Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e32 Episode Script

My Friend Sixshot!

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters MY FRlEND SlXSHOT! Scorponok and the Decepticon army have departed Panet Master and now head for Earth to impement their grand strategy.
However, asteroids bock Scorponok´s path.
lt´s better to go around the asteroids.
- What? And take a detour? - Yes, sir.
We can´t do that.
Continue on course! Meanwhie, Fortress Maximus arrrives at the asteroid bet whie pursuing Scorponok.
- Asteroids.
What shall We do, Commander? - lt´s faster to go around them.
Meanwhie, Scorponok is being bombarded by the asteroids.
- l said We should have gone around it.
- Shut up! l´ve had enough of you! - lt´ll be OK.
- We´re not alloWed in the laser block.
We´ll just keep quiet.
You Were the one Who Wanted to go there to feel like an Warrior.
But l´ve never been in the laser block.
This is the Way in.
- Don´t Worry.
l´ll protect you.
- Yeah, but There´s something strange about the electromagnetic systems in the laser block.
Look! lt´s Scorponok! - We´ll crush them! - Battle stations! Fortress Maximus goes on fu batte aert.
The shutter! Daniel! Daniel! The port attack system has been hit! Damn them! Sixshot! Approach Maximus and destroy them With the double laser.
- Me? - Can anybody else do it? - l´ll give you cover.
Hurry up.
- As you Wish, sir.
Transform! Detach it! - Hurry to Earth! - What about Sixshot? Leave him behind.
He had to be disposed of, anyway.
Head for Earth! They Won´t escape.
- Help! Daniel´s stuck in the laser block! - What? - What are you saying? - lt Was my fault.
Save him.
We´re going to Daniel´s rescue.
Yes, sir.
Don´t Worry.
We´ll handle Scorponok.
Sureshot, Crosshairs, let´s go.
Transform! The Trainbots have aso been tod of Danie´s fate.
Meanwhie, the bock that Danie was in has been swept away to a strange panet.
t is caed Panet Daira, and the panet is actuay a iving being.
The atmosphere is very simiar to Earth´s.
But Sixshot has aso found himsef stranded on Panet Daira.
This is from Maximus.
- Sixshot! - You´re Daniel, aren´t you? Don´t Worry.
l don´t carry guns to shoot children.
- l don´t trust Decepticons! - Well, suit yourself, then.
The presence of rock people means that this must be the fabled Planet Daira.
Eh? - A rainboW.
- Oh, no! A barrier! - A barrier? - We´ve been hemmed in.
The rainbow is a transparent barrier to deflect artiery fire.
Transform! Transform! This Was made by the rock people.
Meanwhie, Fortress Maximus continues searching for Danie.
- l found it! - What have you got? Look.
The two arms of the asteroid belt converge to form a third stream.
- ls Daniel in the third stream? - That´s it.
Commander! Call back the Trainbots.
Go to the third stream.
Fortress Maximus takes the Trainbots on board and heads to the third stream to ook for Danie.
Meanwhie, Sixshot and Danie are marooned on Panet Daira.
- Do you have food? - Yeah, l´ve got space rations.
- Eat up, then.
- l don´t feel like eating.
Eat! You need to groW strong to fight the rock people.
Daniel, l made these space rations myself.
They´re full of goodness! - Oh, great! - l made them especially for you.
- Mum - Feeling abandoned? No! - Are you all right, Mr Sixshot? - Don´t Worry about me.
l have Energon stored in my body.
- What´s Wrong? - You´re like a different Sixshot.
- A different person? - Well, you saved me.
You could have left this planet if it Wasn´t for me.
Don´t overestimate me.
He´s reay a gente person.
Why did he join the Decepticons? lt´s the enemy! They´re nearby! Daniel! Are you all right? - l - Well done.
We have to find a Way around that barrier.
Meanwhie, Fortress Maximus breaks into the asteroid stream.
Entering an asteroid bet is one of the most dangerous things in deep space.
The sooner We find Daniel, the better.
Break through the asteroid stream.
Let´s go.
Fortress Maximus enters the asteroid stream.
What if We can´t save Daniel? Commander! What shall l tell his parents if We don´t save Daniel? Calm doWn, Wheelie! Pray that Daniel´s safe.
On Panet Daira, Danie and Sixshot search for a means of escape.
They penetrate the rock peope´s base and observe their movements.
- l see.
The planet´s an organism.
- An organism? lt survives by devouring Wrecked spaceships or fallen meteorites.
lf We´re caught, We´ll be throWn to the flames like prey! Like prey? Exactly.
Watch out! - lt´s going to hit us! - Evasive action! Fortress Maximus cashes with a giant asteroid and gets dragged into the eye of the storm.
We may have to destroy the planet to break through the barrier.
Destroy the planet? Why isn´t Maximus coming? Scorponok hasn´t come either.
We´ve been abandoned.
No! Maximus Will definitely come.
Rescue is unlikely.
We have to find our oWn means of escape.
Pull yourself together.
At times like this, you must be calm and Wait.
l´m a Decepticon, you´re a Autobot.
HoW strange that two sWorn enemies are throWn together like this.
What´s Wrong? You seem like an old friend.
lt´s strange.
l feel the same Way.
You´re the first one to think of me as a friend.
Daniel, you´re a kind-hearted boy.
lt moves my heart.
Hearing that has raised my spirits.
Don´t Worry.
l promise to get you to Earth, once We´re out of here.
Thank you.
- Look! There´s nobody there! - Oh, no! - We´re surrounded.
- What? They´re attacking.
Stay here and don´t move.
Sixshot! Daniel! Thanks.
Fortress Maximus cannot get out of the space storm.
- We´ll be destroyed if We don´t get out soon.
- Break through the Wall of gas.
- Damn! - Use the frost beam.
Frost beam, fire! We did it! We can get out! Suddeny, as Fortress Maximus escapes the space storm, Panet Daira appears.
Look, the asteroids are being pulled toWards that planet.
- Then, maybe Daniel is, too.
- Hurry! Damn it! They´ve groWn! - Transform! Get on, Daniel! - Yes.
Sixshot! Transform! You saved me! - Daniel! Hide over there.
- Right.
Transform! Transform! Damn them! l can see its Weak point.
Transform! - We did it! - Transform.
Sixshot! lt´s Maximus.
They came, just as l said they Would.
- Sixshot! What are you doing With Daniel? - Wait! - Sixshot saved me.
- Saved you? Yes.
l certainly did.
Don´t fight! Chromedome.
Daniel, fareWell! Transform! Sixshot! Sixshot Will be going back to the Decepticons.
lf only We Weren´t at War, We could be friends.
Why are We at War? Why can´t We get on? Danie´s bitter outcry moves the hearts of the Headmasters.
But they have to fight to protect Earth from the Decepticons.
Scorponok has entered the soar system.
- The solar system? - So, his target is Earth.
- How´s Danie? - Don´t Worry.
We rescued him.
We´ continue watching Scorponok.
We must defend Earth at a costs.
The fierce strugge between the Autobots and Decepticons draws coser moment by moment.
Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer