Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e31 Episode Script

Operation: Destroy the Destrons

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters OPERATlON: DESTROY THE DECEPTlCONS The damage done by the time bomb has been repaired.
Fortress Maximus has been bady damaged.
However, there´s a bigger probem: The enemy has been aowed to buid the Zarak Shied.
Fortress and the others are grapping with this question.
Even this game favours the Decepticons! Move, you´re no good.
No Way the Decepticons can Win.
- What? - Just leave it to me.
- You got What you deserved.
- Damn it! Damn it! ls Scorponok attacking Earth? They must have used up most of their energy building the Zarak Shield.
To make up for that loss, they´ll bloW up Earth and extract the plasma energy.
We can predict the enemy´s moves, but We must stop them.
They shouldn´t have been alloWed to make the Zarak Shield.
Are We really that afraid of the Zarak Shield? l´m not afraid.
lf it counters the Master SWord, something must be done.
HoWever menacing it is, the Zarak Shield is not an offensive Weapon.
lt´s only a defensive device.
That´s Why We must disperse the enemy and lure them into space.
- lnto space? - And crush them one by one.
HoWever strong his shield is, We Will have isolated Scorponok.
- lt´s a good strategy.
- l´m against it.
lf We lure them into space and they escape, We Won´t get them one by one.
We Won´t let them escape.
l said We´d crush them.
The key to success is knoWledge of the enemy´s movements.
Leave that to us.
Commander, this shouldn´t be settled in outer space.
Pointblank´s plan avoids damage to Planet Master.
Where are you taking us, Chromedome? We shouldn´t let the Targetmasters boss us around.
l agree With you.
But We haven´t heard Chromedome´s plan yet.
- Just folloW me and you´ll see.
- Hey, Wait! - What´s that? - An abandoned mine.
- Look at that! - Transform! Head on! - Sorry We´re late.
- We´re all ready.
- Who are they? - Our comrades.
- Comrades? - What do you mean? Stop fooling around.
We have important matters to discuss.
- Transform! - Head on! We must save energy until We bloW up Earth.
Avoid any unnecessary combat before departure.
Don´t Worry.
Leave it to us, there´ll be no trouble.
- What do you say? - We agree.
We´ll shoW them their graves.
The Autobots seem to have been throWn into confusion.
We´ll give them What they Want.
We´ll totally disrupt the Autobots´ strategy.
Transform! lt looks rather suspicious.
Don´t let them spot you.
- We´ve been found out! - What? Right! Let´s get them! lsolate them before reinforcements arrrive.
Oh, no! Pull out! We´re almost there.
- Sixshot! - Assemble! Out of my Way! Blind as a bat in battle, you Will be Blind as a bat in battle.
Transform! [ Skipped item nr.
77 ] [ Skipped item nr.
78 ] Damn them! Damn! [ Skipped item nr.
81 ] [ Skipped item nr.
82 ] They try to devise a new strategy.
Do you really Want to settle it on Planet Master? Of course.
They all agree.
Our comrades are one hundred percent behind us on this.
But if it goes Wrong, there´ll be heavy casualties.
We Won´t let that happen.
We´ll scatter the Decepticons beyond the clouds.
Beyond the clouds? There.
lf We can corral them there, they´ll lose their bearings and sloW doWn.
Enemy movements are reported from East A to Block F, and from West B to Block G.
l see.
l need the enemy´s current location as soon as possible.
There´s a reconnaissance craft above the clouds.
We should have information soon.
lf We move that openly, the enemy Will detect us.
lf We smoke them out, it´s easier to eliminate them.
Chromedome, something that looks like a hideout has been spotted.
Pointblank´s surrounded and the fighting´s heavy.
Pointblank? They must´ve been discovered during their reconnaissance.
- Shall We go to the rescue? - We´re undermanned here.
They´re professional fighters.
They Won´t make mistakes.
l agree.
Fight on! We have to Win! - That doesn´t look like a Autobot plane.
- Maybe it´s from Planet Master.
They´re distracted by the reconnaissance plane.
Go noW! - Damn you! - Crush them! Hold it, you lot! The enemy´s becoming more of a threat.
We mustn´t fall into their trap.
Are you saying We should just let Pointblank return to Fortress Maximus? - We´re not Weaklings.
- Just calm doWn.
- Our energy supplies are cut off.
- Damn! lt´s surprising that their hideout is so close to the city.
Right under our noses.
The question is, Where Will they appear? They Won´t choose anywhere conspicuous.
Wherever they appear, they´ll be loW on energy.
We´re bound to Win.
But We must avoid fighting in the city.
Let´s fortify our defences here.
We´ll drive them behind the clouds.
This sounds like fun.
We´ll do better than the Targetmasters if We Win.
- l Won´t tolerate failure.
Hurry up! - Yes, sir.
l thought they Were acting strange.
NoW l see Why.
Over there as Well.
lt´s very Well secured.
Have the guys from Planet Master made an extra effort? Maybe somebody instigated this.
- lnstigated? - Not Chromedome´s lot.
Anyway, let´s report to Commander Fortress.
HoW long are We supposed to stay here? l assure you We can repulse the Autobots.
l´m not Worried.
l´ve calculated the shortest departure route.
- And then? - Listen.
They´re on the move! The Headmasters are Working With the youth of Planet Master.
- ls Chromedome doing that? - ls it some trick by Fortress? There´s no indication of that.
The Autobots are no match for us.
This is our plan.
We´ll strike the city centre and fly to Earth.
The city centre? But Won´t that make them counterattack? l agree With your plan.
Finish them off and destroy the city centre.
Depart for outer space and leave it to me.
- Chromedome is leading the Master youth? - That´s What my intuition tells me.
He said he Went to surveil Decepticon movements.
lt seems Well planned.
l´ll investigate immediately.
Chromedome, don´t ose your temper and do anything rash.
Chromedome? Do you read me? Chromedome? - Do You read me, Chromedome? - I do.
Te me your current ocation and objective.
l am north-West of the city, coordinates lt´s terrible! The Decepticons are in the city! What? - What? Scorponok´s appeared in the city centre? - Yes.
We´ve got you noW! - See hoW they run! - Stop! Don´t Waste energy.
Let us have a little fun.
We did everything to defend the city.
l Won´t forgive you.
l´ll chase you beyond the clouds.
Headmasters! There you are, Chromedome.
- Has fighting each other made you crazy? - What did you say? - l´ll take care of you.
Come on.
- What? Right.
Blind as a bat in battle, you Will be.
As blind as a bat in battle - Eh? Oh, no! - Goodnight, everyone.
- Asleep on the job? - Not over here! What´s that? We´ll deal With you later! Take that! Keep firing at Will! Damn it! Transform into six! NoW! Not at this crucial time! l can defeat them all if l increase my size.
But we can´t afford to use up energy.
Meanwhie, Fortress has found out about Chromedome and rushes to the scene.
There it is.
- Get those Decepticons, Chromedome! - Yeah! - We´ll see.
- You think Chromedome Will lose? He´s started a stupid fight that could increase casualties.
That´s right.
Hurry up! - lt´s going Well.
- Should We take the Zarak Shield? No, let´s fight them to the end.
- Oh, no! They´re hiding in the clouds.
- Damn! l can´t see them! - Kirk! - Chromedome! Kirk! can´t aow any more fighting, Chromedome.
Ca back the fighter squadrons.
- But Commander - Look around you.
All WithdraW! Okay, bast off through the couds.
Everybody, pu out We Won´t alloW that! You´ll never get to Earth.
Big mode! Transform! Head on! Master SWord! Damn you! This is as far as you´ll get! Transform! Head on! Right, noW for a taste of the sWord of justice! HoW do you like that, then? - Take this! - l´ll shoW you! Commander! Commander! l did it! l repelled the Master SWord.
l Will spare your life this time.
Off to Earth! - Wait, Scorponok! - Calm doWn, Chromedome.
Don´t make matters Worse.
Don´t be rash.
l´m not being rash.
lf they get to Earth What are you doing? Listen, the damage to the city and the loss of young lives Were a result of your excesses.
Excesses? No, it Was a strategy that Was bound to succeed.
Don´t you understand? Have you never considered the feelings of others? Get real.
Don´t get obsessed With your oWn schemes.
Kirk! You´re alive.
Thank God.
l´m all right.
Sorry l couldn´t be of help.
No, l´m the one Who should apologise.
l understood your strategy and agreed With it.
You don´t have to apologise.
Kirk This was their first taste of defeat.
But they can´t just withdraw troops.
Can Fortress and the Autobots meet the chaenge of the Zarak Shied? Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer