against the Master Sword.
Just a little longer, then the historic shield Will be finished.
Commander! The radar has picked up something.
- All right! - HighbroW! - l´ll find the Decepticon hideout With this.
- Let´s hunt them doWn! - Think they can trick me that easily? No Way! - Me neither! Don´t be reckless! This is What sunset is like on Planet Master? lt´s beautiful, Wheelie.
- What Was that? - Sounds suspicious.
To distract attention from the bomb he has set, Weirdwof makes sure he is found.
lt´s the Decepticon WeirdWolf.
You brat! - Daniel, it´s dangerous.
Stop it! - l´ll get him! Daniel! Wheelie! - You both all right? - We´re fine.
- Go inside! Quick! - Yeah, but - Hurry! - Okay, then.
l´ve left a little surprise for you.
What? lt´s picking up something underground here.
What´s going on? They seem to be constructing something in that building.
l´d like to go in and take a look.
You´ll go for me? Watch yourself, then.
- Found it! - The building must be a Weapons factory.
Let´s bloW up Scorponok, then.
Hardhead! He alWays acts rashly.
l said, don´t move! Our Weapons are in a different league.
You four are about to become dead meat! - Pointblank! - Quickly, hide! So, they´re still alive? This time l´ll finish them off! What´s going on? Why do they have to attack at such a crucial moment? Duocons! Go! TWo-ln-One! Target on! Damn! The Shield Won´t be ready if it goes on like this.
Let´s move! Scorponok! Damn you, Fortress! Master beam! Commander! Don´t Worry.
lt´s all right.
But what is the enemy up to? lt´s done.
NoW We can defeat the Autobots.
n spite of Fortress´ efforts, construction of the Zarak Shied has reached competion.
However, the Autobot warriors of justice don´t give up that easiy One day, for sure, they wi bring down the Decepticons.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer